Mews: Christmas Guide with many CAT things! *Meow*

Hi everyone,

With Christmas just on the horizon we here at Katzenworld HQ are getting super excited! I think we managed to hide all the presents for our own kitties but you never know they may have sniffed them out already. ;)

If you are looking for the perfect present and haven’t quite decided yet this post is exactly what you need. :D We have put together a list of purrfect present for your own cats and cat loving friends alike.

The first section will cover the gifts for humans :


This Black Cats Luxx bag is sure to bring its owner good luck! This is available for 49.99£ also from cuckooland.


A wagging tail cat clock? Hell yes! Just make sure its out of reach of your lil one or they may play with its tail. ;) This present is also available from cuckooland for 40£.


How to tell if your cat is plotting to kill you takes a funny comic style approach at interpreting our cats behaviour. Don’t take the title too serious and you have a perfect Christmas present. ;) This is available from Prezzybox for 9.99£ by clicking here.


Adopt a big cat is not just a perfect present but it will also help The People’s Trust for Endangered Species to care for big cats world wide. This is available for 16.95£ from Prezzybox by clicking here.


This super funky and cute cat mug is available from Hunkydory Home for 10£


And you can also get these as super cute cat glasses! Same place but these are only 4£ and can be found here.


This super cute cat magnet is sure to help you tidy up your desk! Available from Thegiftoasis for 7.50£ by clicking here.

Looking more for toys and gifts for the kitties? Those are below:


How about this knitted fishy for your cat from Mungo & Maud? It’s available for 10.50£ here. They have a large selection of other knitted toys here.


This cat cave in Blue is available from cuckooland for 75£. Something tells me Oliver will want to add this to his own cChristmaswish list!


Cat Collars also available from Mungo & Maud by clicking here. The one on the photo is 17.30£ and available here.


And who wouldn’t want this cute cat bowl! Also from Mungo & Maud for 13.50£ by clicking here. They have many many more cat items and their entire cat range can be accessed here.

Alessi Tigrito Cat Bowl

This Alessi Tigrito designer cat bowl is available for 47.50£ from . Available in yellow, black or blue.

simon's cat

Simon’s cat doughnut bed is available from Amazon UK (and probably worldwide!) for 19.45 by clicking here.

We hope you enjoyed our Christmas gift guide! And don’t forget to tell us which one of these was your own personal favourite item. :)

For more ideas it is also a good idea to browse through our Product Reviews which you can find by clicking here. These are products that we have thoroughly tested and provided you with our own photos and recommendations.




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Angels Eyes: Me, the mole and SNOW! Part 1

Hi everyone,

Today’s adventures took me to the outside world again! :O

2014-11-25 10.02.54_resized

Where was this weird white stuff… I think the humans call it snow? I wasn’t sure what to think at first seeing this snow stuff but when… I heard this noise below the snow then I was all in face and all.

2014-11-25 10.03.36_resized

I keep watch for this sound I kept hearing but still haven’t actually seen anything yet. I’m very patient even though it was freezing outside.


But then I got a glimpse of a mole when he stuck his head out of a small hole. Oh my gosh, this has just gotten exciting and all bets are off and my name is all over this mole when I catch him.


I’m been standing here with my head in this hole now for a while and I haven’t had another opportunity to even get another glimpse of this mole and I’m freezing so I’m going to say he’s won this round but I’ll be back. Promise! :)

Signed by,

paw print

Angel’s Eyes & Lisa from Facebook

uZoo: Paris Cat Cafe – Cafe Des Chats YouTube video


Hi everyone,

Let us introduce you to uZoo! We have just teamed up with them to share their fun and cute cat related videos with you all.

They post a variety of fun animal themed videos on their YouTube channel. (You can subscribe to their channel by clicking here.)

Today’s video is about the Paris Cat Cafe – Cafe Des Chats:

We hope you are looking forward to more fun videos from them! :D

About uZoo:


For that furry little animal in all of us. We bring you entertaining stories about unique species to unusual pets, from cute and cuddly creatures to touching stories of survival, U-Zoo brings you daily video from every corner of the animal kingdom.



Photo credit: Le Cafe des Chats

Worldwide Competition: Win a Murals Wallpaper of your cat

Hi everyone,

We have some super exciting news for you!

We have just teamed up with Murals Wallpapers for a super fun competition.

Murals Wallpaper feature many animal prints in their collections and the below big relative of our house cats is just one example of their amazing prints that you can find here.


So on to the competition! We are looking for you all to submit photos of your own house cats.  The winner of the best submission will receive:

  • Permanent addition of their cat photo to the Murals Wallpaper animal print collection
  • Their photo printed as Wallpaper up to a value of £250 (order value and postage combined) which will be enough for approximately 10 square meters!
  • If you are not located in the UK don’t worry! As long as your total order value (wallpaper and postage) doesn’t exceed £250 you are all covered. If you would like to pay for postage separately this is possible.

So if you want to be part of this exciting competition and your opportunity to gain worldwide fame for your cat please submit your cats photo via email to by Friday 19th December 2014.

Please note there are the following guidelines for your photo submission:

1. Images Must Be Large

In order to print large wallpaper murals, we need large hi resolution images, ideally full size at a minimum of 100dpi.

