Guest Star: HRH Princess Foo Foo


Hello everyone,

Today’s post is from Patty Ireland the “Humble Palace Assistant and human “mom” to Princess Foo Foo


Greetings from HRH Princess Foo Foo, whose full title, by the way, is Princess Foo Foo Anastasia Isabella Hobnobbery Vainglory the First, supreme monarch of the Kingdom of Purrsia. Her Furriness has overcome great odds to become a world leader, fashion trendsetter and brilliant military strategist. While she lived the life of purebred Purrsian luxury from kittenhood, she was sadly exiled to an animal shelter at the tender age of four. Luckily, the humans at the shelter recognized her royal status and immediately began working to assist Her Purrfectness in re-establishing her kingdom.

She is now enthroned at her summer palace located in Knoxville, Tennessee, USA, where her hobbies include the following: catching fake mice, attacking small insects, playing concertos on the piano in the wee hours, eating tuna/salmon, being groomed, watching “Animal Planet,” admiring her Royal Self in the mirror, kneading, purring, climbing on furniture (well, of course–it’s called FURniture, isn’t it?), ignoring those who wish her to pay attention to them, serving as a fashion icon, and offering wise political commentary. HRH Foo Foo wishes all lowly peasants across the land to know that, despite her royal purebred status, she respects the dignity of all her subjects, lowly and humble though they be! :)

A note from Foo Foo’s “mommy”: Thank you for sharing little Foo Foo’s story on your blog! Her original owner, an elderly lady who adopted her from a purebred Persian cattery when she was only 8 weeks old, had to go into assisted living and was forced to give her up. We were SO fortunate to be able to adopt her. She has been with us now for three months and is truly is a little princess.


Patty Ireland
Humble Palace Assistant and human “mom”

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And we hope you all are looking forward to more lovely photos and posts <3  @KatzenworldBlog

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Product Review: A pawsome cat cave by jerry’s


Hello Katzenworld!

This week, we have a review for you of a spectacular cat cave from jerry’s – a German company that produces quality, stylish cat beds. :)

The cave is available in white to perfectly fit in with your current interior decoration!


And here it is! (minus cat for a brief moment)

As you can see, it is a fairly big cave (59 x 35 x 36 cm) to ensure that larger cats or maybe TWO kitties can fit in the cave with no problem. :) All of their cat caves come with the jerry’s company logo on the left ear.

Let’s ask Oliver and Nubia what they thought of the cat cave…


Nubia: New cave! I want! This is mine~ Oli shall not have it!


Oliver: Soft pillow? Check. Large enough for Nubes and me? Check! (well… if I let her…) Cat ears on cat cave? Nya!? So cute!


Oli enjoying the view from the cave


Oliver: Sorry humans, I am otherwise occupied~




Right, it’s bed time now! I’m staying in here tonight. <3

Oliver is definitely the one that loved this new cat cave – or he bullied Nubia out of it!! Haha!

Here’s some information on the design and quality of the cat cave.

  • Made of good quality plastic to ensure it is easy to clean, suitable for indoor & outdoor and will be your cats favorite cave for years to come
  • All caves are made in Germany at highest quality, ensuring the utmost safety for your cat
  • The bottom of the cave has 4 air holes to ensure that it provides sufficient air flow at all times
  • The cave is heavy enough (approx. 2.4kg) to ensure that your cat can’t easily topple it over but light enough to move it when necessary
  • Modern and stylish design that will make this not just your cat’s cave, but also part of your interior decoration!

The cat cave is available directly from the manufacturer jerry’s on their online store by clicking here. They ship worldwide. :)

You can also purchase the cave through Amazon UK by clicking here.

The RRP for the cat cave is 79€ by itself, or 89€ for cat cave + cushion.

You just can’t compare them to cheaper look-alike caves. For starters, the jerry’s cave is much sturdier and features airholes – both points which many similar cat saves do not have! You and your cat will certainly have years of usage from this cave as it can be cleaned easily and there is no worry of the cat destroying it (well, you may need to replace the cushion eventually!). Remember, all jerry’s cat caves come with their green logo on the ear – do not fall for cheaper imitations.

