Oliver & Nubia: The sky’s the Limit!


Hi everyone,

It’s me Nubia again and as promised earlier I am back observing my brother as he is trying to get on top of our new cat scratcher!


Nubia: Come on Oli hurry up and get up there!

Oliver: Why don’t you try if you know everything better…


Oliver: Maybe I can get up here?

Nubia: I am not convinced…


Oliver: Look!!!! I am getting up!

Oliver *falls off with a noise*

Nubia: Ooops I guess I’ll have to wait a bit for my treats…


Oliver: Lets try it on this side…

Nubia: I’ll wait here… Tell me when you are up.


Oliver: Or maybe here?


Oliver: Yes this looks good… Time to climb!


Oliver: *Huff Huff* I am getting there!

Nubia: Watch your step!


Oliver: Almost…

Nubia: Why do I have the feeling I SHOULD move…


Oliver: Just a little bit more…


Oliver: I can smell the snacks!!! So close!!!!


Oliver: Got them! Just in time! I couldn’t have held on any longer.



Oliver: Ooops too late…


Nubia: I knew I should have moved. :(

Oliver: Sorry sister… Oh and I seem to have forgotten your snack up there!

Nubia: Argh!!!! Go back up NOW!

Oliver: Maybe later. :o Meanwhile why not check our morning post for the review of this fantastic scratch post?

Disclaimer: If there are any kittens readin this please only repeat this under supervision of a responsible cat! ;)

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Signed by


His Meowjesty King Oliver the Maker of Mischief



Her Meowjesty Queen Nubzilla the Disturber of Peace

Oliver & Nubia: The Charley and Billie Cat Scratcher


Hi everyone,

It’s Nubia here! Today we would like to show you this great Cat Scratcher from Charley and Billie!


Nubia: As you can see the first thing my brother thought was “How do I get up there”

Oliver: What’s wrong with that???

Nubia: Nothing! Just saying. ;)


Oliver: But I want to get up there! :O

Nubia: Let me show you how it’s done silly brother!


Nubia: Stretch upwards!


Nubia: Pick a good location and start SCRATCHING. :D


Nubia: Now swap to the other side!


Nubia: Focus ALL of your energy in one singly paw strike!!!

Oliver: You are only saying that because you can’t use two!

Nubia: Meany! Of course not! It’s just much more effective. :p


Oliver: OMG!!!! Look there are treats up there!!! How am I going to get to them!

Nubia: Will Oliver die of starvation? Will he throw me up there to get them for him? All shall be revealed tonight haha! For now let’s pass over to the hoomin to tell you more about the review.

Product Review:
Thanks Nubia! Right let’s take a look at The Scratcher from Charley and Billie. This fantastic scratch post is available in various sizes and for this particular review we used the tall version. We thought this is especially cool as it doesn’t look like it’s a scratch post! It looks more like a contemporary piece of art that fits well as a centerpiece in your living room.

The way it works is that the cardboard gets compressed by screwing the wooden nut on top in place and pushing down on the cardboard. As you can twist and move the cardboard to your liking you are able to create unique looking alterations of the original design. Such shown on their website – see the example below.

Of course more importantly the scratcher has also been designed with the natural behavior of cats in mind! What many people don’t realise is that they LOVE stretching themselves out as long as they can before starting to scratch on objects. This is where many of the box standard scratching pads fail in their design and Charlie and Billie lead the field by offering a “cat ergonomic” design!

As mentioned previously for this particular review we got the tall cat scratcher:

This is the full size of the tall one with Charley!

This is the full size of the tall one with Charley!


Our Overall verdict?:
We love it! This has been one of the most fabulous cat scratchers we have tried with our cats and not just because of it’s stylish design that fit right in with our wooden furniture. To date we have never seen Nubia stretch out to her full length while using scratch pads with her missing arm it is often a bit of a struggle for her to get proper use out of the pads we buy for the two. This scratcher has resolve that issue as she can safely lean against the stable scratch post before digging right in!

While the price tag may appear high on this item we would like to point out that these are hand crafted in the UK using ethically sourced stone and sustainable timber.

