Catnip Wars – Day 12 The Free Samples of Nip

Day 12


Ohmygod! What have I done? I noticed Tiggy talking to Levi by the water tub today. He was acting very secretive, which made me nervous. I strained to hear what they were saying and caught Tiggy saying something about “free samples” and “they’ll be hooked”. As Levi and Karen S Roberts were getting ready to leave Levi picked 4 catnip leaves to take home to his 4 cats.

When I drugged Tiggy and Casey to negotiate a peace treaty, I thought the ends would justify the means. Now, Casey and Tiggy spend all their time on a ‘nip high, my 6 year old nephew has become a pusher, and my sister is going to have a houseful of ‘nip-heads! I’m going straight to hell!

7 thoughts on “Catnip Wars – Day 12 The Free Samples of Nip

  1. I love this story line, always makes me laugh. Great idea for a bumper sticker “If you don’t talk to your cat about Nip Addiction, who will” lol

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