Mews: An unbearably cute donation

Donald and the teddies1

Hi everyone,

We got this amazing cute photo story from our friends over at Cats Protection and just had to share it with you!!!

Over 300 teddies donated by a cat lover to the UK’s leading feline welfare charity, Cats Protection, will be sold to raise funds to help unwanted kitties across the UK. Pictures show curious cat, Donald, investigating the pile of stuffed toys.
 Donald and the teddies2

Donald and the teddies3

So who is up to beat this collection of Teddies? :D

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Angel’s Eyes: My Petbox

pet rev 2

Angel’s Eyes: My PetboxAngel’s Eyes: My PetboxI can’t believe it! I received this Petbox in the mail today all the way from San Diego, California. It came for me so I can tell all my friends about this fabulous company and what they do. Well not just me, they can make these boxes for other cats and even dogs!

about petbox

Petbox provides premium products to the most discerning pet owners on a monthly basis. With an emphasis on pet health, the company’s experts curate a collection of all-natural products for cats and dogs. You can pack your own customized box, or allow the Petbox team to surprise you with a diverse selection of products. Delivered to your doorstep, your Petbox will contain up to six items, ranging from treats and even accessories for humans.


I’m so excited about the mailman bringing this Petbox because look at all these toys and treats. In my box there was a door hanger scratcher with feathers and a webble wobble catnip egg. I love these kind of toys! Purr….

im all in!

I can’t help myself I just have to get in this box and see what else is in here!! Purrr……  What? There is cat foot too! I’m in heaven…. Purr…..

can't help myself

I really can’t control myself!!! Oh my gosh,, Catnip and toys too!!!! Purr,,,,,


Catnip toy too….. I want the mailman to bring this to my door every month!

cat box

I would recommend this for anyone who is an animal lover. Your purchase helps feed animals who also need help. You can get Petbox by going to to order you subscription, but you can also call them and they will have someone on the phone to help you.

Contact Petbox :
11855 Sorrento Valley Road
Suite 521
San Diego, Ca. 92121
Pinterest :

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The Purrfect box 5th and final spring winner announced


Hello everyone,

We would like to congratulate our final winner of the Spring giveaway for the Purrfectbox giveaway: speedyrabbit!

Speedy entered for his cousin Guinevere an 8 year old british blue!

Please congratulate her and we will let the Purrfect box team know to get this out to you asap!

Speedy please send us some photos when her box arrives! :D

Meanwhile we have a few cute photos kindly sent in by one of the other winners Cathy for her little gang :D


This screams: This is mine!!! :D


I wonder what they claimed as their favourite.

2015-03-21 21.33.35

As always catvestigating haha! :)

While there are no further giveaways from Purrfect box for the time being you can of course purchase one for your family here.

There are plenty of other giveaways and competitions in progress at the moment though which you can find here.



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Guest Post: Saying Good-Bye and Saying Hello…

Should I get another cat or dog FOR KATZENWORLD_html_m7221c275-1


When is the right time to get another cat after pet loss?

By BJ Burman

Poet Alfred Lord Tennyson said: ‘Tis better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all. And I have to say I agree with him. It is devastating to lose the cat we love, as many of us know first hand. And if you haven’t yet lost a beloved furbaby, inevitably you will.

But despite this loss, our heart still loves them, sometimes all the more. The human heart has such a great capacity for love. As much as we love our babies who have gone over the bridge, our hearts often start to yearn for another furbaby to share this life with. And without a doubt, loving another furbaby really does help to heal a broken heart.
 Should I get another cat or dog FOR KATZENWORLD_html_4bdb9277-1

So, the question is going to come up sooner or later—When should I get another cat? If you are an avid cat-lover (like me), you’ll find it hard to live without at least one cat or dog in your home. But when is the ‘right’ time to do this?

Well, there is no ‘right’ time, really. The right time is when you decide it is. But as I mentioned earlier, you may want to give it at least a few weeks. Most importantly, you want to make sure that you are emotionally ready to give your new cat all your love, and likewise for your remaining pets.

