Infographic: 17 reasons to own a black cat

Look, it’s a mini-panther! That’s what most people say when they see a black cat.

But they also tend to think about something else. Something that’s been around since the middle ages. Something that’s not so good. And that something is superstition.

Black cats are plagued by them. Things like if that black cat crosses my path, I’ll get sick. Or if that black cat walks away from me, it will take with it all my luck. Or if a black cat lays by a sick person, it means they will soon die.

While most of us take these superstitions for what they are, silly urban legends, they still take a toll on black cats. Especially around Halloween, where animal shelters have to take extra precautions to protect black cats.

Enter Dave K., who runs the website sixcatsonedude. He is the proud parent of six rescue cats, three of them black. To help set the record straight about black cats, he put together a fun infographic on the 17 benefits of owning a black cat.

They cover everything from health, to love, to house chores and even how people view you. You can check out the 17 benefits of owning a black cat below:

17 Reasons To Own a Black Cat

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255 thoughts on “Infographic: 17 reasons to own a black cat

  1. mvaden1948 says:

    I was just picking a cobweb off Diavolo’s head yesterday. I don’t remember every seeing a cobweb on any other cat I’ve ever had the joy of sharing my life with.
    Black cats are amazingly loving.
    Thanks for this post, Marc.
    Michelle and Diavolo

  2. foguth says:

    Mr. M approves of this infographic and assured me that all seventeen points were totally true, but between you and me, I’ve never considered him to be a ninja…. reblogging this 😉

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      • Geraldine says:

        Ours was found in a car park as a 4 week old kitten and guess what? Nobody wanted her so the lady who found her contacted me and drove her to us. A distance of over 100 miles round trip. Tiki is gorgeous, a purring machine, was bottle fed (she had cat flu and was unable to eat solid food at that stage). She loves life, comfort, heat, adventures outdoors, catching mice and voles, half eating them and leaving the rest for me to clean up. I love black cats, my Dad’s cat, many, many years ago was also black and he was my introduction to cats. Thanks Marc, absolutely wonderful infographic (infoblackcathic).

  4. Timothy Price says:

    Black cats are really friendly, lovable and loyal. We currently have 4 black cats, but have always had at least one black cat over the years. I have never understood why people have prejudices against black cats.

      • Timothy Price says:

        We got Najar, our little black Night Fury, at the city’s shelter just after Christmas last year. I had told Spunk we get him a kitten for Christmas because our old kitties couldn’t play rough like he wanted to play.

        I got some cash for Christmas, so I went to a local private animal rescue to see if they had any kittens. They had one kitten, but volunteers were such snobbish, bitches that they wouldn’t even let look at the kitten they had. They give each person who wants to look at cats the third degree and since 1) I live in a rural area and 2) I already had 5 kitties, they decided I wasn’t eligible for one of their rescue cats because 1) it might get outside and an owl or coyote might attack it and 2) they said I had enough cats. I just walked out, shook their dust off my feet, took my $125 (the cost of adoption from that group), and went into Albuquerque to one of their shelters.

        The volunteer at the City’s shelter who showed us to the cattery told us a lot of cats had been adopted before Christmas, so there where not as many cats to choose from that day. There where still a good variety of kitties and it made me sad to think that they were in the shelter instead of loving homes — every one of them tugged at my heart when I looked at them. There only two black cats in the mix, both kittens, one really young and more of a charcoal gray (it was being adopted), and Najar, who was jet black, but she had been there for several days. Najar rolled, rubbed and purred for us. She was so soft and super sweet, that I was surprised no one had adopted her. She didn’t have to wait another minute, we told the volunteer we’d take Najar.

        The normal fee for adopting a kitten was $50, but since I was over 50 years old I got a senior discount, plus they had a black cat discount or something like that, so in the end I ended up paying only $10 to take Najar home.

        That was one of the best $10 I’ve ever spent as I got a super sweet black kitten, who was spayed, had all her shots, tested for FIV and other viruses, microchipped, and a follow up visit to my vet. What a deal! Najar has been such a blessing.

        • Marc-André says:

          Oh my this is such a beautiful story! And I don’t understand snobbish shelters… We had a similar experience with a local shelter before adopting Nubia!

          Btw. You wouldn’t happen to like to do a guest story on Najar with photos for the blog? 🙂 I think this would be a brilliant piece to share. ^^

        • Geraldine says:

          What a wonderful adoption story and snobbish shelters need to learn a few lessons. A good home, where a cat will be cared for and loved, is far more important than remaining in a shelter, day after day after day, with little chance of adoption, especially if it is that gorgeous colour, black.

