Catnip Wars – Day 11 The Barn residents troubles

Day 11

So, my two ‘nip-heads are starting new problems in the barn. Oh, they are still feeling mellow, no longer fighting. The problem is with the other residents of the barn. The sheep don’t mind the black light posters, and while they find the sitar music annoying, they are willing to deal with it. The problem, they say, is that Tiggy and Casey don’t clean up after themselves when they have an attack of the munchies. The sheep are tired of tripping over pizza boxes, potato chip bags, pigeon feathers, etc.. As for the chickens, they haven’t complained much. In fact they were acting pretty mellow, themselves. I am concerned the hens are getting a contact high. Not sure this new peace between Tiggy and Casey is worth the bad influence on the sheep and chickens.

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2 thoughts on “Catnip Wars – Day 11 The Barn residents troubles

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