Guest Star: Juno – Call this an adventure?


Hi everyone,

Please find below a guest post from Juno who sadly passed away on 1st January 2015, but though she remains greatly missed her humorous take on life in Cardiff (and occasionally elsewhere) continues in her blog at In the following post she reflects on her experience of visiting the vet.

They seem to think that I am not listening and taking in everything they say on the phone… not using the V-word eh? Seems like my resident nazi sympathiser has a trip planned for me; but little do they know I saw the postcard (addressed to me!) about my annual health check and booster vaccination being due. “It will be an adventure” they say, while slyly referring on the phone to some “trip to Hull and back” or a similar phrase. Well, I have my own plans regarding this forthcoming adventure I can tell you. Firstly, I try the hiding thing,

Try hiding




… but I guess the whiskers against the plain door kind of gives the game away. Never mind, there is always Plan B…


Check paper





Looking busy, counting the number of sheets of photocopying paper in the box beneath the printer. Being helpful should do the trick… Damn, this wasn’t supposed to happen, where did this cage come from?

Not sure about this cage business


All that work in the office and I must have taken my eye off the ball, and the devious servant’s only gone and rubbed a couple of brain cells together and come up with their own plan. So, if this is going to be an adventure at least I can expect a luxury limo to match my regal status as I glide around town…

Parking space no limo



… Ok, so I own a parking space, but who nicked the motor?

It looks like it is going to be the bus again. All that rickety, bumpy stuff, with both ends of the human age range asking their inane questions like “what have you got in the basket? Can I see the cat?” I might be mild-mannered in appearance but why can’t the disobedient one just invite them to put their fingers in through the grill?

The devil's waiting room


So here we are at last, in the devil’s waiting room. They try to fool you with nice young ladies smiling and calling me by name, when I know all too well that this is where I get groped and prodded, a sharp spike in the back of the neck, and the ultimate indignity of providing an indelicate home for someone’s thermometer! Why can’t they just ask me what my temperature is?


Never seen a bus looking so good



After an interminable few hours (ok, minutes… but quite a few of them), with me desperate to get back into that cage that I originally never wanted anything to do with, we are heading for the door. Escape at last… never did a bus look so good.

Thankfully, ‘to Hull and back’ is only an annual ordeal, but while I suffer the indignity of missing out on the chance to recline in a stretch limo, licking my bits and waving a paw to my subjects on the streets, I can at least move to Plan R… revenge on my resident trickster who tried to con me into thinking this was going to be an adventure. I could show them what post-adventure trauma looks like… perhaps coughing up fur balls on that light coloured carpet; or even feigning post veterinary dementia by thinking the litter tray was behind the TV in the corner of the room.

What I do for poached salmon

I guess hell is a place we all have to go to once in a while so that home can look a little brighter as the evenings draw in and the darkness of winter looms ever closer. The things a cat has to do around here to get a few morsels of the poached salmon!

I am Juno, I have experienced the road to hull, but I am back. If this is adventure I will stick with my complex lifestyle of sleeping, eating and, well you know the rest… I will speak with you again soon.

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Cat Travel: Cats of Osaka – 大阪

Hi everyone,

Another post another city of Japan! Today’s post is for Osaka – while slightly smaller than Tokyo it sure is no less vibrant and of course we managed to meet another furry friend!


This sleeping beauty enjoyed the cuddles from all the bypassers and sure has the right idea to make herself a home in a Gyoza (Japanese dumplings as seen here) shop!

Unfortunately we didn’t get to see any other cats on this part of our holiday due to the fact that the weather was rather poor!



Oliver: A Dragon? A fly? A Kite! :D *includes Video*


Hi everyone,

Today we are looking at a new favourite toy of our two little mischievious cats It is a kite on a rod with Valerian filling.  This toy comes from our good friends over at 4Cats and the full range of toys can be found here.

