Friday Art Cat: Art by Femke Hiemstra

interesting cat art

Hi everyone,

In todays Friday Art Cat seciton we are featuring art by Femke Hiemstra

About the artist:

Amsterdam based Femke Hiemstra is an internationally acclaimed painter who has exhibited worldwide several times over, including solo exhibitions at prestigious galleries such as Roq la Rue in Seattle and Merry Karnowsky in Los Angeles. Femke’s otherworldly works are inspired by her love of vintage toys, Little Golden Books, hand drawn typography and old encyclopedias. She creates her mixed media artwork using thin layers of acrylics, often topped off with coloured pencils or chalk. As well as paper, she likes to paint on found objects and unusual surfaces such as antique books or old wooden panels.Enjoy.


Surprise egg anyone :O?



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6 thoughts on “Friday Art Cat: Art by Femke Hiemstra

  1. Hangaku Gozen says:

    Is her work available for sale, either as originals or prints? I love the illustrations displayed here, especially the top one.

    Is the “Like” button broken? I haven’t been able to like this post either. The “loading” message just hangs in the air forever….

    • Marc-André says:

      She does have selections for sale on her own website. If she doesn’t have the one you’d like up it’s worth emailing her ->

      And aaaah maybe the recent WordPress update broke something. What device / browser are you using?

      • Hangaku Gozen says:

        I originally viewed this post on my Mac Air, using Chrome. (Not sure which update.) Later I read your reply on my iPhone using Safari, but same issue: no Like button, loading message rolling endlessly. I also wasn’t able to reply to you on the phone because WordPress kept asking me to sign in, which I was already. I’m still having issues with WordPress and my phone, so I’m wondering if the iPhone/Apple is blocking cookies now.

        This morning (US Pacific DST) I see the Likes and the button. So I guess it’s been fixed?

      • Willow Croft says:

        Yeah, for a long time the like button wasn’t working (back in New Mexico where I had terrible internet/no internet) and then it worked when I got to Kansas (with better internet) and it just this past week stopped working. Maybe it’s just the internet signal…?

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