Pets and January Blues

Monday 18th of January 2021 marked ‘Blue Monday’ – when dark days and squeezed finances are thought to make for the most depressing day of the year. But, with the UK in the grip of tight lockdown restrictions many people face some tough ‘blue’ months ahead, with millions at home alone with only their pet […]

Angel’s Eyes Traveling Journey With Sleepypod

I want to share with you a story about me traveling with my mom and dad to Milwaukee because my dad was going to have major surgery there. I’ll start my story by telling you that I received a mobile pet bed from our sponsor Sleepypod to travel in. The Sleepypod mobile pet bed is […]

Working From Home With Feline Assistants

Image from Pexels – CC0 License If you’re someone who has been working from home during the last year, you might have been spending a lot more time with your pets. Maybe you’re also someone who has decided that now is the perfect time to get a cat. You’re at home more often, so you […]

Guest Star: Wisteria, the Mysterious

Hi everyone, Please find below the latest entry in our guest star stories by Lynn about her cat Wisteria: My cat’s name is Wisteria, the Mysterious, and she thinks she’s a super sleuth. In truth she is a secret covert ops agent and pawtects the meowborhood from meowrauding squirrels and the occasional June bug. She […]

COVID-19: Advice for Those Working With Unowned Cats in Homing Centres During the Coronavirus Crisis

The following article first appeared on iCatCare: If you are part of a large organisation involved in homing cats, then they have probably given you direction and advice on how to deal with the many different situations which may arise during the coronavirus pandemic – follow the advice for the safety of staff and others.  […]

How to Help our Pets When the Winter Frost Bites

PDSA offers tips on keeping pets warm during the winter months With cold weather here, it’s not just us humans that suffer the effects – despite their warm coats, our pets are not immune to the effects of low temperatures. Vet charity PDSA is encouraging pet owners to take these simple steps to keep pets warm and […]

Scale new Heights to Help Cats in the New Year

Cats Protection is urging cat lovers to take part in a special #ClimbforCats challenge in January 2021. The UK’s leading feline welfare charity is asking people to scale their stairs, outdoor steps or hills to raise funds for thousands of unwanted cats in its care. Challenges can be undertaken throughout January, or on a special […]

Happy #TRT – Tummy Rub Tuesday (Week 337)

Hello everyone, Welcome to another week of Tummy Rub Tuesday! The easiest way to enter is by sending them in via Or just leave a comment with a link to the post / photo you’d like us to use on this blog post. These adorable cats were sent in via email by Veronica. “Zorro simply […]

Paws for Thought – Why Having a ‘Pet-Nuptial’ Agreement is the Ultimate Separation Preparation

Couples who have adopted a pet during the pandemic can save themselves the unnecessary heartache of losing shared pets by arranging a ‘pet-nuptial’ agreement in case of future separation with their partner. When goIng through a divorce, deciding what happens to shared pets can be difficult and having a plan in place can really help. […]

Guest Star: Lacocoon Dani

Hi everyone, Please find below a guest post from Wendy: Greetings from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, I’m one of those people who likes to dress up my cat(s) but only if they will tolerate it. So, I thought it would be best to help Dani become accustomed to it early on. In these photos she is […]

RSPCA – Tiny Kittens Rescued From Rubbish Conveyor Belt in Nick of Time

Two tiny kittens are lucky to be alive after being spotted by eagle-eyed workers at a recycling centre on the rubbish-sorting conveyor belt. The tabby kittens are only a few days old and still have their eyes closed and cords attached. Workers at J&B Recycling in Hartlepool spotted the kittens amongst the rubbish on the […]

Translating Cats – Helping us Understand or Missing the Point?

This article first appeared on iCatCare: Dr Sarah Ellis, Cat Behaviour specialist and Head of Cat Advocacy at iCatCare, investigates the MeowTalk App that has everybody talking and questions whether cats are included in the conversation Relatively little is known about feline communication compared to other animals such as dogs. It was only last month […]

7 Cat Dangers Lurking in Your Garden

Cats are inquisitive creatures who love to explore and investigate environments by sniffing or tasting them. When you bring a cat into your home, they’re sure to be curious about their surroundings but unlike humans, they can’t identify dangers as easily. You may have hidden hazards in your garden that could pose a threat to […]

Guest Star: Dax

Hi everyone, Please find below our latest guest star feature by Beth and Tom of Finca Ryokan Neko (Cat’s House Farm), Boquete, Panama (Central America): We adopted a rescue cat and at first she was super afraid and hid on a shelf in the bathroom. After a couple of days I started coming in and […]

Three Million Cats Desperately Need a New Year Diet

Over three million pet cats are overweight and the problem is becoming worse during the pandemic, according to Cats Protection. In a survey of over 2,000 cat owners, more than a quarter (28%) said they had overfed their pet since the start of lockdown in March 2020. Over a third (36%) said their cat visited […]

