Moving On Up

"Has everything stopped being moved yet?"
Moving home can be quite a big stress for humans. And even more so for our furry friends.

Cats are unlikely to understand what’s going on when suddenly their home becomes full of boxes and the familiar items that they are used to are disappearing into those boxes. Then moving day comes and they get shut into a room so they don’t get under foot whilst everything is being moved in and out, until the moment that they too get put into their own boxes and loaded into a vehicle.

And even getting to the new home doesn’t stop the stress, at least not immediately. Now the cats are in a strange new place, with strange new smells, and they still get shut into one room to avoid getting squished whilst the hustle and bustle goes on in the rest of the apartment/house.

It’s easy to see how stressful this can be for cats.

If you hadn’t worked it out yet, we recently moved. It wasn’t a small move, either. Our cats ended up spending about 7 hours in a car to move 500km north to our new home.

There were a few steps we took to make the move easier for the cats.

Confining them to a single room on moving day, both before and after the actual moving, is actually a very good thing. It helps prevent them being stressed by, well, all the things that are moving around them! And of course it means they can’t escape out of doors that have been left open for moving furniture through. Continuing to confine the cats to one area in the new home is also a good idea because it allows them to acclimatise before being exposed to the whole new place. If your cats are outdoor cats you should keep them inside at first, to make sure they know that this new place is home before they go outside.

A familiar island amongst a sea of boxesOur vets suggested giving our cats some calming medication starting a couple of days before the move took place. We also had a hormone spray to help keep them calm, which was sprayed in the old flat in the days leaving up to the move, in their carry boxes before they went in them on moving day, and in the living room of the new flat (the room they were first introduced to) ready for their arrival. (Side note – please consult your vet or another expert before medicating your cat!)

Once the cats got to the new flat we tried to have the room as ready for them as possible. Whilst we obviously couldn’t get everything in and unpacked immediately (two weeks later and we’re still far from unpacked!) we made sure to have their essentials in place – litter trays and water were the priority. We also gave them blankets, which of course would smell familiar to them. And as soon as we were able we moved the cat trees into the room to give them places to climb (and hide), even if the trees would later be moved somewhere else.

Luckily it didn’t take long for the cats to get themselves settled in, and they seem perfectly happy here now!


Lady Joyful

Have you moved house with your cat? Do you have any tips to share for making the whole process easier on our furry friends?

Katzenworld art by Bea Gifted – Oliver final version :)

Hi everyone,


Over the next few weeks we will be posting each individual piece of finished artwork. Today we are starting with Oliver. This final artwork has come a long way from the initial sketches and I hope you’ll agree with me that Bea Gifted has done an amazing job!

Of course caught in his usual up to no good position. ;)

I am also happy to announce that all keyrings – including the original ones are now available for a new lower price of 2£ or local currency equivalent as I have managed to source them cheaper without compromising quality. And if you enter katzenworld10 during checkout you’ll get an extra 10% off! All of these are available in our our Merchandise section!

And remember purchasing from our online store sees much of the profit go to charity! :)

Please do let me know if there is anything in particular that you would like us to produce as merchandise and I’ll see what can be done!

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Guest Star: Bamboo


Hi everyone,

Today’s guest post comes from Bamboo and his human companion Lulu!

Meow. I’m sure you must have heard my human talk about me. My name is Bamboo. I think I come up in her everyday conversation (she really loves me, I am the center of her universe, so… Makes sense). Together, we live happily in beautiful, coastal British Columbia. I am currently 2 and a half years old! I am so adorable, check me out: :P

Well... I've got better photos (see below!)

Well… I’ve got better photos (see below!)

I want to share with you all the things I enjoy! Life as a cat is full of mystery, and often times I am so busy chasing invisible critters, and getting pet, and self grooming, and eating, and napping, and staring out the window… Have I mentioned I really like ear scratches? Well I really like them. I deserve a lot of ear scratches. Yeah, ear scratches are the best… 

Before I get distracted (there are lots around the house that can distract a cat, let me tell you that!) I must share with you a little bit of my history with my human…:

Everyday is Caturday.

Everyday is Caturday.

