Oliver & Nubia: A little more behind the ear…


Hi everyone,

It’s your favourite tuxedo cat here today! :D I have to tell you about this awesome little gadget that our humans got for us the other week! My sister went STRAIGHT in it of course…


Nubia: It came in a box (which I really wanted to get into!)


Nubia: But the big question was… WHAT was it??? I wasn’t entirely sure at first but my humans quickly educated me! Mookie is a 2 in 1 massager and brush (I think I personally prefer the brush! Especially down my back. <3)


Nubia: Yes just there!!!


Nubia: And especially at the base of my tail. *purr*


Nubia: Just purrfect!!! :D

Nubia: Oliver! You have to try this!

Oliver: NO! I HATE being brushed!!!

Nubia: Come on just try it once…


Oliver: What with this thingy??

Nubia: It’s awesome trust me!!!


Oliver: You sure it doesn’t hurt??


Oliver: Sister! How did you get me into this!!!!


Oliver: *Grumbles* This is no fun… Or actually…


Oliver: …. OMG that spot has been itching for days… <3


Oliver: Down my spine please! :D

Nubia: See I told you it’s awesome!!!

Oliver: Fine fine… BUT I think it’s time to pass over to the humans for some more details about the Mookie!


As you may have gathered from our two kitties already Mookie is a 2 in 1 massager and brush that helps you make the most of quality time with your pet – whether that be playing or relaxing together. It is made from soft rubber to make it easy to use, as Mookie is small it can easily be taken with you to use on the go rather than just at home
We were quite impressed with the little Mookie I have to say! Oliver is not usually one that enjoys being brushed so of course he was a bit skeptical at first BUT after a while even Mr Oli started to enjoy being brushed with the Mookie. As the brush is small and delicate it is especially good for the spots on the head or behind the ear and of course not to forget the base of the tail!

Depending on what your pet enjoys more you can use it with the cap on as a massager, or cap off as a brush. If you are using it as a massager use circular movements to gently rub over your pet. We primarily used it as a brush as Nubia would go almost instantaneously into “super-purr” mode with it!

Overall verdict:

If you are looking for some quality bonding activities with your pet (pending enjoying brushing / massaging!) this is perfect for you! We found that Nubia seeks out the Mookie now and pushes it around until we rub it down her spine to the base of her tail, while purring the whole time. And even if your cat doesn’t like being brushed this may help to get them used to it! For long hair cats this may also help with removing tangled areas more gently than with a traditional brush.

Mookie is available in various colours directly from their own website for £10 excluding postage.

You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter.

About Mookie:

Our story starts in a tangle of goose grass. Doddy, a little Westie Terrier, spent a sunny Sunday diving in and out of hedgerows and thickets of grass. He was one happy chap!

Once he got home though, his owner, Patricia, found that he had brought most of the hedgerow back with him, but traditional dog brushes were too coarse and rough to remove the knots of tricky goose grass that had got stuck in his fur from all that playtime.

Doddy also hated being brushed, and Patricia needed something that could fit in her hand to gently remove any little tangles. And with that, the idea for the Mookie was born!

What Patricia didn’t realise though, was that the thing Mookieactually did best was giveDoddya bit of much needed fuss. So what started off as something practical, pretty soon turned into something really special. Doddywas jumping on the sofa for a massage before bed and a scratch on his belly when he wanted to play. Patricia had unwittingly created the best excuse for some family bonding time, all the time!

To top it off, thanks to fantastic factories and manufacturers, Mookie has been designed and made in Britain. We’re always happy to hear from you. If you’d like to get in touch, please email patricia@mookiepet.com

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Siiri and Ilona hang out

Cats can be surprisingly flexible. They twist and contort themselves into all sorts of odd positions. Sometimes it’s to try and squeeze themselves into some unusual place. It might be a box, a tunnel, the gap between the computer monitor and keyboard… Or sometimes they just do it for fun.

Flop!I’ve had the pleasure of knowing a great many cats, and I’ve seen them attempt many different positions. Some of them more successfully than others. There are still times that I wonder at the strange places cats get into and the way they bend their bodies to do so.

Luckily the cats have almost always been clever enough not to attempt any contortions that would put them in danger of injuring themselves. Although there was that one time that one of our foster kittens managed to tie himself in the handle of a laundry basket… Thankfully that story had a happy ending, but it certainly reminded me of how important it is to be careful what our kitties are able to play with.

