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Please find below the photos for this week:

This cute tummy belongs to Charlie! More of him here.

Morris joins us from Pounce to Life! :)

Say hello to Yuki! We have featured a story about his friends here and of course don’t forget to check out their blog! :)

Mr Laser Eye Kitty? That would be KitKat! More here. :)


Meet Lucy! More of her on Art is not for Sissies.

Meet Nicky! His mum has a big story to tell about him which you can find here.


These two cuties have been submitted by our Twitter friend Nina.

And in case you missed last week’s post click here to see the full list!

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Mews: Create Your Pet’s Very Own Online Profile with Webbox

care-cats Webbox website

Hi everyone,

Hope all is going well! We got some exciting news from our friends over at Webbox – They have launched their new website and allow all of us to create profiles for our little and large friends. :D The profile can be created during the first check-out on their revamped website.

Additionally they have put together a wealth of health and care tips for our friends on their website.

Lastly for those in the UK they are running loads of competitions and giveaways on their new website and social media so its worth checking them out. :)

cat-feeding-advice Webbox website

Following this weeks theme on cat health tips I would also like especially point out their important section on cat health      which contains many useful tips around taking care of your friend.

which-cat-is-right-for-you Webbox website

More Details below:

Leading pet food brand Webbox has invested in an all-new and exciting website this Spring and it has now gone live with great success so far.

Website Webbox 1

Due to the continued expansion of Webbox, one of the fastest growing pet food brands in the UK, a new website has been developed to give customers more of an insight into the products and the company behind it. The site has features such as the ‘Pet Care’ section for both cats and dogs, where people can find information on things such as ‘feeding’ and ‘training & behaviour’. As well as this, the ‘Pets on the Net’ area brings together highlights and updates of Webbox’s successful social media pages and includes exciting competitions such as #TopDog and the super successful #FreebieFriday.

Pet owners can create profiles for their pets by entering the breed, name, birthday, sex and favourite treat. With the popularity of Twitter and Facebook pages being created for pets increasing (nearly a million pet owners had done so as of 2014*), pet food manufacturer Webbox thought it would add a great personal touch to the site. Webbox have also added this feature so that in the future they can keep in touch with the furry friend and their pet parent.

Webbox FB screenshot 2

There are detailed descriptions (including nutritional breakdown and feeding guides) for the wealth of treats and complete pet food that Webbox manufacture and supply to enable customers to make an informed buying decision. Customers can also find information on stockists or can buy products direct from the site itself (in case quantities only).

Webbox FB screenshot 3

Julie Butcher, marketing manager at Webbox comments, “We are really pleased with the new website. Giving our customers easy access to information is very important to us and the new site is a great communication tool. With new products being developed all the time it’s important that we can let our customers know about these. People have been leaving very helpful and positive feedback on the site through Feefo, global feedback engine, which is great. The content on the ‘Pet Care’ page is evolving too so the aim is to have a really comprehensive guide for pet owners to refer to.”



Nubia: What am I supposed to do with this?


Hello everyone,

So my humans gave me this matt thing…


… and put it in front of me but I am not entirely sure what they expect me to do with this??? Surely they don’t want me to use that for sharpening my claws instead of the carpet?!?

Anyone has suggestions for me? :D

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Signed by



Her Meowjesty Queen Nubzilla the Disturber of Peace

Mews: Tama the stationmaster cat has passed away


Hi everyone,

While this comes as sad news we would also like to point out that Tama managed to reach the great age of 16 in cat years making her a good 80 years in human years!

Tama was born in 1999 at which point the Kishi Station was still managed by Nankai Electric Railway. The cute Calico was taken in by the station’s employees, they even setup a little house for her next to the main office.


Tama held the role since 2007 (Picture: Getty Images)

In 2006 the Nankai Electric, and thus Kishi Station, was absorbed by Wakayama Electric Railway. At this point Tama’s caretakers made a direct request to Wakayama Electric’s president, Mitsunobu Kojima, that the station’s new owners continue to allow the kitty to live on the premises. Kojima did them one better by promoting Tama to stationmaster.