2. Images Must Be Clear

If you have a small image, you can’t simply enlarge it because this will make it go blurry, so as well as being a good size, your image must also be nice and clear to get the best quality print.

Please find below a little introduction to the competition by Murals Wallpaper’s Director Richard Wilde in terms of what they are looking for in your photo submissions!

“At Murals Wallpaper we are thrilled to be hosting this exciting competition. We know that a lot of people are incredibly passionate about their cats and we are looking forward to giving one proud owner the chance to have their cat feature in their own line of wallpaper. To stand a good chance of winning make sure your pictures are clear, artistic and not too busy; take a look at the rest of our animal range for inspiration. Good Luck!”

Good luck to everyone! We can’t wait to see all the amazing photos you all will be sending in for this! :)



Happy #TRT – Tummy Rub Tuesday Latest photos + ongoing challenge! (Week 17)

Welcome back friends and followers

It is time for Week 17 of Tummy rub Tuesday! :D

(To find out how to enter your own cats please scroll down to the bottom of the post or to make it easier for you leave a comment with a link to your photo!)

Please find the photos for everyone who entered this week here:


This cute boy is named “The Thug” and belongs to Yvonne who runs the Hello World Blog. Sad thing is he is gone missing so if you all could pray for his safe return! <3


And here is the latest entry of Simba to Tummy Rub Tuesday! You can find more of Simba on Chasing Life and Finding Dreams.


This little boy is named Diavalo and his mum Michelle runs the Blog Meandering with Misha. Oh and he has his own Picasa Album here!


This cute girl is calledDaisy Lois Boom Boom Rinkiedink and was entered by Julie E. through Facebook!


And check out this great entry from possumgscatsthingsgnawing! They are showing of a really cool calendar on their blog here btw.


Not quite a tummy shot but we thought it was just too cute! The original is here.

TRT cat from Rainbow Beauty - 1

This pretty cat was submitted to us by Rainbow Beauty via our GooglePlus page! :)

In case you missed last week’s post you can find those below:


Meet Simba who joins us from Chasing Life And Finding Dreams.


And a special entry from The Secret (Weekend) Warrior

Sonnabend mit Katzen 003

Meet Mashka our special guest from Germany from the Blog: inHannover


And here is another amazing photo gallery from SIM ANTICS


This fluffy boy joins us from the realm of Twitter Fizzington Womack


And another Tummy Rub Tuesday submission from the realm of Twitter comes from Mr Sonic & Lady Nala


And meet Squirrel another special guest from My Simple Delights.

DSC_4059 (2)_marked

And another great photo from our friends over at Cats at the Bar!

Now we need ALL of you! You want to see your cat featured and join our fun blog roll? Follow the steps below. :D

All you need to do is post a photo or photo story of your furfriend on your own Blog and add your link onto our linky app by clicking here or by leaving a comment with a link back to your post.

Should you not have an own Blog you can even participate by sending us an email with your photo to – just let us know what you would like to have listed as source! :)

And to make it fair your cat photos don’t have to be a tummy shot we do understand that not all cats like showing off their belly! So any fun photo story will be fine but tummy ones will be even better :D

And on next weeks #TRT we will be posting photos with links back to all you guys in the weekly Tummy Rub Tuesday post!!!

A big thank you to all participants from all of us here at Katzenworld

Katzenworld banner

Oliver & Nubia: Scratch Tree congestion…


Oliver: Where do you think you are going Nubsey…

Nubia: Well up on the top of MY scratch tree. :D *jumps*


Oliver: Hey! Get off o.o There isn’t enough space for both of us!


Nubia: Yes there is!

Oliver: No there is not… *Gently pushes sister off*


Nubia: Fine! I’ll sleep down here “Mr greedy keeping the best spots for himself” Oliver.

Signed by

His Meowjesty King Oliver the Maker of Mischief



Her Meowjesty Queen Nubzilla the Disturber of Peace

Giveaway: Cats At The Bar


Hello everyone,

This time around we have teamed up with our good friends over at Cats At The Bar!

If you haven’t met them before you MUST go and check them out. You will be captured by the many cute cats that roam over there and not to forget the super funny cat-toons created by Elayne Griffith. :D

They have recently launched their online store where you can find many of your favorite photos and cat-toons of Chub Chub, Peanut and the rest of the gang!

We have the following amazing prizes that you can win.

1st Prize is a T-Shirt from Cats at the Bar

DSC_4482 (2)_marked

We promise that your T-Shirt will come with some extra hair to settle it right in at home. ;)

2nd and 3rd Prize is a Cats at the Bar wristband

DSC_4587 (3)_marked

Will make sure that we de-tatch the cats before posting them to you! ;)

The rules are simple you need to be located on planet earth. Just pop your email address into our giveaway tool by clicking here and gain entries by doing any of the following (you can complete as many as you like to increase your chances of winning):

1. For Tweeting about the event through the GiveawayTool
2. Follow us or Cats At The Bar on Twitter
3. Follow us or Cats At The Bar on Pinterest
4. Make a comment stating you would like to enter and your email address on this post (for those that don’t use social media)

The giveaway will be open until the 6th of December at 6 pm UK time so don’t forget to enter here.

Good luck everyone and please check out our friends Blog and Online shop here.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments! :)