Adopt Vs Shop: The Need-to-Knows of Getting A Cat

After debating the pros and cons of getting a furry friend to welcome into your home, you must then decide whether to adopt or shop. This decision is never an easy one to make, with many potential concerns associated with both. There are an abundance of articles and social media pages out there that give […]

Guest Star: Iris

A cat sitting on top of a wooden table Description automatically generated

Hi Everyone! My name is Iris and I am the lucky kitten of Nancy and Tom. They adopted me from ARF(Animal Rescue Foundation) last Christmas. I met Nancy and right away I knew that I wanted her to be my mom. She gave me some treats and played with me. She went to see other […]

The Friday Art Cat: Here, Fishy, Fishy

It is a tabby cat looking through the fish bowl, lusting after his pet goldfish done in colored pencils. I think I titled it “Here, Fishy, Fishy.” That is sealed behind the frame. It works though lol! By Rachael Ikins Associate Editor Clare Songbirds Publishing House, Auburn NY 2020 NLAPW Biennial Letters Competition 3rd […]

The Purrfect Bed and Carrier Combo

Hi everyone, With the weather still being unusually warm for us at the moment, one of the big problems that those of us with outdoor cats are faced are the potential of bringing in flees! Now as we know cats LOVE to spend a majority of their day sleeping in their favourite bed… sadly not […]

Purrsday Poetry: Kitty Love… by Deborah A. Bowman

Hi everyone, Please find below one of the first entries to Purrsday Poetry that we ever featured. after 5 years of the column we thought it would be good to re-feature some of our earlier entries for those that missed them. 🙂 Today marks our first Purrsday Poem entry which comes from Deborah A. Bowman: […]

Bringing up a Four-Legged Friend?

YOUR PET PAW’RENTING STYLE DECODED New study reveals pet parenting personas are as common for cats and canines as they are for kids The ‘Traffic Light’, The ‘Entranced’ or The ‘Sloth’ …  which method do you prefer when ‘paw-renting’ your pet? Experts probed the way the country’s dog and cat owners interact with their furry […]

Blast from the Past: Adventures in the Penthouse

Hi everyone, We are back for another blast from the past of The amazing adventures of Oliver & Nubia! Today’s story is based on a real story of our the new tower scratcher that our two got a while back. If you’ve missed this story you can find it here and here. Thanks, Marc

Keeping Cats Safe: Pica

Hi everyone, Please find below the latest entry in the Keeping Cats Safe campaign from iCatCare below: Pica is a term used to describe the consumption of non-edible materials. It’s most common in certain breeds, such as Siamese, Burmese, Tonkinese and other Oriental types, which suggests there may be a genetic component with the trait […]

Keeping Pets Safe This Autumn

PDSA offers advice on how to avoid toxic plants With summer nearly over and autumn just around the corner, the change of seasons can be a brilliant time for you and your pets to enjoy the beautiful scenery as the countryside and parks burst into colour. It’s also important to be aware of the seasonal […]

Happy #TRT – Tummy Rub Tuesday (Week 321)

Hello everyone, Welcome to another week of Tummy Rub Tuesday! If you’d like your cat to appear in our weekly column via not send them in via Or just leave a comment with the link to the post / photo you’d like us to use. Siblings practicing social distancing (well, they’ve been growing up and […]

How to Stop Your Cat Begging for Food

We’ve all heard of ‘puppy dog eyes’, but it can be equally hard to resist the longing looks of a cat craving a tasty tit-bit. Our cats can be vocal when they’re hungry too. You may notice their little, appealing meows grow louder and last a long time. Whether they’re hankering after what’s on your […]

Deaf and Wobbly Windsor Kitten Defies all Odds to Find her Happy Ending

Meet Kara, a deaf kitten that wobbles as she walks. With help from Battersea’s dedicated staff and volunteers she has overcome all obstacles to find a loving home. Now five months old, the unusual young cat was born in the home of a Battersea foster carer, after her heavily pregnant mum Clementine was brought to […]

The Natural Choice for Your Pet’s Kidney Health

nutravet® is pleased to announce the introduction of nutraren®, its NEW, next generation, kidney health product into its range of veterinary exclusive nutraceuticals. Maintaining optimum kidney health is vital for an animal’s general health and well-being, especially as they get older. The kidneys play a key role in a pet’s health as they filter waste products, control […]

PDSA Vets Highlight Importance of Pet Insurance

During lockdown, many people have welcomed a pet into their lives. While taking on a new pet can be a wonderful time, there are significant costs to consider including ensuring pets are covered by insurance should they become unexpectedly ill or be injured in an accident. PDSA Vet Lynne James said: “Pets get themselves into […]

