Pet Responsibility – Your Child and Their Pet

If you have children at home, the chances are they are pretty keen on getting a pet. While pets can make a wonderful addition to the family, they also come with a big responsibility. Along with the fun and games, it’s important to consider the feeding, cleaning, and exercising responsibilities, and generally keeping the pet […]

Guest Star: Artie and his Friends

Hi everyone, Please find below a new guest story from Artie: This first photo is me getting ready for a good tummy rub. Today is laundry day and Miss Molly the Wiener Wolf is supposed to be helping Mum fold the clothes. Instead, she is getting ready to jump on my tummy before Mum gets […]

Spotlight on Science: Risk Factors for Road Traffic Accidents

This article first appeared on iCatCare here. We recognise that not all cats across the globe have outdoor access, and that in some parts of the world, it is not encouraged and, in some cases, time curfews are placed on when cats are allowed to have outdoor access. However, where outdoor access is allowed, it can be hugely beneficial to cats’ mental wellbeing as well as being an […]

The Eco-friendly Cat Litter Solution That Works!

Hi everyone, Today we are going to take a look at Natusan the eco-friendly cat litter solution. As part of our review, we have also managed to bag you a 50% discount code on your first order of a 10L bag of cat litter! Simply use KATZEN50 to get the discount. So what is Natusan […]

Purrsday Poetry: A Royal Gift from Prince Richard the Tiger Hearted, a Fine Tabby Indeed

“I know mew must be ill: you’re staying home For endless months now. Though I love mew here Mew make me feel there’s something strange to fear, Because mew hoomans have a need to roam. You’re fidgety and fussy: every hour Mew two are wandering here and there again. Your prince, I wonder where and […]

An Adorable Cat Named Sid

Back in 2009, I was living with my husband in the suburbs of Riga, Latvia. The year had started off badly for you since we lost our girl cat Cha-Cha in January. It too two heartbreaking months to realize that we need a furry face around the house to make us smile, It was in […]

2020 ‘The Six Stages of Cats’ Photography Competition Winner – Rosa Fay from the UK

Hi everyone, Every year iCatCare runs their popular photo competition. The 12 winners of these competitions always feature in the charity’s annual calendar. And over the next few weeks we will be sharing the stories of each of the winners here on the blog! This is our seven-year-old, deaf cat, Stevie. This was shot as […]

Pet Weddings: What you Should Know

If you’re planning on getting married, you might want to include your pets, or perhaps you’re dreaming of a double wedding. You could be considering yours, your future husband’s, or wife-to-be’s pets joining in holy matrimony at the same time you do. Why would you want your pets to get married? For a lot of […]

How to Detect Pet Adoption Scams

The following article is a contribution to our news site by David Lukić. The adoption of pets in recent years has been very high, as many people look to add to their families with a furry friend. However, wherever money is changing hands, it is likely that you will find plenty of scammers trying to […]

Happy #TRT – Tummy Rub Tuesday (Week 349)

Hello everyone, Welcome to another week of Tummy Rub Tuesday! The easiest way to enter is by sending them in via Or just leave a comment with a link to the post / photo you’d like us to use on this blog post. “Here’s a picture of Benji’s beautiful tummy for TRT.” Sent in […]

Understanding Food Anxiety in Cats

Many cats that eat dry food have been known to vomit up dry food after they have eaten. It may seem unusual to their owners but fortunately, there are some common reasons why this happens. It is always best to observe a cat’s actions during and after eating. A cat’s behavior always varies and there […]

Cat Charity Celebrates Remarkable Lockdown Success

At the start of National Pet Month, Cats Protection is celebrating the first anniversary of a pioneering online adoption process that was launched in response to the lockdown and has rehomed over 20,000 cats around the UK cats to date. Susie Pritchard, Cats Protection Head of Ops, said: “We worked incredibly hard to get Hands-Free […]

Healing Solutions for Pet Loss: Goodbye is Not Forever

New Book a Vital, Dignified “Road Map” to Understanding Pet Loss Grief Written from the heart and wisdom of Hypnotist  Kenda Summers, ‘Healing Solutions for Pet Loss: Goodbye Is Not Forever ~ The Road Map to Finding Love and Light Again’ brings clarity and solace to one of life’s most difficult events. It’s a complete […]

Purr-fect Cat Lover Destinations For The Feline-Obsessed

When you fall in love with cats, they quickly become the centre of your life. Everything you do in your life revolves around them – including, incidentally, travel. Taking your cat abroad with you is a hassle because of quarantine. But it’s also totally worth it if you have the time, space and money. Plus, […]

Advice: Is My Cat Overweight?

