Oliver & Nubia: Oh my cat! It’s a Doppelgaenger! :O

Hi everyone,

Can you believe that this weird box arrived the other day containing a Doppelgaenger?!? I know right!!!


Nubia: This is a very suspicious box! It  SMELLS like cat before I even touch it…


Nubia: Hey Oli! What are you doing in there?

“Oliver”: Silence


Nubia: Uhm Oli you ok? You haven’t been rude to me yet!

“Oliver”: Silence again


Oliver: Are you going nuts Nubia? Who are you talking to in here

Nubia: WHAT! TWO Olivers? OMG my worst nightmare has come true!

Oliver: What are you… Hold on! What’s that!!!


Oliver: Hmmmmm. Do you think whoever he is – is ok? Seems a bit quiet! Very good looking cat tho!

Nubia: He looks like you…


Oliver: Sniff sniff. Doesn’t seem to have his own smell?


Oliver: I’ll be your friend!

Nubia: Be careful…


Oliver: Look he is harmless!


Oliver: I <3 my new little brother. 😀

Oliver: So what do you think of Mini-Me? 🙂 He was based on this photo:


Nubia: Apparently he was created by Budsies new service called Petsies! Budsies can make custom selfies, budsies and soon Petsies!

Prices start from $79 dollar for the selfies and can be shipped worldwide! 😀

Oliver: How our humans said that my Doppelgaenger was made extremely well and is a perfect memorable item of your pet companion.

Nubia: Or in my case scare me to death because I honestly thought I had a second mean brother now…

Oliver: Hey now I am not that mean! And you are the one that started chewing on my brothers Whiskers. ;(

Nubia: Well he DID look tasty… :p

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Signed by,

Her Meowjesty Queen Nubia the Destroyer of Peace
His Meowjesty King Oliver the Maker of Mischief

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86 thoughts on “Oliver & Nubia: Oh my cat! It’s a Doppelgaenger! :O

  1. lydiaA1614 says:

    Very clever. But Monkey’s canine sister would just rip it to shreds (because that’s what she does with stuffies, not what she would like to do with Monkey…..um, I don’t think! LOL Love Oliver and Nubia as always!

  2. angela1313 says:

    This would be great to show small children how to play nice with pets, among other things. I loved the slide show of the reactions.

  3. niasunset says:

    I love cats, you already know this dear Marc, but I also love to find new things/surprises/..etc. in here… the exciting wonder for what will be next, is always great. I am so happy now, after all my painful days… Beautiful cat, toy cat 🙂 Thank you, give million kisses to your lovely cats, Have a nice day, love, nia

  4. Melanie Noell Bernard says:

    Oh my goodness! This is adorable! It kind of reminds me of the My Twinn dolls that were popular when I was younger, but now it’s for pets! ^.^ I think this would be a great way to commemorate a pet, too.

  5. scfjdqueenbeeedit says:

    That’s terrific! 😀 Are you going to get a doppelganger of Nubia also? We were given a wooden cat covered with black velvet once in the 1980s, and our black cat walked up to it, inspected it suspiciously and carefully, and then raised the fur along his spine, fluffed out his tail, and hissed at it. The affrontery of that thing to be in his home…

    • Marc-André says:

      I’d love to get a Nubia too. 😀 they made this one for us before their actual go live date. So will have to order one now that it’s live 🙂

      And yes our two didn’t hiss but they were like what a new cat?!? Really!?

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  7. jamjet73 says:

    This is so cute and funny. I saw the picture on the right side of the page and thought, does one of those cars have white tape over it’s mouth. I pulled it up and saw it was not a real cat ! Funny stuff going on here, love it. =^..^=

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  9. Grace, the Ultimate Cat Lover says:

    Midnight would probably freak out and try to kill the Doppelganger – She does NOT LIKE other cats. Every time Shadow wants to come in for food she runs up to the door, hissing at him. He hisses right back at her. One time they met outside and ambushed each other. I don’t think the “Cat Mini-Me” would be a good idea with my two, or any cat with territorial issues.
    It’s a cute idea and would love to see other cat reactions to it. 🙂

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