Also the replacement packs of cardboard are priced very well at £15 for the original and £25 for the tall version in comparison to many of the single use cardboard scratchers we all buy for our little ones. Replacing old used cardboard sleeves is very easy and is explained on the refill pack pages.

Where to get it:
You’d like to get one for your cats? Head right over to their online shop! Prices start at £95 for the classic version and they can be delivered worldwide.

And don’t forget later today we shall reveal if Oliver managed to get up or not haha!

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About Charley and Billie:

The story of Charley and Billie began in 2013 with the arrival of their two British shorthair cats, Charley (blue) and Billie (chocolate)!  Donna struggled to find a high quality and functional cat scratcher which would compliment the traditional and contemporary surroundings of her home.  Therefore, She had the idea to design and make her own.  A cardboard cat scratcher was chosen because of the cat’s natural magnetism for this material (Dougherty, 2014).  Shortly after designing the first prototype cat scratcher, the Leather-eared Mouse cat toy followed as a means of using up left-over cardboard and so – along with the leather – utilising upcycled materials.

As a result of the comments and encouragement received from family and friends, in 2014 She opened an Etsy shop to offer for sale theCharley and Billie Original Cat Scratcher and the Leather-eared Mouse cat toy.

Purrsday Poetry: Cats by Eleanor Farjeon

Hi everyone,

Today’s Purrsday Poetry post comes from Eleanor Farjeon.


Cats sleep, anywhere,
Any table, any chair
Top of piano, window-ledge,
In the middle, on the edge,
Open drawer, empty shoe,
Anybody’s lap will do,
Fitted in a cardboard box,
In the cupboard, with your frocks-
Anywhere! They don’t care!
Cats sleep anywhere.

~ Eleanor Farjeon


To visit the author’s Blog please click here.

If you are an author or aspiring author of cat poetry why not send them in to us? :D

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P.L.A.Y. Pet bed Review staring Angel’s Eyes

Hello my friends,

Thank you for stopping by to see my new Moroccan Lounge Pet Bed by P.L.A.Y.(Pet Lifestyle And You). Its made of 100% cotton, stuffed with eco-friendly filler made from recycle plastic bottles and the bonus is they are washable and dryer friendly. They come in a variety of colors too.

play bed

This bed comes with a pillow that you can have in the bed or take it out depending on your pet what he or she likes. You can also pick the color to match your home décor and pick the size bed you will need because it’s not just for cats they are for dogs too.

pillow out

Here’s a example me sleeping in my bed with the pillow out. I really love my bed it is very soft and it has a lot of fluff.. Purrr…


If you would like my bed you can go visit there website to get yours lounge bed, but while you are looking they have a lot of others things too for your four legged friend. Just follow the link below.

Website — http://www.petplay.comhttp://www.petplay.com/
Facebook — P.l.A.Y – https://www.facebook.com/PetLifestyleAndYou
Twitter — @petplaysf – https://twitter.com/petplaysf
Instagram — https://instagram.com/petplaysf/


Thank you for stopping by and don’t forget to let me know what you think about my new bed by leaving me a comment. You can see more of Angel every Thursday on Katzenworld blog or Angel’s Eyes- Persian – https://www.facebook.com/AngelsEyesPersian?fref=ts

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Guest Post: How to Make a Kitty Your Skipper


Hi everyone,

Today’s guest post comes from one of our regular contributors Roxana Oliver.

There you are all ready and excited about your sailing trip. But, you have that feeling that something or someone is missing. The purring sound and the touch of fur on your legs make you remember that Mr. Whiskers is in the equation, as well. You have two choices: leaving your pet with somebody else or taking your cat with you on the boat trip. It seems like Mr. Whiskers is about to become Mr. Skipper. It’s been done and it succeeded, but it needs some serious preparation.


Flickr – Jess R.

Putting a cat on a floating thing in the middle of a deep sea is a brave thing to do. It sounds worse than it really is. First thing is, you need to have a trusting relationship with your cat. Also, you need to ensure the safety of your pet. Besides, cats that live indoors will enjoy your sailing trip far more than those who spend their time outside.