Elvis wants a tummy rub!But perhaps that’s a theme for another blog post.

From my observations cat contortionism is often an invitation. It’s a way of saying “rub my tummy!” Sampson and Elvis, for example, will often roll around to show their tummies more if my husband or I walk past whilst they are taking a cat nap.

It can also be an invitation to play, especially when aimed at another cat. This may involve a twisting of the body followed by waving one’s paws at the legs of a passing cat. If this other cat happens to be Lola the invitation will most likely be rebuffed with some well-chosen cat swears and perhaps a whack around the ear. If one or both of the cats involved is a kitten (and, as previously stated, the other is not Lola) there will almost certainly be hijinks to follow.


Lady Joyful

Are your cats contortionists? Do they contort more often for the purposes of sleep, to invite love, or to incite play?

Mews: BLACK DOG by Max from Tails From The Park

max feature image

Hi everyone,

As promised Max is once again back to “read” to you an excerpt from his book Tails from the Park.


by Max
Tails From The Park Excerpt

It’s as if he’d stepped out of a dark novel on a bad night in the driving rain. He had that
look about him: an aura of evil. This beast was black from his scarred head to the tip of that long,
thick tail. His mouth hung open, emitting a constant stream of drool. As he walked he dropped
his massive head low, sniffing the ground for a scent of something to hunt, to kill and
eat…something like me.
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Guest Star: Tristan The Terror

Hi everyone,

Today’s guest post comes from our friends over at MyFourCats

Tristan the Terror

Tristan the terror

I was volunteering for the RSPCA when I first met Tristan. He was crammed in a temporary cage with his four siblings at the back of the dog kennels. The cattery had been condemned & knocked down and a new state of the art one was being built. But in the meantime, no new cats could be taken in and the ones we already had were stuck sharing a building with the dogs.

Tristan and his siblings had been born on the streets and at some point after their birth, their mother had been hit by a car. She was rescued and then someone found her kittens and rescued them too. Unfortunately, kittens and mother were never reunited since her leg had to be amputated. So, at two weeks old, Tristan lost his mother and was put in a tiny cubicle.

One look at him and I just knew he was a Tristan. He and his siblings were crazy hyperactive and they didn’t look like normal moggies. Unfortunately, most of the staff at this rescue centre were dog people and had little knowledge about cats, so no one knew what to do.


At the time, I was also looking in on another litter of kittens. One was smoky black and I called him Midnight. I was torn between Tristan & Midnight. I knew I wanted another cat, maybe two more, since Isabel was home alone and missing out on a cat family.

Tristan was the smallest of his litter and getting bullied by the others. They were all male except one and she was the worst bully of all. I hated seeing them going at each other in that tiny cubicle and no one playing with them or spending time with them.

Midnight got adopted by someone else the next day. So, Tristan was ours.

My husband came to pick me up from work and I had Tristan with me in a carrier. Hubby said “oh how cute” and now we can laugh about that moment…😹 Tristan was just under six weeks old. Yes, he was tiny, cute, slightly fluffy like a kitten BUT… We had no idea what TERROR we were in for!😈

We set up the guest bedroom for Tristan so he and Isabel (who by this time was 2 years old) would stay separated the first couple months. I had already kitten-proofed the bedroom: only the bed was still there along with his cat tower, toys, and handmade cat house. Oh and the curtains. But they didn’t survive the first week of Tristan.

We placed his carrier on the floor and soon little Tristan tentatively peered out from inside the box.



Within minutes he was exploring his room, running around, scaling his tower and climbing all over me! I innocently assumed Tristan was just expending all his pent up energy from being in a shelter cubicle and that he would soon collapse and have kitten naps. How wrong I was.

Tristan did not sleep. At all. He was so hyperactive, insanely playful, and somewhat aggressive. After 48 hours at his new home, he still had not slept a wink which meant I had not slept a wink. Even when he ate, he was a psycho. He would hear me open the pouch of kitten food and open his mouth WIDE like a baby bird and SCREAM feed me MEOW!!!

By the 49th hour, I decided to phone the vet. Surely, something was wrong with this kitten? This could not be normal. I was so exhausted I couldn’t think straight.

The main thing I remember from this first visit with little Tristan at the vet was the sound of laughter. The nurse laughing and the vet laughing at the precocious, cute, tiny kitten that was causing all this mayhem. Then the vet explained: this kitten is half-Bengal and half domestic. The smart, crazy, energetic Bengal side was definitely in control of my Tristan.


