Catnip Wars – Day 5 Catnip? It’s Medicinal… ;)

Casey, Casey, Casey. Where did we go wrong? You were raised in a good home, by a loving family. You are not a kitten any more, you’re downright elderly for God’s sake! And don’t give me that “it’s medicinal” crap! We all know you’re just sniffing the catnip to get high! Do we need to do an intervention?


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5 thoughts on “Catnip Wars – Day 5 Catnip? It’s Medicinal… ;)

  1. I just rescued another stray, with the help of a wonderful sponsor, who is providing food and litter for the girl while I socialize her and get her ready for adoption. She brought over some fun toys, too, for the little girl. When I got home from work, the cat, already a little unwilling to have people get close to her, had turned into a manic demon. I couldn’t get into the room where I was keeping her. Then I finally realized the cat toys had catnip in them! I removed them from the room and she eventually calmed down. *laugh*

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