Angel’s Eyes: I just need to pull a bit stronger!


Hi everyone,

So I was out playing with my little gingerbread man the other day and didn’t think of anything bad… But as I turned around he was stuck in our fence!

I really don’t remember leaving him there…

Maybe if I gently paw at him. After all I don’t want to hurt him!

Right and PULL…

… might have to use my teeth as well!

Well this isn’t working maybe one of you has some suggestions on how to get him off the fence?


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Angel Eyes

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Let the voting begin!


Hi everyone,

Following on from our initial announcement we are pleased to confirm the 10 photos that are up for vote!

It certainly was NOT an easy task to pick these of all the entries!!! To make it fair we chose some of our favourite christmas themed shots and some of the neutral shots and narrowed it down to this list for you.

Now it is up to you! EVERY vote counts and YOU are the ones deciding who will win the grant price – the Feedem Cat Hamper!

Photos to the corresponding names can be found below.



friends forever

Friends forever

















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Tips & Advice: A guide to Vaccinating cats


Hi everyone,

Today we have some useful tips from Medicines4Pets for you on the importance of vaccinations.

A guide to Vaccinating cats

Keeping a cat healthy is important which is why vaccinations are vital as they help to protect them from viral infections.

Antibiotics are useless against viruses but vaccinations help the cat to create antibodies to fight certain viruses which is why keeping vaccinations up to date is the best way of preventing your cat from becoming seriously ill.

What types of vaccines are available?

There are two groups of vaccines known as core and non-core. Core vaccines help to protect your cat from widespread diseases that can result in a serious illness whilst non-core vaccines are optional as they protect against those diseases that are related to the lifestyle of a cat or the environment it lives in.

Cats should receive the following core vaccines.

Feline Infectious Enteritis Virus causes fever, dehydration, depression and many other symptoms. A large number of cats who contract this virus do not survive and those that do can encourage it to spread for a further six weeks.

Feline Herpesvirus and Calicivirus both cause a condition referred to as cat flu. This is highly contagious and can result in cats becoming very ill. Symptoms include sneezing, runny eyes and ulcers. It is not usually fatal but can result in the cat being laid up for a few days.

Non-core vaccines are only given to cats if they could be at risk and include:

The Feline Leukaemia Virus causes leukaemia and lymphoma and many cats can get rid of the virus but those that cannot could develop lymphatic cancers as well as spread the virus to other cats.

The Feline Immundeficiency Virus is spread through bite wounds and is seen in male cats that are outdoors, especially when they fight with felines.  The virus works by suppressing the immune system which means the cat is susceptible to infections

When is a vaccine required?

Kittens get some form of protection from the antibodies in the first milk but how long these last is unknown, therefore, there is a time where the kitten is not protected.  Kittens are given 2 or 3 bouts of vaccinations that start at around 6-8 weeks and end at around 16 weeks. A year later they are given a booster vaccine which then means that the cat only requires core vaccines every 3 years. However, an annual visit to the vet for a check up can help to identify other diseases which can be treated if caught early enough.

Possible side effects?

Following vaccinations it is common for cats to feel some soreness and they may seem lethargic for a couple of days. There is a possibility that they could have an allergic reaction which can result in swelling and hives, in some cases they can suffer with anaphylaxis. If you have any concerns then ask your veterinarian for advice.

Get those vaccinations done

A vaccination schedule that is created to suit your cat is important and will help to keep him well whilst giving you assurance that you are doing all you can to help him avoid as many diseases as possible.

Author Bio

Medicines4Pets are an online retailer of prescription pet medicines, pet supplies and accessories.

UK Competition: Cat Apron by Sophie Allport


Hello everyone,

You may remember the fantastic range of cat themed items from Sophie Allport that we talked about in our previous post here.

And I am sure you all know how much I LOVE their range!!! :) So when I heard that they are having even more cool cat themed items including not just today’s fantastic kitchen apron BUT also cat beds I just couldn’t say no to team up with them on this competition. ;)


One lucky reader can win this purrfect apron just in time for christmas! :) To enter simply complete any of the following actions through this link.

1. For Tweeting about the event through the GiveawayTool – 4 Chances
2. Sign up for our new newsletter via mail chimp for extra chances. (Bonus chances even if you don’t use Social Media!!!) – 5 Chances
3. Follow us or Sophie Allport on Twitter – 2 Chances
4. Visit us or Sophie Allport on Facebook  – 1 Chances
5. Follow us or Sophie Allport on Pinterest – 1 Chance
6. Follow Sophie Allport on Instagram
7. Make a comment stating you would like to enter (for those that don’t use social media) – 2 Chances

Entries will be accepted until the 8th of December.

