Keeping Your Pets Safe During the Holiday Season: Tips and Precautions

Discover how to keep your pets safe during the holiday season! From choosing the right Christmas tree to avoiding dangerous decorations, ensure a joyful and hazard-free celebration for everyone. provides veterinarian-approved tips and information to help you be a great pet parent. Visit their site for more holiday-friendly cat projects and feline-related topics.

Protecting Your Pet from Antifreeze Poisoning and Other Hidden Dangers at Home

As we head towards colder months, pet owners need to be vigilant against hidden dangers such as antifreeze, which is poisonous to cats. PDSA offers guidance on what to do in cases of suspected poisoning. Symptoms of antifreeze poisoning include increased thirst, vomiting, and lack of appetite, among others. It is also recommended to lock away dangerous chemicals and use cat-specific flea treatments. In case of suspected poisoning, stay calm, keep any packaging or information, and contact a vet immediately. For more information, visit PDSA’s website.

Might a cat be the cure for combating loneliness in older adults?

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Sandra McCune for the Society for Companion Animal Studies (SCAS) Cat owners know only too well about the joy that comes from living with their companion animal. Although close relationships have existed between people and pets for centuries, it’s only relatively recently that organisations such as the Society for Companion Animal Studies (SCAS) and others […]

5 Ways to Increase the Life and Quality of Life for Your Senior Pet

November is Senior Pet Month, and pet experts at TrustedHousesitters have teamed up with veterinary surgeon Pete Wedderburn to provide tips on increasing the life and quality of life for senior pets. From adapting their diet to providing mental stimulation, learn how to keep your pet healthy and happy in their golden years.

How to Keep Your Cat Happy in Winter

[Image source: Deposit photos] During winter, devoted cat owners might notice that their feline friends have less energy, eat more and just don’t seem as happy as they usually are in the warmer months. Like their human companions, pets can suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) meaning it’s a good time to be extra diligent […]

WSAVA Launches Second Edition of Essential Medicines List for Cats and Dogs

The World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA) has released the second edition of its Essential Medicines List for Cats and Dogs. This list supports companion animal veterinarians in accessing vital veterinary medicines, ensuring minimum standards of clinical practice. Developed by the WSAVA’s Therapeutics Guidelines Group, it aims to address global inequalities in drug accessibility and improve animal welfare.

He doesn’t have to work at all, he fools around and has a ball

Have you ever wondered about the most expensive personal item someone has purchased? For me, it’s not a fancy car or a luxurious home, but rather my cat’s medical bills. Meet Louis Catorze, the most expensive cat ever rescued, costing a staggering £12,000 in medical treatments. Life with him is like having a permanent hole in your purse, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Whiskers Fatigue & Other Conditions and How to Prevent Them With Wide and Elevated Bowls

Have you ever heard of the term Whisker Fatigue? “In basic terms, whisker fatigue is simply over-stimulation of the sensory system of the whiskers. What happens when the whiskers are touched too much, even if it is basic brushing against food and water dishes, is the cat’s brain gets an onslaught of sensory messages transmitted […]

Views of a Cat: If in doubt, go out!

Discover how one cat owner always knows where her cat goes, thanks to Aldi shoppers who keep spotting him in the supermarket. Meanwhile, find out why Louis Catorze prefers school fetes and sports days over his own garden. Do you know where your cat goes?

Animal abandonments hit THREE YEAR HIGH as RSPCA warns of ‘winter crisis’

Animal abandonment incidents have soared to a shocking three year high as the RSPCA warns that unwanted pets face a bleak winter. The animal welfare charity has today (22 November) released startling new statistics that show abandonments have been spiralling amid the ongoing cost of living crisis. Already this year, up to the end of […]

WSAVA Appoints Chief Learning and Development Officer and New Chairs for Clinical Committees

The World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA) has announced new chairs for its clinical committees and appointed its first Chief Learning and Development Officer (CLDO). The CLDO will lead efforts to provide high-quality continuing education to WSAVA’s global membership. The association also aims to set global standards for companion animal practice through its clinical committees and global guidelines.

