There is Still Time to Get Your Paws on the Early Bird Offer for This Automatic Cat Toilet!

Hi everyone, Most of you are probably in the same boat as ourselves. The daily cleaning of the cat toilet becoming a horrible chore that you could do without! Because lets face it we all would like more time to cuddle our fluffballs instead of cleaning up after them right? This is where Pluto comes […]

Happy #TRT – Tummy Rub Tuesday (Week 364)

Hello everyone, Welcome to another week of Tummy Rub Tuesday! The easiest way to enter is by sending them in via Or just leave a comment with a link to the post / photo you’d like us to use on this blog post. “Here is another photo of Sophie perfecting her tummy rub with […]

Pet Insurance Provider Uncovers Lockdown Rise in ‘Foreign’ Object Swallowing

Markerstudy Broking’s Purely Pets, a leading UK pet insurance specialist, has called on owners to make sure their pets are properly protected – after uncovering an increase in the number of cats and dogs swallowing objects that they really shouldn’t have during lockdown. Statistics for a period of lockdown (April 2020-March 2021) show a 44% surge […]

Young Instagrammers Urged to post animal pics in RSPCA’s popular photo competition

It’s the holidays so get snapping! This social media category in the RSPCA’s Young Photographer Awards challenges 13-18s to upload animal photos to their Instagram feeds Young people on Instagram are being challenged to post their favourite animal snaps this summer for the RSPCA Young Photographer Awards 2021. The RSPCA’s Instagram photo category is now […]

First UK Live Cat Show Post Lockdown! Marks 150 Years of UK Cat Shows

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Tickets are Selling Fast for the First Cat Show Post Lockdown LCWW Group (formerly LondonCats) is back in full force and celebrating the 150th Anniversary of the first Cat Show, which took place at Crystal Palace in 1871! (Scottish Fold, Jack the Ripper) LCWW Group’s Cat Extravaganza is back with its International Show and all […]

Yoga Twins don Dino Gear to Raise Cash for Cats

Twin sisters Leanne Sternalski-Goodman and Daniella Sternalski-Gobey will brave searing temperatures dressed as dinosaurs for a livestreamed yoga session to raise cash for cats in need. The 35-year-olds were inspired by Ralph the Rex, a Facebook page where people dress up in dinosaur costumes and do funny activities, and have previously completed a dino dance-off […]

Your Summer Garden Could be TOXIC to Your Pets, Experts Reveal

With summer officially here, many people have put their gardening gloves on. However, although pretty, some summer blooms are dangerous to pets. Subsequently, owners need to be careful of what plants are brought into the garden. With that in mind, the creative community hub at sought to find out the most toxic summer plants pet owners should avoid […]

RSPCA and Fire Services Rescue a Young cat Stuck 25ft up a Tree in Sussex

The cat is now in the care of the RSPCA The RSPCA and fire services rescued a young cat which was stuck in a tree about 25ft high. Animal Rescue Officer (ARO) Julie Parsons attended on Sunday (6 June) in Upper Hollingdean Road, Brighton, along with the fire services after reports that a cat had […]

Chief Executive of Cats Protection to Lead Global Animal Organisation

Cats Protection’s Chief Executive, James Yeates has announced he is leaving Cats Protection after three years to start an exciting new role as CEO of the World Federation for Animals. James has been at the UK’s leading cat welfare charity since August 2018. During that time, he has boosted and articulated the charity’s ambition for cats, […]

Purrsday Poetry: Quechee

Hi everyone, Today’s Purrsday Poetry post comes from Flavia Rocha Loures. Quechee / by Flavia Rocha Loures Wild Child in shambles you came to me bleeding, small and thin imperfectly mended looking so fragile weak Wonder Cat-Thunder little did I know of your strength bravery, passion for life even as you struggled with the burdens […]

Kitten Found Inside a Backpack in Hull is Reunited With Her Owner

The poor kitten had escaped from her home earlier in the week A kitten who was suffering from a concussion when she was found inside a backpack in some bushes in Hull has been reunited with her worried owner. Tilly had gone missing from her home in Jipdane, Hull, on Wednesday 23 June, and her […]

Street Cat Bob Immortalised in Islington Green

In July 2021, a new statue was unveiled in Islington Green, London, celebrating the life and legacy of the one and only Street Cat Bob. The foundry bronze statue of the inspirational feline was crowd funded by supporters across the globe to share his story of hope and that no one is alone. The world-famous […]

Update from Street Cats of Vis

It’s rough living on a small Croatian island, especially if you’re a cat. Resources are limited even for humans, so you can imagine the challenges animals face. But we do have some good news! After 20 years of doing without, Vis finally got a vet in May of this year. The clinic is only open […]

Cat Book Mews: Zombies Don’t Eat Catnip

Have you ever wondered what the house cats are thinking during the Zombie Apocalypse? Because Clutch the Calico has a lot to say about her humans and their survival skills (or complete lack thereof). It’s Cats VS Zombies in the cute and sarcastic world of Zombies Don’t Eat Catnip! Excerpt: It’s been less than a […]

Happy #TRT – Tummy Rub Tuesday (Week 363)

Hello everyone, Welcome to another week of Tummy Rub Tuesday! The easiest way to enter is by sending them in via Or just leave a comment with a link to the post / photo you’d like us to use on this blog post. “Hi my name is muis, i live in Capetown, South Africa […]