Given how many people in Japan love animals, trains, and/or cute things, it wasn’t long before Stationmaster Tama became nationally famous, and she’s credited with helping to revitalize the community by drawing visitors from all over Japan. In fact ABC News reported on a study claiming that her fame contributed an incredible 1.1 billion yen to the local economy in 2007 alone.


Tama at the ceremony celebrating her new role as ‘super stationmaster’ (Picture: Flickr/ Douglas Sprott)

In January of 2014, Tama was promoted to Ultra Stationmaster, making her, in name, stationmaster of all of the company’s stations. At the time, Yoshiko Yamaki, a spokeswoman for the rail company, joked: ‘She now holds the fifth highest position in the company.’


Source: Twitter

Tama is survived by Stationmaster Nitama, whom the company has been grooming as her eventual replacement.

In honor of Tama’s many years of service, Wakayama Electric will be holding a company funeral, presided over by President Kojima himself, as Kishi Station at noon today Japan time (June 28 2015). Considering that some 300 well-wishers showed up for Tama’s birthday celebration in April, we imagine the ceremony will likewise draw a large crowd, and also plenty of tears.

For those wishing to visit Wakayama City more details can be found on the tourist website here.

Check it out as you wouldn’t want to miss out on riding this train! :D


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Sources: Metro & Rocket News

Cat Travel: Cat Cafe てまりのおうち(Temarinoouchi) Part 4


Hi everyone,

After much delay I managed to sort the rest of our Japan cat photos hehe! ;)

So let’s continue the many cats from the Cat Cafe てまりのおうち (Temarinoouchi). Their Japanese website can be found here.


Give me the food!


You want to sit here? Sorry spot is already taken!


Pretty please! Give us more food. :D


<3 Yes all for me


I’ll give you a “high five” for some more cat food. :D


And I’ll do my Meerkat impression for it!!!


Someone is very popular with the resident cats haha! :)


Yes… definitely popular LOL.


One word: Awwwww!


More? Please!


My turn!

More of our top picks of the cat cafe will follow soon! :)

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Charity Mews: Globetrotting cat mystery solved

Hi everyone,

We came across this on the Cats Protection website and just had to share it with you all:

This is Ozzie, who came to Armagh Cats Protection as a stray. Volunteers were shocked when a routine check of his microchip revealed not only that he was registered in Australia, but that he was supposedly born in 1989, making him over 25 years old!

ozzie 2

It turned out that Ozzie was microchipped in Sydney in 2000 and has since ended up in Northern Ireland.

The moggy, nicknamed Ozzie, turned up in Co Armagh, having started his journey 10,000 miles away in Sydney.

Co-ordinator Gillian McMullen says: “I responded to a call from a member of the public who was concerned about a poorly stray cat that had been hanging around her garden for several days. The poor cat was starving but obviously had been cared for in the past because it was wearing a collar.

tigger picture 1
“I took it to Willow Veterinary Clinic on the Mahon Road, Portadown, where we discovered it was microchipped and this is where the mystery begins. The cat had originally been microchipped in Australia!

“In 2004 he turned up as a stray in a vet clinic in London, but no owners could be traced.

Eventually through the help of Social Media it became apparent that he is actually 15-years old as he was born in 2000 and was micro-chipped and registered down under with the name Tigger.

Tigger 2

It turns out the cat’s Aussie owners are globetrotters themselves – having travelled around the world, with their feline friend tailing them along the way.

They had left Tigger in the care of some friends in Armagh but the adventurous pet ran away and didn’t return.

The cat will now be reunited with its owners.

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Photo Credit: Cats Protection. Video: Reuters

Guest Star: Avalon


Hi everyone,

Please find below the guest story of Avalon! :)

“Avalon is the spawn of Satan. Either you throw your cat out, or I’ll throw you out!” my landlord said.


Yet this feline ‘spawn of Satan’ taught me several important lessons about life and love. The most important of those lessons is that love is a decision – you decide to love and take care of someone, no matter what.