Revealed: UK Households Spending over £600 to Keep Their Pets Warm When They’re at Work

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With household heating costing hundreds of pounds in gas this winter, data has shown there are more effective ways of keeping your pet warm and happy whilst you’re at work. Britain is a pet-obsessed nation, with over half (57%) of all households having a share of the nation’s 38 million registered domestic animals. The increase […]

Pets Boost Remote Workers’ Mental and Physical Health: Survey Reveals Benefits and Impact

Pets have a significant positive impact on the mental and physical health of remote workers, with 91% saying it improves their experience. Findings from a survey of over 2,000 users show how pets reduce work-related stress, improve work-life balance, and encourage healthy habits. TrustedHousesitters, a pet-sitting platform, conducted the survey and found that pets are crucial for remote workers, with 65% saying they wouldn’t consider a job without remote or hybrid options. Discover more about the role of pets in remote working at TrustedHousesitters.

Help Save Isla Animals: Support Their New Shelter and Rescue Efforts

Discover the heartbreaking story of Isla Animals Rescue, evicted from their shelter and in need of support to build a new home for abandoned animals. Learn how you can make a difference! #animalrescue #shelter #donate

Getting to know your cat: An Introduction to Feline Behaviour

Discover how well you truly know your feline companion with this SEO-optimized course. Uncover the reasons behind cat behavior and how to provide for their needs. Explore modules on ecology, communication, welfare, creating a cat-friendly home, and problem behaviors. Start your learning journey now!

Munchiecat: Cat Toys Crafted with Love and Passion | Sushi Collection for Feline Foodies

Attention all cat lovers! Discover the extraordinary world of Munchiecat and their captivating cat toys. Crafted with love and passion, these toys are safe, durable, and infused with organic catnip. Strengthen the bond with your feline companion and indulge them with the epitome of elegance, the “Sushi” plush toy collection. Explore the refined culinary experience and elevate playtime with these soft and durable treats. Munchiecat offers a range of designs inspired by Japanese snacks and treats. Embrace the joy of playtime and celebrate the beauty of feline companionship with Munchiecat!

European Pet Owners Willing to Spend €14.378 Billion on Pet Tech, According to New Research

New research reveals that European pet owners are willing to spend up to €158 per year on pet tech, with a total potential market value of €14.378 billion. Over 45% of Europeans believe that pet tech is the future of pet ownership, but 41% have cybersecurity concerns. The most popular concept pet tech product is a ‘pet nutrition scanner’, and the European pet tech market is expected to grow by 20.7% annually. Distrelec explores the world of pet tech and the preferences of European pet owners.

Bella & Duke Launch Festive Feasts and Pet-Friendly Advent Calendar for Christmas

Bella & Duke, the leading raw pet food company, has launched a festive range including advent calendars and meals for cats and dogs, made from natural ingredients. Discover more about their offerings at #petfood #Christmas

Tummy Rub Tuesday Week 472: Share Your Cat Photos for a Chance to be Featured on Our Blog

Hello everyone, Welcome to another week of Tummy Rub Tuesday! The easiest way to enter is by sending them in via Or just leave a comment with a link to the post / photo you’d like us to use on this blog post. “Here’s our cat Bebe. I rescued her 16 years ago when […]

Understanding and Managing Obesity in Cats: Causes, Risks, and Treatment

Learn about the prevalence of obesity in cats in the UK and the health risks associated with it. Discover how to assess your cat’s body condition and the factors that contribute to weight gain. Find out the importance of a gradual weight loss program and proper nutrition for cats.

Heroic Animals Honored with the PDSA Dickin Medal for Eight Decades

Learn about the heroic actions of animals honored with the PDSA Dickin Medal for their service in military conflicts over the past 80 years. From messenger pigeons to dogs, horses, and even a cat, these brave animals have shown conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. The PDSA Dickin Medal recognizes the vital role animals play in the war effort, and their unique skills that surpass those of humans and machines. Join PDSA in celebrating the 80th anniversary of this prestigious award.

Cat Owners in the UK Negatively Impacted by Rising Living Costs: Survey Reveals

A comprehensive survey reveals that rising living costs in the UK are negatively impacting cat owners, particularly younger, female, and less affluent individuals. Findings show that a significant number of owners rely on food banks and worry about meeting their cat’s needs in the future. The report also highlights concerns about affording necessities like cat food and vet bills. Cats Protection is addressing these challenges through support initiatives and partnerships with People’s Postcode Lottery.