The laughter continued all the way into the waiting room. They could not believe that this little kitten had kept me up for two days straight: wasn’t sick or requiring bottle feeding so why not just sleep in another room they asked? Why? Because if I left the room Tristan would scream bloody murder and NOT STOP meow-screaming. So, no, I could not leave him alone. More laughter. Oh dear, the nurse said, so I guess we’ll nickname him Tristan the Terror!

Yep….Tristan the Terror.


This nickname holds meaning to this day. Tristan is now over five years old. Although he is not as hyperactive as he was as a kitten, he sleeps the least of my four cats (about 8 hours per 24 while the other three sleep at least 12-16).


Tristan is the most intelligent cat I’ve ever had. He can open any sort of door in our house. He knows just how to alter the pitch of his meow to let me know what he wants. He (and Fernando will copy him!) often sits at the dining room table with us when we eat or sits there when he’s hungry.


He is extremely talented in the art of destruction. Sofas, window blinds, stair banisters and the carpet are his favoured items to ruin.

And…Tristan is a bit of a sexual deviant. (Yes, he is spayed just like my other three cats). He has a favourite stuffed animal toy that he humps every night around the same time.

It’s a good thing I mainly work from home. I dread to think what apocalyptic actions Tristan could undertake if left alone to his own devices too long!

But…Tristan is also affectionate, inquisitive, brave and loyal. We love him and that love is returned. If hubby is working in the garage, Tristan will be the cat who sits there and watches carefully. If he suddenly realises he’s on his own, he’ll seek one of the other cats or us out and sit close by…he hates to be alone.


Tristan never ceases to amaze me. Yes, he is hard work to this day. Definitely not a low maintenance cat but I wouldn’t change a thing. No matter how much he deprives us of sleep or drives us crazy, we’ll love him forever.

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Friday Art Cat Goes Shopping

‘Tis the season, as they say. And, the astute cat likes to take advantage of a good sale. Here, in the U.S., the official shopping madness for the holidays begins on the Friday after Thanksgiving Day where retailers offer extreme markdowns and specials for one day only. Lucy, a resourceful ginger, prefers to shop the local merchants, and especially favors artisanal, handmade presents for all of her cat friends, but is always first in line for savings.

Cat goes shopping

Never underestimate a clever bargain hunter.

If you like this holiday cat, I invite you to check out my blog where you can see whole series of cats being festive. https://artisnotforsissies.wordpress.com/2014/12/20/advent-drawing-day-20/

Oliver & Nubia: That’s a HUGE bag of food… :D


Hi Everyone,

Oli here! Our humans apparently appear to be thinking of getting another cat or an army of kittens?? I mean LOOK at this bag – I thought you were asking me to try a sample bag!

Nubia: I think they are just trying to tell you that you are a “Vielfrass” aka a pig.

Oliver: Hey now! I don’t eat that much… :(


Nubia: You do have a point though… This is huge! Hopefully it tastes nice. :D


Oliver: What the bowl is still empty???


Nubia: Look! They put it in a bowl.


Oliver: Me first!


Nubia: Fine… I’ll let you go first! Vielfrass… :P


Oliver: *Crunch crunch*


Oliver: Delicious! I may even let you have some sister…


Nubia: Well it shall be my turn now!!! :D


Oliver: Can I have some more???

Nubia: *With full mouth* NO!


Nubia: *Licks mouth*


Nubia: Very nice…. but….


Nubia: … I appear to have crunchies stuck everywhere. :D

Nubia: Time to pass over to the humans for their review of our food!

Thanks Nubia. :)

Burgess Adult Rich in Chicken with Duck is part of their cat food range which currently contains four different flavours. While the food does contain some grains it’ss rich in meat content to ensure that your cat gets the nutrients they need and of course ensures its high in protein!

The food also comes in their own “STAY-Clean TM” coating which helps your cat’s teeth to stay clean and therefore improve their overall dental health.

Overall verdict:
Burgess promises that their food is irresistible to your cat and we sure found that this was the case with our two! They didn’t even let us put down the bowl before they were all over it haha.

