Catnip Wars – Day 15 So this is where their money comes from!

Day 15

~Sigh~ I confronted my kitties today about where all this money has been coming from. It’s even worse than I feared. Naturally they just laughed when I asked them about it. Sooo, when they went outside to check on their “crop”, I did a frantic search of the feed room until I found Tiggy’s iPad. I took it out behind the compost heap and did some “hacking”.
Predictably, his password was CATNIP. It turns out he has created his own website, “Tiggy’s Garden of Precious Vegetation“. He offers free shipping and accepts Visa, Master Card, and Paypal.

Dear lord, the comments from his customers:

Tiggy’s stuff is the BEST! I hocked my owner’s diamond ring that she dropped under the couch last year. She thinks she lost it, I’ve been saving it for a special occasion and THIS was it. Next time it’ll be the gold pendant that fell behind the dresser.”-Fluffy

“I love Tiggy’s Garden. Yes it’s expensive, but you can’t put a price on this kind of quality. I used my owner’s emergency credit card he keeps in the freezer. He still can’t figure out where that charge came from. LOL”-Bruiser

“Best ‘nip I’ve ever had! Peed all over my owner’s pocket book, then stole her debit card when she had everything spread out to clean up. Got yelled at for my “accident”. Totally worth it!”-Shadow

“Dude! Where have you been all my life, Tiggy? Sold the kids’ fidget spinners on e-bay. Next time imma sell the dog!”-Scooter

My friends, if you have cats, please, please secure your valuables.

Image Source: Pixabay for Illustration purposes

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9 thoughts on “Catnip Wars – Day 15 So this is where their money comes from!

  1. chrisscatmeow says:

    I had a feeling something like that was going on. I think you need to sit Tiggy and partners in crime down and give them a talk on right and wrong. It’s okay for them to have a super quality catnip patch but making money from it will end up them being taken away never to have the pleasure of catnip again also their catnip patch will be confiscated for evidence. Im sure they will work out what’s best for them. Good luck. x????

  2. foguth says:

    Dear Lord, I hope Purrseidon and Mr. M haven’t read this! That pair doesn’t need encouragement and/or to realize their gardening can be more than a hobby!

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