          • Marc-André says:

            I totally agree about the shelters bit… Luckily there are loads of good ones but the ones that have “cats are more important than the humans taking them in” and make you feel like it you are worthless because they have gone all fanatic over that statement need to realise that humans have feelings and if someone wants to take in a cat you can’t make it too difficult… Otherwise people will just go to a pet shop instead. ;( /rant over lol

  5. Trisha says:

    #10 is so true! My mostly black cat Trouble is the only one of my cats that comes in with cobwebs and big tufts of fur stuck on his whiskers. And even before reading that black cats live longer, I had the feeling he’ll be around the longest.

  6. Melanie Noell Bernard says:

    That’s so sad that black cats are the least adopted color of cats! Why? They’re so pretty! I don’t have a black cat myself, but I wouldn’t hesitate to pick one up if I were in the market for another cat. Additionally, I have to agree. Who wouldn’t want to own a ninja?! That’d be AWESOME! :p

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  8. Dream it Alive says:

    I have one named Midnight…but he has earned the Purrfect Title of: “The Great Purr Beast” (GPB for short.) Also skilled in the Ninja arts. He is so big at 14.5 pounds…rarely meows..but eagerly gives out his strong but silent purr which one can feel if sitting beside him on the couch. We love him and this sister (dubbed “Princess, Miss Kitty, Little Lady…yea”

  9. amariesilver says:

    I’ll have to share that post on Facebook. I’ve owned four black cats in my life and they were the sweetest kitties ever…even nicer than my cat, Gwennie. Just don’t tell her I said that! ?

  10. scfjdqueenbeeedit says:

    I have 2 beautiful black cats, the Phantom Menace and Cherie. They are purrfect pets. Before that, I had another one named Charcoal, and he lived for 18 years, so I guess the infographic is true. 😀

  11. Asta Lamminen says:

    I totally agree with the post! I remember when I was a teenager we owned a black cat… he was absolutely gorgeous! I will never understand, how there can be such dumb people that actually think black cat brings bad luck. I just want to shake those people and remind them we don’t live in middle ages anymore!

  12. joanna says:

    Re: Black cat owners are more intelligent, does a black cat with four white paws count? Of course it does – but it does explain the occasional brain glitch. Re: black cat single women finding love – not so much. It must be the paws. Gotta dye those paws black.

    • Marc-André says:

      Haha. And yes white paws doesn’t make the cat white ;). It’s always funny when my two are lying down in a certain way and i am like who is the tuxedo of the two… 😀

  13. hinsmanj says:

    We have a 15 year old black cat and we recently brought her to the vet and they went on and on about how healthy and friendly she is! They said she had teeth of a 6-7 year old cat! You’d never guess she was an older cat.

    • Marc-André says:

      So it must be true! Glad to hear that ;). And yeah our vet is always impressed by the agility and health of our black kitty. She is super active despite being three pawed

  14. thesorceress444 says:

    Well..this was a great post…of course I’m partial to it because I am also owned by a black cat named Shadow…and she is the ring leader of my other 3 cats as well as the strays I bring in. She definitely cleans the cobwebs out of our cat shelter because she is like black lightning running all over the place and in every corner …I mean corners I didn’t even know existed.

    • Marc-André says:

      LOl. That does sound a lot like our Nubia. She will run at what feels like 300 miles an hour through the whole place. Her brother just looks up and probably goes “mad moments again. I better continue to sleep!”

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  16. natjtan says:

    Love this! I’ll add that black cats, like their panther cousins are actually tabbies! Look at a black cat’s coat in the right light, you can see their tabby stripes (my vet also says this!) and that black cats are crazy mad! Diesels 11 and still runs around like the a kitten!

  17. terrepruitt says:

    We have a black cat. She is beautiful and super silly! And as, Charles says, her fur is softer. To me her sister’s fur is really soft, but the black cat has SILKY fur. So, so, so silky!

      • Anarette says:

        I know, I ended up with three black Border Collie X siblings from the shelter for that reason. I adopted a female and found out after 7 months that two of her brothers were on death row in the shelter. So I fostered them with the intention to find a forever home for them, but at 7 months of age they were no longer considered cute and nobody wanted them. So, after a year of trying I adopted the brothers too. They were great dogs, eager to learn new things. It is sad that so many pets end up in the shelter unwanted.

