Book Review: Kittens are A**hoels by Kaj Graham


Hi everyone,

Today we are looking at the book Kittens are A**holes by Kaj Graham.

Kittens are...

About the book:
Kittens blind us with their adorable, cuddly, snuggly, and oh so sweet appearance. This is all a ploy to get us to fall in love and adopt them. We fall under their magical spell and forget about all the assholish things kittens can do. Well, this book will remind you of these oh so precious moments and give you a few laughs. ***A percentage of the proceeds will be going to animal shelters..***

Our verdict?

Some of you may think at first “was it a dog owner” that wrote the book? The answer is a cat owner and lover! Kaj managed to put together a super cute and funny little book that manages to remind us very much of all the antics that our cats do and we love them for. :)

If you are looking for a book that is ideal for cat lovers and owners alike and will make them smile on a rainy day – look no further you have found it! And what is even better, part of the profits go to charity. :D

The book is available from Amazon US, UK and DE (And probably other country locations but you get the picture! :) )

More about the author:

Kaj Graham

Kaj Graham lives on the East Coast with her husband, offspring, furbabies, dragons, and several finned babies. She is thrilled to work along side her friends doing what she loves while being able to give back at the same time. Kaj believes that everyone can help make a difference, it all adds up and together we can rock the World.

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Happy #TRT – Tummy Rub Tuesday (Week 35)

Tsuki TRT

Hello everyone,

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We have had a LOT of photo submissions this week – don’t worry if you don’t see yours this week, we WILL feature you in the next TRT. :)

Please find below the photos for this week:

This cute entry comes from Hairballexpress, her name is Shrimp and you can meet her here.

This cute entry comes from Honeycomb Days. More of this kitty and another friend (They are called Zeus & Pandora) can be found here!

A super special high five for Tummy Rub Tuesday from pickledsparklymooseprincess.

Tsuki TRT

Another brilliant entry from Cats at the Bar. This time it is Tsuki! :D

Today we have a special animated version of Lil Binky from angelswhisper2011.

Meet beautiful Ben from Heather’s A Photo A Day. More of him here (among many other photos)! :)

Meet Sir Edmund Hillary from Contrafactual whom you can visit here.

Meet Marmalade from My Journey with MS… whom you can visit here.

This special drawing of a Tummy Rub demanding kitty comes from Sherry Key Artist.

You may not dare to rub this belly, but Gerard sure is a cute one! :) More of him on Nehabalwa.

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And to make it fair your cat photos don’t have to be a tummy shot we do understand that not all cats like showing off their belly! So any fun photo story will be fine but tummy ones will be even better :D

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A big thank you to all participants from all of us here at Katzenworld.

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Nubia: Yes…?



Have you come to give me a treat? :D


So where is it? Surely you wouldn’t approach a royal highness without an offering of gratitude?


How about giving me some belly tickles instead when? <3 I know I am a day early for Tummy Rub Tuesday… but pleeeeeasseeeee. :D

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Signed by


Her Meowjesty Queen Nubzilla the Disturber of Peace

Angel’s Eyes: The drawing of me! <3

spring 9

Hello everyone,

I have something amazing to tell you! Thomas Dalsgaard Clausen from One Drawing Daily created a lovely drawing of me last week. :D


I am sure you will agree with me that he is very talented and you should pay him a visit here. Maybe he will even draw you! :)

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See you soon!


Cat Travel: Cat Cafe てまりのおうち(Temarinoouchi) Part 3


Hi everyone,

Here is part 3 in our series of photos for the Cat Cafe てまりのおうち(Temarinoouchi). If you have missed the previous post you can find it here.

Today we have a medley of cute kitties from Japan for you and are also looking at what we had for lunch haha! :)

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I hereby name your Lord Fluff! :)


It was quite difficult to take a photo of this beautiful guy but eventually I managed to get this shot! :)


Anyone knows what breed this guy belongs too? I love those ears!


As we were thinking of ordering food – more cats came to say hello to us! Including cute little munchkin. :)


Wait we haven’t seen the second Munchkin before!!!


We went for a special Halloween themed cake and…


…some scones! :)


Look at the fluff in between the toes!!! So cute. :)


he sure looks like he can’t hurt a fly in this photo but…


He did take on this rather big cat after all!!!

In case you missed the video here is it again:

More of our top picks of the cat cafe will follow soon! :)

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The Poetry Challenge!

Nubia 3

Hello everyone!

Some of you may be aware that we have been challenged by Cats at the Bar to write a poem! The rules were simple – write a 10 line poem involving the word “Love”.