During the first years of Avalon’s life, it was a challenge to remind myself of that decision. Describing my cat as jealous and possessive would be too mild. He wanted to be with me at all times. When another pet tried to approach me, it became a matter of life or death. If I came back from having left the house for a few hours, he looked gaunt as if my short absence meant that I was never to return. On top of that, he vomited on our guinea pig, vocalized every complaint with a set of decibel heavy meows, stole from the fridge, scared visitors half to death, and threw my dates out by means of special techniques.


But no matter how intolerable he was, I kept to my decision to love him. After all, if he behaved like a criminal, it was probably because he had been deprived of love early on in his life.

After several years, my patience paid off. Avalon turned into the gentle cat he was meant to be. It all started when I noticed that Avalon was able to pick up on my feelings somehow. Whenever I thought one of the neighbors’ cats was handsome, Avalon’s behavior was clearly more erratic. But he was much more relaxed when I thought a cat was average-looking. Out of respect for Avalon, I never paid attention to other cats anymore. Sure, I noticed them, but no feelings were ever involved. From then on, I made it my mission to express my love for him as intensely as possible. It was the best thing that could have happened to Avalon. The dark gloom that continually covered his eyes in the past had given way to a tender, loving gaze. His muscles, once tense, had relaxed. Now that he was loved exclusively, Avalon finally was where he wanted to be in life.


I often wonder how Avalon’s life would have turned out if I hadn’t made the decision to be there for him. It would have been easy to abandon such a difficult cat. But by keeping my promise, I was able to turn him into one of the happiest cats the world has ever known. And, in turn, he turned me into one of the happiest humans.


Love can be just that easy. It all boils down to one thing: the decision to love.

You can read more about Avalon in the book AVALON: A HEARTWARMING TRUE CAT STORY, which is now available through Amazon in both paperback and ebook.


You can find Avalon on Twitter @AvalonTheLion,
Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Avalon-Lion/119751424756169)
and Pinterest (http://pinterest.com/follow/eeriestories).

Places where you can find Avalon’s book:
Amazon.com: http://amzn.to/1FTC8Ep
Amazon.co.uk: http://amzn.to/1ImdPRo
Amazon.fr: http://amzn.to/1JTGIF2

We hope you enjoyed Avalon’s story.

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Competition: A Picture of Health – Pet food and exercise tips for a healthy cat


Hi everyone,

Today we would like to talk about adequate diets and other methods to help you keep your friend a healthy cat AND host a fun competition for you. :D

We all know how much our friends like their treats and it is often easy to end up overfeeding them this is why in my opinion it is important to only give treats as rewards or as part of a fun activity / game such as the food maze that we have featured previously.  Giving your friends treats in this way can be fun for both you and them and ensures that they expend some energy to get the treat. ;)

Of course if your companion is into learning tricks (Yes i know very unlikely after all we are talking about CATS haha) when you may want to teach him things like standing up for a trick. I actually managed to teach Oli how to do this without loosing my hand in the process and it works MOST of the time LOL.

Of course this alone won’t be sufficient to ensure that your companion remains a healthy cat. It is also important that you choose pet food that is suitable to your cat’s lifestyle. I.E. if your cat is an indoor only cat make sure you get them food specifically designed for those. This will ensure that they don’t get too many calories per serving and thus preventing to apply other weight management options.

It is also quite important to have your friend checked out regularly by the vet and of course have them weight while there. If you see a sign of change in their weight it is much easier to tackle the issue in early stages rather than later on. The longer you wait the more difficult it will be to get them back to their ideal weight and after all you don’t want to end up having to put them on a severe diet. Neither you nor your companion will enjoy grumpy days caused by hunger. :o

Struggling in a multi cat household to stop one of your cats stealing all the food and putting on weight? No problem! There is a solution to this as well. SureFlap designed a brilliant little microchip controlled feeder that will only allow the designated cat to eat from the Feeder. You can find a review for this one here. :D This can also be very helpful if you need to feed only one of your cats medicated / perscription food as it will prevent the others from eating it.

There are also many weight management type of pet food available and on this occasion we have teamed up with Hill’s Science Plan for a fun competition. They are giving 5 people a chance to win a pack of pet food specifically tailored to your cat’s needs and all you have to do for this is to answer the following question. (Terms and Conditions at the bottom of this post apply)

Which technique do Hill’s vets use to determine whether a dog or cat is a healthy weight?

