Guest Star: Little Binky – One of the winners of Yuki’s artwork design competition


Meet one of the three winners of last years photo competition – Little Binky!

Box Love

Picture Artist: Yuki Chung

First of all apologies to everyone on the delay on the follow-up posts on these! We promise to be quicker with future competitions but I am sure you will agree that the artwork was worth the wait? :D

These are also available in Keyring form in our Katzenworld Online Shop alongside other merchandise, cat treats and toys! :)

Please find their post below:

Hi everyone,

My name is Little Binky. I am 11 years… young and I live with my Granny and Grandpa since the Summer of 2008.


Actually I was the cat of Granny’s daughter, so Granny and I have known each other from the beginning that I came into the life of my mom and little twofeet brother.

I was found by my moms former friend, on an idustrial area when I was about three month old. It was Winter, so when I saw him getting into the car, I jumped into his car to warm myself up and he took me home with him, knowing that my mom would be very happy with me.

The next day they took me to the vet for a check up and to find out if I did have another family, but I was probably abandoned on that idustrial area, or a little Straycat, because there was nobody looking for me. It turned out from the check-up that I had lots of worms and they already had entered my lung area. The vet said that I was just in time and treated me for the worms serveral times. Don’t worry, I have survived the worms after a few months :)


When my mom and her friend seperated, she took my little twofeet brother up to live in a garden house temporally and after a few month she found a place to live at a colleague of hers. He had two cats and they didn’t liked me. I am a cat that stands for its rights, but they didn’t tolerate it. It was their home anyway, I was just an intruder, as they told me, so they chased after me day by day and my mom had to lock me up in the little bedroom, where I was safe. Only one time she was forgotten to lock the door. I had to run for my life that day, because nobody was home and I was very anxious and afraid. When Granny heared about the situation we were in, she came to pick me up and said that I never have to go back again, but I had to deal with Granny’s Angel, who didn’t like me too, but he didn’t chased me, because Granny told him not to and she also explained to him what happened to me, so that Angel and I could live with each other. I got therapy after that trauma and it took me quite a while before I was myself again, but with a lot of attention, patience and love I finally got over it.

I’m happy to be with Granny and Grandpa and I love them both. I love Grandpa too, he always combs my hair and un-ticks me, he is my best friend, but Granny understands me better. She knows when I don’t want to twirl with her and leaves me alone. When I want to be on my own and they pet me anyway, I approach them and hiss. Sometimes I give them a bang and run away real fast. Then I hear them laughing. They’re never angry at me…well, there’s no reason to :)

I like to play with the birds in our garden, the butterflies and frogs, but I won’t harm them. I can’t catch them anyway, they’re faster then me anyway. I don’t play with toys, like a mousie, they scare me. I’m running away for them. Living mousies are a different story ;)


I love rain, Granny calls me the Rain Cat sometimes, but I also love the sun, in that case I’m the Sun Cat, that must be obviously :D

I have crazy minutes everyday, but I prefer lying on Granny’s lap… for the whole evening, or sleep the whole day through outside in my nest, or under the table. During the night I sleep next to Granny. I think I need a nap right now too. Thank you for reading my story.

Little Binky

Below is a slide-show of more of their fantastic photos! Enjoy!

If you would like to meet her and her friends on the caternet please click here for her own Blog.

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Infographic: A cat owners cleaning survival guide


Hi everyone,

The below infographic was sent in to us to help you all with useful information around dealing with spills and other reasons for the need to clean your place.

We hope you’ll find this useful! :)

Cat Owners Carpet and Rug Cleaning Guide
The Cat Owners Guide to Caring for your Rugs and Carpets by The Rug Seller.



Oliver & Nubia: Not another one of these! ;) Dalek 2.0 aka iRobot review


Hello everyone!

Oli here with another report from Katzenworld HQ. Apparently after fending of the other Dalek our humans decided to invite a new and improved version to terrorise us! :(

Oliver: There it is!!! The intruder. :O Near my food bowl ack!