Should I get another cat or dog FOR KATZENWORLD_html_17a48d54-1

With this in mind, here are some points for you to consider:

  • Don’t rush
  • Older cats often don’t like changes (although my ‘oldies’ have been fine with this in the past). For some, adjusting to a new pet may be stressful. You know your pet best. You will know whether to introduce someone new, or not.
  • If you choose not to bring a new pet into the home, your cat will eventually adjust to being alone, if he’s old. He may even thrive.
  • A younger cat may need a companion, and so might you.

My Siamese mom cat was 19 when she died. Her daughter Princess got very sad. She started howling at my teddy bears, spraying outside. We got her a tabby kitten. She breathed new life into her and within a month they were curled up together. But the kitten needed a playmate so we got a second kitten three months later, a Siamese. Princess lived another 5 years to the grand dame age of 22 ½. The two Siamese often curled up together. The three got along so well, they made Princess’s last years so good and less lonely. We did wait 10 months before we got the first kitten, then another 3 for the second. Princess had a great life. (Annette)

Should I get another cat or dog FOR KATZENWORLD_html_m7221c275-1

  • Let your cat help select a new pet. Perhaps foster a new cat or kitten and see how they get along. If they do get along, then you can make the arrangement permanent.
  • Think about whether you are ready for the work of having another cat? Can you give him what he needs?
  • Remember, getting a new pet won’t stop the grieving, but it can really help the healing.

My Sugar and Muffin are a month apart. Sugar was a very loving and loyal companion. He and Muffin played together, ate together and slept together with me. Sugar would lie up by my head and Muffin would curl up next to him. Sugar died suddenly in my arms one day. Muffin would look for him and her grief was devastating. She became very clingy and needy, having me as a replacement for Muffin since his death. But it wasn’t the same; she missed Sugar so much. After about 6 months I adopted a cat that was all white except for a gray spot on her head—Sugar was white except for a black mark on his ear. I called her Angel. Muffin became attached almost immediately but not as much as she was with Sugar, but Angel did help her through her grief in losing her companion. Each day they get closer and closer and I am glad she has a new companion. Angel also has helped me through my grief of losing Sugar. Cats do grieve as much as humans when they lose someone close to them, and they never forget either. (Claire)

  • If you know your pet is going to die, you might consider introducing a new cat before this so that the remaining pet has another familiar companion when the other pet dies.

I have 1-year-old siblings, indoor cats Lucy and Linus. When Linus (the adventurer) sneaks outside, Lucy goes nuts—following me, crying and making a racket until I realize she’s missing her brother. She calms down as soon as I get him back into the house. I hate to think of the day one of them dies! (Sue)

  • When introducing a new kitten, you might have to set their food, toys, litter box etc. up in a separate room, and introduce them to your old pet in your presence until you’re comfortable they’ll get along.
  • Consider a new pet of the opposite sex; it may reduce same-sex conflict.Should I get another cat or dog FOR KATZENWORLD_html_48d0e921-1
  • If you have an older cat, an energetic young kitten may be an annoyance rather than a friend, so keep an eye on this.

No question they notice an absence and it disturbs them. My elder cat died in June. He and the younger one were not best buds, although that was because he only tolerated her. She loved him. After he died she would howl and look for him. And, yes, she also got lethargic. Since she’s only 7 (he was 14—died of heart failure) I didn’t want her to slip into lassitude for the rest of her life. We adopted another 7 year old cat, an easy-going boy. He’s distracted her and kept her occupied as she adjusts to a new cat in the house and the loss of her old friend. She’s not entirely won over, but it’s only been a month and he’s gently persistent. Still, whenever she’s let outside for a supervised prowl through the yard she always heads straight to where her late buddy is buried. (Maggie)

  • If you decide on another kitten, consider a rescue cat—not only will they help you and your furbaby with your grief, but you are also saving a life, which is double the blessing.