Hint: You can find the answer here.

Also not just does it contain the answer to our question but provides you with a wealth of information and advice on keeping your cat healthy by managing their weight in an appropriate way!

Hill’s Pet Weight Facts
1 in 3 pets is overweight or obese. Being as little as 20% overweight can greatly increase the risk of your pet developing serious health conditions such as diabetes mellitus, arthritis, urinary stones or heart disease.

Hill’s Vets suggest playing “catch the light” to exercise your cat – shine a white light torch on the walls and let your cat play (do not use a red light laser as it can damage your cat’s eyes).

Also if your house cat allows you, it’s worth using a harness to take them outside. Cat harnesses are available from your pet shop. While you’re out, encourage your cat to jump and play using natural ‘toys’ like piles of leaves.

And now to a fun fact of the day! Even before teaming up with Hill’s Oli always had a little ritual which means I am not allowed to leave the house without filling up a little bowl by the door with some oral care crunchies from Hill’s :D This is why Gemma Caroll drew this super cute illustration for us. :)



So you can imagine how happy his Meowjesty was when he received this:


Oliver: All the content of this box belongs to ME!

Nubia: You wish!


Nubia: I am prettier so you stay in the back…

Oliver: Meany!


Nubia: Oh what should I have first. :D

Oliver: Vielfrass!

Nubia: No German… And I am NOT eating a lot! Thats your nickname. :P

Right while their Meowjesties argue it out why doesn’t the rest of you enter the competition? :D

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Hill’s Science Plan Competition Terms and Conditions

  1. Promoter: Pet Nutrition Ltd, Building 5, Croxley Green Business Park, Watford, WD18 8YL.
  2. This competition is open for entry to residents of England, NI, Scotland, Wales and RoI over 16 years, excluding employees of the Promoter, their immediate families, agents, or anyone else professionally connected with the competition.
  3. Promotion Period:  Enter between JUNE 23RD and JULY 27TH at 23.59]All entries received after this date will be deemed invalid.
  4. To enter: Entrants must respond with the correct answer by submitting their entry via the competition comments section  
  5. Entries are limited to one entry per person, for the time period in the day.
  6. The Prize: Five winners selected at random by Hill’s will each receive a pet food package from one of the following ranges only to the value of £15. If the chosen item(s) is not available a suitable alternative will be offered.
    -Ideal balance
    -Science Plan
  7. Winner Selection: All valid entries received by the end of the Promotion Period will be reviewed by the Promoter and will be supervised by an independent person. The five winning entries will be selected at random.
  8. Winner Notification:  The Winner will be contacted via email on JULY 27TH They will be asked to confirm details of their pet: (dog/cat; age; breed, wet/dry food preference; medical needs)
  9. If a winner is not contactable or fails to respond within 7 days of the notification, the prize may be reallocated by the Promoter to a reserve winner selected in the same manner.
  10. The prize will be delivered within 28 days to the winner once they provide the requested contact details
  11. The winners will be required to participate in relevant publicity associated with the competition.
  12. By entering the competition, entrants will be deemed to have accepted and be bound by these terms and conditions. All entry instructions form part of these terms and conditions.
  13. The name and county of the winner can be obtained by sending a self-addressed stamped envelope to: Customer Services, Hill’s Pet Nutrition Ltd, Building 5, Croxley Green Business Park, Watford, WD18 8YL.
  14. Data Protection: Personal data provided will be used for the purpose of the competition and in accordance with these terms and conditions by the Promoter. 
  15. The information you provide will only be used by Hills Pet Nutrition Limited solely for the purposes noted in the terms and conditions above.
  16. Bulk entries made from trade, consumer groups or third parties will not be accepted.  Incomplete or illegible entries and entries which do not satisfy the requirements of these terms and conditions in full will be disqualified and will not be counted.  If it becomes apparent that an entrant is using a computer(s) to circumvent this condition by, for example, the use of ‘script’, ‘brute force’, masking their identity by manipulating IP addresses, using identities other than their own or any other automated means in order to increase their entries into the competition in a way that is not consistent with the spirit of the competition, that person’s entries will be disqualified and any prize awarded will be void. 
  17. The Promoter may require the winner to provide proof of identity and age. Identification considered suitable for verification is at the Promoter’s discretion.
  18. The Promoter is not responsible for any late, misdirected or incomplete entries, or effects of hackers, failure of any electronic equipment, computer transmissions and/or network connections, nor are they responsible for any inaccuracies in information or any technical or human error which may occur in processing the entries. Proof of submitting an entry is not proof of receipt by the Promoter.
  19. The Promoter, and any affiliated companies are not responsible for any errors that are beyond the control of the Promoter. In the event the competition is compromised by any cause beyond the control of the Promoter (including, but not limited to, hackers and viruses) which, in the sole opinion of the Promoter, corrupts, or impairs the administration, security or fairness of the competition, the Promoter reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to modify, suspend or terminate all or part of the competition.
  20. The Promoter and any affiliated companies are not responsible for any entry, generated by computer hardware or software, malfunction, error or failure. Persons found tampering with or abusing any aspect of this competition, as solely determined by the Promoter, will be disqualified.
  21. The Promoter cannot accept any responsibility for any damage, loss, liabilities, injury, costs, expenses or claims suffered by entrants as a result of entering the competition or of accepting the prize.
  22. The prize is non-transferable and there is no cash alternative.
  23. The Promoter cannot be held responsible if, for circumstances beyond its reasonable control, the stated prize is no longer available.  The Promoter reserves the right to award a prize of equivalent value.
  24. The decision of the Promoter shall be final and binding and no correspondence will be entered into.
  25. If you have any queries regarding the competition or experience any problems, please message the promoter on Hill’s Pet Nutrition Facebook page, or Hill’s Pet UK & IE Twitter page between 9-5 Monday through to Friday.The competition is governed by English Law and entrants submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