Everybody who knows cats realizes that there are many hidden spots on the boat where your feline friend can hide. If you opt to hire a shipwright to build you a custom boat, or refurbish your old one, you can tell him to count your kitty’s space in the design, providing him with his own small fun cabin or something similar. When you are home, hiding in darks spots is a fun thing. But, when you are on a boat, you may want to think about safety. You have to know where your cat is at all times. A collar with a small bell can be of great help. Also, there are pet safety vests that your cat needs to wear at all times. Felines are sensitive to the sun. Cat’s ears and nose can easily get sunburnt, so you have to protect them.


Flickr – Apionid

Just because you are on the boat, don’t think that Mr. Whiskers is about to give up on his favorite habit of running around your feet. This will happen while you are working the ropes, cleaning the boat or fishing. If you are doing something that risky or when you are in the place of strong winds and currents, make sure that your kitty is safe below the deck. If they accidentally go overboard, all the chances are that it may not end up well.

If you fish, make sure that your cat doesn’t eat it raw. Their instincts will tell them to bite the fish and play with it, but there are bacteria inside raw fish that can be deadly for cats.

Before you sail away, you will need to do a thorough boat cleaning, cat food stacking and find a good place for the litter box. Sand will not be as useful as it is on the land. But, a mat made of fake grass will do the trick. It is easy to wash them overboard and leave them to dry. As for the food and water, make sure that you have the favorite brand for your cat. There is a risk that the brand won’t be available at all ports.


Flickr – Don Sampson

Another important thing is that you have all the medicine, shampoo, toys and brushes that you need for your kitty to be healthy and entertained. Soon enough, you will be aware if your cat enjoys the trip or not. If it hides from you at all times and won’t eat or play, it is best that you find it a place to stay and take it back home. Everything else is a torture of a terrified kitty. If they don’t seem to mind living on the boat, you are in luck. You will have the best skipper in the world.

This article was brought to you by Roxana Oliver, we hope you are looking forward to more of her guest posts in the future! :)

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Guest Post: Is Your Cat Flat?


You probably think that is a typo in the title, but it isn’t. Flat cats are having a great time traveling the world this summer. I first saw some flat cats in photos from Blog Paws 2015 which was held in Nashville, Tennessee. Anyone with a cat knows that most cats don’t travel well. A short trip to the vet is usually torture for kitty and many sing the song of their people all the way there.

Blog Paws is a convention of pet bloggers, many people bring their pets with them. Most of these are dogs along with some cats, rats, goats, etc. Several cat parents made “flat” versions of their cats so they could attend as well with being stressed. There is actually a company called pancake pets that makes pet flats out of a durable material. At $50 a pet plus shipping, it is a little pricey for most so many make their own by gluing a photo onto cardboard and coating it with contact paper.


After seeing these flat pets, The Cat Scouts got the idea to travel like that. Scouts will earn a badge for traveling and the scout with the most miles will win a prize. You are probably wondering about Cat Scouts too. It is a fun group of cat lovers that help their kitties earn badges for all sorts of things like the traveling, identifying flowers, etc. They also do service projects where they send cards to the sick and elderly- nothing brings a smile to someone’s face like a photo and card of a cat.

If you want to flatten your cat and join in the fun, you are more than welcome. First join Cat Scouts, any cat can join, they don’t need to be involved with a blog or social media: http://www.catscouts.com/ . Once signed up, cats can join different groups and one of them is Flat Scouts. There are directions on there to make one.

Sammy has been all over the U.S. so far and will be heading to Canada soon. Here he is with a bunch of other “flats” visiting Sammy of One Spoiled Cat ( https://onespoiledcat.wordpress.com/ )


His friend Charles ( https://www.facebook.com/CatScoutCharles?fref=photo ) took him to the park:


and they got to relax and chat:

Chatting Charles

His friend Maggie even shared her basket with him:


Sammy learned a lot from Maggie’s Mom who runs The Museum of Maritime Pets : http://www.museumofmaritimepets.org/home.html

Some people may think we are crazy, but I think it is a fun way to befriend other cat lovers and learn about other parts of the country and world. We are also doing our best to keep the US Postal Service in business.