For each cat cave sold, jerry’s donates 1€ to charities helping animals that are not as lucky as our own cats. They also donate their cat caves to charities in Germany – for example, the shelter in Berlin has quite a number of them – which thanks to the easy cleaning, helps cats and humans alike. :)

If you’d like to see more images of the caves, you can visit their main website (in German) by clicking here or their Facebook page by clicking here (English & German).

Thanks for reading and we hope you enjoyed our review as much as our kitties enjoyed writing it!





Mews: Storehouse the easy to use mobile story app includes unseen photos of Oliver ;)

iPhone screenshot

Hi everyone,

We were super lucky and got to try out the new Storehouse app.

The app was originally released on the iPad only and has just been re-released with an iPhone version to go alongside it!

You use the app to upload images and add text and tags to create your own story and publish it directly to storehouse.

For our test we created a quick Tummy Rub Tuesday story which you can find by clicking here and a new Oliver napping story by clicking here.

When I was first asked to review the app I was thinking right… Now this won’t be easy will it? But surprisingly it was very intuitive and easy to use!

You are able to add new photo and text elements directly from within the app. We simply chose some images and it was very easy to re-size and position the images through an easy drag and drop principle. :)

Additionally to our own story why not check out the slightly more pro super cute cat stories from other users of the Storehouse app below. ;D

And now the best news! The app is out TODAY as a FREE download by clicking here. :D

Please find below a quick tutorial on how to get your first story published:

Step 1: Choose your header photo! Just click on the photo and press “Import”


Step 2: Crop your image or add a header & subtitle.


Step 3: Using the buttons at the bottom add text, photos from your camera roll or take a NEW photo to use.


Step 4: Move, re-size or crop additional images. ^^


Step 5: Publish your life away! ;) And don’t forget to add tags so people can find your posts. :)


So iPad or iPhone why not head over to the appstore now to create your own story and share it with us in the comments section. :)

Please find more details below from Storehouse app creators:


Storehouse, Winner of Apple’s 2014 Design Award, Comes to iPhone  

Tell stories about your pets, family and life with photos and videos

San Francisco, CA. September 18, 2014 – Storehouse, the app that makes it easy to tell stories using photos and videos, today launches on iPhone. Hailed by Apple as one of the best designed apps in the world, Storehouse — which was previously only available on iPad — is available from today as a free download in the App Store.

Most photo services are the digital equivalent of throwing your photos into a shoebox in the closet, forcing your photos into a mishmosh of thumbnails. Most social apps, alternately, are about sharing individual moments, one photo at a time, rather than storytelling. Storehouse enables users to combine photos, videos, and words into a fluid layout and easily craft a narrative. It’s the ideal app for all kinds of content that people want to preserve, and for stories that require more than a single photo or video. With Storehouse for iPhone, people will be able to tell their stories as they happen.

Since launching on iPad earlier this year, Storehouse’s community of creators spans over 217 countries and territories — many of whom are using the app to document memories of their pets, children, travel adventures, weddings, crafts and recipes. Similarly, professional photographers, woodworkers, chefs, cartoonists, and fashion designers are using the platform to show off their work, and brands like National Geographic and GQ Magazine (Germany) have recently joined.

“The iPhone taught the world that everybody can be a photographer,” said Mark Kawano, co-founder and CEO of Storehouse, and former Design Evangelist at Apple. “With Storehouse for iPhone, we want to show how easy it can be to tell stories with all of the photos and videos they are taking.”

Storehouse iPhone Features Include:

  • Create and Share: Photos and videos for stories can be taken directly from within in the app, or uploaded from the iPhone camera roll, Dropbox, Instagram, or Flickr. Once published, stories can be shared to the web in a layout that looks perfect across any device.

  • Explore: Within the explore tab, users can view stories by category or search and discover stories with hashtags.

  • Home: The home tab features a feed of stories from people you follow, as well as the stories they have republished. Find and follow people you know on Storehouse via Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

  • Profile: The profile tab in the app shows your bio, your stories, and pieces by others that you have liked or republished. Profiles have also been added to the Storehouse website.

  • Hashtags and Notifications: Available for the first time across Storehouse apps, creators can now use hashtags to tag stories and make them discoverable on the explore tab. Additionally, the notifications tab will let users know when other people have commented on stories they have published, or if new users have followed them.

