Cat Travel: Cats of Nagasaki – 長崎市 Part 3


Hi everyone,

This is the last of our posts in the Nagasaki photos collection. In case you missed the kittens from last time these can be found here.

In our last section of Nagasaki photos we went to see Glover Garden which is a park built for the Scottish merchant Thomas Blake Glover who helped modernise Japan’s ship building and mining operations. More details on the park can be found on wikipedia.

As for the cats? They were guarding the entrance area!

This little one made us think of Oliver at home. :) I love black and white cats. <3

And another cat sunning herself on this early autumn day.

It was only when we were about to leave that we spotted this little kitten who seemed to belong to Mr(s) Tuxedo cat. :)

So how many different cats did you count in the photos? ;)

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Contest: Caption this by Kool Kitty toys Week 2

Week 2 - Dr. Watson (Kool Kitty Toys) Caption This___

Hi everyone,

Our friends over at Kool Kitty Toys are running a pawesome CAPTION THIS CONTEST!!! :) This is the week 2 comment contest!

To enter just leave a comment on this post and I will forward all our captions to them.

Winning Caption will get:
* 2 Kool Kitty Toys Stylus Pens
* 1 Kool Kitty Toys Magnet
* 1 Framed Autographed Copy of the Winning Caption
* 1 Kool Kitty Toys Shirt with Winning Caption Image / Picture

(All items will be shipped within 2 weeks after the end of the contest. Contest end date for week 2 is is 3rd of February 2015. However, the shirt will be shipped when they begin production. The winning caption will become property of Kool Kitty Toys, LLC.)

Heading/Title of the image will read “It’s a Kool Kitty World!!!”

Week 2 - Dr. Watson (Kool Kitty Toys) Caption This___

Caption Instructions:
Fill in the blank – What is our Kool Kitty  thinking, saying, or doing???
Make it funny or witty!!! (No rude or demeaning entries please)

The winner will be chosen across all of KoolKitty toys social media channels such as their Facebook page which you can find here.

We will of course keep you posted on who wins. :D

Now let’s show them that we can come up with the best caption!!!

P.S: For those of you who haven’t heard of Kool Kitty yet they are a Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business. They design, create, and manufacture pet products. Please check out last weeks post for more details about them.

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Guest Star: Cookie


Hi everyone,

Today’s guest post comes from Cookie:


My name is Cookie, and I’m a 5 year old domestic semi-long-haired (DSLH) fluffy lad.


The first two years of my life were very mixed: my first human after leaving my mum was an older gentleman, who although well intentioned couldn’t play with me as much as I wanted, so I spent a lot of time with a family down the road. When the old gentleman died, the family didn’t want me, so I went into a rescue center run a lovely but elderly lady, so also sadly died, and I was moved on to another rescue home. No human who came round wanted to take me home from there, so I was moved to yet another rescue center.


It was at that third rescue place that my human (Andy – CynicYorksman) found me and took me home, where I really enjoy the additional space and garden compared to the rescue places (even though I know they’re doing the best job they can).

My hobbies these days include sitting in the sun (windowsills are a favourite spot), patrolling the garden, hunting for rodents, and keeping Andy company when he works from home. My best toy is the little sparkly blue ball which smells of catnip.


During the winter, one of the best spots I’ve found is above the central heating boiler, where I can keep my paws and whiskers toasty and warm, which is what I recommend everyone does when it’s cold.


Thank you very much for reading and don’t forget to check out my dad’s Blog here,


We hope you enjoyed Cookie’s story and don’t forget if you too would like to publish your story send us an email to

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Mews: The top cat names in the USA – #1 is Oliver!

Hi everyone,

You may remember our post a few weeks back about the top cat names in the UK which you can find here. Well today we are looking at the top US names! These have been captured by Pets Best Insurance.


And Oliver is SOOOO proud of the outcome of this list! (Apparently he believes it is all thanks to him being popular! Let’s leave him that illusion ;) )

Pets Best Insurance Services, LLC, a leading U.S. pet insurance agency, released its annual list of the top 10 most popular names for pets enrolled with the agency in 2014.