It was Spring of 2013. I was 9.5 weeks old, when my human first stepped in the house where I was born. I was scurrying around, climbing up the curtains with my sibling—it was just down to me and my sister (out of 4 of us, the other two—my brothers—were already adopted to new forever homes). Rumor has it that my human originally wanted to pick up the calico kitten—my sister (I think she just wasn’t aware how cute I was)… But my, am I glad she changed her mind when she saw my furry face of awesome! I am glad it all happened the way it did; my human wanted the calico but turns out, my sister had already been ‘claimed’ by another family on their way to meet her, so my human was sad. Then she saw me, a black and grey tabby kitten who looked identical to my (biological cat) mommy. My human heard my momma cat’s owners tell her that I was the last remaining adoptable kitten; I was really energetic and healthy, but because of my very “normal” coat, I was “less desirable” than my siblings (a calico, a tuxedo, and a grey tuxedo). My human fell in love with me, though. She decided every cat of any coat and colour deserves love and snuggles, and there was nothing wrong with my tabbiness! She thought I was adorable, and though she originally wanted a girl kitty, on April 10th, 2013, I came home with her instead. What a twist of fate! But as they say… The best things happen to those who wait. I am awarded with a fantastic human mommy now, because I was the Patient One. :)

This photo is golden. It was my first car ride …headed HOME with my human! Apr 10, 2013

Though I was not officially adopted from an SPCA or shelter, I would say that my human had ‘rescued’ me. My siblings and I were an accident and we were too much for my (cat) mommy’s owner, who is an older gentleman and doesn’t have time for kitten shenanigans. We were set up for adoption, and it was the last days before he would had to have brought us to a shelter. Thank goodness for my human to my rescue! Since the day I came home with my human, I’ve been fed premium food, a brand called Nutrience. I threw up Whiskas treats in the car on the first ride home, so now my human gets treats from my vet instead (haha, I am a high maintenance one, but a healthy cat is a happy cat!) Recently, I developed some small crystals in my urine, and it hurt a lot! After some tests at the vet, my human put me on a prescription diet by Science Diet, called C/D for urinary health. First kibbles, but I think I’ve found my most favourite: Science Diet C/D in Ocean Fish, canned food. Mm-mm, good! And now, no more crystals, plus my human says my coat is shinny and soft like a rabbit! …Wait, where’s the rabbit? I am also fixed, tattooed (like my human mommy), and I am microchipped. All fabulous precautions should I get lost! Even though I’m an indoor cat, but better safe than sorry—my human is a practical and a caring individual. And now… Well here I am. :D

My human loves to capture my silly moments… I will share with you a little ‘photo album’ (some which my human has already blogged about previously).

+things I like to do:

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Mews: Baby Clouded Leopard

Hi everyone,

This little baby leopard was born in Lowry Park in Tampa. A shame we hadn’t known about this wen we went to Florida! I would have loved meeting the little one. :)

At least we have a video that someone sent in to us via Facebook hehe

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baby leopard



Oliver & Nubia: Catnip! Denim! Crinkly noise. It’s a Crispy Kicker. :D


Hello everyone,

It’s Oliver here. :D

We unpacked another one of our Crispy Kickers today. This one is a Denim version. :)

Oliver and Crispy Kicker

Oliver: This is mine and no one else shall have it!

Nubia: *Angry tail flap* There is a whole bag of them… Let me have one of them too!

Crispy Kicker and Oli

Oliver: Only after I am done. :o

Oliver chewing

Oliver: This is so tasty!

Oliver scratching

Oliver: Ugh… Itch! Must not let go of it though…

Nubia: Right! Your time is over now!!!

Nubia: So much fun. :D

Nubia and Oliver

Nubia: Didn’t I tell you this is mine too… Move on!

Oliver: Fine! :o

Nubia exhausted

Nubia: Right I am exhausted now… time for bed. :D


Oliver: What???? You can’t go to bed now!

Nubia: Yes I can…

Oliver: We haven’t told them where to find these!

Nubia: Oh you are right! They can be found in TheMelloCät’s Dewanda Online shop or on Etsy. Postage cost will be calculated during checkout.

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Signed by

His Meowjesty King Oliver the Maker of Mischief



Her Meowjesty Queen Nubia the Disturber of Peace

Purrsday Poetry: What is the King dreaming of by Deborah A. Bowman

Hi everyone,

Please find below the latest entry in Purrsday Poetry by Deborah A. Bowman:

Oliver 1

What is the King dreaming of

Stately in his bearing
Sometimes even caring
Or so the King would like you to believe
But in his magnificence, he can deceive
All mortals bow and hold Oliver in esteem
The majesty of the jackal in his schemes
The tempter of the heart in his soft love
We often wonder, “What is the King dreaming of?”

Copyrighted 2015 by Deborah A. Bowman for



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Cat Sweaters and More Starring Angel’s Eyes


Hello again,

Here’s the Surprise you have been waiting for. Brand New Sweater made by Caleigha Starchild they are handmade crochet and made with Love..