About Storehouse Media, Inc.

Storehouse, the award-winning app, let’s you share stories with your photos and videos. Winner of the 2014 Apple Design Award, Storehouse is currently available for iPad and iPhone, with plans to expand it’s creation tool to web in early 2014. With Storehouse, people can easily and elegantly combine video, photo, and text to create meaningful stories. Once published, Storehouse stories can be viewed by friends and followers or easily shared to the web in a fully responsive layout that looks perfect on any device. Based in San Francisco, Storehouse is backed by SherpaVentures, True Ventures, Lerer Ventures, SV Angel and Designer Fund. Learn more at or download the app here.

iPad Screenshot

Mews: I knead my mummy and other poems by kittens!

Hi everyone,

Hope you are having a perfect Thursday!

You may have heard already but today the latest book by Francesco Marciuliano is out here in the UK!

The book in question? It is:

i knead my mommy 2

We were lucky enough to get a copy for the release date and have to say it can only be described as cute overload!

It is packed full with cute little poems that will make you smile accompanied by…  of course KITTEN pictures. :D

The perfect book to have around when you need something to make you laugh and cheer up.

It is published by Virgin books and available in Hardback for £8.99. It can be purchased as Hardback or alternativelz as ebook directly from the publisher’s website by clicking here.

Please find below additional information by the publisher. :)

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any cuter …

The kittens of the world have decided to write a book. Of confessional poems, no less. From taking a bath in a bowl of milk to playing keep-away with your car keys and vanquishing the strange lumps at the end of the bed (sorry, turns out those were your toes), these kittens reveal their confused and curious little minds as they discover the world around them.

KITTENS MAY BE YOUNG (and wildly impulsive), but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a lot to say. The little felines in this book bare all in such classics as “And Then You Said ‘No,’” “Ode to a Lizard I Didn’t Know Is Also a Pet in This House,” and “I Will Save You.” Each poem in this collection reveals the truly adorable, irresistible, and completely neurotic nature of these little fur balls with claws.

About The Author

FRANCESCO MARCIULIANO is the author of the bestselling books I Could Pee on This and I Could Chew on This. He writes the internationally syndicated comic strip Sally Forth and the web-comic Medium Large. He was head writer for the Emmy Award–winning children’s series SeeMore’s Playhouse and has written for Smosh and the Onion News Network. He is on Twitter at @fmarciuliano.



Mews & Giveaway: LA Feline Film Festival

tada its bub small

Hi everyone,

Some of you may be aware of this already but if not here are some fantastic MEWS! :)

The Los Angeles Felie Film Festival is happening this coming weekend Sunday 21st of September from 1 to 10 pm!

Tickets start at $15, and are available online at for the festival at Christmas Tree Lane at Exposition Park in Los Angeles, Calif.

Please find below more details on what you can expect at the festival below. And there are some is a purrtastic giveaway goodybag at the bottom of this post that you don’t want to miss if you are based in the US! ;)

Lil Bub and Tara the Hero Cat Headline the La Film Festival
Popular Cat-Studded Event will Showcase the Internet’s Most Beloved Feline Videos and More

The Los Angeles Feline Film Festival, presented by planet-friendly pet products maker, Organikat, and the Walker Art Center. “Paw”sitively the premier event for all cat lovers, the LA Feline Film Festival will feature special appearances by renowned felines Lil Bub and Tara the Hero cat, a cat costume contest, feline-themed exhibits and vendors, and will close with a compilation of the web’s most watched cat videos on an 80-foot outdoor screen and much more.

Cat Fest Pic

“While cats have always been beloved pets for millions, they’ve reached a new height of pop-culture celebrity in recent years, thanks in large part to the plethora of adorable, entertaining, and downright hilarious videos created and shared by cat fans across the globe,” said Erik DeLeo, founder of Organikat. “We’re thrilled to showcase some of the world’s most famous felines at the LA Feline Film Festival, and give cat fanatics the opportunity to celebrate with these furry idols in person.”
The festival, which originated in Minneapolis and has been seen in various markets
nationwide, will offer Angelinos a “cat”prehensive experience featuring ABC’s Shark Tank success story Steve Gadlin, creator of “I Want To Draw a Cat For You,” as well as:

  • Crazy Cat Costume Contest
  • Celebrity cats
  • Live cat adoptions
  • Food trucks
  • Live music
  • Vendors including Windfall Natureceuticals, Rawr and Pamela Baron Designs
  • Beer tent
  • And more!

