Purrsday Poetry: The Furry Princess Fairy

The Furry Princess Fairy’s rarely seen:
She rises in the glory of the morn
And tiptoes pure as dreams are ever born
Upon an emerald lawn forever green.
The grasses kiss her toesies, each toe bean
And every dewdrop weeps, because, forlorn,
She glides above them, soft and dry, airbourne
As pansy petals…. and she’s never mean !

Her pure antennae whiskers rise above
Her magical magnificent demesne:
They listen to the other elves who glide
Invisibly around her. We know of
Just one most recent sighting and we lean
Towards heaven knowing that we’re near her pride.

Author notes

Recently a friend posted a remarkable photograph on Facebook, proving she really exists! She resembles a meowgnificent cat right in front of two silver dandelion flowers !

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3 thoughts on “Purrsday Poetry: The Furry Princess Fairy

  1. Purrsanthema says:

    Fang mew, Laureate Poet Purrfessor Langston Mughes, assistant to the Sublime Mews in Heaven Himzelf, Blaze Achew Panda-monium, authorizes their faithful servant here to say ! Stay safe and take care, and remember to watch your paws and tails.

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