Catnip Wars – Day 21 Attack of the Sheep

Catnip Wars – Day 21 Attack of the Sheep


What the heck is all the ruckus outside the barn? It’s a raid! The sheep have had enough and they turned vigilante! They were everywhere! Confiscating (eating) the evidence (the catnip plants). Tiggy, Casey, and I were all placed under citizen’s arrest and put in a holding pen. Tiggy is charged with possession and distribution of a controlled substance. Casey is charged with possession. And I am charged with being an accessory.

I tried arguing that I had nothing to do with any of it. They said I could tell it to the judge in the morning. In the morning?! Then I pointed out that I could not feed them if I was locked in a pen all night. They decided to release me on my own recognisance. Tiggy and Casey got remand. They were so traumatised by the destruction of the catnip plants, they didn’t even seem to care. They just huddled together on a bunk singing “Gloom, despair, and agony.”

I’m nervous about tomorrow…

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