Louis Catorze: A Cat Who Loves the Rain

What is your favorite type of weather?

(Photo used for illustration purposes and is not a photo of Louis Catorze)

Louis Catorze loves most weathers, but he is especially fond of the rain. Yes, I am fully aware of how weird this is. No, I cannot explain it, and observing him in the rain multiple times has done nothing to help clarify this.

When he hears thunder or rain, the little sod runs outside. He settles underneath the outdoor table and stays there for hours, listening to the rain falling around him. Sometimes, due to his body position, his rear end is sticking out from under the table, and he appears not to even notice as the rain drenches it. At other times, he comes out from underneath his shelter, allowing whole body to become saturated, then he comes indoors, rolls the water off onto the furniture or us, then goes back out to restart the process.

We don’t understand the appeal of the rain.

Perhaps there is something soothing about sitting in a thunderstorm and listening to the sound of the rain falling around him, whilst all the time remaining dry(ish) himself.

But the more likely explanation is that, as a black cat with vampire teeth, somehow Catorze feels at home in the horror film-esque setting of a stormy night. And, just like all horror film serial killers since the dawn of time, most of his kills take place during storms. In fact, if we see him rush out in the rain, we know that, the next morning, we will be gifted a soaking wet mouse or rat.

Here he is, in his favourite spot:

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