The sweaters are very soft and light weight that you don’t even know it’s on.


Here’s what the back looks like on this one. ..


They also comes in almost any color you want. ..Just ask. ..


Here’s a better view how it fits me. I think this one is one of my favorite! Purr.


These can be ordered through Caleigha email I’ll have here email address at the end of this review for you. The sweaters prices are $20


Here’s is just some of the colors that she has made.


Wait…. Don’t stop reading now there’s more to show you.  Here’s a Baby Cocoon that she can also make in variety of colors. Pricing  $25


Also s cute baby hats and mittens.  Ahaa…they are so cute. Pricing $12


Can you believe it?  There’s more. . She is so talented that she can make headbands too.. they go for  kitty blanket that she made me and I Love it!  Price  $20


Here’s a cat blanket she made me but don’t even think about taking mine. Get your own blanket she can make all sizes even for your mom and dad. Price for a big blanket $125..


I think I just covered most of everything she makes but you can ask her if you need something special maybe she can make it for you like these leg warmers she made for mom. Aren’t they fabulous?


If you would like to contact Caleigha Starchild to order your kitty sweater or maybe a blanket here is her info …All orders you pay shipping. ..

Email.  –
Facebook – yarn baby

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Thank you for stopping by and hope to see you again! By the way it’s for DOGS too. ….
Love Angel’s Eyes


Charity Mews: Cats Protection Looking for the “Black Cat Superstar”


Hi everyone,

Oliver and Nubia fully approve of Cats Protection’s National Black Cat Day! So please find below more details about their special day and hunt for a Black Cat Superstar. Go ahead and submit your black cat photos via their Facebook page here. :D

We entered Nubia with her super cute tunnel photos so wish us luck!. :)


Cats Protection’s annual celebration of black and black-and-white cats is back on Tuesday 27 October 2015.

Now in its fifth year, National Black Cat Day aims to encourage cat lovers to adopt their own special monochrome moggy from their local Cats Protection branch.

For reasons not quite known, black and black-and-white cats are the least popular when it comes to rehoming, and take 13 per cent longer to adopt than their more colourful counterparts.

In 2014, black and black-and-white cats accounted for almost half of all cats taken in by the charity and spent on average 52 days in care, compared to, for example, the 33-day average of silver tabbies.

Recent research conducted by the charity shows that the myth that black cats are unlucky seems to be taking hold with the younger generation who perhaps are being influenced by American attitudes.

While percentages of people aged 35 and over who said they think black cats are unlucky are minimal (two to four per cent depending on the age bracket), a notable 22 per cent of research participants aged 18 to 34 stated that they see black cats as unlucky.¹

Renowned fashion designer Elizabeth Emanuel has three black-and-white rescue cats of her own (along with ginger cat Jerry), and she can’t understand why there seems to be an issue around black and black-and-white cats because she wouldn’t be without Newby, Google and Pebbles.

Elizabeth and Newby

“First of all I would always advise people to adopt a rescue cat, because they’re the most in need of a loving forever home,“ says Elizabeth, “But apart from that, why should colour matter? I don’t understand why some people have a reluctance to give black and black-and-white cats a home, because all cats become part of the family, and they have different personalities no matter how they look or what colour they are.”

In the run up to the day, Cats Protection is searching for a National Black Cat Day Champion – a wonderful black or black-and-white rescue cat who can show the world just how wonderful monochrome moggies really are. If you think your cat fits the bill, you can get involved on Cats Protection’s national Facebook page at Once the winner has been selected by the public from the rescued cats’ photos and stories, the Champion will get their own photo shoot and will be the poster puss for future appeals.

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We shall be back to feature the winner!



Tips & Advice: Long Hair Cats


Hi everyone,

Please find below some useful tips in form of a Guest Post by Cassidy on the topic of cats with long hair:

Tips for Long Hair Owners

Hey everyone! My name is Cassidy and today I wanted to share some ideas and tips for keeping your cat’s fur soft and silky and keeping long hair maintenance simple. I am the owner of two wonderful long hair cats. Ash is a snowshoe ragdoll mix and Princess is a mystery calico (mystery=I really don’t know), and they are both best friends. I will explain some things that keep them comfortable and keep the house clean as well.



  • Princess used to have deep matting in her fur. We tried many things such as de- matting hooks, brushes, and trying to cut them out but they were too deep. You could tell she wasn’t comfortable with her fur. She was living in a room with her mom and we ended up having to move the mamma cat to another room because she didn’t get along with our new kitten. Once it was just Ash (the kitten) and Princess alone in the room, she was noticeably less stressed for some reason. She started grooming herself more frequently and even being more social with us.