My 18-year-old brother and sister cats (Jasper and Jitterbug) were together in my life since they were 9 weeks old. This past November, Jitterbug had a stroke, lived a few more days, and then passed. Jasper was inconsolable. Wandered around with a mournful yowl off and on all day. He’d wake up several times in the night with this mournful sound. Finally, in January, I rescued a 13-year-old cat (about to be euthanized by its owner) and brought her home. Jasper started to settle down. He likes his new friend. They eat side by side, sleep on the bed together, but are not as close as Jasper was to his sister. However, we are all happy with the arrangement. (Denise)

When adopting from a shelter, you will need to visit and meet the cats in person. Spend some time with the cats—don’t rush it. And possibly the most valuable advice of all, if you can’t decide, then let your cat choose you—you won’t be able to say NO when she does.

Should I get another cat or dog FOR KATZENWORLD_html_m529755d1-1

Here’s to another happy adventure!

Best wishes,

BJ Burman 

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Happy #TRT – Tummy Rub Tuesday (Week 34)

Blaze from Cats a the Bar

Hello everyone,

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Please find below the photos for everyone who entered this week:

Another cute entry of Ember from Mercurial Forte! :)

Meet Carmen and Little Bit from In My Mind’s Eye

Someone wants to be left alone, will you dare to tickle the belly? Entry from My Journey with MS.

And Sonu Singh demanding some bed time cuddles. Don’t forget to visit him here.

Samba may not be exposing his belly but he has come to welcome Spring! Visit him at Chasing Life  and Finding Dreams.

Meet Wolfgang from Creme de Lauren.

Blaze from Cats a the Bar

Meet Blaze from Cats at the Bar!

And here is a tribute to Ray from Learning to Paint.

And here is Clem from Two on a Rant.

Sylvester is back for another round of amazing tummies! Check out his Blog here.

And in case you missed last week’s post click here to see the full list!

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And to make it fair your cat photos don’t have to be a tummy shot we do understand that not all cats like showing off their belly! So any fun photo story will be fine but tummy ones will be even better :D

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International Giveaway: Tails of a Country Garden by Phil Janes


Hi everyone,

Following on from our Review of Tails of a Country Garden by Phil Janes we have some great news for you! We are now hosting an awesome giveaway for TWO copies of his book. So Two lucky readers will have the chance to win a one of the below books each. :)

Tails_of_a_Country_Garden tabby.fw

Just pop your email address into our giveaway tool by clicking here and gain chances to win by doing any of the following (you can complete as many as you like to increase your chances of winning):

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6. Make a comment stating you would like to enter and your email address on this post (for those that don’t use social media) – 2 Chances

We will randomly choose ONE winner based in the UK and ONE winner from outside the UK! So yes all of you not in the UK have a chance at winning too! :D

More about the author:
Blog Me

Phil Janes lives in Croydon, South London with his wife and two cats Samwise and Rosie. He works as a business management consultant and for the past seven years has written a regular column for Expatriate Lifestyle magazine in Malaysia. His previous titles include The Galaxy Game (1992 by Millennium), Fission Impossible (1993 Millennium) and I, Arnold (1995 by Millennium). 

Best of luck to you all from



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Mews: Meow Parlour, NYC’s First Cat Cafe

New York Cat Cafe

My husband and I recently had the pleasure of visiting  Meow Parlour, NYC’s first ( and so far only) cat cafe. Cat   have been around in Japan since the 1990’s but are finally catching on in other parts of the World including the USA and Canada.

We live 3 and a half hours from NYC so I just had to get there to check this out. They are connected with the Kitty Kind shelter and all the cats are adoptable. Since it opened in December of 2014, several cats have been adopted and only 2 of the original cats remain. You need to reserve your spot online a couple months ahead of your visit. The cost is $4per half hour per person. Once you are there though, you can stay longer and pay the difference at the end of your stay.


If you want coffee and pastry, you need to walk down the street and around the corner to the bakery section. NY food laws don’t allow food preparation near animals, but you can bring it in with you. The coffee and bakery were nothing special and a little pricey, but they did have cat shaped cookies.


Before you enter the cat area, you will be asked to remove your shoes ( so be sure to wear socks :) ). They also have you wipe your hands with antibacterial gel. After that you are free to grab some toys and interact with the kitties. We went at 3 PM so most were napping.


There were some awake though that wanted attention:


I wanted to adopt this cutie, Franklin.