Thanks for reading,

Ellen from 15andmeowing.com

Happy #TRT – Tummy Rub Tuesday (Week 57)


Hello everyone,

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Please find below the photos for this week:


Meet Harley! He sure likes to pose and his mum’s blog can be found over at The Secret Diary of a Computer Science Student


Meet Tammy! His mum is the author behind the book Tigger: Memoirs of a Cosmopolitan Cat


This cute one was sent in from a friend in Japan via Twitter. You can meet MidoRi here.

Shrimp is back for another fun TRT post! Meet her over at hairballexpress.


Meet Pickles from FOZZIE.M Life in Rural Australia


Meet Lily. One of our Twitter friends Grace Daisy Rosie submitted her. :)

This cute one joins us from Anibundel: Pop Culturess

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Mews: You Need More Sleep – Advice From Cats


Hi everyone,

Today we having a look at the latest book by Francesco Marciuliano!

The book in question? It is:

you need more sleep

We were lucky enough to get a copy before the release date to tell you all more about it! The US release day is the 1st of September and the UK release date the 15th of September.

Not just is the book filled with cute kitty photos but also the tips and advice the cats are giving are just absolutely hilarious! If you ever wondered how your feline companions can be so worry free and sleep for 80% of the day look no further as this book will provide you with life saving suggestions from the masters of worry-free life. :D


Overall verdict:
A hilarious book full with funny suggestions that I certainly could see coming from Oliver & Nubia in exactly the way the author pictured them to be! While the advice will make you laugh the pictures will make you go awww so it’s the purrfect (excuse the pun) book to cheer you up after a long day at work.

The book is available through most major book shops as well as the usual Amazon option! Here a link to the UK amazon listing.

Please find below additional information by the publisher. :)

About the book

Our feline friends have spent eons observing, napping, pondering, napping, and taking notes about the human condition. In between naps, they’ve realized that we humans could use some catlike guidance when it comes to handling the ups and downs of life. In this book they’ve condescended to share their invaluable wisdom in short advice columns such as “Always Stay at Least 30 Feet from a Loved One” and “Never Let Anyone Dress You.” Whether it’s coping with romance, surviving a social gathering, or clawing your way to the top of the corporate ladder only to realize you can’t get down, the cats in this book will have you relaxed and ready to take on the world! Just after one more nap.

About The Author

Francesco Marciuliano is the author of the bestselling I Could Pee on This, I Could Chew on This, and I Knead My Mommy, as well as Sally Forth, an internationally syndicated family comic strip that appears in nearly 800 newspapers around the world. He lives in New York City. On the internet he can be found on Twitter at @fmarciuliano.

Francesco Marciuliano is the author of the bestselling I Could Pee on This, I Could Chew on This, and I Knead My Mommy, as well as Sally Forth, an internationally syndicated family comic strip that appears in nearly 800 newspapers around the world. He lives in New York City.


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Cat Travel: Maison de Moggy – Pauline the Maine Coon

Hi everyone,

Todays post is dedicated to Pauline the Maine Coon girl that we met in Maison de Moggy. Fun fact she is a polydactyl so if you get to meet her will notice that she has a thumb more than your average cat. :D

Missed our initial post? This can be found here.

Not yet fully grown she already equals the size of this Anticol Cat tunnel which we happen to have at home too LOL. This really made me think of how small Oli and Nubia are in comparison haha

Having a good scratch. :D Just adorable

Looking for a mouse? Or has someone else gone in her tunnel? :o

It was good to see that they had water fountains so that all of their cats always have access to fresh water. :)

The window sill seemed to be one of her favourites not just to watch cars and people pass by…

… but also to just generally look adorable and invite guests to tickle her tummy. :D

She reminded me a lot of Nubia’s famous upside down cat fish impressions hehe.

I hope you enjoyed todays post and are looking forward to finding out more about the other cats that live at Maison de Moggy. :D

To find out more about Maison de Moggy visit their website or Facebook page. Already made up your mind? You can book a slot here!

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#Infographic: “People” Food your Cat CAN eat

good food feature image

Hi everyone,

Today we would like to share this invaluable infographic on which human food your cat is ALLOWED to eat!

This is once again an infographic kindly sourced by Jeanne – Don’t forget to check out her Blog at the bottom of this post. :)

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We hope you enjoyed this infographic! The original can be found here.