Tummy Rub Tuesday: Featuring Tipper, Remy, Snowcat, Tiggs, and More! Join the Fun Now!

Hello everyone,

Welcome to another week of Tummy Rub Tuesday!

The easiest way to enter is by sending them in via info@katzenworld.co.uk. Or just leave a comment with a link to the post / photo you’d like us to use on this blog post.

“Hello all TRT fans: This is Tipper. He is waiting for me to rub his belly. I am reading and hold a book in my Left hand, while I rub his tummy with my Right hand. When I turn the light out, within seconds he comes over and lies by my face and shoulder. He then Loudly Purrs US to sleep!!!” Sent in by Ken via email.

“Greetings, hoomans. I’m the Remycat. Remy, for short. My hooman forgot to put my name with my photos in TRT #486, so here is my reaction to his oversight, as well as a tableau of my attitude toward life in general, which is always good!” Sent in via email by Raymond.

“This is Snowcat. He got the name when he came into our lives in 2015 at roughly 3 years old. It was a brutal winter with lots of ice on the ground. He would climb up in a pine tree in our yard to stay out of the ice. One year later he had the run of the house along with Jordan and her two kittens, JJ and Oreo. He loves to be cuddled and likes to bump heads!” Mark – Sent in via email

“This is Tiggs. She loves head pets and showing off her bare tummy.” From Elaine from Tulsa, sent in via email.

Missed last weeks post? Why not check it out here.

Now we need ALL of you! Do you want to see your cat featured and join our fun blog roll? Follow the steps below. 😀

You can participate by sending us an email with your photo to info@katzenworld.co.uk – just let us know what you would like to have listed as source! 🙂

And to make it fair your cat photos don’t have to be a tummy shot we do understand that not all cats like showing off their belly! So any fun photo story will be fine but tummy ones will be even better 😀

And on next week’s #TRT we will be posting photos with links back to all you guys in the weekly Tummy Rub Tuesday post!!!

A big thank you to all participants from all of us here at Katzenworld.

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