Nubia: You mean our bowl…

Oliver: Luckily this roboto seems to not mind have a passenger! So I can now be lazy and ride on it through the living room. :)

Nubia: Great! So it will be even more difficult to get you to exercise lol.

Oliver: Mean sister! :(

Oliver: Hmm…. So Mr. Robot seems to sleep near our toilet. Is it trying to keep an eye on us???

Nubia: Don’t be so paranoid! He knows the kitchen is the place with the most dust because of YOU so he tries to keep it CLEAN! :)

Oliver: Right right ok… Time for the video. :D

Oliver: Time to pass over to our humans for the review of this thingy.

Thank you Mr. Oli! :)

Right so let’s have a look at the iRobot Roomba 800 series.

The Roomba comes out of the box with a docking station, 2 light towers, a remote and of course the cleaning robot itself. :) You are probably wondering what on earth is a light tower doing??? Ships in the living room? Basically the light tower creates an invisible barrier for the robot cleaner that will keep it in certain areas. This is a very handy feature if you’d like it to stay put in a certain part of your place.

The robot also comes with a docking station to which it will return on its own to recharge in between cleaning sessions. The iRobot can be programmed to clean your house automatically at set days and times. If you want to you can set it to clean once every day. (Very handy if you have kitties leaving furr all over the carpet. ;) )

The robot of course comes with dirt detection and will go over especially dirty locations multiple times to ensure they are clean. :D It is also extremely good at avoiding obstacles and stairs and will fit under most furniture to clean hard to reach places.


The way this robot works is it has a large roll underneath and uses air suction as well to get rid of all the dust and dirt of your carpet or hard flooring. It also has a brush on the side to get dirt particles out of corners and push it under it’s main areas. Thanks to the way the roll is designed there is no risk of swallowing leads and other random objects like cat toys and we found that it maneuvered over the cables without any issues.

As for cleaning the robot can be cleaned very easy. There is a quick release button that you press to remove the cartridge that contains all of dust, furr and whatever else your fur-friends left on the carpet! LOL

This amount of dust was picked up during just one session in our living room!

Overall verdict:
This is the top of the range cleaning robot and at an RPP of £639.00 for the iRobot Roomba 880 model certainly not a cheap purchase. However as an old saying says you get what you pay for and this is certainly true for this particular model. While the entry level model we reviewed a while ago will do the job the iRobot comes with a lot of extra features to make your life easier and more convenient. Therefore if money is not your main deciding factor we would highly recommend going for the iRobot as it comes with features such as the light towers and virtual barriers and automatically re-charging itself on the docking station. It’s room mapping protocol is also more intelligient than cheaper models and additionally you can create and upload your own software into its operating system to design special cleaning modes.

If you would like to purchase an iRobot Roomba 880 you can find it on their official store here there it is currently priced at £599.99. They also have cheaper entry level models available in the same store. :)

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Purrsday Poetry: The Cat Whisperer (Case of the Oh So Cute Kitten)

cute kitten

You had me at “Meow”

Cute little eyes and soft furry coat

Swiftly sweeping me off my feet

What’s a cat whisperer to do?

Completely fall in love with you, that’s what

Oh, so lovable

Why do fools fall in love?

Because kittens can be so darn cute

I believe this cat whisperer has been whispered to

cute kitten

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Petcube Review starring Angel Eyes



Hello again! I have a great product to tell your mom and dad about so make sure you go get them to see this..


It’s called the Petcube. The Petcube Camera is the first product that allows pet owners to watch, talk and play with their pet from their smartphone, no matter where they are.


With this Petcube mom can talk to me while she is gone to the store or anywhere, but also play lazor light with me too. I’m just concerned about the things she can see me doing that I’m not supposed to be doing.

playing with the ball

I’m excited she get’s to watch my famous ball moves while she is at the store.