        • Marc-André says:

          That’s so kind of you to take them in! I’m so glad that we don’t have a “death row” in uk shelters but it must be putting a huge strain on them. If only people wouldn’t be so superstitious about a colour… :/

  18. Sue says:

    I have two cats, one of which is black and he is a wonderful boy. He is called Uzi and he is very smart. He is very vocal and is a joy to be around. His brother, Naboo is wonderful too so I thought I would mention him!

  19. Mr Nothing says:

    Thank you for finding my post on There has always been an adulation in me for cats. The big ones which roam in the wilds of Africa and the smaller ones. In my book ‘beyond Cloudia’ I even write about a very evolved Caracal.
    You have a lovely blog and gorgeous cats!

  20. Maiden PEI says:

    Thanx for “Liking” my “It’s Been Just One of Those Days!” post on my “My Two “Sense”” blog. How did you come across it? I Didn’t think anyone would find me as I’ve only just set it up & am still learning how to get it out there. Glad you did, though! PS: From one Cat Lover to another…I love your Infographic!

  21. Cate says:

    Really enjoyed this! One of my black siblings was born grey, and then turned. His sister was born black, though I think she may be a little rusted, maybe because mom — I fostered the litter–was a tortie. In any case, they are marvelous for all the reasons you mention and more! Thanks for the educational and entertaining post.

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  23. My True North says:

    The only negative about black cats (and which goes along with their Ninja quality) is that they’re ever so much more dangerous if you’re averse to turning on the lights.

  24. maryellenwall says:

    I read about the black cats not being adopted and getting euthanized a couple years ago. In memory of Opus, Polly and Yeah-But of my childhood and my sister’s Inky-Reaches, all black, I went to the Human Society and said I wanted a black cat. They looked at me suspiciously until I explained. Half the cats there were black! One connected with me right away. Barto proves most of the points on your flowchart and is Mama’s best buddy. Brilliant!

  25. healy24yang says:

    I am owned by two black cats and they are the smartest, funniest, and sweetest critters – although they do have moments when they BOTH think that they are Moe Howard!

  26. Mersea says:

    I have a fluffy furry fat black cat and he is so funny! He is mute (sounds like static on the radio when he talks), he is a bit “cat challenged”, loves to play, has many endearing qualities like trying to figure out how to get in the middle of a blanket while it is hanging over the top of a chair or couch, loves to run into the kitchen which has wooden floors and slide and spin across the floor, just to name a few things we love about him. The other two cats have bookoo personality, too but in a totally different way!

    I was going to post a pic here but they won’t let me!

  27. Little Voice says:

    Well, this was just toooo fun. Not being a cat owner, it makes me want to go out and adopt a black cat, allergies be damned!
    Thanks for following my blog, and for sharing your love for cats of all makes and models.

    • Marc-André says:

      Thank you. ^^ and you are welcome. 🙂

      Also as for allergies. My best friend is highly allergic so she got a Russian blue cat as they don’t produce the same allergen as the rest of the cats. ;o

  28. Gradmama2011 says:

    great article…I have six cats, two black….one, Pearl, is small and all shiny black. The other is a giant Maine Coon, has a small patch of white under his chin. Pearls mother, also named Pearl and also coal black, was rescued by our grandson-in-law, a carpenter, who saw two kids tossing the tiny kitten back and forth…he stopped, yelled at the kids, and confiscated the kitten and took her home with him after work. My Pearl Junior has a brother named Toby, who is a regular grey tabby…he is one of the six. 🙂

  29. Eddie Two Hawks says:

    Black cat owner. She has out-lived 3 other cats. She is the sweetest by far
    and chose us when we were looking for one to take home from the shelter.
    This is a great post! Love your blog,, Eddie

  30. Sam Red says:

    My Blacky was formerly a street cat in East Jerusalem. He and his brother and sister are now living like two kings and a queen in Switzerland 🙂 They are my adorable triad. I’m crazy about cats 😉 Used to feed 17 street cats each day when I was in Jerusalem, and now volunteer at our local cat shelter on a weekly basis. Glad you visited my blog so I could find out about yours 🙂 Joyful greetings, Sam 🙂

  31. Laura (PA Pict) says:

    Two of the loveliest cats I have ever owned (or who owned me) were pure black cats. I had no idea they were least likely to be adopted. We just adopted a three legged cat and may be adopting him a buddy at some stage. Maybe we should pay particular attention to black cats.

  32. MeowLifestyle says:

    I’ve always wanted a black cat just because I wear more black than any other color. 🙂 A black tortie Persian is my dream dream cat!

  33. josie416 says:

    Hi Marc, thanks for liking my post on HB156/157/340!