This article first appeared on ProtectaPet here. If you’re concerned about your cat piling on the pounds, then we’ll show you how to identify if there is a problem, and what to do to get your feline healthy and in tip top condition. HOW CAN I TELL IF MY CAT IS TOO FAT? Body Condition […]

Guest Star: Tayo Feline Gigalo & Obiwan Kenobi

Hi everyone, Please find below a guest story from Trish: Dear Fellow Committed Cat Lovers, We are blessed to have three children and they love tummy rubs EVERY moment they are awake every day – when not demanding we throw mice for them to fetch. I am a totally and permanently impaired (enabled disabled) veteran […]

Mayhew Announces Leadership Change and Boost for International Animal Welfare Programme

After 18 years with Mayhew, CEO Caroline Yates has stepped down as CEO to take up an internationally focused role within the animal welfare charity. Effective today, Howard Bridges has joined Mayhew as Interim CEO, bringing a vast amount of experience from the various senior and CEO roles he has held at animal welfare and veterinary […]

How to Help Your Pets with Post Lockdown Anxiety

Hi everyone, With the end of lockdown insight here in the UK we thought it would be a good idea to draw attention to how to help our pets with the end of lockdown anxiety. Let’s face it while we humans are very much looking forward to leaving the house a bit more once again, […]

Purrsday Poetry: Feline

Hi everyone, Please find below the latest entry in our Purrsday Poetry section by Kim M. Russell: Feline Orbs of honeyed trust glow in the darkness at the end of the bed, incandescent torches searching in the night for human heat. In the morning, after breakfast and a treat, blue-eyed companion relinquished for the day, […]

Guest Star Cat: Meet Juno, The Klepto Kat

Meet Juno “the Klepto Kat,” a domestic short hair, black and white tuxedo girl. Discovered and fostered in West Los Angeles, CA, from a feral litter of five, she found her fur-ever home in 2015 at the residence in the Geston’s in Carpinteria CA. Born in early May, Cinco De Mayo, 5/5/15 was chosen as […]

2020 ‘The Six Stages of Cats’ Photography Competition Winner – Cate Madgwick from the UK

Hi everyone, Every year iCatCare runs their popular photo competition. The 12 winners of these competitions always feature in the charity’s annual calendar. And over the next few weeks we will be sharing the stories of each of the winners here on the blog! This was taken in one of the boarders in my walled […]

Lockdown is stressing out Cats and Causing More Urinary Problems

Vets have reported seeing a 39% rise in cats with urinary problems during the pandemic compared to 2019. Our new routines are apparently to blame. The rise in the number of cats with urinary problems has been linked to increased levels of stress caused by changes in our routines. Cats get stressed by lockdown too! Elisabete Capitao, Vet and Vet Marketing Manager at Royal […]

Dermot O’Leary Joins Cats Protection for Exclusive Video Event

Cats Protection invites children to an exclusive virtual event with author and TV presenter Dermot O’Leary Thursday 8th April at 4pm, YouTube Live, Facebook Premiere and on To celebrate the launch of his latest book in the exciting Toto the Ninja Cat series, Dermot O’Leary will be taking part in a video conversation with […]

Happy #TRT – Tummy Rub Tuesday (Week 348)

Hello everyone, Welcome to another week of Tummy Rub Tuesday! The easiest way to enter is by sending them in via Or just leave a comment with a link to the post / photo you’d like us to use on this blog post. “Obiwan Kenobi, our blue Burmese, 7 yo He is known as […]

Cat Gadgets: Gizmos That Are Totally the Cat’s Meow

We love to pamper our pets. While spending as much time bonding with them is of utmost importance, there will come a time when you will need a helping hand. Your adorable little kitty may seem all cute and harmless when in fact, they are a bunch of adorable well-adapted, meat-loving hunters that crave a […]

Why you Should Visit a Japanese Cat Cafe

Thanks to Japan’s relative isolation from other countries, the Japanese have managed to create a distinctive and unparalleled culture for themselves. This is a country which sells everything from shoes to umbrellas out of vending machines, has three separate alphabets (kanji, hiragana and katakana) and where KFC is the nation’s favourite Christmas dinner. These are […]

Guest Star Cat: I Am Thor, The Lion!

Hi everyone, Please find below a guest post from Grannymoon and Thor: Hello, I am Thor. I am three years old and 15 lbs. I am a big boy, part Maine Coon and part lion. Mom says I get very matted so sometimes she takes me to the groomer for a haircut and a shave! She […]

Spotlight on Science: Pheromone use in Multi-Species Homes

This article first appeared on iCatCare here. For this week’s Spotlight on Science, iCatCare’s Elizabeth Waring reviews a paper published in the summer that doesn’t just focus on cats, but dogs too! Many cats share their homes with dogs but there is very little research into cat-dog relationships and how we can improve them. Fortunately […]

Cats in the Royal Society of British Artists

Royal Society of British Artists Annual Exhibition The Royal Society of British Artists boasts just over one hundred of the UK’s top painters, sculptors and printmakers as members, all possessing the highest levels of skill in their chosen styles and media. This year the exhibition includes a collection of work depicting cats, one of the […]

Guest Star Cat: Lei Lei

Hi everyone, Please find below a guest story by Thomas S. about LeiLei: Lei Lei is a 16 year old rescue, she was only a few days old, when she opened her eyes I knew she was going to be part of the family for a long time. She was born on Hawaiian homestead lands, […]

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