Happy #TRT – Tummy Rub Tuesday (Week 38)

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Hello everyone,

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Please find below the photos for everyone who entered this week:


Meet Sylvester. More of him can be found here!

Meet Mr Lollipop the Cat who can be found on his Blog here.

Another great entry from Modern Cat Life whom you can meet here.


Meet Lettuce! He was submitted from our good friends over at The Realm of a Chaos Fairy.


This is Wilbur! He was submitted by KitsChick via Twitter. Meet her here.

And another amazingly cuddly and cute entry of our favourite Shrimp from Hairballexpress. :)

This bundle of fluff joins us from Curious Red Panda here.

A sleepy Sonu Singh joins us on this beautiful day from But I Smile Anyway! :)


Angel! You can see her here every Thursday or on Facebook on her own page here.

Hidden away in greenery these two are in desperate need for tummy cuddles!!! They join us from Wonderstruck.

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Jack & Vera: Fun in boxes

Jack in box

Hi everyone,

Not that you all didn’t already know that we cats love boxes but here are some super cute photos of us! :D

Vera in box

Vera: Peek-a-booh! You found me :D

Jack in box

Jack: There is nothing here human! Now move on =d

Signed by

His Meowjesty Prince Jack also known as “Sir Purr-A-Lot”



Her Meowjesty Princess Vera

Event: #PetsInPortraits Book Launch + Katzenworld Worldwide Competition


Hello everyone,

Following on from the competition run by the National Portrait Gallery for their book pets in Portraits we got to attend the launch day event and announcement of the winner!

It was a wonderful evening and we would like to share some of the photos of the event with you all.


Of course visitors were able to purchase copies of the book at the event!


Had to get a close up of the cat part of the table. ;)


The 10 people and their pets that were shortlisted for the competition. :)

The below were our three favourites:

Of course the event was well attended by those that were shortlisted and people from the media!


And time for the announcement of the WINNER!


Nicola getting ready to announce who won the competition. It can’t have been an easy task to decide that!!! :)


Congrats! It’s a feline winner :D


In addition to the announced PetsPyjamas and National Portrait Gallery vouchers the team at the National Portrait Gallery had a little surprise for our winner(s).


A lovely large print of their winning photo! :)


The evening surely couldn’t have gone any better!


And as a bonus photo here a shot of me in the cover of pets in portraits haha. :D

And now on to our own competition haha! I have one copy of the Pets in Portraits book available for ONE of you! And we just can’t think of anything more fitting than asking you all to send us a photo of yourself and your pet! :)

To enter send us a photo of yourself and your pet on Twitter to @KatzenworldBlog using the #KatzenworldPetsInPortraits hashtag.

Not on Twitter? Make a Blog post about the competition and put the link here as a comment! :)

All entries will be added into a random draw and the winner will receive a copy of the Pets in Portraits book PLUS a 15% off Voucher for our Katzenworld Online Shop.

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Oliver: My Igloo! No paparazzi allowed


So I was hiding away in my cat igloo on this quiet sunday morning – thinking I would be all safe from the humans camera in here…


But what’s that the humans found me anyway!


Go away human!!!! I am trying to sleep =D

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Signed by


His Meowjesty King Oliver the Maker of Mischief

Guest Star: The Incredible Life of Tia-pet, the Dominican Wonder-Cat

Tia feature image

Hi everyone,

Today’s guest post comes from Gwen and is a tribute to her cat Tia!

Tia-pet (1998-2014) was a lovely and lively Caribbean short hair domestic cat. Photo taken by (Aunty) Jenny Spencer in August 2011.

Tia-pet (1998-2014) was a lovely and lively Caribbean short-haired domestic cat. Photo taken by ‘Aunty’ Jenny Spencer in August 2011.


I am not aware of many cats that have lived out all nine lives on Dominica, but I can assure you that my dear little Tia-pet was

Tia was tiny when he found his first parents in a residential area north of Roseau early in 1998.

Tia was tiny when he’ found’ his first pet parents (Lorraine and Steven) in a residential area north of Roseau early in 1998. Photo by S or L Ricketts.


one of a select few felines in this category. At the age of 16+ human years, he departed this earth en route to “cat heaven.” Since my furry friend passed away at home on May 3, 2014, I feel as if I have the lost the greatest gift I ever received on

Aunty Susan Weeks painted this image of Tia in 2011 . it was based on a photo I had taken of him at play in 2010.

‘Aunty’ Susan Weeks painted this likeness of Tia in 2011 . It was based on a photo I had taken of him at play in 2010.