The important thing to know with these toys is that not all cats go mad for the same “stuff”. Some cats go mad over valerian and some over catnip and of course there is the rare one that doesn’t like either one of the two. So next time you are buying a cat toy remember that valerian and catnip are two different plants that a lot of pet shops unfortunately use interchangable!

The substances that causes the ecstatic effect on our little friends are Nepetalactone and Actinidine.  On average between 50 and 70 percent of cats are attracted to this, which is why you may find that your own house tiger doesn’t go mad for it.

As with our previous look at toys it is always a good idea to supervise your cat while playing with them and ensure to take them away once you believe they have played with it enough. If you own more than one cat and they both love this toy you may even get them to play together with it like our two did! (YES we have video evidence. Which you can see below :D)

It is a good idea to put your valerian Kite toy away after use- To ensure it last longer always put it away in an airtight container AFTER it has dried out… Yes there was loads of cat slobber on this after the session in the video LOL.

And below you can see what Mr Oli has got to say about his new friend Mr. Kite! :)


Oliver: I see a tasty bird!!! :O


Oliver: Come here flying thingy…


Oliver: I got you!!!! Hmm…. this smells nice… <3


Oliver: What!!! Where do you think you are going! :O *Climbs up*


Oliver: You won’t escape me!


Oliver: Delicious feathers! :D

Oliver and the 4 cats Kite toy

Oliver: All mine!!!!

For more details about 4cats please visit their website by clicking here. (Available in both German and English)

4Cats toys are now available on our Katzenworld Online Shop btw! :)

We hope you enjoyed the post and are looking forward to more from your favourite kitties!



Purrsday Poetry: Artimus

Jazzy in branches

Hi everyone,

Please find below the latest entry in Purrsday Poetry by Andrea.


She hunkers on haunches
by the dishwasher
in studied readiness.
A woolly bowling pin
with ears.

They have rallied there — before
the remodel —
a brief respite to indoor spoils.

Her inner Artemis whispers —
be still.  They’ll convene in
time, tumbling through caution,
to catastrophe.

Andrea K. Perlow from

Jazzy in branches

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Angel’s Eyes: Mirror Mirror on the wall who is the prettiest of them all!

angel mirror story 2

Mirror mirror on my wall who is the prettiest cat in the whole wide world.

What why are you showing me another cat!

angel mirror story 3

Wait the other one is following me around…

Angel mirror story

Oh wait it s a reflection of me! I knew that I was the prettiest of all after all! :)

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Guest Post: Exploring the best water dispensers for cats

cat water 1

Hi everyone,

Today’s guest post comes from Tendai Matsika on the topic of exploring the best wate for cats.

cat water

Cats – amazing pets that are seemingly always up to some kind of mischief in their quest to get our undying attention. And boy, do we love   them for it. Arguably the best pet in the world (the writer has two cats, so this is a biased opinion), they need all the love they can get. So as they live super active lifestyles, when they’re not sleeping, our feline friends need to be kept hydrated.

Just like you, your cat’s health is affected by the quality of water it drinks. It may have nine lives, but still needs good quality H20 to gather all its energy and knock all artefacts it hates off the shelf, and stare at you without a care in the world. Therefore, you need to know the best water for cats, with these tips being the best way to identify it.

Would you drink it?

First and foremost, you should ask yourself if you would drink the water your cat drinks. If not, then you should probably not let your cat drink it either. Although cats have knack for bringing home questionable prey like sewer rats, water can contain bacteria and toxins that are harmful to your feline friend. While it’s impossible to stop your cat from drinking all sorts of water, the water you give it should be substantially better.

cat water 0

Do you trust your local water supply?

The quality of municipal water varies from region to region. Although you should generally trust it, some H20 has been found to contain traces of arsenic, lead, chemicals. These might not cause effects immediately, but they can lower your feline’s immune system, which can result in far deadlier disease affecting him/her. Always assess your water using testing kits, as they can detect any elements that aren’t supposed to be there.

