Katzenworld Cats in “Our Christmas Message”

Hi everyone,

While we’ve not had a chance to create a new cartoon strip with our now 5 cats big clowders our little ones thought it would still be worth to re-iterate our Christmas message! 🙂

As much as we all enjoy the festive season, sadly not all felines and humans have it as good as we do and that’s why our four would like to encourage everyone to share what they have with others.

Once again from our shop we have made a sizable amount of cat toy donations to charities this year in order to support charities that help to provide the so much needed services in rehoming pets without homes.




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6 thoughts on “Katzenworld Cats in “Our Christmas Message”

  1. Alix HUPEZ says:

    We out food outside everyday to the homeless cats. And my awful neighboor agressed us because we do that. He hates animals and said if we continue to do it and he see one of them he will kill them :'(

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