PDSA Vets Walk Over 2,000 Miles to Raise Money for Charity

Two dedicated teams in Liverpool have completed the challenge to raise vital funds Twenty-eight staff members from Huyton and Kirkdale PDSA Pet Hospitals have walked the distance between all of the charity’s 48 hospitals – approximately 2,076 miles – to raise money for pets in need. Vet Helen Allwood from Huyton PDSA, The Thomas Williams […]

3 Health Complications Your Cat Can Get From Fleas And Ticks

Cats are incredible companions that offer unconditional love to their caregivers. In most cases, they aren’t referred to as merely pets but part of an owner’s family. In that case, the keepers always strive to offer better care for their feline. However, tick and flea infestations are common with these pets. Most people may believe […]

Keep Your Pets Cool as Life Returns to Normal

Heatwave warning to pet owners ahead of Freedom Day (19 July) in England The RSPCA is urging pet owners to keep their pets cool and safe as the weather hots up and lockdown ends. Temperatures are due to climb this week and the animal welfare charity is issuing a reminder to pet owners to keep […]

National Animal Welfare Trust Celebrates 50th Anniversary

One of the UK’s leading animal rehoming charities, the National Animal Welfare Trust (NAWT), celebrates its 50th anniversary this summer. Picture from 1970s To mark the occasion, NAWT is running several celebratory events in August (see listing below) Other plans include a public release of a specially-commissioned video and a series of photos which show the […]

Cat’s Leg ‘Hanging Off’ After Spending Over a Week Caught by Illegal Gin Trap

Please note that this article contains images might be upsetting to some! Gin traps have been illegal to set in the UK since 1958 – but a cat in Pembrokeshire was left with serious injuries by one of the devices. The feral tabby cat was found by a member of the public in Stepaside village […]

Five Ways to Keep Your Furry Friends Safe During the Heatwave

With temperatures soaring, and the mercury predicted to rise further this weekend, Brits across the country are planning how to make the most of the warm weather – but a leading UK vet charity has issued a warning for pet owners in this sweltering weather. According to PDSA Vet, Lynne James, heatstroke can unfortunately be […]

Is Your Cat Stressed? @vitalpetclub

The following advice has been put together by @vitalpetclub Unfortunately, cats can be very pernickety creatures, which means that lots of different things can make them worry. Changes to your daily routine, new people coming into their house as well as encountering other cats – whether this is another pet who lives with them, or […]

Renegade: Would Anyone Like a cup of tea?

Hi everyone, It’s me Renegade here today! And I’ve got some new pawesome tea… well kind of it’s actually a catnip-filled tea bag cat toy. 😀 Rennie: Our humans got these catnip tea bags in specifically to support our partner charity International Cat Care as all profits of the tea bags are going to be […]

Purrsday Poetry: Cats as Radiant Beings

Hi everyone, Today’s Purrsday Poetry post comes from Raffi Lido. Cats as radiant beings… Cat as luminous creature-otherworldly, ethereal, mystical, magical mischief. Woven into my life as tapestry. As poetry. Cat as clown, acrobat full of somersault bringing laughter. Dizzying, dazzling dervish and yet such majesty. Cat as the light at the end of my […]

Seperation Anxiety is a Problem – And it’s only Going to get Worse

Hill’s Pet Nutrition teams up with leading pet behaviourists to help pets cope with impending anxiety pandemic There’s a new pandemic on the horizon – an anxiety one for pets, and it’s only going to get worse unless pet parents act now, according to a leading pet behaviourist and Hill’s Pet Nutrition. This last year […]

Helping Pets and Their Parents Transition as the Nation Reopens *Includes Video Interview*

Celebrity Veterinarian Dr. Lisa Lippman to Discuss New Survey Findings and Provide Tips for Getting Back to “Normal” Dr. Lisa Lippman knows firsthand how much extra time pet parents have spent with their pets during the COVID-19 pandemic. As a dog parent, New York City veterinarian and Instagram influencer with over 159k followers, she’s hearing […]

Have Cats Become More Affectionate in Lockdown? New Research Shows the Impact of the Pandemic on Pets

For many, their pets have proved to be a positive companion during the Covid-19 pandemic. Now, as a more ‘normal’ life resumes on the road out of lockdown, new research has been published examining whether the mental health of owners has affected the welfare of their pets. A study led by researchers from the Universities […]

Achieve Work-Life Balance As Cat Parent With Pluto Square

The pandemic has blessed pet owners with more time with their furry friends, thanks to the WFH (Work from Home) setup. This supports the overall wellbeing of a pet owner, and this should also be a mutualistic relationship. We had the opportunity to speak with the folks over at PLUTO, who are passionate about leveling […]

Happy #TRT – Tummy Rub Tuesday (Week 349)

Hello everyone, Welcome to another week of Tummy Rub Tuesday! The easiest way to enter is by sending them in via Or just leave a comment with a link to the post / photo you’d like us to use on this blog post. “Meet Dakota sent by Arlene via email“ “Hi my name is […]

Blasts from the Past: Oliver & Nubia – The Struggles of Nubia…

Hi everyone, We are back another blast from the past of the amazing adventures of Oliver & Nubia! As some of you may have noticed in the last few months most of the toy reviews have been done by Nubia. So what’s going on? Well according to Nubia her brother got rather lazy and will […]