Dealing With Memory Loss in Pets

Charity vets PDSA offer advice during World Alzheimer’s Month September marks World Alzheimer’s Month and vet charity PDSA wants to raise awareness of dementia, memory loss and the impact it can have on pets as well as people. Globally it’s estimated that nearly 50 million people live with dementia and pets can also suffer from a […]

Great Yarmouth Cat Needs a Home After Landlord Blocks her Move

An Anglian animal charity has launched an appeal for a Great Yarmouth cat with kidney disease after the 10-year-old kitty was made homeless due to a landlord’s no-pets policy. Lynne Pothecary, Publicity Manager at Cats Protection’s Anglia Coastal Branch, said: “It’s a really sad story. Baggy’s owner didn’t want to relinquish her but she had to […]

Vote for the People’s Purrfect Choice in the Alternative Cat Awards

Five cats, one winner.  Bob Mortimer launches public vote to choose which fabulous feline should win Cats Protection’s Alternative Cat Awards Five marvellous moggies have been announced as finalists in Cats Protection’s Alternative Cat Awards, celebrating the UK’s feline lockdown legends. With the Covid-19 pandemic resulting in the charity postponing its annual National Cat Awards, […]

6 Ways to Be an Eco-Friendly Cat Owner

Photo Credit: pixabay Sustainable shopping is challenging enough, but for your pets, there might be even fewer options. Fortunately nowadays, there are more and more eco-friendly brands for cat food, litter, toys and accessories, so you can treat your feline friend guilt-free. There are other sustainable ways in which you can take care of your […]

Purrsday Poetry: Grumpy

Hi everyone, Todays’ entry in Purrsday Poetry comes from Rantings Of A Third Kind Grumpy For I am grumpy Even a little lumpy But I am the king The king of this street If you trouble seek Then look no further You found me Me, the grumpy Have a story or piece of poetry you’d […]

Keeping Cats Safe: Cats and Foreign Bodies

Hi everyone, Please find below the latest entry in the iCatCare Keeping Cats Safe For this month’s Keeping Cats Safe topic we’re looking at foreign bodies (objects originating outside the body) and cats. As we’ve discussed with plants and with household chemicals, the assumption that cats are fussy eaters is no guarantee that they won’t […]

A Life Shared can be a Life Saved

Mayhew team up with Jason Flemyng and Phillipa Perry to raise £7,500 to help vulnerable people and their pets stay together during the pandemic The past six months have been incredibly hard for millions of people across the world, and although normal life has never felt further away, many of us have found comfort in […]

Leading Cat Charity Warns Public to be Vigilant Over Online Kitten Sales

The UK’s biggest cat charity has issued a warning about the risk of online sellers capitalising on the COVID-19 pandemic to sell poorly-bred kittens. Cats Protection says that demand for new ‘lockdown pets’ may make it easier for unscrupulous vendors to sell kittens which may be sick or too young to be parted from their […]

The Cat Cafes of California: Part II

Southern California is famous for many things- the sunny weather, the ocean, Disneyland, Hollywood to name a few. There are drawbacks as well- earthquakes, traffic and high cost of living among them, but seemingly not enough to reduce the appeal. So Cal is also home to several well-known cat cafes, and since they all feature […]

Happy #TRT – Tummy Rub Tuesday (Week 320)

Hello everyone, Welcome to another week of Tummy Rub Tuesday! If you’d like your cat to appear in our weekly column via not send them in via Or just leave a comment with the link to the post / photo you’d like us to use. Siblings practicing social distancing (well, they’ve been growing up and […]

Guest Star: Dulce

Hi everyone, Please find below the latest Guest Star entry by Wendy C about how Dulce got to live with her: Here is the story of Dulce’s arrival to our home. Do edit and adjust as you like or suggest edits. Photos to follow. Dulce was intended for our Granny;  two days after arriving, Granny […]

Top Cat names of 2020 – Revealed!

It’s almost International Cat Day! In celebration of all things feline, partners of the day, cat-loving Agria Pet Insurance has revealed the most popular cat names of 2020! As ever, it’s very interesting to see how much popular films and TV influence the name choices! Is yours on there? Or has your cat gone their […]

5 feline-friendly staycations that are the cats-whiskers

Top tips on how to travel with your cat stress-free As COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc on our hopes of an overseas holiday, it’s not surprising that many of us are seeking something a little closer to home. In fact, more than 5* million Britons are planning a UK staycation for the August Bank Holiday […]

Let’s Talk About Cats

Conversations on feline behaviour Anita Kelsey Published by KiZa, 28th November 2020, paperback £12.99, ebook £ The whole world loves cats! People can’t get enough of watching their funny antics online, reading about them in feline-themed books, and many consider their cat to be their best friend. Let’s Talk About Cats: Conversations About Cat Behaviour aims to help […]

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