While it’s typical to see a slight shift in pet names from year to year, the cat names of 2014 have seen significant changes this year. Six of the 10 most popular cat names are new to this year’s list.

Top 10 Cat Names of 2014
1. Oliver
2. Luna
3. Tigger
4. Milo
5. Max
6. Sophie
7. Shadow
8. Kitty
9. Lily
10. Jack

On the list of top cat names, Oliver jumped from sixth in 2013 to first place on this year’s list.

Pet names are often heavily influenced by pop culture, demonstrated in 2014 with the popularity of Luna. Social media sensation Luna the Fashion Kitty has her own fashion advice website and more than 1.3 million followers on Facebook. The name Kitty, made famous by pop singer Katy Perry’s beloved feline companion Kitty Purry debuted at number eight on the Pets Best list. The famed cat has been a theme of Perry’s international concert tours, and even has a perfume fragrance named after her.

Human names are also on the rise among pets.

“Pet owners often have a personal reason for choosing their pets’ names, which serves as an important part of developing a bond,” said Dr. Jack Stephens, founder and director of Pets Best. “Many Pets Best policyholders have unique names for their pets, but every year we see noticeable patterns of pets named after animals and celebrities experiencing nationwide attention.”

For more information about the agency and its plans, visit



Product Review: Forever Litter Tray for PetSafe® ScoopFree™ Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Nubia ScoopFree

Hi everyone,

A couple of months ago we reviewed the excellent Petsafe Scoop Free litter tray. One of the things which worried us was the disposal of the litter cartridge at the end of use (in our case every couple of weeks as we have 2 kitties). Although the idea of just taking the bottom tray and covering it with the supplied lid before throwing it away sounded convenient, it left us feeling a little bit guilty about adding to the amount of landfill. We also found that we had to tape the two parts of the box together to stop the crystals escaping on the way to the bin.

Nubia ScoopFree

If like us you’d like to reduce the amount of waste and don’t mind just a little bit of extra work, then there is an alternative; the Forever Litter Tray The Permanent Scoopfree Compatible Litter Tray.  We obtained the tray from Amazon UK where it’s priced at £49.95. The high quality plastic tray takes the place of the bottom cardboard box supplied in the usual cartridges. This gives a little bit more peace of mind when it comes to possible leakage. Firstly because it’s 100% waterproof but secondly because the tray does not twist when you pick it up. There is no lid because it’s not needed as you’ll see. Unlike the cardboard cartridges, the plastic litter tray does not have a hinged flap compartment at one end for the poop to be stored in. This was a bit worrying at first as I was wondering if the collected poop would come into contact with the underside of the Automated Litter Tray flap.  After using the tray, it became clear this was not a problem at all. This was mainly due to the fact that the plastic litter tray kit we received comes with two plastic flaps, one of which attaches to the hinged waste compartment cover increasing its height. The second flap is attached to the Forever Litter Tray itself and has the dual function of reducing the escape of litter odour and crystals from the back of the tray as they are raked in. Both flaps are very easy to fit and remove for cleaning if required. The absence of a cardboard flap on the tray also makes it easier to lift the waste compartment cover when you want to give the litter a quick stir to redistribute it evenly because there’s no need to reconnect anything to the magnets.


So what about crystals for use in the Forever Litter Tray? The producer of the tray has spent some time looking at suitable alternatives to that provided with the pre-filled cartridges. What they’ve found is that crystals are still the best type of litter to use but the size of the actual crystals is critical. As well as recommending certain brands of crystals, they have also produced their own brand; Just the Crystals® Premium Crystal Cat Litter. We used these crystals, which come in packs of two pre-measured 2kg bags (the ideal amount as recommended by the maker of the Forever Litter Tray) costing £17.98 from Amazon UK. After 2 weeks use, we found that we had the same odour free use and dehydrated poop as with the crystal supplied in the cartridges. To empty the tray it’s just a simple matter of removing as with the cartridge and just emptying into a bag for easy disposal. We gave our tray a quick clean with some cat safe disinfectant making sure it was dry before refilling with the crystals.