How about distilled water?

There is a huge debate on whether humans should consume distilled water, and undoubtedly some would recommend it for animals. This is because many assume that it is purified, so there is no bacteria present. This is very true; distilled water is one of the highest purity around. However, its super purity also means that it doesn’t contain important minerals such as calcium and ions. So your cat will be hydrated, but still not get the minerals it needs to be healthy. What’s more, purified water can also leach those essential minerals from your cat’s system.

Spring water?

Spring water is good for everyone, including animals. However, it’s also costly, and if you’re not buying spring water for yourself, then dolling out cash for your cat can be costly and nonsensical.

cat water 1

Just filter your water

Water filters are arguably the most affordable and practical solution for safe drinking water. You can install one on your tap or drinking fountain, which means the entire family can enjoy clean H20. This includes your cat, who may be so impressed by the increased quality that it won’t decide to rip your toilet paper and decorate the entire bathroom with it – okay, this is highly unlikely. However, filtered water will have all the minerals needed and also be clean enough for your cat to drink and stay healthy.

Author Bio: Tendai Matsika is a writer for Drinking Water Fountains, and enjoys writing content discussing the benefits of drinking clean water. He believes that the same water humans drink should also be used to feed animals, and has written some articles on the topic.

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Tips & Tricks: Keeping pets safe during a heatwave by PDSA


Hi everyone,

Please find some important tips from the vets over at the PDSA team for the current heatwave. (At least we have one here in the UK :o)

Pets can’t tell us when they’re too hot or uncomfortable in their fur coats, so it’s important for us to ensure they remain happy and healthy in the heat.  PDSA Vet Vicki Larkham has put together ten top tips for pet owners:

hot weather cat 1

  1. Never leave pets in cars, conservatories or caravans. Not even for just a few minutes. Even on a cloudy day the temperature can rise very quickly, and you may end up being away for longer than you anticipated. Heatstroke can be fatal and every year we hear sad stories of pets that have died. For more information see the national campaign Dogs Die in Hot Cars.
  2. Provide plenty of fresh, clean water. Pets need constant access to this, so check bowls or bottles at least once a day and be on hand to provide plenty of refills.
  3. Exercise in the morning or evening. Just as we wouldn’t go for a walk under the midday sun with our coats on, we should keep our pets in the shade during the hottest part of the day too. Keep strenuous exercise to a minimum and give them free access to cool, indoor areas
  4. Check your rabbit for flystrike. This is a serious maggot infestation that can be fatal. During the summer rabbits should be checked underneath at least twice a day for fly eggs and dirt. Make sure to keep their underneath clean by wiping with a clean damp cloth.
  5. Provide plenty of shade. Not only is this important if your pet lives outdoors in an enclosure or a hutch, indoor cages should also be kept well away from the window to avoid long periods of direct sunlight. Don’t let your pet lie in direct sunlight for too long.
  6. Protect them with pet sunscreen. These are available from all good pet stores and can be used on areas of white fur or on pets with only a thin covering of hair. Protect vulnerable areas, such as the nose and, particularly for cats, the tips of the ears.
  7. Enjoy a tidy BBQ. AT PDSA we’ve often had to operate to remove skewers and corn on the cobs from dog’s stomachs– so always tidy up leftovers and rubbish. Remember not to give into those puppy dog eyes and skip the scraps to avoid upsetting your pet’s stomach. Along with the food, be mindful of your drinks. Alcohol can be particularly hazardous for pets and glass bottles or cups can be easily knocked over and smashed.
  8. Having your pet’s fur trimmed.  This is a great way to help prevent overheating.
  9. Take extra care when travelling. If you’re going away in the car, keep windows open – but not wide enough for pets to get through. Make regular water stops. Never let your dog put their head out of the car window and never leave them in a parked car.
  10. Watch out for overheating. The signs of heat stroke start with excessive panting and can progress to fatal collapse. Keep a sharp eye and keep your nearest vet’s phone number handy just in case.. If your pet does get too hot, wrap them in a cool damp towel, changing it regularly with a fresh damp one.

hot cat 2

Vicki said: “Many animals can struggle to keep cool in very hot weather – they can’t sweat like humans can and rely on panting to regulate their body temperature – so prolonged hot weather can be quite uncomfortable for our pets. By following PDSA’s summer safety tips owners can ensure our pets also have a safe and fun summer.”