Attendees are encouraged to dress up in their favorite feline-inspired attire, and pet cats are welcome as long as they are comfortable with crowds and on a leash or in a carrier.

Cat Faces

Lil Bub, one of the world’s most famous felines, will be available for an exclusive meet and greet. Adopted by her “dude,” Mike Bridavsky, as the runt from a feral litter, the dwarf, polydactyl cat charmed the world with her unique “perma-kitten” features that stem from genetic mutations, including shortened legs and protruding tongue. Helping to raise awareness for specially-able and shelter cats, Lil Bub has garnered worldwide acclaim as an author, talk show host, movie star, and has helped raise more than $100,000 for animals in need.

BUB look small

Tara was labeled a “hero cat” by news outlets including CBS News and Good Morning America, after a video in which she chased a vicious dog attacking her 4-year-old owner went viral, reaching more than 16 million views in the first two days after it was uploaded. Tara will also be available for a meet and greet.


Sponsors of the LA Feline Film Festival include Swheat Scoop, Natural Balance, Pussy and Pooch and Modern Cat Magazine. A portion of proceeds will go to select animal rescues including NKLA, Stray Cat Alliance, Kitty Bungalow, Fix Nation and Milo’s Sanctuary which will be onsite with cats available for adoption.
Show organizers expect approximately 10,000 attendees.

The Internet Cat Video Festival is a project of the Walker Art Center, a nonprofit contemporary art center in Minneapolis, MN. The world’s first-ever Internet Cat Video Festival was conceived at the Walker in 2012 as a modest celebration to bring online communities together in the real world. Catvidfest became its own viral phenomenon, drawing more than 10,000 fans to the Walker’s Open Field green space and winning the attention of local, national, and international audiences and media. More than a collection of cute cat videos, Catvidfest is an embrace of an internet phenomena and experiment in transforming a solitary online viewing experience into a real world social event.

Organikat is a line of planet-friendly über-green items for pets including organic catnip items and eco-cat scratchers. Driven by a founding mission to provide only the best green products for animals, Organikat products are produced in a way that minimizes the impact on the environment, while providing the highest-quality of sustainable products to customers and their cherished pets. Additionally, all Organikat products are made in the USA. Committed to supporting healthy animals everywhere, five percent of Organikat’s after-tax profits are donated to pet adoption services, spaying/neutering efforts, and no-kill animal shelters. To learn more, visit

Organikat pic

Now what a shame that we are in London :( – we would have LOVED to go. But if one of you readers is in LA would you go and take some photos for us please :D?

And now to even MORE fantastic mews! One lucky reader based in the US has the chance to win an amazing goodybag from the sponsors of this fantastic festival!

The goodybag will contain: Organikat catnip toy, Feline Yogi toy, 2 vouchers for 14 lbs. of Swheat Scoop and a Modern Cat Magazine issue. All you need to do for YOUR chance to win this is enter our Giveaway by clicking here and completing the tasks to earn entries! The giveaway will be open until Saturday evening so hurry and spread the word about the festival! :D


Mews: Pizza Cats? Pizza Hut Japan has them!


Hi everyone,

We just came across these really cute and funny Pizza Cat adverts from Japan! A must watch! :)

It sure was an amazing idea of Pizza Hut to combine PIZZA with CATS as this covers probably about 99% of our population??? :D

The campaign sees the four-footed quartet – aka Tencho, Hime, Dora and Detch – running a Pizza Hut-inspired restaurant named Pizza Cats all by themselves.

Meet the cast of Pizza Hut Japan's new ad campaign...
These cats are running PIzza Hut now. Or at least they are in Japan. (Picture: Pizza Hut/YouTube)

We first meet them in the launch commercial – but there are now TWELVE of these featuring them showing off their restaurant-running talents. Do I dare to say I would like to hire them? Who wouldn’t a cuddly Pizza making gang at home!