Our main reason for wanting to try the Forever Litter Tray was to reduce the amount of waste going into our bin. It certainly does this but also makes it a lot easier to dispose of waste as a bag of used litter can go in our regular kitchen bin while the cartridge had to be taken outside to a large bin. Using the compatible tray also has a positive impact on your finances.  A quick calculation shows that the use of the Forever Litter Tray offers significant cost savings. Based on Amazon’s UK website we worked out that for 6 months of use we could save over 20 GBP. This was based on 4 triple packs of cartridges (total £180) versus 1 Forever Litter Tray and 6 packs (each with 2 bags) of the Just the Crystals® Premium Crystal Cat Litter (total £158). As the litter tray is a one of cost each subsequent 6 months gives a saving of over  £70. In the future we’ll be looking at alternative crystals to see if more savings can be made.

You can find out more about the Forever Litter Tray on the company website by clicking here more info on the Just the Crystals® Premium Crystal Cat Litter can be found here.



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Angel’s Eyes: Watching the neighbors……

cat 1

I’m sorry I haven’t been around ,but I’ve been a little busy. I have been watching the neighbors. I know what you are thinking , but you can’t judge me until you have heard my story.

cat 4

Okay, I’ll tell you the story, but you have to promise not to judge me.. Okay here it goes… I was sitting on the bench and of course watching out the window at the neighbors. . You know what kind of thing your neighbors are doing. My neighbors are getting there mail and getting in and out of their cars or shoveling snow or something like that..

telling her story

Well, A Huge, Big dog comes in my yard and it was sniffing around outside where I play and I was getting very angry about this because you will not believe what that big dog did? He pee all over mom’s rose bushes! I started to Meowing, trying to get mom or someone to hear me, then I got Louder MEOW! This big dog heard me and even saw me through the door.

Getting mad at the dog

Well, The dog looked at me as I was calling for mom or someone to get this dog out of my yard and Oh my gosh, you will never believe it what I’m about to tell you but it is the truth. This bunny rabbit I’ve been seeing running around my yard hopped straight over to this big dog as fast as he could and scared the dog out of my yard..

cat 1

This rabbit is now my friend and I won’t ever chase this rabbit again. This dog now never comes into my yard because my friend the rabbit is always looking around the corner just a hop away keeping that big dog out of my play area.

watching the rabbit

Me and this rabbit have a understanding now and friends forever I just watch him through the window now and say hello.. So don’t judge anyone because they may surprise you one day.

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Giveaway – UK: The Purrfect & Pawesome box SECOND 2015 chance

Oliver on Purrfect box

Hello everyone,

We had an unbelievable amount of entries for last week’s competition and our winner for last week is: Heather – please check your inbox as we will need your address. ;)

Please congratulate her and we will let the Purrfect box team know to get this out to you asap!

But don’t worry we have 4 more chances for a fabulous box to go. :)

If you don’t know what  the Purrfect box is all about you can find our review of it here!

The rules are simple you need to be located in the UK – the box can only be shipped here partly due to export / import regulations (and it would help to own a cat or dog of course ;) ). Just pop your email address into our giveaway tool by clicking here and gain entries by doing any of the following (you can complete as many as you like to increase your chances of winning):

1. For Tweeting about the event through the GiveawayTool
2. Sign up for our new newsletter via mail chimp for extra chances. (Bonus chances even if you don’t use Social Media!!!)
3. Follow us or Purrfectbox on Twitter
4. Follow us on Pinterest
5. Follow us on Bloglovin
6. Make a comment stating you would like to enter and your email address on this post (for those that don’t use social media)

Please note that if you have already won in a previous Purrfect box giveaway you can’t re-enter this particular competition but there will be many more on our Blog to enter in 2015! :)

We will announce the previous week’s winner in the follow-up post in two weeks and will also send an update email to everyone who took part (You can opt out from this email after receiving the initial follow-up)! So remember to gain as many chances as possible until the 10th of February at 6pm. ;)

And if you would like to we would love to feature your Purrfect box unboxing story on our Blog!