What worries me is mom can move the camera from room to room before she leaves and watch me doing something like this. She loaded an app on her smart phone and all she has to do is open it and There I Am! Yikes!


I guess I’m going to have to be careful when I do certain things when she is away now because I could hear her over the speaker of the camera saying ANGEL… What are you doing? AND, she can also hear me!


So Remember your parents will be watching you from any room they put the camera in, but its good if you don’t like to be alone and mom and dad can check up on you and sing you a song. Purr…


If you would like to find out more and get your own Petcube, just follow the links below. I know I love mine!!!


To purchase one with a discount use this link:

General Info: Download the app. It’s available on iOS and Android:

iOS: Click here
Android: Click here

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Mews: The Centenarian Cat that Really Has Got the Cream!


Hi everyone,

We thought you all would like to hear about this story of Misty’s 20th birthday! She really had an amazing surprise. :)

The Centenarian Cat that Really Has Got the Cream!

Misty the cat is about to reach her centenary year (in cat years of course), when she celebrates her 20th birthday this May. She’s made it to this ripe old age after living with her owner Cheryl Bunn in Hampshire since she was a tiny kitten of 6 weeks old. To celebrate this feline feat, leading pet food brand Webbox has given Misty a year’s supply of her favourite treat Lick-e-Lix which was delivered along with a special telegram to make her feel like a Queen!

When Martin, Cheryl’s son, bought Misty some Webbox Lick-e-Lix in Christmas 2013 she went crazy and since then has not settled until she gets her daily dose of the creamy cat treat each day.

Cheryl comments, “Misty’s doing really well and still has all her own teeth! When we got her she was like a little cotton wool ball but she’s still soldiering on. She’s half moggy and half Persian so we do give her a bit of a helping hand with her grooming but she gets the full thumbs up from the vets each year and I’m sure that the Lick-e-Lix has something to do with her being in such good shape!”

Lick-e-Lix has been developed in two variations – yoghurt (available in Chicken or Salmon flavours) or cream (in Liver or Milk & Yoghurt flavours) and is designed to be a tasty treat for cats to enjoy on its own, with dry food or even to disguise pills thanks to its thick liquid texture. It contains no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and has added minerals to help with your cat’s health.


Julie Butcher, marketing manager at Webbox comments: “We were really pleased to hear of Misty’s love of Lick-e-Lix and the great news that she was reaching this milestone birthday. We wanted to give her a prize to remember and we think a year’s supply of her favourite treat fits the bill perfectly.”

For further information on Webbox, please visit

We hope you enjoyed this story! And isn’t it funny that Misty too loves the same snacks as Oli? :D

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Guest Post: The 9 Lives of Whiskie


The 9 Lives of Whiskie: Life 1-2 1/2: Urinary Crystals, A Freak Allergic Reaction to Antibiotics and Loss of about ¼ of a tongue

Whiskie was the sweetest, most dickish cat I ever had. He was cat number 2. We found him downstairs outside my grandma’s building. He was an orange tabby about 6 months old with dirty looking ears. We brought him home in 1990 when I was 10. I carried him everywhere. He was easy going, loved attention and made the perfect air guitar. He was also my most expensive cat that almost died a lot but lived to 19 ½. Till this day we joke he really liked to test his lives out. He used about 7 1/2. This story counts for about 2 ½ lives.


Life 1

Whiskie was a really healthy cat for 10 years. We brought him to the vet for annuals and everything was fine. One day we find him straining in his litter pan. That was an odd thing for him, never had any issues. He was a sweet, playful, happy go lucky guy that never complained about anything. Since this was odd behavior for him we brought him to his vet.

A check up, blood work, and a urinalysis later, we find out he has urinary crystals. There are two types: Struvite and Oxalate. I don’t remember which one he had, it was a really long time ago. I do remember we followed the vet’s advice, we changed his diet and put him on antibiotics. They advised us to keep an eye out for straining, meowing or howling while peeing. If it looks like it hurts, that could mean he is blocked and you don’t want them to block. A bladder can burst and that is very bad.