Thanks everyone and don’t forget to enter here for this awesome cat apron!


More about Sophie Allport:
Sophie Allport is a British homewares designer that creates ranges inspired by her love of nature, animals and the countryside. Collections include Swallow, Bees, Terrier, Labrador, Pheasant and of course Cats! You can find her entire cat collection of mugs, jugs and aprons to notebooks, bags and cat bowls online.

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Happy #TRT – Tummy Rub Tuesday (Week 69)


Hello everyone,

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Please find below the photos for this week:

Now if this isn’t a rub-able tummy… More on POSSUMSCATSTHINGSGNAWINGATME.

Meet Zeke who has some great plans in mind ;)

This amazingly cute entry comes from Adventures in Cat Fostering.


Those eyes are most certainly saying “rub my tummy”! More on their blog here.


So fluffy! He joins us from 1littlefamily.


Now who wouldn’t want to rub Shrimp’s tummy! More on her Blog here.

And last, but no less important, Dolly – one of our Twitter friends!

And in case you missed last week’s post click here to see the full list!

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Should you not have an own Blog you can participate by sending us an email with your photo to – just let us know what you would like to have listed as source! :)

And to make it fair your cat photos don’t have to be a tummy shot we do understand that not all cats like showing off their belly! So any fun photo story will be fine but tummy ones will be even better :D

And on next week’s’ #TRT we will be posting photos with links back to all you guys in the weekly Tummy Rub Tuesday post!!!

A big thank you to all participants from all of us here at Katzenworld.

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Spirit of Christmas Fair 2015 Cat Lovers Gift Guide

Spirit of Christmas feature image

We were recently invited to The Spirit of Christmas Fair at London’s Olympia. Having not been before we weren’t sure if there would be anything of interest to Katzenworld followers. However, we decided to accept the kind invitation with the idea that we might be able to find something cat related at London’s largest Christmas market. And that proved to be the case. Following is a selection of items featuring cats from charming earthenware and cute greeting cards to luxury cat beds.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

First up we have some beautifully made puzzles from Wentworth. We featured them a few months ago with their Halloween inspired puzzle (see here). On display at their stall, as well as a cute multi kitten on a kitchen shelf themed puzzle, there were some stunning pictures of the larger cats. Not only are the pictures impressive but the puzzles have another layer of interest with unusually shaped pieces including cat shapes.

More on Wentworth products here. Cat related puzzles and more here.

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Next on our tour of the fair, a little sign on the Angelic Hen stall caught our eye. If you’ve ever been had by your furry friend pretending that they haven’t already been fed by your partner/housemate, you could make use of this lovely hand painted two-way sign. I’m sure if we put this up, Oli or Nubes would find some way to flip it around when we weren’t looking. We also spotted a rather cute Owl & Pussy Cat clock.

More from Angelic Hen here. Cat Feeding Double-sided sign here.

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Staying on an artistic theme, the Ripped Up Art on the Origin Gallery stall was next to catch our attention. Their range of handmade art includes cards with an unsual second life and pictures perfect for framing. Among their “cheeky critters” which included penguins and bees, we saw a couple of cute black cats. The “second life” of the cards come from the fact that they contain seeds and when the whole card is planted you’ll be rewarded with wild flowers. How about that for recycling? There was also a superb, humourous triple cat picture on display showing a few of the many sides of our feline friends.

More about Ripped Up Art here. Cat Cards here and here. Cat Picture here.

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Not Before Tea had a stall full of animal inspired usual gifts for the young and young at heart. If you want to keep your pens, toiletries or bits-and-bobs out of your kitty’s way then the Billy the Cat character cases will do the job and look super cute too. There’s also a matching card which we saw framed on the stall.

More on Not Before Tea here and their Billy the Cat range here.

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The handmade earthenware jugs on the Jane Hogben stall stood out for us next as we next scanned the numerous displays for signs of anything kitty related. You’ll see from the photo that Janes has created some cute kitty related jugs, mugs and bowls amongst her animal inspired range. There’s even an extremely cute card featuring a tabby kitten along with all the other animals which Jane so obviously enjoys creating. On the website it’s possible to purchase frames specifically designed for the cards if you like to idea of appreciating the cards for longer.

More on Jane Hogben here. Poettery items here. Cards (including details on the frames) here.


We love our cats, and I’m sure our followers do too even though they are often hard work. If you know someone who would like a cat with none of the associated hassle of feeding, cleaning and fussing; how about a pet that pops up? Quite literally. Featured among their cardboard creations, Pop Up Pet have not one but three feline friends to make and keep you company. Though we are partial to gingers and tabbies, the black and white kitty with a pink nose just like Oli’s made us go “Aaah”.