Purrsday Poetry: For George

For George by Susan Davies: He was an ordinary, two a penny, black and white cat, The sort that you see everywhere, a standard ‘Postman Pat’, I got him from a rescue place, one April afternoon, And then I brought him home, where he inspected every room. A ‘Welcome’ tin of tuna was devoured, the […]

Guest Story: Artie

A cat lying on a bed Description automatically generated

Hello! My name is Artie. My name has always been Artie, even before I met my mum. My life began in a house of kitties, over 70 – my extended family! Mum, dad, sisters and brothers, first, second, third, fourth….cousins, uncles, aunts, grandparents, great grandparents, and so on – because my huge family began with […]

COVID-19: Advice for Those Undertaking TNR and/or Feeding Unowned cat Colonies During the Coronavirus Crisis

The following article first appeared on iCatCare: If you are part of a larger organisation which is dealing with unowned cats undertaking trap, neuter and return (TNR) or feeding colonies, then they have probably given you direction and advice on how to deal with the many different situations which may arise during the coronavirus pandemic […]

The Tiny Terror Strikes Again

My key lime pie loving cat sits on my desk, his paw precariously perched upon the numbers key. He waits, knowing his human slave will be running toward the bathroom soon. When I return, an entire page of my document looks like this:  7777777777777777777777777777777, etc. He watches as the inconvenient 2-legged opener-of-catfood-cans ingests coffee mixed […]

Why do Cats Knead? 7 Interesting Reasons You Should Be Aware Of

Have you seen your cats knead? Did you try asking your vet why they are doing such an act? We will answer your question by presenting you the reasons why they need to knead. Cats are exciting creatures, with lots of unique traits and behaviors that only they can do. Some of their unique behaviors […]

Happy #TRT – Tummy Rub Tuesday (Week 336)

Hello everyone, Welcome to another week of Tummy Rub Tuesday! The easiest way to enter is by sending them in via Or just leave a comment with a link to the post / photo you’d like us to use on this blog post. “Wisteria loves to snuggle, but doesn’t seem to care if I […]

Sicily Lost for 35 Nerve Wracking Days

Hi everyone, Please find below a guest contribution from Jan Schade: My 89-year-old Father, with health problems, and his four cats, moved in to live with us in a small house in our back yard. Accidentally the 12 year old black cat he had named Sister, slipped out a door. She had always been shy […]

Cats Abandoned With Heartbreaking Note

Two cats are hoping to find a loving home in time for Christmas after being abandoned with a heartbreaking note from their owner. RSPCA inspector Allison North was called to Leicester on 3 December after a member of the public found the cat carrier left by a postbox on the junction of Stuart Road and […]

Do Cat’s Facial Expressions Help Them to get Adopted More Quickly?

This article first appeared in iCatCare: For this Spotlight on Science (and for a few more over the coming months), we introduce one of our iCatCare Feline Wellbeing Panel members, cat welfare scientist Dr Lauren Finka who is kindly sharing her reviews of some of the most interesting feline science with us. In this article, […]

Optimize Your Cat’s Diet

Your cat cares a lot about the quality of his or her food, and you want to make sure that your cat gets the very best. Giving your cat wholesome food and treats and filling in nutritional gaps with healthy supplements will help to ensure that your cat has an optimal diet. It’s important that […]

Guest Story: My Son Tried to Give Away the Cat on Facebook!

Hi everyone, Please find below a guest story by Elizabeth from bleuwater: Robert’s asthma and allergy appointment–on his first day home from college for his four-week Christmas break–didn’t go well. The doctor said we could get rid of the cat or put Robert up in a hotel for four weeks. We’ve only had baby Olive for […]

What’s in a Name? Battersea Reveals the Most Popular Pet Names of 2020

Following 2020, Battersea has revealed some of the most popular and unique names of dogs and cats to come through the much-loved animal charity’s gates last year. Some owners chose unique monikers to reflect their pet’s individual personalities, such as Balthazar – a bold, brave kitten born before Christmas who enjoyed exploring his surroundings. Others […]

Mactavish: Fun with the Rustling Cushion!

Hi everyone, It’s me Mactavish here today! And it’s my first ever playtime with the 4cats toys. I managed to get my paws on this Premium Rustling Cushion. Mactavish: It’s super soft and purrfect to roll around on! Mactavish: And whenever I dig my claws into it… it makes fun rustling noises that are just […]

Purrsday Poetry: Elegy for the Sublime Mews Himself

Blaize Achew Panda-monium Proud Murderer of Eight Lamps Scores of Lackluster Lampshades Numerous Feline Thrones (Secondhand Armchairs) And Furocious Editor of Numerous Now Questionable Manuscripts Our house seems empty now, and all your pride Glides by in silence with each mournful gaze, With drooping whiskers they all waste their days And nights subdued because their […]

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