    Reason 18 for black cats: For 5 years I work at Cat’s Cradle of the Shenandoah Valley ( I opened an adoption center. There I discovered that black cats are often of extra sweet temperament, along with the famous male yellow tabby. Who knew?

  34. vronlacroix says:

    Hello, it’s a shame that black cats are least likely to be adopted. Like all the creatures in superstition, they are very intelligent, and perceptive. Your mission is a grand one.

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  36. Rachel says:

    I love black cats have always had them and find them very living and very playful – like dogs they’ll chase ball and cuddle you every night x

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  38. LydiaA1614 says:

    Reblogged this on and commented:
    Being owned by a black cat myself, I can attest to every single one of these points – except maybe the one about single women becoming lucky in love with a black cat. I found my love long before Monkey came into our lives!

  39. controversialcook says:

    I love black cats. I think that are very elegant very much like black panthers. Mind you one can get a black cat and if would like to have it of another colour one could send it to the hairdresser and have its colour changed. For instance make it platinum blond like Marylyn Monroe. I think that this solution would particularly suit a young and vane female cat whishing to become a Hollywood superstar.

  40. Victoria says:

    I think everything in this infographic is spot on!
    I’ve had the pleasure to have been owned by two lovely black cats.
    Sadly, they have moved onto the next place in the universe, but not before spending MANY years with me. I remember them (Gypsy & Sly) vividly and fondly.

  41. Robin Richter says:

    I have 3 black kitties 2 that went to Rainbow Bridge Being a Witch ` hereditary Reclusive person who lives in seclusion or apart from society, often for religious meditation. I go out at night when its cold and find strays that are hungry and they almost always follow me home. I find homes for most and the unwanted ones are meant to be mine. They teach love, compassion, and TRUE LOYALTY <3 P.S ` I have 10 O:)

  42. Léa says:

    Great post! Alas, I don’t see a reblog button! such a waste…

    There have been thoughts in the old grey matter of adopting a little brother for the girls and black would be my first choice with a ginger second.There are two names bouncing in the air, Proust or Molière… Let’s face it, there are no free rides and all feline inhabitants must pull their own weight and contribute to the blog. There was one at the SPA in Port-la-Nouvelle, where Colette came from, alas a long hair doesn’t bode well with this human’s asthma. Of course both local SPA’s are bookmarked on the laptop.

    • Marc-André says:

      Ah because I’m on a business plan I don’t have a reblog button. They don’t feature that on this yet.

      However you should see a WordPress icon above the post content and in a floating button bar on the left of the post. Or if on a mobile device at the bottom of the post in a bar.

      This is a button that uses press it a .org feature to take a link and pull it into your own blog which will automatically quote part of my posts content with a link back so almost like a reblog. 🙂

  43. Grace, the Ultimate Cat Lover says:

    Yes, the “cleans hard to reach spaces” is a very useful features on black cats. Midnight will disappear and come back an hour later covered in dust bunnies and dirt.
    Reason #18 for having a black cat: Any clothes that you wear that is not a dark color will have beautiful black flecks showing all over the clothes, even after a wash.
    Midnight approves of this post.

  44. angelswhisper2011 says:

    I have two black siblings, Marc, they’re living with my mom and they are so special and have I already said that I am half black myself…MOL 😀 Pawkisses for a wonderful day 🙂 <3

    • Marc-André says:

      Ooooh I shall have to see some pictures of your siblings and show them to Nubia. 🙂

  45. jebusandandrea says:

    Ha! I used to tease my black kitties that they always looked a little dusty but I guess that really means my cleaning skills stink. I’d also tease my cats that have a lot of white areas that they turn yellow in spots they don’t lick. My boy tuxie had half a mustache and when he became a senior his mustache started to grow a little – more white fur started growing on the other side! Man, I want more cats now reminiscing, I’m only allowed two. If I win the lotto my hubby says I can have as many cats as I want.

      • kamilia says:

        I’ll be happy to do a story about her ! She was a gift from my grandpa ,we got her from a shelter ,unfortunately my grandpa passed away last month ,This cat means so much to me .
        I could write the whole story with some of her pictures ,I’ll send it to you so you can read it after I finish 🙂

        • Marc-André says:

          Oh. 🙁 so sorry to hear about your grandpa. That must make the bond with her so much more important. Looking forward to your story and I’m sure our readers will love to read it too! When you’ve finished it can you send it to ? 🙂

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  47. discerningcat says:

    I love this infographic!! Particularly the part about me looking slimmer next to my black cat! 🙂 I would love to contribute to your website if you are still accepting photos/ideas etc?

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