Street Cats Winner – Mei Catherall

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2017 ‘Street Cats’ photography competition winning image – photographed by Mei Catherall from the UK

“I was in Sousse, Tunisia, just after the Arab Spring. I found myself alone down a seemingly abandoned alleyway when I was startled by the appearance of this cat. As I explored the area she kept an eye on me, as if tolerating my presence in her domain, popping up at a safe distance at every turn.

This was the last look back over her shoulder before she disappeared deeper into the labyrinth, daring me to follow her but somehow knowing that I wouldn’t and that she could go back to her streetwise lonesome scavenging, never being sure if she could have trusted me but having shared a moment with me that I still treasure.”

The judges felt that this image reflected the hot and tough life of many street cats and the need for us to care about their welfare.  They also loved the composition of the photograph and the direct gaze of the cat.

Mei’s winning image features in the 2018 Street Cats Calendar which will be sold to raise funds for International Cat Care’s cat welfare work.

To find out more and to pre-order your copy of the calendar for just £5 click here.

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Kitten loses one of her nine lives – and her tail – in road accident

Craft ideas for creative cat owners to make their own feline-friendly creations

Please find below a sad rescue story from our friends over at the PDSA which luckily at a happy ending over-all for the affected cat.

Unfortunately it once again displays the risks cars pose to our beloved cats and why all of us driving a car should be taking extra care not just while driving but also when we set off from home.



A kitten has used up one of her nine lives but lost her tail after sustaining horrific injuries in a road traffic accident.

Brave ten-month-old JJ managed to drag herself back home following the suspected collision. Her owner, Natalie Joyce, from Longsight, Manchester, was devastated by her poor kitten’s injuries.
Picture by Julian Brown for the PDSA
JJ the cat

She said: “I heard her meowing outside, but she didn’t seem to be able to climb through the window like she normally does. I went to let her in and she just collapsed on the floor, it was horrific.

“I knew she was in pain so I rushed her to PDSA.”

JJ was given pain-relief and x-rayed, which revealed her tail had detached from her spine. Fiona Buchan, vet at PDSA’s Manchester Pet Hospital, said: “JJ had a separation at her tail base causing severe damage to the nerves leading to her tail and bladder, which can be life-threatening.

“We had to allow time to see if she would regain function of her tail and bladder so she was kept on strong medication to keep her pain free and allowed to go home for strict bed rest. Natalie brought her in daily for us to check her progress

“She was struggling to urinate and we knew if she didn’t regain bladder control there would be a build-up of toxins which could be fatal. It was very touch and go for a while and we needed to monitor her carefully to prevent her situation worsening.”

JJ’s bladder started to show signs of recovery, but unfortunately her tail was too badly damaged and had to be amputated to prevent further complications.

“Cats are very adaptable so no longer having a tail won’t affect her quality of life,” said Fiona

“JJ is just one of the lucky pets to benefit from PDSA’s A&E service which has received generous funding from players of People’s Postcode Lottery. Thanks to their support we’re able to provide thousands of life-saving operations and care.”

PDSA is urging people to be aware of animals which could be hiding under vehicles for shelter or warmth at this time of year.

Fiona said: “The nature of JJ’s injury is consistent with her being hit by a vehicle. Cats like to hide under cars, especially in colder weather and they have also been known to get under car bonnets, so please check before you set off on a journey.”

Natalie, who has four young children, said the family were extremely grateful to PDSA for the care given to JJ.

She said: “PDSA have been amazing and we can’t thank them enough. The kids call JJ a magic cat because everyone thought she would have to be put to sleep but she’s still here. We’re so glad because she means everything to us.”

For further information about PDSA and free pet health advice visit

Review of Turkish cat film Kedi

After reading in the August Issue of Your Cat (page 24) that an online survey revealed 83% of cat owners kept their cats indoors due to their safety (50%), lack of interest by cat (30%) and health reasons (20%), it was extremely refreshing to watch the film Kedi. A film documenting the hundreds of thousands of Turkish cats that roam the metropolis of Istanbul freely. The film concentrates on the daily antics of 7 cats although many more were filmed going about their daily routines being cheeky, curious, demanding, manipulative, cute, fiesty and on top form when it came to hunting the many mice and rats in the city.

Beautifully shot and with a stunning soundtrack by composer Kira Fontana it was two hours of total bliss watching my favourite animal act naturally and freely. It helps that Turkish people love cats with the cat given a god like status in Islam.

anita kelsey cat behaviourist

What I loved about the film, apart from watching cats be cats, is the narration of the people of Istanbul. It was deeply moving listening to each cat owner express their feelings about the mog that had chosen them or their reasons behind feeding the local feral population.

Some of the beautiful warm quotes were:

“God brings us closer to him in different ways. For me it was these animals. I guess I was worthy of his love”

“Dogs think people are God, but cats don’t. Cats know that people act as middlemen to God’s will. They’re not ungrateful. They just know better.”

“A cat meowing at your feet, looking up at you. Is life smiling at you? Those are moments where we’re lucky. They remind us that we’re alive.”

“Life is beautiful if you know how to love. You love if your heart’s eye is open….If you can enjoy the presence of a cat, a bird, a flower, what can I say….the world will be yours….”