Taking orders? Not a small task for cats!:

Oh and don’t forget the reports :O:

Floor cleaning Japanese style LOL:

And managing the flow of currency aka cash:

And moving things around!:

Of course after all this work the cats need to rest and tap into the power of the universe!:

The only thing missing is the cats actually SERVING a Pizza but we shall forgive them because of their cuteness.


Now where is our version for the western world! :O


Originally posted on the Metro here.

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Book Review: My Best Little Buddy

tiger on back

Hi everyone,

This time around we got to review a fantastic cat book by Tom Templeman.

The book in question? My Best Little Buddy 17 years of love & friendship with Tiger. And as you can see from the featured photo this goes perfectly hand in hand with today’s Tummy Rub Tuesday! :D

Tiger book cover

From start to finish this book drew me into the world of Tiger, his sister Sundae and not to forget their human family. :)

From the author himself about the book:

My Best Little Buddy  is a heartwarming story of 17 years of love & friendship with a little grey tabby cat named Tiger, who we found as a kitten abandoned in a park and quickly became my best little buddy. During those 17 years he was my best pal, playmate, protector, comic relief, comforter, and laptime snuggler. Tiger was full of goofy personality; he was everything I could ever ask for in a pet. To many of my friends and family, including me, Tiger often appeared to be more of a little person disguised in grey striped pajamas than a cat, who viewed life like a perennial five year old! This book is written from the heart, as I share special stories of Tiger over the years that brought laughter, love, tears, joy, comfort, and many, many great memories.

Do we agree with his statement? Yes, YES AND YEEEEEEESS. You can really tell that the author has put his whole heart into writing this book. Each story highlights the relationship of Tiger with the rest of their family. I think my own favorite little story was when little Tiger decided to become protector for Tom – but you shall hear no spoilers from us as to what lead to this. ;)

We were astonished to read that he had started writing the book less than 3 weeks after Tiger passed away, if it had been one of ours I am not sure if we would have had the strength to start writing a book at that point!

So if you are looking for a new book to read that includes heart warming stories, the things life throws into your way and cats full of mischief accompanied by cute photos when look no further! :)

To purchase the book or read more about the other and his book please click here. Additionally you can also find them on Facebook by clicking here (All photos were taken from here) or on Twitter by clicking here.

Also 20% of the profits from all sales will benefit Nashville Cat Rescue (Facebook link) so not just do you get a wonderful story to read but you are also helping other rescue kitties that were not as lucky as Tiger & Sundae! :)

tiger & sundae

Thanks for reading,



Oliver & Nubia: Happy #TRT – Tummy Rub Tuesday Latest photos + ongoing challenge! (Week 7)

Hi friends and followers!

You know it is a happy day when it is TUMMY RUB TUESDAY TIME! :D

Please share this wonderful day with your friends and let us get more entries for next week when ever before. :)

(To find out how to enter your own cats please scroll down to the bottom of the post or to make it easier for you leave a comment with a link to your photo!)

This weeks entries:


This is Rex from Caryl Beach whom you can meet here.


This lovely furfriend belongs to Kylee and you can find her blog by clicking here.


And meet Max from The Scratching Post Blog whom you can visit here.

And in case you missed last week’s entry please find these below!


This is Bette from Traces of the soul! Check them out here.

Dexter the cat

And this is Dexter from Veronica Grassi’s blog which you can visit here.

angels eyes

And last for this week is Angel’s Eyes whom you can visit on Facebook by clicking here.

Now we need ALL of you! You want to see your cat featured and join our fun blog roll? Follow the steps below. :D

All you need to do is post a photo or photo story of your furfriend on your own Blog and add your link onto our linky app by clicking on the below photo.

And to make it fair your cat photos don’t have to be a tummy shot we do understand that not all cats like showing off their belly! So any fun photo story will be fine but tummy ones will be even better :D

weekly photo challenge

Should clicking on the above photo not work click here to open the link widget or leave us a comment with your link to your entry! Should you not have an own blog you can even participate by sending us an email with your photo to – just let us know what you would like to have listed as source! :)

And on next weeks #TRT we will be posting photos with links back to all you guys in the weekly Tummy Rub Tuesday post!!!

Lil Miss Nubes would like to say thanks:


And not to forget Oliver!


For once again entering our #TRT. :)