Angel’s Eyes: Tissue paper isn’t just for wrapping


tissue paper on angels head

Did you know tissue paper can make you smile and not just for wrapping gifts? Well try putting it over your head and let me know how it feel. I promise you that you will get a smile on you face.

dancing around with tissue paper

If you didn’t get a smile then dance around with it on your head and it makes a crinkle sound like crunch, crunch,,, the sound is really fun and makes you want to crunch it just to make the sound.

under the the tissue paper

All I’m saying is that tissue paper is fun to play with what ever you do even hide under it and if you don’t have one to play with I’ll give you mine so you can smile too..

hiding under the tissue paper

See it’s Funnnn……

UZOO: Wildcats and Kittens: A Beginners Guide

Ocelot Kitten

Don’t be fooled, these aren’t your ordinary tabby cats!

Watch our video above for a more in-depth explanation into these cat characteristics.

Fishing Cat
Fishing Kitten

Wild cat of South and South East Asia, endangered since 2008

Pallas’s Cat
pallas kitten

Also called manul of Central Asia, near threatened since 2002

Ocelot Kitten

Also known as the dwarf leopard from South America, endangered species until 1996

Savannah Cat

Ok, so not strictly a true wildcat but the Ashera or the Savannah cat is a hybrid between a serval African cat and domestic cat.

Which is your favourite kitty?

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Worldwide Competition: Win a Murals Wallpaper of your cat (Update 2)

LMF cat 2

Hi everyone,

We just wanted to post a quick reminder for our  Murals Wallpapers competition!

We have had many more amazing photos come through and below are just a few of those we received.

The deadline for the competition is fast approaching so if you’d like to take part make sure you enter by this Friday! :)

Samantha cat

Photo Credit: Samantha

Rudd Kaiser cat photo

Photo Credit: Rudd

Vicky cat

Photo Credit: Vicky

LMF cat

Photo credit: LMF

We can’t wait to see what other photos we are going to receive! :) But hurry if you’d like to take part photos must submitted to by Friday 19th December 2014.

The winner of the best submission will receive:

  • Permanent addition of their cat photo to the Murals Wallpaper animal print collection
  • Their photo printed as Wallpaper up to a value of £250 (order value and postage combined) which will be enough for approximately 10 square meters!
  • If you are not located in the UK don’t worry! As long as your total order value (wallpaper and postage) doesn’t exceed £250 you are all covered. If you would like to pay for postage separately this is possible.

Full details and guidelines can be found in the original post here.

And please find below the latest update from Murals Wallpaper’s Director Richard Wilde on this fantastic competition!

The entries we’ve received to date are of an incredibly high standard, and we’re so excited to add our first ever domestic cat to the collection. There are still a couple of days left to take part, so for the chance to win make sure you submit your entry!

Good luck to everyone! We can’t wait to see even more amazing photos.



Happy #TRT – Tummy Rub Tuesday photos (Week 20)

Welcome back friends and followers,

It is yet again time for another week of cute cat tummies.

Please find the photos for everyone who entered this week here:


Meet Rose the Kitten! You can meet her here.


And Mr. Grace whom you can visit on Mamamaitri here.


And meet Butternut who is funnily enough covered in pistachio nut shells LOL. You can meet his mum Kelly on Facebook by clicking here.


And another fantastic entry from our friends over at Cats at the Bar!


And a great tummy photo of our friend Max who recently had a guest post by his mum here.


This amazing shot has been submitted to us by Angeles via our Facebook page.

Alfie TRT

And meet Alfie who too has been submitted to us via our Facebook page by his mum Mollie.

And in case you missed last weeks post click here to see the full list from last week!

Now we need ALL of you! You want to see your cat featured and join our fun blog roll? Follow the steps below. :D

All you need to do is post a photo or photo story of your furfriend on your own Blog and add your link onto our linky app by clicking here or by leaving a comment with a link back to your post.

Should you not have an own Blog you can even participate by sending us an email with your photo to – just let us know what you would like to have listed as source! :)

And to make it fair your cat photos don’t have to be a tummy shot we do understand that not all cats like showing off their belly! So any fun photo story will be fine but tummy ones will be even better :D

And on next weeks #TRT we will be posting photos with links back to all you guys in the weekly Tummy Rub Tuesday post!!!

A big thank you to all participants from all of us here at Katzenworld

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Mews: Luxury cat carrier and handbag in one by ZuGoPet – #Indiegogo campaign

Screen shot 2014-12-10 at 3.51.25 PM

Hi everyone,

For those of you out there that like a luxurious cat (or dog) carrier this may be just the thing you have been looking for! And what’s best of all part of the profits of this carrier will go towards helping shelters and care conscious organizations.