Nubia: Happy Cat Hampurr Anniversary


Hello everyone,

Cat Hampurr recently celebrated their anniversary and we managed to get our hands on one of the celebration boxes! :D


Nubia: Of course I knew immediately that this box is for me! How? Well I am on the box!


Nubia: Human! Help me move that purple paper… I don’t wanna damage it. :O


Nubia: What wonders will be in there! :D


Nubia: What you are trying to take photos of the stuff in MY box? I am busy sniffing it out… Move along.


Nubia: All your goodies belong to me. :D


Oliver: What is going on here!

Nubia: I  got presents! :D They are all mine!

Oliver: I don’t think so… Mrs Greedy o.o

Nubia: Fine, fine you can pick ONE for yourself.


Nubia: Pleeaaaase will you open this tasty looking tuna loin?


Nubia: Pretty please? <3

Our box included:

  • Two Applaws Tuna loins (One for me and one for my brother I guess…)
  • Flying Frenzy Cat toy! :D
  • A catnip cushion woohooo
  • A nice pack of crunchies from Fish4Cats
  • Mini chewy sticks

For a full review of this subscription service please check out the humans post here!

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Hi everyone,

Following on from the poem Wanda please find below the latest entry from author Abbie Johnson Taylor


What a name for a cat, I thought
when Mother suggested it,
but I was only seven or eight
so what did I know, right?

A gray kitten with tiger stripes,
we thought she was a male.
After the vet told us otherwise,
Mother said it didn’t matter.

With such a sweet disposition,
Howard was my favorite.
When Mother wasn’t around,
or when she was mad,
Howard absorbed my tears,
soothed me with her gentle purr.

Even when I was an adult, she was there,
listening to my troubles,
not judging, not advising.
One of those cats with nine lives,
she lived to be twenty and will be missed.

cat pinterest 2

About the author:

Abbie Johnson Taylor is the author of a novel and two poetry collections. She is currently working on a memoir about how she met, married, and cared for her late husband who was totally blind and partially paralyzed by two strokes. She is visually impaired and lives in Sheridan, Wyoming. Please visit her Website at http://www.abbiejohnsontaylor.com or http://abbiescorner.wordpress.com

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