One day Whiskie was howling and we raced him to the vet to find that he was blocked. They unblock him, give him back to me and he re-blocks a few days later and they unblock him again. What I didn’t know at the time was that when a pet is blocked, the catheter should stay in them for 24 hours or they will re-block again and that is exactly what happened to Whiskie. I found that out a month and a half later when I went to a new vet after several trips to my old local vet and a stay at the emergency hospital.
I’ve also heard that sometimes when they are blocked and you go in to unblock it, that can also make the bladder burst if it isn’t done correctly. You can read more about it here under Emergency Treatment for Serious Cases. Overall it’s a very informative article on bladder issues.


Life 2- 2 1/2

After being on antibiotics for almost 3 weeks he started to breathe funny. Like he was heaving, breathing slower and deeper. I brought him back to his local vet. They couldn’t figure out what was wrong with him. Gave him an antibiotic injection and sent us home. A few hours later Whiskie is breathing with his mouth open and his tongue is swollen. We race to the emergency hospital. They couldn’t figure out what was wrong with him. Several emergency vet specialists look at him and they keep asking over the course of 3 days, “Has he licked anything caustic?” I keep telling them no and I ask if it could be some kind of allergy because he was a pig but only with food. The house cleaners were in a cupboard that he never went near. He was released to my care with more antibiotics, a mouthwash, a hard Elizabethan cone with a Naso-esophageal Tube.


Since they couldn’t figure out what was going on his tongue, it swelled to the point where it hung out of his mouth and he couldn’t eat. I was told his tongue may sloth off if it dries out and doesn’t shrink back to normal size. If his tongue disappears we can get him a feeding tube but that one will be on his side (gastrostomy tube).

I’m desperate at this point and think my cat is going to die. Phil from Whiskers the Holistic Pet Food Store in the East Village and Anita Frazier from The New Natural Cat Book recommend Dr. Jill Elliot a homeopathic and traditional vet. (After having her as my vet for 10 years, I now work for her. She’s been my boss for the past 5 ½ years. I work with her part time.*)
Years later, Dr. Elliot tells me that Whiskie was her first complicated case after becoming a homeopath. I know not everyone is into homeopathy but I was desperate and thought my cat may die so I figured what the hell I have nothing to lose. So I went with it.
Whiskie was taken off antibiotics after Dr. E really thought about it (conventionally antibiotics should be used to prevent infection and she was worried about taking him off it but she recognized he was allergic to something and he had already been on 3 types (No longer recall which ones). We used a chamomile and goldenseal tea mouth wash we made at home with her supervision, gave him a cranberry supplement called Cranberry Comfort we bought through her (since he had a feeding tube I bought nonalcoholic herbal tinctures of the ingredients in the cranberry supplement.), he was given a homeopathic remedy in the office for an allergic reaction and another remedy to take home. Can’t remember what remedies anymore. The next day he is more relaxed. Tongue is still swollen and eventually ¼ slothed off. Victor suggested Vaseline to keep it most. We used vitamin E oil instead but it was a very good idea Victor had – it saved the rest of his tongue from drying out and slothing off.
Thankfully after a few more weeks of TLC, Whiskie got better with most of his tongue intact and a new “I kicked Death’s ass attitude.” After this whole thing my sweet, easy going cat became a brand new cat. Once he had a tiny “Mew” that became a giant “Mo” and he became more alpha with each brush of death.


Eating with a bit of tongue missing is a messy business! ;)

General things to keep an eye out for (overall health):
1. Peeing in strange places.
2. Pooping in strange places.
3. Lethargy
4. Hyperactivity
5. Weight loss, especially when it’s sudden weight loss
6. Sudden weight gain
7. Not looking as bright and alert
For this post, we’ll address Urinary Tract Infections and Urinary Crystals.
Things to look for:
1. If you see straining in the litter pan. Like they are straining to pee and little to nothing comes out.
2. If you notice your cat is running to the pan frequently.
3. Peeing in strange places.
4. Blood in urine.
5. If your cat gets vocal while urinating
6. Acting like he/she is constipated in the box.
7. If you notice their urethra is blocked or partially blocked its crystals. (For my cats it looked like a plug at the tip of their penis). GO TO YOUR VET RIGHT AWAY.

