Catnip Wars – Day 20 The Mystery of the Money and Letter from the Cats

Day 20 The Mystery of the Money and Letter from the Cats


When Karen S Roberts was picking up Levi this afternoon, I noticed something strange. Karen left the car running, as she was just going to grab him and rush to an appointment.

While she was in the house I noticed Casey was messing around under the car. Casey is usually very smart about keeping a healthy distance from running vehicles. I was about to head over to get her when she came slinking out carrying what appeared to be an envelope.

She sneaked into the barn with it and disappeared. A little while later I heard Casey and Tiggy talking in low voices near the catnip patch. I sent one of the hens in to reconnoiter. She snapped a quick photo with my phone and came back to show me this:

“Meow Cousin Tiggy,

As we are sure you know, we have not figured out the password to Karen’s tablet, yet. We are still working on it. In the meantime will continue with notes under the car for communication.

We have been discussing your offer. We do not think 10% is a fair cut for joining your business. After all, once our catnip begins to grow, we will be doing all the work; tending the crop, harvesting, distributing to the cats on our road, etc.. We believe we should get 75%.

Until our crop is ready, please continue to keep us supplied. Say “hi” to cousin Casey and cousin Stripey Girl.


All four of my sister’s cats. And they sent cash. Where they got it, I can’t imagine. Sissy is not one to leave cash laying around. I hope they have not been stealing Levi’s lunch money! It was written by Mr. Magoo. I recognized his handwriting because he was born left-pawed, but in school was forced to write with his right paw. But they all signed it. The mayhem is spreading to Slate Hill Road!

Yesterday Karen got locked out of her house because her front door lock “broke”. She had to lift Levi in through a window to unlock the back door. Today this note arrives, attached to the bottom of her car. I can’t help but wonder if the broken lock was a distraction, planned by her cats. Keep your eyes open, Sissy!

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7 thoughts on “Catnip Wars – Day 20 The Mystery of the Money and Letter from the Cats

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  2. dancingpalmtrees says:

    Farmer Keen and Crazy Cats, I enjoy and Love this series. I was feeling sad but my spirits were lifted in laughter reading these hilarious cat adventures. Thank you for the chuckles! Looking forward to the next installment! DeBorah and my cat Sylvester or rather Sylvester and his human DeBorah! LOL!!

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