Meow Parlour is open from noon-8 PM daily except Wednesdays when they are closed. They are located at 46 Hester St., NYC . To reserve a spot, use this link:

Thanks Ellen

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Oliver & Nubia: Scratch tree Exploration!


Hello everyone,

You may remember our previous review of the Mool Deluxe Cat Activity Scratch tree here. Well today the cats are properly exploring it. :D

I think they are liking it. :) But let us see what they have to say!


Nubia: Oh my! Many platforms! So tall… this is perfect. :)


Nubia: *Sniff sniff* It is a mousey!!!! :D


Nubia: Right this shall be my space!


Oliver: Nope! I want it. :o


Oliver: Woohoooo it is a mouse to play with. :D


Oliver: Come here little pesky thingy…


Oliver: Gosh a lot of climbing on this one… :D


Oliver: Ugh… ALMOST… Just a little stretch o.o


Nubia: Fine. While you are up there I will sleep in here. <3


Nubia: My kingdom!

Oliver: You wish…


Oliver: This is going to be my new favourite comfy place.


Oliver: Hi humans! :) Welcome to my kingdom.

Fancy getting one of these for your cats? Check out this review!



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Contest: Caption this by Kool Kitty Week 7 Winner announced


Hi everyone,

Our friends over at Kool Kitty Toys have just announced the winner for the week 7 caption contest that we posted about previously.

The Winner of last week is Keith P from D.C.! :) Kool Kitty toys will be sending him these AWESOME Kool Kitty Toys items:

* 2 Kool Kitty Toys Stylus Pens
* 1 Kool Kitty Toys Magnet
* 1 Framed Autographed Copy of the Winning Caption
* 1 Kool Kitty Toys Shirt with Winning Caption Image / Picture

Please congratulate the winner. And don’t forget if you haven’t yet, do enter the week 8 contest you can enter here by the end of today. So be quick and get these captions in!! ;)


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Guest star: TeeNee


Hi everyone,

Today’s guest post introduces TeeNee to you! Another kitten that was in need of support and luckily was taken in by Quirky and his family!

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TeeNee was left in front of the door to the Gallup Animal Shelter with his sister.  They were only 3 weeks old.  They were fostered for 4 days by another person who asked us if we would foster while they took a trip for a week.  We reluctantly  said yes, knowing we probably would not be able to part with them after caring for them.  The day they were to bring us the kittens, one had died.


We took the kitten and immediately put it on a heating pad to get it warm.  It was starving, sick, and skin and bones.  We fed it warm kitten milk right away and put out a tiny cat litter box, which it quickly used.  This tiny little kitten seemed determined to live, and thinking it was a girl, we named it Tenacity, and called it Tena for short.  Later on when we realized it was a boy kitty, we called him TeeNee.
When we tried to feed him he frantically clawed and chewed at the bottle’s nipple…he was so hungry that he couldn’t just suck on it, he chewed at it until he got some kitten milk in his tummy, and all over his face and chest.  We also fed him some warm canned cat food with milk mixed in it.  We gave him this with a spoon.  After this event, he needed a bath every day for a week until he realized he could calm down and that he was going to get food.  Every three hours we got up to feed and bathe him.  He was long and lanky, even as a tiny kitten.  When he was finished with the eating process, he would go right to his warm little bed and sit there as if to say….”Well, that is lots better, thank you…” .  We knew how smart he was when he used the litter box right away, and just the way he looked at you with his big blue eyes.
Charlie Truble, our very nurturing make kitty who is 1 1/2 years old adopted him right away.  He bathed him and cleaned his little bottom, and taught him how to play.  Later on he met Quirky and they began to play.  He is a very lucky little kitty to have two wonderful older brothers to care for him and play with him.
He is now 5 months old, and is the terror of the house, getting into everything.  He weighs 5 pounds and was just neutered.  He says, “Life is Good”….

More photos can be found in the gallery below:

To meet TeeNee and find out more of his amazing stories please visit him on Facebook by clicking here. Same as Quirky the Blind kitten. :)

And for his parents Gardening blog please click here.

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