* I’m not a vet, not even a vet tech. I’m a holistic assistant/front desk for a 1 person practice. I really love animals and have had 16 cats over the years.

Happy #TRT – Tummy Rub Tuesday (Week 43)


Hello everyone,

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This cutie comes from Mark Liddel’s Glasgow spring photo collection and is just ADORABLE!.


This cutie was submitted on Twitter by Jane.

Meet Miles the tiny Panther who just loves to have his tummy rubbed! More of him here.


And meet Buster! Neigbour to our friend Diavolo. Their own Blog can be found here.

Murrli Katzenberger

While not exposing her tummy I am sure you have to agree that she looks adorable against the Flowers! More of Murrli Katzenberger can be found on her blog here.


And another cute entry from our Twitter friend Mrs P.


This amazingly cute entry comes from our friend Tori who runs Purr and Roar.

And meet Nigel! More of him, Penny and Hershey (3 black cats :D) can be found here.

Tired little Shrimp is all the more adorable this way! :D More of her here

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Mews: Living Proof – That cats do have nine lives

Living Proof front cover

Hi everyone,

Today is the day that the book Living Proof – That cats do have nine lives by Janet Hayward is being published in the UK. :D

Living Proof front cover

The book comes in paperback and has 152 pages.

The book is filled with the various survival stories collected by Jane and will certainly amaze most of us cat owners!

Over-all verdict?

What can we say? It does what it says on the tin! It gives you some of the most amazing survival stories you’ll have heard of! :)

Great for cat owners and lovers alike! Just remember to have a box of tissues at hand as some of these stories are set to make you shed a tear or two (despite happy endings!!!)

More info on the book from the publisher:

Certain to make you both laugh and cry, this delightful book is a celebration of our favourite pet and its amazing ability to survive against all odds. The incredible ‘tails’ include cats who have survived horrendous natural disasters, others who have travelled unbelievable distances to return home, and heart-warming stories of once neglected and abandoned cats who have gone on to become show winners!

Fascinating cat facts and trivia are also included, as well as a cat-alogue of feline-related quotes by famous people.  Living Proof may not have all the scientific explanations for why cats are such remarkable animals, but if you have ever wondered whether cats really do have nine lives, this book contains all the proof you need!

‘From feisty felines who have survived natural disasters to those who have defied medical science, these stories about amazing cats are heart-warming.’ Pet Notes

‘This book is bound to make you both laugh and cry! A carefully researched and lovingly written collection of true stories from around the globe.’ Sunday News

Janet Hayward has worked in the media for many years and was at one time the publicist for Australia’s Cat Adoption Centre Program. This is her first book, inspired by the incredible stories she heard through her work at the Cat Adoption Centre Programme.

If you would like to get the book yourself it is published by Exisle Publishing and is available in the UK for £9.99 through Amazon by clicking here.

For our readers in New Zealand it is available on the publisher website here or for Australia on the same publisher’s website here. ($19.99 on either page)

For other countries please check out Amazon or your local bookshop!



Oliver & Nubia: Love is in the air…


You are wondering what our daily kitties are up to today?

They are being extra cuddly and friendly with each other today. :)


Oliver: Hey Nubia! What are you up to down there. <3


Nubia: *Sniff, sniff* You smell nice today Oli!


Nubia: *Kiss* I love you brother

Oliver: Awwww <3 I love you too


Oliver & Nubia: Time for a nap! <3

Signed by

His Meowjesty King Oliver the Maker of Mischief



Her Meowjesty Queen Nubzilla the Disturber of Peace