Dominica. But I am oh so thankful for all the time we had together; his constant companionship amounted to another enduring and exceptional experience on the Nature Island!

When I made the final decision to move to Dominica, I first settled

at Springfield Plantation in August 1998. There, I met a British/Dominican couple who had found a little kitten where they lived for some time before moving to the mountainous site to work on the property. Although a male, they had named him Tia when he was very tiny. Lo and behold, they came to me after I had not been there for more than a month and informed me that they would be returning to the U.K. As they could not take their animals with them, they asked me if I would be interested in adopting the young cat. As I was moving in to their little house, I found myself in the horns of a dilemma. I reluctantly agreed, although I was not really interested, due to allergies and other plans. I figured he would just wander away to another home if I showed no interest. Well, you can see that never came to pass. I resisted and Tia persisted. He would cry and cry until I let him in and as a very determined little critter, he simply wormed his way into my heart.

I always referred to Tia as being the 'King of the Kiity-Cats' on Dominica.  He sure had a regal look to me!

I always referred to Tia as being the ‘King of the Kitty-Cats’ on Dominica. He sure had a regal look to me!


Perhaps one of the strangest things, and the biggest blessing for me, was that I was NOT allergic to him. For a while, I thought I had lost that allergy, but then I have proved that I still have it over the years with different cats both here and abroad. Go figure!

Tia as also known as Garfield after  a period of too much canned milk and kibble.  he was put on a strict diet by the vet!

Tia was also known as Garfield after a period of too much canned milk and kibble in his younger years. He was put on a strict diet by the vet!

Tia was a frisky critter and liked to jump from the counter to the fridge-top in his younger days.

Tia was a frisky critter and liked to jump from the counter to the fridge-top in his younger days. But even as he got older, he was always full of fun!


By the time I moved from Springfield, we were firm friends. I could go on about his adventures and close calls, but suffice it to say that Tia was one tough kitty. He was never a cuddly, jump-on-your lap cat. Instead, he delighted in very rough play. I and others who dared came away with scratches, superficial bites and sore arms from playing with that cat for hours at a time. And if he was hungry, or wanted in or out, it was hard to ignore that powerful yowl.

Tia loved to hunt - real critters or toy ones.  He was playful pussycat!

Tia loved to hunt – live animals or toy ones. He was a playful pussy cat!


Of course he was spoiled, but the pleasure was all mine. He reciprocated with gifts from field forays: lizards, mice and little birds. Sometimes there were other souvenirs from his outings: a number of vets treated Tia for cat bite abscesses . Sometimes they were so large they had to be surgically removed. Although Tia had been neutered when he was young, he remained a territorial type. At all times of day and night ,I would hear the unforgettable piercing screams of two cats at war. Neighbours would sometimes tell me that my cat was giving their cat “blows.” But then came the day when Tia could no longer hold his own and his opponent seemed to have the advantage.

When he was 12 years old, I decided it would be in his best interest to become an indoor cat, as he was starting to lose those feline battles. The vet was worried that he would not adapt well, but Tia took it all in stride. He still had access to protected porches and balconies and was able to content himself by hanging out in those locations with a view. And of course, he would always still play with anyone who dared!

While there were signs of slowing down which became increasingly obvious this past winter when he turned 16, he still jumped up on the porch balcony to check out the birds by day and the bats by night. But one evening, I let him out on the porch alone while I did something else inside for a few minutes. When I went to check on him, I could not find him. I took a flashlight, looked down two flights below to the ground – and there he was – still moving. I ran down, scooped him up and called Tia’s last vets, husband and wife team Dr. Ronnie George and Dr. Nausima Paul in extreme panic. Fortunate for me, they had just finished their clinic and were on their way home, which is nearby. They came right away and examined him. There did not seem to be any obvious or serious injury, except for some sore muscles. Without access to x-ray or ultra-sound, there was no way to know anything further. However, from that point in late February, Tia rapidly declined, although he did hang on for some time.

This is the last photo of Tia, taken on February 27, 2014.  By then, he had already fallen off of the back porch and had to be helped onto the bed - but his spirit was still strong.

This is the last photo of Tia, taken on February 27, 2014. By then, he had already fallen off of the back porch and had to be helped onto the bed – but his spirit was still strong.

