Infographic: 17 reasons to own a black cat

Look, it’s a mini-panther! That’s what most people say when they see a black cat.

But they also tend to think about something else. Something that’s been around since the middle ages. Something that’s not so good. And that something is superstition.

Black cats are plagued by them. Things like if that black cat crosses my path, I’ll get sick. Or if that black cat walks away from me, it will take with it all my luck. Or if a black cat lays by a sick person, it means they will soon die.

While most of us take these superstitions for what they are, silly urban legends, they still take a toll on black cats. Especially around Halloween, where animal shelters have to take extra precautions to protect black cats.

Enter Dave K., who runs the website sixcatsonedude. He is the proud parent of six rescue cats, three of them black. To help set the record straight about black cats, he put together a fun infographic on the 17 benefits of owning a black cat.

They cover everything from health, to love, to house chores and even how people view you. You can check out the 17 benefits of owning a black cat below:

17 Reasons To Own a Black Cat

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224 thoughts on “Infographic: 17 reasons to own a black cat

  1. I have two cats, one of which is black and he is a wonderful boy. He is called Uzi and he is very smart. He is very vocal and is a joy to be around. His brother, Naboo is wonderful too so I thought I would mention him!

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  2. Thank you for finding my post on There has always been an adulation in me for cats. The big ones which roam in the wilds of Africa and the smaller ones. In my book ‘beyond Cloudia’ I even write about a very evolved Caracal.
    You have a lovely blog and gorgeous cats!

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  3. Thanx for “Liking” my “It’s Been Just One of Those Days!” post on my “My Two “Sense”” blog. How did you come across it? I Didn’t think anyone would find me as I’ve only just set it up & am still learning how to get it out there. Glad you did, though! PS: From one Cat Lover to another…I love your Infographic!

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  4. Really enjoyed this! One of my black siblings was born grey, and then turned. His sister was born black, though I think she may be a little rusted, maybe because mom — I fostered the litter–was a tortie. In any case, they are marvelous for all the reasons you mention and more! Thanks for the educational and entertaining post.

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    1. Mine likes to zig zag between my legs when I walk through the house…. dangerous for an older young person such as I! Also have a black dog that likes to lay right behind my computer chair which makes it dangerous to get up from the chair and walk away. I use the tuck and roll technique but soon that won’t work because of age restrictions! 😀

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  5. I read about the black cats not being adopted and getting euthanized a couple years ago. In memory of Opus, Polly and Yeah-But of my childhood and my sister’s Inky-Reaches, all black, I went to the Human Society and said I wanted a black cat. They looked at me suspiciously until I explained. Half the cats there were black! One connected with me right away. Barto proves most of the points on your flowchart and is Mama’s best buddy. Brilliant!

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  6. I have a fluffy furry fat black cat and he is so funny! He is mute (sounds like static on the radio when he talks), he is a bit “cat challenged”, loves to play, has many endearing qualities like trying to figure out how to get in the middle of a blanket while it is hanging over the top of a chair or couch, loves to run into the kitchen which has wooden floors and slide and spin across the floor, just to name a few things we love about him. The other two cats have bookoo personality, too but in a totally different way!

    I was going to post a pic here but they won’t let me!

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  7. Well, this was just toooo fun. Not being a cat owner, it makes me want to go out and adopt a black cat, allergies be damned!
    Thanks for following my blog, and for sharing your love for cats of all makes and models.

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    1. Thank you. ^^ and you are welcome. 🙂

      Also as for allergies. My best friend is highly allergic so she got a Russian blue cat as they don’t produce the same allergen as the rest of the cats. ;o


  8. great article…I have six cats, two black….one, Pearl, is small and all shiny black. The other is a giant Maine Coon, has a small patch of white under his chin. Pearls mother, also named Pearl and also coal black, was rescued by our grandson-in-law, a carpenter, who saw two kids tossing the tiny kitten back and forth…he stopped, yelled at the kids, and confiscated the kitten and took her home with him after work. My Pearl Junior has a brother named Toby, who is a regular grey tabby…he is one of the six. 🙂

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    1. Yup my two Black cats only lurve me….
      One of my mates came round, and BlackJack game in after half an hour, jumped on a chair in the kitchen where Jim and I were gaming.
      BlackJack, then glared at me, then glared at Jim, and then glared at Jim’s car that was parked outside the kitchen window.
      That’s Cattish for:
      ‘You, put”
      “In that car”

      I also went through the routine of them asking me to open the front door when my mates were round, and for them then to refuse to go out, and look into the kitchen.

      It took a few weeks to work out, they were asking me to make sure the other stupid humans were sent out the door, not them.

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  9. My Blacky was formerly a street cat in East Jerusalem. He and his brother and sister are now living like two kings and a queen in Switzerland 🙂 They are my adorable triad. I’m crazy about cats 😉 Used to feed 17 street cats each day when I was in Jerusalem, and now volunteer at our local cat shelter on a weekly basis. Glad you visited my blog so I could find out about yours 🙂 Joyful greetings, Sam 🙂


  10. Two of the loveliest cats I have ever owned (or who owned me) were pure black cats. I had no idea they were least likely to be adopted. We just adopted a three legged cat and may be adopting him a buddy at some stage. Maybe we should pay particular attention to black cats.

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  11. Hi Marc, thanks for liking my post on HB156/157/340!

    Reason 18 for black cats: For 5 years I work at Cat’s Cradle of the Shenandoah Valley ( I opened an adoption center. There I discovered that black cats are often of extra sweet temperament, along with the famous male yellow tabby. Who knew?

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  12. Reblogged this on and commented:
    Being owned by a black cat myself, I can attest to every single one of these points – except maybe the one about single women becoming lucky in love with a black cat. I found my love long before Monkey came into our lives!

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  13. I love black cats. I think that are very elegant very much like black panthers. Mind you one can get a black cat and if would like to have it of another colour one could send it to the hairdresser and have its colour changed. For instance make it platinum blond like Marylyn Monroe. I think that this solution would particularly suit a young and vane female cat whishing to become a Hollywood superstar.

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  14. I think everything in this infographic is spot on!
    I’ve had the pleasure to have been owned by two lovely black cats.
    Sadly, they have moved onto the next place in the universe, but not before spending MANY years with me. I remember them (Gypsy & Sly) vividly and fondly.


  15. I have 3 black kitties 2 that went to Rainbow Bridge Being a Witch ` hereditary Reclusive person who lives in seclusion or apart from society, often for religious meditation. I go out at night when its cold and find strays that are hungry and they almost always follow me home. I find homes for most and the unwanted ones are meant to be mine. They teach love, compassion, and TRUE LOYALTY ❤ P.S ` I have 10 O:)


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