Run Kitty Run…

Hi everyone,

As many of you know we love cat cafes so it comes at no surprise that we often visit Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium here in London! Not just was it London’s first but it’s literally around the corner from work. 🙂

The last time we went we were extremely lucky as we got to capture one of their cats using the Maclaw Wheel! 😀

The Maclaw Wheels are a great way to exercise your cats and Lady Dinah’s got them to make the iconic Lady Dinah’s version of their wheel for them. 🙂


I’d love to have the space at home for one of them!

Each one of them is made by hand here in the UK and once finished the manufacturer has their own Bengals test them for a whole day to ensure it’s ready for it’s new owner.


It was a lot of fun watching them use the wheel. 🙂


If you wish to visit the cats at Lady Dinah’s we would highly recommend booking a space beforehand! For health and safety of the cats only a certain amount of people is allowed to be in the cafe at any one point in time. 🙂

Where is the cafe? See the map below!

We hope you enjoyed our short story and will be back for more soon!



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