Those wonderful vets continued to check on him – frequently. They also received a number of calls from Tia’s scared mummy as his behaviour changed and he seemed not himself over those last couple of months. It was hard to watch him fail, but that rough cat definitely had the heart of lion, and I was sure to tell him so. He did not seem to be in pain until the very last day. I sensed that the end was near and stayed right beside him for many hours. I am so thankful that I was there when he looked at me wide-eyed and then took his last breath. I assured him that I loved him, and then he left for that great mouse-hunting field in the sky – “cat heaven” as my mother referred to that celestial abode when I was a little girl.

This whole sad event would have been much more devastating had it not been for the calm and reassuring counsel of my Canadian friend Nancy from Springfield. We spoke many times on Tia’s last day on earth. After he departed, she kindly offered to bury him at Springfield the next morning. I was comforted by her generosity, as that beautiful mountain location means so much to me. Tia had gone full circle and his remains now rest at the place where we first became a family.

It was sunny and lovely on Sunday May 3, 2014. Nancy drove a distance to collect me so we could take Tia’s body for burial. She allowed me to sob and cry and unleash my grief while she alone prepared the ground with pick-axe and shovel. I offered to help her, but she refused. I was impressed with her strength and grateful that I could mourn freely. Fortunately, it was a quiet day and no one else was on the property. When Tia was placed in the earth by Nancy, we said a final good-bye and she tucked his toys all around him. I placed some rosemary for remembrance over his towel-shrouded body. Then we covered him with the damp heavy clay earth, small stones and finally larger ones. I placed a bouquet of white anthurium lilies and we put some pretty potted flowers on top of the grave.

Tia's final resting place at Springfield is in a peaceful spot surrounded by fruit trees.

Tia’s final resting place at Springfield is in a peaceful spot surrounded by fruit trees.

Tia's grave site has spectacular views at Springfield.

Tia’s grave site has spectacular views at Springfield.



Although I was extremely sad, I was content with the knowledge that he was at rest at one of the most beautiful places on earth. I will miss him for as long as live, but I am extremely thankful to have had endless pleasure from the companionship of a little boy cat named Tia. “Thank you for being in my life . I love you – forever and ever.”


As I think back over the 16 years that Tia was in my life, I am quite amazed at the number of people who have helped me with his care. I am indebted to all of you and I thank

Neigbour Kristelle was Tia's best friend for many years.  After all, they were the same age!  She ehlped to take care of him many times for me.

Neighbour Kristelle was Tia’s best friend for years. After all, they were the same age! She helped to take care of him many times.

you for what you have done so that Tia could have the best quality of life possible for a cat. God bless you!

Friends, neighbours and cat lovers:

Special thanks to Vernon Gordon and family, my former neighbours who looked after Tia often between 2004-11. Their willing assistance and wonderful cat care enabled me to travel all over Dominica for my writing assignments, spend time in other Caribbean countries as well as summers in Canada and leave quickly when my mother died.

Also to Ursula Joseph, my faithful helper for 14+ years who was always there for Tia and even rescued him from a couple of scary situations (which gave her a fright).

Nancy Osler at Springfield helped me through the most difficult process of Tia’s imminent death, his burial at Springfield and the painful hours afterwards by being there for me and allowing me to freely grieve.

Liz Madisetti was on stand-by to take care of Tia this forthcoming summer, even though his health was failing. She was completely willing to pet sit, despite the uncertain circumstances.

Other caring pet-sitters over the years (also known as Tia’s ‘aunties’ and ‘uncles”) included: Eddie Shillingford, Tessia Butler, Dr. Patricia Rodney, Whitney Sommers, Malcolm, John, Peter, Dr. Caryl Lockhart, Susan and Alden Weeks, Jenny Spencer, Ben Tapley. (If I have forgotten anyone else, I’ll be sure to list you and soon as I remember!)

Veterinarians played a critical role in ensuring Tia’s good health and well-being over his long cat life, and I have the utmost of respect and admiration for their compassionate work with all animals:

Dr. John Toussaint, Dr. J. Collin McIntyre, Dr. Caryl Lockhart, Dr. Reginald Thomas, Dr. Nausima Paul and Dr. Ronnie George were always available when Tia had an illness or an injury or was in need of a check-up. I especially appreciate the many times that Dr. Reggie Thomas came to the house to examine Tia as he became a senior cat.

Husband and wife veterinary team Dr. Ronnie George and Dr. Nausima Paul attend to Florence, beloved pet of Mark Steele at Beau Rive.    These wonderful vets can be contacted at their clinic (767) 440-8387 or by mobile at 277-4811/275-4935.

Husband and wife veterinary team Dr. Ronnie George and Dr. Nausima Paul attend to Florence, beloved pet of Mark Steele at Beau Rive. These wonderful vets can be contacted at their clinic (767) 440-8387 or by mobile at 277-4811/275-4935.