The most surprising part was when Ash and Princess would play together, he would chew on her matting to loosen them. My point here is that if you’ve tried everything to stop your cat’s fur from matting and have noticed a lack of hygiene; make sure they are happy in their surroundings. It could be stress that is harming  your cat’s fur.



  • To keep their fur soft and knot free, I brush them whenever I have a chance or at least a few times a week. It’s a very simple tip but it is very necessary and will even reduce shedding. Say yay for no lint rollers!
  • Let’s be honest, sometimes your long hair may have a little trouble trying to use the restroom with all of that fluff. I suggest trimming the hind legs so that nothing sticks to your kitty when they use the bathroom. When things do stick, I like to use cat wipes to help clean up. Ash has this problem very frequently and I regular have to clean him up after he uses the litter. Oh the things we do for our cats…
  • For when you need to bathe your fluffy. Some owners are able to successfully train their cat from kitten hood to enjoy baths. If your cat will tolerate a bath more power to you, just make sure the products you use are safe for your cat’s fur and hypoallergenic. When you are finished it is very important to keep your kitty warm until fully dry. Cat burrito time!

Otherwise, here I go again with the cat wipes. I love cat wipes because they really are great for when your kitty has a little bit of odor going on. My cats actually like being wiped down with them, it’s like a grooming vacation for them. If I wipe them down when they are a little smelly, it will take the smell away for a pretty long time so it doesn’t have to be done frequently.


  • If your cat’s coat is lacking luster, a diet change could help rejuvenate its coat.  Adding fish oil to your cat food is an easy way to give your cat extra nutrition for producing beautiful fur.
  • Over bathing can make your cat’s fur feel rough and brittle. Cats produce natural oils to protect their coats and over bathing can strip those oils away leaving a dull look to its fur.
  • Trying a high quality and grain free diet can help your cats coat and just about everything else too, such as energy level and metabolism.


Thank you for reading this blog and I hope that some of the tips were helpful. I am not a professional but I have had cats since I was very little and these tips have helped me in the past with many different cats.

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Worldwide Giveaway: Posh Graffiti – Cat ornament by Emily Readett-Bayley


Hi everyone,

Today we have once again teamed up with Emily Readett-Bayley to bring you this cool giveaway for one of her cat ornaments. :)

In today’s giveaway one lucky reader will receive one of her natural wooden Cats such as seen here.


Hand carved from light weight Albizia wood, also known as Peacocks Plume, one of the fastest growing trees on earth. This wood is almost velvety to touch and easily shaped by hand with a knife. There may be some variation in the colour of the wood as we leave it completely natural with no artificial finishes and the wood easily absorbs moisture.


Giveaway Details:

ONE lucky reader located anywhere on this planet. (Sorry extraterrestrials!) Will receive a gold painted version of the above ornament – in fact same as our feature image for this post. :)

Just pop your email address into our giveaway tool by clicking here and gain chances to win by doing any of the following (you can complete as many as you like to increase your chances of winning):

1. For Tweeting about the event through the GiveawayTool – 4 Chances
2. Sign up for our newsletter via mail chimp for extra chances. (Bonus chances even if you don’t use Social Media!!!) – 5 Chances
3. Follow us or POSH Grafitti on Twitter – 2 Chances
4. Follow us or POSH Grafitt on Pinterest – 1 Chance
5. Follow us on Bloglovin – 2 Chances
6. Make a comment stating you would like to enter (for those that don’t use social media) – 2 Chances

Entries are accepted until the end of the day (UK time) on the 20th of October.

Meanwhile if you’d like to purchase any of the cat (or other) ornaments head over to her website here.

About POSH Graffiti:


Emily has always taken care to source sustainable materials and for many years has pioneered the concept of stylish design with an eco and ethical policy.

The POSH Graffiti collection has been made by the same village rice farming community in Bali for 15 years. Farmers use this important secondary business to sustain their agriculture.We use wood from fast growing albizia trees grown by the local famers and we do not use toxic MDF. Each piece is unique and we have always emphasised quality over quantity resisting the lure of mass production in China.

In 2012 Emily was invited to become a partner on The Katingan Project an important climate change and sustainable forest management project in Indonesian Borneo. Our role is to develop rattan and furniture workshops in the project area to utilize resources such as wasted logs salvaged from river beds and wild rattan grown in the forest to provide livelihood opportunities for the local Dayak population. The POSH Salvage  rattan baskets are the start of this partnership and the first container of rattan ever shipped direct from the Borneo jungle without going via a factory in Java or China arrived in the UK in late 2013.

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