So don’t forget to enter into the giveaway by clicking here and your cats soon will join the many other cats that already enjoy a subscription box:

purrfectbox december

This beautiful cat belongs to Gill – one of our previous winners! :)

purrfectbox december 3

As you can see… Very much enjoying the toys! :D


And of course there is Nubia catvestigating the box


And Oli contemplating what to play with first. :D

Let me know if you have any questions or comments! :)

And if you want to get your hands on a box now don’t forget you can order them on their website by clicking here.



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Billy The Time Cat: The food in my bowl!

Stealing food, hungry!

Stealing food, hungry!

In my first post of this year I told you about my diabetes and our rituals mom and I have. An other aspect of getting the diabetes under control was food. One thing I can tell you I ate amounts of food you could not believe, mom filled up my dry food and a few hours later it was empty. If mom left a bag with food open I was stealing food. A place with food was not save for me! That had to change in the future.

Not only the amount of food had to change, the food itself had to change. Not only did my mom left the VET with insulin, needles but she had new food with her special for diabetic cats. She had a bag of dry food and tins with wet food.


Now, as a cat or cat owner you can guess what happens next… me decided that I didn’t like it, now mom was standing there with her insulin and a cat that refused to eat the food.

Moms plan: Back to the old food and adding a small amount of the new food and every day more and more new food until all was new food. My plan: “Eating the old food, leaving the new food behind” I’m smarter then you mom.

Waiting for my box with food to open

Waiting for my box with food to open

Mom was getting desperate with me. Research on the internet got us to a Dutch site that is specialized in “diabetic cats”. Mom found there answers on food questions and diabetes. They advised her to give me “grain free” food, food with no or a minimum of carbohydrates. They have more proteins and fat. Mom found it logic because humans with diabetes need also less carbohydrates. She ordered it online and a miracle happened… I liked the food! They had also very tasty wet food, so a double win.

My mom learned also that she have to feed me this way: 2 big meals a day when I get my insulin and a smaller meal after four hours when the insulin is working at its best. The effect was impressive, insulin dropped after 2 months from 5 units to 3.5 units. Mom liked that a lot because how less insulin how smaller the chance to get a  to low sugar level. The pré-insulin level was lower, that was good news. My fur got shinier, I started to look better.

Duck arrived at my house!

Duck arrived at my house!

The above made her thinking what if she could cut all the carbohydrates out of my food? What would happen then? She found the answer in “BARF”. “BARF” stands for “Bones and Raw Food”. That means I had to learn to eat raw meat, bones, liver and other strange stuff. Mom learned her lesson well about me and new food. She took it slowly, first she changed the small meal in the afternoon. She learned to eat me chicken, liver, beef, chicken stomach (I love these), quail legs (Bones part), turkey.

OMC, first I wasn’t enthusiastic but I learned to love the meat, special when lamb was served for me. Mom got my also exotic meat like kangaroo, deer and once I got reindeer. All that meat has to be saved somewhere, so it started with one slide in the freezer, then a second slide and now I have the whole freezer. If my mom is lucky I allow her a slide in the summer to put some ice-cream in it.

Silvertje is eager to get his portion of raw food

Silvertje is eager to get his portion of raw food

Not only did I learn to eat raw food, my mom had also a bad influence on Silvertje my nephew. She learned him to eat raw. Now he only wants to eat raw meat, he refuses any kind of dry or wet food.

Now 3 cats are eating raw meat here. The results are amazing: my sugar level dropped more, my pré-insulin number is now under the levels where it can damage the kidneys. Everyone is amazed how shiny my fur is. The same goes for Amy (my sister) and Silvertje. I have to go less to the VET. So all good things. Mom did good to change the food. I hope you have questions about “BARF” after reading this article. If you have feel free to post them in the comments, we will answer them but mom and I will write article about BARF where we will go into the details.

Now I have to leave you it’s time for my exercise to keep me healthy.

