Catnip Wars – Day 8 The Rumble

Day 8

A confrontation today! Tiggy and Casey came face to face half-way between the house and the barn, in “neutral territory”. I did not plan on interfering. I figured they would bush out their tails, growl at each other, one of them would back off and that would be the end of it.
That is not how it played out. When they started snapping their paws I was more confused than concerned. (How do they snap when they have pads rather than fingers? And WHY?) They began circling each other in a way that seemed synchronized, kicking out their back feet remarkably like dancing. I was perplexed and mesmerized.
It wasn’t until I started hearing music coming from nowhere and realized it was the “The Rumble” from West Side Story that I became alarmed!
Just as their spins and shimmies brought them within reach of each other I ran between them, threatening to call the cops. The music (wherever it was coming from) stopped mid-note. Tiggy dropped his pool cue and ran toward the barn. Casey pocketed her switchblade and ran toward the house.
Whew! That was a close one! But what if I’m not around to stop it the next time?

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7 thoughts on “Catnip Wars – Day 8 The Rumble

  1. maryltonks says:

    I think you need to tell Officer Krupke about this, for his knowledge of this (music and all) would be vital if you’re not around! >^._^> (lame attempt at winking cat graphic)

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