PDSA is on a mission to educate the nation on pet wellbeing and is delighted that funding from players of People’s Postcode Lottery is helping the charity to continue this vital work. For more summer health advice for pets visit

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Photocredit: Pinterest

Happy #TRT – Tummy Rub Tuesday (Week 48)


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Morris joins us from Pounce to Life! :)

Say hello to Yuki! We have featured a story about his friends here and of course don’t forget to check out their blog! :)

Mr Laser Eye Kitty? That would be KitKat! More here. :)


Meet Lucy! More of her on Art is not for Sissies.

Meet Nicky! His mum has a big story to tell about him which you can find here.


These two cuties have been submitted by our Twitter friend Nina.

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Mews: Create Your Pet’s Very Own Online Profile with Webbox

care-cats Webbox website

Hi everyone,

Hope all is going well! We got some exciting news from our friends over at Webbox – They have launched their new website and allow all of us to create profiles for our little and large friends. :D The profile can be created during the first check-out on their revamped website.

Additionally they have put together a wealth of health and care tips for our friends on their website.

Lastly for those in the UK they are running loads of competitions and giveaways on their new website and social media so its worth checking them out. :)

cat-feeding-advice Webbox website

Following this weeks theme on cat health tips I would also like especially point out their important section on cat health      which contains many useful tips around taking care of your friend.

which-cat-is-right-for-you Webbox website

More Details below:

Leading pet food brand Webbox has invested in an all-new and exciting website this Spring and it has now gone live with great success so far.

Website Webbox 1

Due to the continued expansion of Webbox, one of the fastest growing pet food brands in the UK, a new website has been developed to give customers more of an insight into the products and the company behind it. The site has features such as the ‘Pet Care’ section for both cats and dogs, where people can find information on things such as ‘feeding’ and ‘training & behaviour’. As well as this, the ‘Pets on the Net’ area brings together highlights and updates of Webbox’s successful social media pages and includes exciting competitions such as #TopDog and the super successful #FreebieFriday.

Pet owners can create profiles for their pets by entering the breed, name, birthday, sex and favourite treat. With the popularity of Twitter and Facebook pages being created for pets increasing (nearly a million pet owners had done so as of 2014*), pet food manufacturer Webbox thought it would add a great personal touch to the site. Webbox have also added this feature so that in the future they can keep in touch with the furry friend and their pet parent.

Webbox FB screenshot 2

There are detailed descriptions (including nutritional breakdown and feeding guides) for the wealth of treats and complete pet food that Webbox manufacture and supply to enable customers to make an informed buying decision. Customers can also find information on stockists or can buy products direct from the site itself (in case quantities only).

Webbox FB screenshot 3

Julie Butcher, marketing manager at Webbox comments, “We are really pleased with the new website. Giving our customers easy access to information is very important to us and the new site is a great communication tool. With new products being developed all the time it’s important that we can let our customers know about these. People have been leaving very helpful and positive feedback on the site through Feefo, global feedback engine, which is great. The content on the ‘Pet Care’ page is evolving too so the aim is to have a really comprehensive guide for pet owners to refer to.”



Nubia: What am I supposed to do with this?


Hello everyone,

So my humans gave me this matt thing…


… and put it in front of me but I am not entirely sure what they expect me to do with this??? Surely they don’t want me to use that for sharpening my claws instead of the carpet?!?

Anyone has suggestions for me? :D

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Signed by



Her Meowjesty Queen Nubzilla the Disturber of Peace