More about Pop Up Pets here. Cats (Black & White) here,  (Ginger Tom) here and (Silver Tabby) here.


Slippers are often given at Christmas but if you want something a little bit more inspired than a pair of moccasins for the younger ones on your Christmas list, then Sew Heart Felt’s Suki the Cat felt slippers might be very thing. There’s also a pair featuring Ginger the Farm Cat. All slippers are made from organic wool with soap and water used for shaping by hand. Sadly, neither catst feature in adult range and though I tried, my size 10 feet weren’t going to fit into Suki or Ginger. At least I could console myself with a Ginger the farm Cat hand puppet.

You can see more on Sew Heart Felt here. Ginger the Cat Slippers here, Hand Puppet here and Suki the cat here.

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Never to look anything over, we scanned The Labrador Company’s stall in the hope of finding something among their Wagging tail Clock Collection. Perseverance paid off as we locked onto a black silhouetted cat shaped clock nestled amongst the other animals swishing its tail to keep time. Very cute and very good that the company decided to branch out beyond their initial canine set. There was also a lion clock if you fancy something a bit less tame. Maybe they’ll realise there’s a demand for cats and expand their other lovely ranges to include them too?

More about the Labrador Company here. The Black Cat Silhouette Clock can be found here.


If like us, you like to send messages the old fashioned way (i.e. by writing rather than texting or messaging), then using these lovely animal head origami sheet notes from Lollipop Designs will add a level of cuteness to your postings. The notes are folded to create the characters and have an envelope too. I know I’d rather receive one of these Black Cat Head notes than a text full of emojis.

More on Lollipop Designs here. Cat Head Shape Note Paper here.

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We were really happy to see Sophie Allport had a beautifully displayed stall at this year’s event. For those of you new to the blog we featured the black cat oven glove and mug a few months back (see here). As well as featuring festive Robin items, we could see that the company has expanded its range of items with their signature black cat design to more than 50 products. As well as our favourite bone china mugs, the range now includes, coaster, pet feeding bowls and just in time for Christmas meal preparation; lovely aprons. Look our for an upcoming competition on Katzenworld to win one of these soon.

Sophie Allport website here. The whole Cat Collection here.


Our final gift feature from the Spirit of Christmas Fair was a last minute find. Hugo & Otto appeared to be only dog related but a chance spotting of a photo in the fair guide inspired us to drop by the stall. Christmas in my mind should be a time where you appreciate the finer things in life and give something of the same to the ones you love. The items on this stall certainly fell into this category. If you want to treat your cat to luxury sleeping arrangements, then the Mia Cara range designed by a German architect could ideal. In the picture you can see the Lana Cat Bed in Ivory faux fur fabric. It was enough to make me wish they had human size beds so I could curl up with Oli and Nubes. All items are tested for cat safety and are made from the highest quality materials. There’s even a sheepskin pom pom in colours to coordinate with the Lana Cat Beds .

More Hugo & Otto here. Lana  Ivory Cat Bed here with matching Topo Cat sheepskin pom pom here.

Oliver & Nubia: A job well done! *Includes Video*


Hi everyone,

With Christmas on the horizon many christmas themed items seem to start to appear around our flat! And of course many of these come with ours of fun. :D


Nubia: I wonder what’s in that pink package…


Nubia: Come on human open it! :D


Nubia: What? Have the humans gone mad? It’s an egg… THOSE are for Easter not for Christmas…


Nubia: I wonder what’s inside it!


Oliver: *Target locked* Fee-fi-fo-fum I smell some crunchies down there!

Nubia: Ugh… I should have eaten them earlier.


Oliver: Look sister this is what you do with it!

Nubia: Right… Just leave some to me!


Oliver: And push it from the other side!

Nubia: I get it…


Oliver: *Crunch crunch*


Oliver: I wonder how many are left in there…

Nubia: I hope enough for me!


Oliver: *pushes*


Oliver: Just a little more….


Oliver: And from the other side!

Oliver: And now in motion. :D


Oliver: Maybe It’ll work with my nose this time!


Oliver: There we go!!!


Oliver: *Crunch crunch*

Nubia: And nothing left for me. :(

Oliver: I did… one! :o

Wanna find out more about Whiskas – Check out their website. :)

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Signed by,

Her Meowjesty Queen Nubzilla the Disturber of Peace
His Meowjesty King Oliver the Maker of Mischief

Clever Girl

Not A Cat Place, Lola!
Sometimes Lola is not very clever. It sounds like a terrible thing to say but it’s true. She does things that, really, she should know better.

Take today for example. We were getting ready to leave and Lola hopped up on the stool near the shoe rack to “talk” to us. (And when I say talk I, of course, mean yell!) She decided it would be fun to whack at the coats hanging behind her. And promptly leaned back too far and fell off the stool.