Of course my own skills at poetry would have caused the world as we know it to end (dramatic background music) but fortunately for myself and the sanity of all of you Floridaborne has saved us all by writing the poem for us and the kitties :D

I have linked the names of the cats to their category so feel free to check out some of their cute photos. ;)

Nubia loves climbing high,
loves pondering the sky.
Mao loves cuddle time,
Snowball loves life sublime.
Oliver loves clean clothes,
loves carpet tingling toes.
Jack loves Christmas lights,
loves spaces very tight.
Spoiled cats love treats,
better…they love meats.
Here is a bonus photo of  Jack as kitten who would like to say thanks to Floridaborne for all the help. <3
Now to my own challenge! First I would like to challenge Moongazer from Chaos, Cats and Chronic Pain because I count her as a good friend AND she previously nominated us for an amazing award. :)
Next up we are nominating one of our good doggy friends over at easy blog – just because we want to see a doggy write a poem! :D
Third challenge goes to franhunne4u from the Blog inhannover no particular reason apart from we may get a German poem? ;)
And lastly because we need a real poet at work I challenge our good friend Sylvester over at Syl65’s Blog! :D

Guest star: Gussy the 3rd


Hi everyone,

Today’s guest post introduces Gussy the 3rd to you. Please find his post below.

Hi izz Gussy here. 

I am an exotic shorthair cat with a pretty privileged lifestyle. Just over a year ago izz came to life with my fur sister Nina and my doggy schnauzer sister Roxy. We live in sunny hot subtropical Queensland Australia. 


Izz was born in November 2013, my fur dad is a prizewinning smexy, poofy faced Exotic and mum a Persian. My now hooman mum saw my baby photo online and fell in love with me. Usually she adopts rescue cats but I was irresistible.  The rest is history. So izz cam to live with them but unfortunately this did not go so well at first. Nina was not impressed, she hated me as she was used to being an only cat. My only hope was to bond with mum and Roxy and hey izz thought my cuteness would eventually win her over. This took a month! MOL!

gussy 1

As for my daily life, well izz am pretty busy with my job, yes an actual job at my dad’s business. It started off as a role of customer service but on my first birthday izz got promoted to security officer. Really important! 


After work izz love to play zoomies with Nina, play backgammon with my mum and chat to all my friends on Facebook.


Yes izz have my own Facebook page So please come and visit me, would love to chat to you. You will also meet some of my dear friends who you might have already met here at Katzenworld.  

Smooches and purrs from Gussy


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Oliver: Best use for freshly washed clothes?


Of course as resting place to sleep on it!

Rolling around on it and spreading my hair all over it is part of this very important process of breaking in the freshly washed clothes!


Oops I have been spotted!!! But surely I am allowed to do this? <3

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Signed by

His Meowjesty King Oliver the Maker of Mischief

Mews: An unbearably cute donation

Donald and the teddies1

Hi everyone,

We got this amazing cute photo story from our friends over at Cats Protection and just had to share it with you!!!

Over 300 teddies donated by a cat lover to the UK’s leading feline welfare charity, Cats Protection, will be sold to raise funds to help unwanted kitties across the UK. Pictures show curious cat, Donald, investigating the pile of stuffed toys.
 Donald and the teddies2

Donald and the teddies3

So who is up to beat this collection of Teddies? :D

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Angel’s Eyes: My Petbox

pet rev 2

Angel’s Eyes: My PetboxAngel’s Eyes: My PetboxI can’t believe it! I received this Petbox in the mail today all the way from San Diego, California. It came for me so I can tell all my friends about this fabulous company and what they do. Well not just me, they can make these boxes for other cats and even dogs!

about petbox

Petbox provides premium products to the most discerning pet owners on a monthly basis. With an emphasis on pet health, the company’s experts curate a collection of all-natural products for cats and dogs. You can pack your own customized box, or allow the Petbox team to surprise you with a diverse selection of products. Delivered to your doorstep, your Petbox will contain up to six items, ranging from treats and even accessories for humans.


I’m so excited about the mailman bringing this Petbox because look at all these toys and treats. In my box there was a door hanger scratcher with feathers and a webble wobble catnip egg. I love these kind of toys! Purr….

im all in!

I can’t help myself I just have to get in this box and see what else is in here!! Purrr……  What? There is cat foot too! I’m in heaven…. Purr…..

can't help myself

I really can’t control myself!!! Oh my gosh,, Catnip and toys too!!!! Purr,,,,,


Catnip toy too….. I want the mailman to bring this to my door every month!

cat box

I would recommend this for anyone who is an animal lover. Your purchase helps feed animals who also need help. You can get Petbox by going to to order you subscription, but you can also call them and they will have someone on the phone to help you.

Contact Petbox :
11855 Sorrento Valley Road
Suite 521
San Diego, Ca. 92121
Pinterest :

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