Finally, I am forever grateful to Dr. Nausima Paul and her husband Dr. Ronnie George who provided phenomenal geriatric and end-stage care. They were basically on-call for the last two months of Tia’s life. Their support, guidance and interventions enabled me to better understand this phase and allow Tia to make a smoother transition to the hereafter.

To Tia’s first pet parents, Lorraine and Steven Ricketts: If you ever come upon this blog post, know that you gave me the greatest gift of my life in Dominica. Heartfelt thanks.

Rest in peace, dear Tia-pet.

We hope you enjoyed their sad but beautiful tale. For more from Gwen check out her Blog here.

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Tips & Tricks: Toys that keep your cats and kittens entertained without burning a hole in your pocket

Oliver and the 4 cats Kite toy

Hi everyone,

Today we are looking at some of the fun toys that our cats like to play with and also how to get some money off (not just cat products but pet products in general or those of you in the UK!)

Playing is an important activity for kitten and adult cats alike.  Every pet has a character and you should be careful while selecting a toy for your pet. You should consider your friends age and kitty’s individual personality while choosing a toy. Some kittens indulge in self-play such as chasing their own tails while some indulge in cat-on-cat games which involve chasing another cat, playing with human feet under covers or wrestling with other cats. As a kitten matures, it may get interested in other games as well. You can find a range of cat toys and some voucher codes in the Pets category listed on VoucherBin UK. Here you can get attractive discounts using the coupon codes listed on the website. Now let’s take a look at some of the different kinds of cat toys loved by kittens and adult cats. :D

Scratching toys!

Scratching is one of the favorite activities of every kitty. It is an instinctive activity that also allows them to get rid of dead layers on their claws. Scratching also allows them to flex their joints and acts as an energy giving exercise. There are several cat scratching toys such as catit scratcher with catnip, sleeping lounges with heavy duty corrugated cardboard, and many more items that allow the kitty to scratch and have fun even while lying down. The cat scratching toys are durable, often environmental friendly and also prevent your kitty from spoiling your expensive home furniture.

Interactive toys. ;)

Interactive toys are good to maintain the physical and mental well-being of your friend. It can keep your cat entertained for hours. Some of the toys also appeal to hunting instincts of your cat. There is no doubt, cat interactive toys appeal to majority of kittens and adult cats. Some of the interactive toys worth mentioning are kitty city mousehunt, catch me if you can electronic cat toy, and fluffy or feather dangler toys.

Oliver and the 4 cats Kite toy

Cat teaser toys

Cat teaser toys entice your kitty to play, pounce or paw with the teaser toy. The teaser toy encourages your kitty’s natural instincts to hunt. For example, the laser mouse cat toy projects a laser mouse image wherever you point the laser toy thereby encouraging your kitty to pounce or paw the laser mouse image. With these toys it is important to let your cat have the joy of catching it though so don’t madly rush them along the carpet! Make them think that they caught it every now and when.

Photo Credit: Pinterest account of Bolt

Soft Cat toys

Soft cat toys are good toys for kittens and cats alike. Soft toys are often filled with catnip that drives kittens wild with excitement. A catnip mouse toy acts as a perfect toy for your friend to practice hunting. A soft ball cat toy is also extremely good and the bouncy ball will keep your cat entertained for hours.

The pet category at Voucherbin lists several UK pet stores that offer discount coupons that enable you to save money by either clicking through from their website or entering a code during checkout. With so many options, you can certainly find the purrfect present for your kitty. :D

And remember providing your cats with many toys to choose from can help in preventing damage to your furniture hehe. ;)



Oliver & Nubia: Catit Food Maze snack time! :D +#giveaway

vlcsnap-2015-03-22-16h21m18s595 2

Hi everyone,

It’s Nubia here! Today it is my turn to show my brother the art of SNACKING as I am the best at it!

Oliver: That’s because you cheat..

Nubia: Oi! Let me tell them first about the awesome snack we had and how I used my brain while you… well let’s not go there yet!

Oliver: *Grumble*

vlcsnap-2015-03-22-16h17m39s154 2

Oliver: Those smell nice… What are they!


Nubia: These are the snacks Oli! :D Vet’s Kitchen hearts.


Nubia: Guess whose whiskers are in the picture of the close-up…

vlcsnap-2015-03-22-16h18m23s796 2

Oliver: Look this is how you need to get them out Nubia!

Nubia: That takes far too long…

vlcsnap-2015-03-22-16h18m54s713 2

Oliver: Skill my dear is what you call this!