As many of you probably know though it’s not always about “did they like it the first time” but more about the second, third, fourth and subsequent times! On this front we are happy to report that we have been feeding this food as part of their regular diet (wet food in the mornings and dry food in the evenings) for over a month and they still love it as much as on the first day! :D

We also like the fact that Burgess provides health and care tips for owners on their website to help out those that are new to caring for cats. :)

Their cat food can be found in independent pet shops as well as chains and provides a good alternative to the cheap supermarket brands without costing you a fortune.

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About Burgess:

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Purrsday Poetry: Haiku for Thor the Tabby by Grayson


Hi everyone,

Please find below the latest entry in Purrsday Poetry by Grayson.

The hoods of warm cars.

Enjoying life’s small pleasures-

The tabby cat, Thor.


For the full collection of His Haiku’s click here.

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Angel’s Eyes: I just need to pull a bit stronger!


Hi everyone,

So I was out playing with my little gingerbread man the other day and didn’t think of anything bad… But as I turned around he was stuck in our fence!

I really don’t remember leaving him there…

Maybe if I gently paw at him. After all I don’t want to hurt him!

Right and PULL…

… might have to use my teeth as well!

Well this isn’t working maybe one of you has some suggestions on how to get him off the fence?


Oh and btw you can get this one and other Christmas toys on our Online Shop and what’s even better if you use katzenworld10 during checkout you’ll get 10% off.


Angel Eyes

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Let the voting begin!


Hi everyone,

Following on from our initial announcement we are pleased to confirm the 10 photos that are up for vote!

It certainly was NOT an easy task to pick these of all the entries!!! To make it fair we chose some of our favourite christmas themed shots and some of the neutral shots and narrowed it down to this list for you.

Now it is up to you! EVERY vote counts and YOU are the ones deciding who will win the grant price – the Feedem Cat Hamper! Votes will be taken until 23:59 on the 6th of December.

Photos to the corresponding names can be found below.



friends forever

Friends forever

















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Tips & Advice: A guide to Vaccinating cats


Hi everyone,

Today we have some useful tips from Medicines4Pets for you on the importance of vaccinations.

A guide to Vaccinating cats

Keeping a cat healthy is important which is why vaccinations are vital as they help to protect them from viral infections.

Antibiotics are useless against viruses but vaccinations help the cat to create antibodies to fight certain viruses which is why keeping vaccinations up to date is the best way of preventing your cat from becoming seriously ill.

What types of vaccines are available?

There are two groups of vaccines known as core and non-core. Core vaccines help to protect your cat from widespread diseases that can result in a serious illness whilst non-core vaccines are optional as they protect against those diseases that are related to the lifestyle of a cat or the environment it lives in.

Cats should receive the following core vaccines.

Feline Infectious Enteritis Virus causes fever, dehydration, depression and many other symptoms. A large number of cats who contract this virus do not survive and those that do can encourage it to spread for a further six weeks.

Feline Herpesvirus and Calicivirus both cause a condition referred to as cat flu. This is highly contagious and can result in cats becoming very ill. Symptoms include sneezing, runny eyes and ulcers. It is not usually fatal but can result in the cat being laid up for a few days.

Non-core vaccines are only given to cats if they could be at risk and include:

The Feline Leukaemia Virus causes leukaemia and lymphoma and many cats can get rid of the virus but those that cannot could develop lymphatic cancers as well as spread the virus to other cats.

The Feline Immundeficiency Virus is spread through bite wounds and is seen in male cats that are outdoors, especially when they fight with felines.  The virus works by suppressing the immune system which means the cat is susceptible to infections

When is a vaccine required?

Kittens get some form of protection from the antibodies in the first milk but how long these last is unknown, therefore, there is a time where the kitten is not protected.  Kittens are given 2 or 3 bouts of vaccinations that start at around 6-8 weeks and end at around 16 weeks. A year later they are given a booster vaccine which then means that the cat only requires core vaccines every 3 years. However, an annual visit to the vet for a check up can help to identify other diseases which can be treated if caught early enough.

Possible side effects?

Following vaccinations it is common for cats to feel some soreness and they may seem lethargic for a couple of days. There is a possibility that they could have an allergic reaction which can result in swelling and hives, in some cases they can suffer with anaphylaxis. If you have any concerns then ask your veterinarian for advice.

Get those vaccinations done

A vaccination schedule that is created to suit your cat is important and will help to keep him well whilst giving you assurance that you are doing all you can to help him avoid as many diseases as possible.

Author Bio

Medicines4Pets are an online retailer of prescription pet medicines, pet supplies and accessories.