Doing my workout!

Doing my workout!

You can follow me on:

My webblog or Facebook. I tweet and pinterest is funny.

See you next time,

Billy The Time Cat

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Book Review: Tigger – Memoirs of a Cosmopolitan Cat


Hi everyone,

Today we are looking at the book Tigger: Memoirs of a Cosmopolitan Cat by Susanne Haywood. The paperback version of the book will be released tomorrow (28th of Jan 2015) and to celebrate this the ebook will be on Sale for 5 days from this day!


The author did an amazing job at writing out of the perspective of Tigger as the true story of his adventures across the globe get unveiled. His journey starts of in Western Australia before he has to follow his family on a long long journey to the USA!

But that is only the start of the journey! His family moves to a few more places across the journey and us readers get to experience it through the eyes of Tigger a smart ginger tomcat as he conquers challenges and grows wiser and older with each step.

Over-all verdict?

We loved the book! There are not many authors that are as empathic as Susanne and manage to have such a strong bond with their cat companion that they can produce a truly convincing view from their companions perspective. And this style of writing is exactly what enthralls us cat lovers / owners as we are able to relate to our own companions and their adventures, at times it feels like she must have been crawling along the floor with her companion to be able to really capture the cat point of view. You will not want to put the book down until you are done. ;)

Also the author was so kind to give us a chapter for free! So please click here (Opens on our subdomain) for the PDF of chapter 17.

If you would like to get the book yourself it is available from:

Paperback directly from the Publisher here.
Amazon UK by clicking here.
Amazon US by clicking here.
Amazon DE by clicking here.

Update: For US readers this is also available through Barns & Nobles here.

More about the author:


Susanne Haywood grew up in Austria, married an Englishman and spent most of her married life in Australia and in the United States before settling in Southern England, which makes her as cosmopolitan as her cat Tigger, who accompanied the family on all their travels. After a career as teacher, university lecturer and higher education manager she now devotes her time to writing. Having won some recognition in Australia for her short stories, she embarked upon the memoirs of Tigger, the world-travelling cat. An Australian story and a World War II biographical novel are also in the pipeline. Susanne has three children and lives with her husband, a fluctuating number of their young people and an assortment of animals in West Sussex, England.

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Happy #TRT – Tummy Rub Tuesday (Week 26)

C3 Upsidedown

Hello everyone,

Welcome to our latest Tummy Rub Tuesday! Oh and we now have a weekly Newsletter form in place for which you can subscribe here to never miss a TRT again. :D

Please find the photos for everyone who entered this week below:

Billy the time cat

Meet Billy the Time cat who also often guest blogs for us. Visit him on his own blog here.

sonu singh

And this cutey is Sonu Singh in an adorable sleeping position and you can just about imagine him rolling over to fully expose his tummy! Meet him on his mum’s blog here.


And here is cinnamon. You may be able to spot more of her on Dave’s Blog here.


And meet Gorilla who is having a tummy rub session with Paddington the Bear! Their blog? You can find it here!

C3 Upsidedown

Now if this isn’t a cute upside down cat! Meet them here.


Sneakers and Jaspers can be met here.


And here is another great entry of Rhea and Co! Whom you can meet here.


Another beautiful upside down cat from Mara Eastern.

And in case you missed last weeks post click here to see the full list from last week!

Now we need ALL of you! You want to see your cat featured and join our fun blog roll? Follow the steps below. :D

All you need to do is post a photo or photo story of your furfriend on your own Blog and add your link onto our linky app by clicking here or by leaving a comment with a link back to your post.

Should you not have an own Blog you can even participate by sending us an email with your photo to – just let us know what you would like to have listed as source! :)

And to make it fair your cat photos don’t have to be a tummy shot we do understand that not all cats like showing off their belly! So any fun photo story will be fine but tummy ones will be even better :D

And on next weeks #TRT we will be posting photos with links back to all you guys in the weekly Tummy Rub Tuesday post!!!

A big thank you to all participants from all of us here at Katzenworld.

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