Then there’s her attempts to escape her twice daily medication. If she thinks it’s medicine time she’ll run away from us. She hasn’t quite worked out that medicine only happens in the morning and the evening, and so will on random occasions during the day decide that it would be a good time to avoid us. Just in case medicine is on its way.

Time For A Cat NapHer choices of hiding place often aren’t very clever either. One of her favourite ones recently is behind the curtain in the living room. She’ll run and sit beside it, making a very obvious lump, and doesn’t try to run any further after that. Surely she hears us approaching even if she can’t see us, but even if one of us reaches down and touches her through the curtain she seems to think we won’t be able to find her.

Another example – sometimes the boys can get a bit exuberant in their playing, which is not fun for Lola as she often doesn’t want to play in the first place. We’ll intervene if things seem to be getting too rough, but inevitably she will then go back to the boy and then get confused by why they are picking on her again.

Definitely a silly girl.


Lady Joyful

Do your cats ever do things that they should know better? What silly things have your cats done lately?

Infographic: 17 reasons to own a black cat


Look, it’s a mini-panther! That’s what most people say when they see a black cat.

But they also tend to think about something else. Something that’s been around since the middle ages. Something that’s not so good. And that something is superstition.

Black cats are plagued by them. Things like if that black cat crosses my path, I’ll get sick. Or if that black cat walks away from me, it will take with it all my luck. Or if a black cat lays by a sick person, it means they will soon die.

While most of us take these superstitions for what they are, silly urban legends, they still take a toll on black cats. Especially around Halloween, where animal shelters have to take extra precautions to protect black cats.

Enter Dave K., who runs the website sixcatsonedude. He is the proud parent of six rescue cats, three of them black. To help set the record straight about black cats, he put together a fun infographic on the 17 benefits of owning a black cat.

They cover everything from health, to love, to house chores and even how people view you. You can check out the 17 benefits of owning a black cat below:

17 Reasons To Own a Black Cat

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Guest Star: Cubbie

Cubbie 2

Hi everyone,

Today’s guest post comes from Stuart and his cat Cubbie:

Cubbie was a Persian cat who accumulated his twenty pound girth with a temperament so phlegmatic that we wondered if he experienced normal brain impulses. His abundant orange fur-ball moved from one lounging spot to another throughout each day at a pace that would have left a tortoise itching for activity. Cubbie ate, napped and relieved himself with regularity. He rarely sought our attention, and only indulged our desire to pet his lush fur with an air of supreme disinterest.

Cubbie 2

Cubbie’s interaction with my father was even more limited. Each morning, my father was the first to go downstairs. He discovered Cubbie’s nightly contribution to the litter box with an audible declaration of disgust that somehow never failed to convey surprise.

My father left the cleaning of the box and the replenishment of Cubbie’s food dish to me or my mother, but he hastened to open the kitchen door and shoo Cubbie out to the stoop. It was as though he felt the odor would follow the cat.

Mice had nothing to fear from Cubbie. He sat outside with obvious discomfort. If a leaf blew by or a bird chirped, he would raise himself laboriously to paw at the screen door. My father never relented; only my mother or I would allow Cubbie in.

As Cubbie matured his movement slowed. When he was about eight, the vet advised that he had arthritis. We noticed that Cubbie rarely climbed to the second floor and, by his tenth year, he no longer climbed or jumped onto furniture. If we wanted Cubbie to be able to look out the window, we would gather him from underneath with two hands and lift his jelly-like body to the sill. We made sure to lower him just as carefully if we left the room.

Despite his infirmity, Cubbie’s conservation of energy resulted in longevity, as he lived year after year on the first floor. When Cubbie was approaching twenty, my father was rushed to the hospital for what turned out to be his final days. When we returned that night from an exhausting and upsetting day of keeping vigil, Cubbie was not present.

My mother and I were frantic and each assumed that the other, preoccupied with my father’s condition, had locked Cubbie out on the stoop. We searched outside with a flashlight and finally gave up, hoping that if he were okay, Cubbie would return in the morning.


We went upstairs and were shocked to find Cubbie’s massive orange body comfortably astride my father’s pillow. Whether it was a sense of foreboding or loyalty that drove him, Cubbie was offering a tribute to the man who had banished him to the stoop each morning. He had dragged his body up the stairs for the first time in a decade and somehow leapt onto the bed.

We thought little activity took place within Cubbie’s mind, but we were wrong. More inscrutable than a poem by Emily Dickinson, something profound had taken place.

Thank you for reading their story and don’t forget to check out their blog here and don’t forget to email us if you’d like to have your own story featured.

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