Nubia: Nope… You are not using your brain… LOL

vlcsnap-2015-03-22-16h19m06s442 2

Nubia: Look! Just put your head in…

Oliver: That’s called cheating!

vlcsnap-2015-03-22-16h19m55s967 2

Nubia: … and they are all yours. :D

Oliver: Cheater… -.-“

vlcsnap-2015-03-22-16h21m18s595 2

Nubia: I don’t care! Because I got tasty treats out of what you call cheating. :D Plus I am the one with brain. ;)

Of course the humans took a video of us in action so this you can find here:

But let the humans talk more about our Snacks now! :D

Over-all verdict:
The Vet’s Kitchen Little Heart Treats come in 4 different flavours and you can find the whole range on their website here. The treats contain more than 50% meat and are completely free of nasty additives which does however mean you need to use them up within 4 weeks of opening. (But remember this is a good thing as your cats won’t be exposed to  While they contain some grains the snack is primarily comprised of meat and therefore a healthy snack for your fur-friend at a price of £1.39 per 60 gram pack certainly great value for money!

As for the size of the hearts, they are a medium – small size which means they are not too big but not to small for our 4.5kg cats. :) Easily chewable but not so small that they just swallow them whole.


As with all snacks please ensure that your cats have access to plenty of water and remember snacks are complimentary food that cannot replace complete foods! These should be used to reward your cats or get them to play with toys such as the food Maze that we previously reviewed here.

If you would like to purchase these treats for your cats you can get them on the official website here or also through Amazon and Ocado or your local shops such as Tesco. We managed to find them on Amazon in contintental Europe as well such as Amazon DE! :)

Giveaway Details:

Now for TWO lucky readers in the UK you have a chance to win a set of 4 different flavors. That is one bag per flavor! This giveaway has been sponsored by Petskitchen.co.uk

Just pop your email address into our giveaway tool by clicking here and gain chances to win by doing any of the following (you can complete as many as you like to increase your chances of winning):

1. For Tweeting about the event through the GiveawayTool – 4 Chances
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Purrsday Poetry: The Cat Whisperer (Case of the Finicky Feline)


Here we are

Face to face

Laying on the living room carpet

A ball of yawn between us

You’ve been toying with me, Mr. Cat

Prancing about

Suave movements

You’ve been toying with me all along

Having me to believe you are content

With my soft and gentle rubbing of your back

My fingers slowly rubbing your chin

Maybe I am induced to do so

The sound of your purring, soooo alluring

Chasing mice is beneath you

You’d rather blend in with the environment

Unnoticed, but observant

I call out to you, but you do not come

I make funny noises, but you do not come

And when I decide to give up

You saunter out, so debonair you are

So, it has come to this

A ball of yawn

Your eyes are lit up, Mr. Cat

Your whiskers are twitching

Have I managed to tame you?

Or are you toying with me?


Photo Credit: www.tigercatstudio.com – Trout and Yarn by Megan Granholm

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Angel Eyes: My toy ball! :D

ball story 4

I would like to tell you about my ball that I play with. I’ve been obsessed with playing with balls since I was 9 weeks old. The balls back then was bigger then me and I would try to hop on top of them like a bunny hopping along and suddenly a stump got in it’s way and had to make decision to jump high with all four paws off the ground. I even run after on if you count 1, get ready, 2, it coming and 3, throw and go get it..

ball story

As you can see I guard them with my life. They really make me happy! Purr….

ball story

Balls are so much fun that you can chase them or even hug them like a teddy bear…

ball story

I have different kinds of balls, big, small, soft and like this one its lights up. The best part of a ball you don’t have to always have someone to play with you. It’s perfect to play by yourself too…

ball story

Here you can see it lights up like the Sun! It kind of reminds me of the Sunshine that makes my heart sing!

ball story

You can even have some lazy play with your ball like I do. You know when you are to tired to run after the ball. Well lay on your back an hit around with your paws back and forth, but be careful don’t hit to hard because you might have to get up again to fetch it and then it wouldn’t be called lazy play!

ball story

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I Love my balls no mater what size they are or what noise they make. I do really care what color they are. I like red, pink or white balls even brown colored balls. I know this might sound crazy to you, but kitties do care on color of things. So if your kitty isn’t playing with one try a different color.

ball story

I hope you will enjoy your ball playing now you know how fun it is. I hope you share your experience with me I sure would love to hear about your ball playing too… Now go enjoy… Purr….

Love, Angel Eyes

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Angels-Eyes-Persian/306424222865828

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