Screen shot 2014-12-10 at 3.51.25 PM

ZuGoPet Products have designed this carrier to be 100% airline compliant and stress reducing to ensure that traveling with your fur-friend becomes a breeze!


I can also be securely used on car seats and includes a waterproof interior with a removable bed, hands-free leash and a matching vest for pups, cats or any other small animal.

The carrier is available in white, black or pink! :)

ZuGoPet Black Open

It can be opened on the top.

ZuGoPet InsideOr the sides to make it easier for you and your pets to get in and out.

For those of you that are interested these are available for pre-order through Indiegogo by clicking here and if you are lucky you may get one of the early bird bags!

And remember every bag sold saves a life! ZuGoPet is committed to donating part of their profits, towards helping shelters and care conscious organizations.



Nubia: Sleeping… sleeping… What!

Hi everyone,

So I was sleeping happily on the sofa the other day:


So chilled no?


I even rolled over for my humans.

But when…


.. They MOVED and WOKE me!!!!! It’s like come on! Why would you wake a sleeping cat, it’s not like we EVER wake our humans… well most of the time we don’t. ;)

Signed by


Her Meowjesty Queen Nubzilla the Disturber of Peace

Charity Mews: D.E.L.T.A – Animal sanctuary asks animal lovers to fund special Holiday stockings for rescued dogs and cats

Hi everyone,

Today we have a special appeal from D.E.L.T.A. the world’s largest no-kill, care-for-life animal sanctuary, continues its holiday tradition of making sure that each of the 1500 animals gets a special stocking each year.

cat stkg 2

There may be countless ways to spend your holiday shopping dollar, but few that can directly make the day special for an animal. D.E.L.T.A. Rescue is asking people to give a special present to a rescued dog or cat. Every one of the over 1500 animals at D.E.L.T.A. will receive a personalized stocking full of his favorite treat, thanks to donations earmarked for this special cause.
Cat stkg 1

Leo Grillo, founder of D.E.L.T.A. Rescue has been filling stockings for the animals at the 115 acre animal sanctuary for 29-years. “Christmas is for kids, and animals are our children too. The joy of seeing a dog smile and then run off with his treat is what giving is all about.”

cat stckg 3

D.E.L.T.A. Rescue is the world’s largest no-kill, care for life animal sanctuary. Since 1979, it has been a champion for the countless animals who have lived there, as well as for the rights of animals throughout the world. Grlllo says “Besides donating to our own 1500 animals, you can take treats to your local animal shelter and bring those lonely dogs and cats some Holiday cheer.”

cat stkg4

To have your donation go to help pay for these stockings, please visit and click on any “donate” button.


The cats will thank you for your support! :)



Guest Star: Kersmudgen also known as Smudge & Max aka Maximus!

Hi everyone,

Todays story comes from Ann:

A few  months ago I lost a very dear member of our family Angel she was a beautiful little soul who was adopted by my husband and I when she was already a senior cat. Sadly she left us the begining of October.

Not long after that My husband came home with a little runt from a litter that the cat where he worked had had in July.


She was the runt and she was my first little black kitty,I was smitten.We named her Kersmudgen and Smudge became  a household word.

Then the organization  (Carma) who was taking care of this particular litter’s neutering and spaying contacted me so that I could get her spayed as soon as she was ready called,I decided to try to help get another kitten forever homed.


I took a friend to see the litters and caught sight of Max, who was Smudge’s brother we adopted him as well.

Soon after Max came to live with us Smudge got a high fever and the diagnosis was FIPS, we had to help her to leave us rather than see her suffer.

As the days passed and I was able to watch Max, I began to discover how unique he is. At first I thought it was because we hadn’t had a kitten for some years and that I had just forgotten how kittens behaved.


More and more, I was seeing unique traits that I kept exclaiming about. I would say to my husband how unusual he was and how much more cuddely he was and so ready to jump up into my lap and throw himself down on my chest to be loved. My experience with cats has always been favorable ,but I feel that with Max our first little black cat, there is something special,it seems to me and (no I’m no expert) from what I’ve been hearing from friends that black cats have  indeed special and unique traits.

I wondered would it be all that unusual if they were truly a breed unto themselves? Not so unusual to me.  I’ve always loved my cats ,be they tabby, tonk, barn cat or any of the many other breeds, homes with cats are happier and share more joy when they can boast about their cats. Tell tales or simply compare abilities, and laugh with wonder at the exploits of our family cats.


Nothing can take the place of those special feelings or memories.  Always slightly tinged with sadness, that they have left us, but left us richer, more fulfulling lives because of thier presence in our lives.  I’m so glad that we adopted Max, oh and his full name is Maximus.

Thanks for reading the story of Ann and her cats. We hope you enjoyed it and are looking forward to more fun stories here @Katzenworld



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