“The love of animals is a different kind of love. People who don’t love animals can’t love people either. I know that much.”

Anita Kelsey feline behaviour expert


Although most of the cat colonies and solo cats had specific feeders that tended to them daily the whole city seems to have taken the cat under its wings. Warm hidey holes and boxes are provided on many street corners and most of the market and shop sellers hand out bits of food and a cuddle to the street cats.

Everything about the film sums up the complex relationship we have with our pets. A connection that really cannot be put into words although this film comes damn close!

A must see film for every cat lover or person who needs to be convinced to become a cat lover 😉

Kedi website


Anita Kelsey Cat Behaviourist

Anita Kelsey is a cat behaviourist and published author of #ClawsConfessions Of A Cat Groomer – out on 7th September 2017


Guest Star: The Bombay Cats that flew from the US to Paris

Hi everyone,

Today’s guest post comes from Deborah via our friend Doug (originally posted on his blog here) The re-post was inspired by our travelling cats posts as Doug shared this story with us from it.

Enjoy the story!

Dear Doug,

This is a pretty good story about my cats.

I was going to Paris to help a friend (Ralph). Of course the cats were coming with.

deborah's cats 1

So I booked passage on the Queen Mary and made reservations in the QM kennel for the cats.  After my non-refundable passage was paid for, the cats got bumped by a dog — undoubtedly a dog accompanying a first class customer is my surmise.  I did check out the kennel while onboard, and ALL the occupants were canines.  The kennel master obviously discriminated against felines because according to him the kennel was fully booked for eternity.

Anyway, I was in a pickle.  How to get the cats to France?  Fly them as unaccompanied cargo was the only choice. But they would have to leave eight days after me because I would be on the Atlantic Ocean for that long.

deborah's cats 2My son was the hero who got them the necessary paperwork, retrofitted the cages to meet airline requirements, and delivered them to Logan airport in the middle of the night for their flight to Paris.  The paperwork was a nightmare requiring the State vet to certify their health exam which had to be done by a special state certified vet within 48 hours of the flight and that certification can only be done via the post.  To say timing was tight is an understatement.  Also the airline could refuse them for any reason (even with reservations) and the temperature at departure and arrival had to both be within certain ranges.  BTW, it is lucky they were not Persians because Persians are on the no fly list along with Himalayans.  Bombays are also “pug faced” but apparently they still fly under the radar so to speak.

Anyway, they flew on a Saturday and presumably arrived on a Sunday morning.  (They don’t have cell phones yet.). I went to the Air France counter at Charles De Gaulle airport and after being sent hither and yon was finally informed that they would be at a cargo center several kilometers away if in fact they had been on the plane.  Cats do not make the manifest list.

None of the taxis wanted to take me there because they preferred the much more lucrative fare into Paris.  An Air France employee finally tipped me off to say I was going to Paris but making a “short stop” on the way.

deborah's cats in taxi

The “short stop” will be one of the punch lines of this tale.

A very nice taxi driver of African origin finally agreed to take me.  When we got to the cargo area everything seemed to be closed: it was Sunday after all and the French take Sunday very seriously.  We knocked on doors, drove to any building where there were signs if life, were sent hither and yon yet again until after an hour or so, we located someone who knew where the cats were.  But of course!  Their paperwork had to be stamped by some official and an import fee paid.  We were dispatched to another building (that was closed) and so started yet another hunt for the mysterious official.  Another hour or two later I had the stamped documents in hand and my purse was lightened of a few hundred euros.  Meanwhile the taxi meter had rolled over and was starting its climb toward 999 again.

deborah's cats 5

I took the papers back to the man who knew where the cats were and he reluctantly got up from his card game.  Obviously not that many cats get imported on Sundays.  He fetched the three carriers on his warehouse truck and I finally heard the cries if my kids.

deborah's cats 4

The taxi driver seemed invested in their welfare at this point and carried two of the carriers to his taxi.  We finally got on the road and arrived in Paris about eight hours after I had left for the airport.  The question in my mind was: how much is this going to cost?  I had reason to worry: a sleight of hand ATM artist had tricked me into believing the bank ATM had eaten my only two cards the day before and that I would have to get them from the bank when it reopened on Monday.  Meanwhile, he and his gang were busy making charges all over Corsica — but that is a story for another day.  The result was that I only had the cash I already had on hand for the weekend and the import fee (which is not stated anywhere) had made a serious dent in that.  The taxi driver had me basically empty my wallet — a couple of hundred euros –as payment for his several hours on the great cat mystery tour through the warren of the CDG cargo area.  I would have gladly paid him more if I had been able to do so.

You would think that standing on the sidewalk in front of Ralph’s place on the beautiful rue de la Montagne Sainte Genviéve finally reunited with my kids would be the happy end of the tale, but no, there is more.

deborah's cats 7

I relayed the three carriers into the building and decided the safest thing to do was send them up in the elevator together since I could only carry two at a time up the five flights of stairs.  So I stacked them into the very tiny corner elevator — no room for me — pressed the 5th floor and raced up the stairs.  When I got to the top I heard a banging sound coming from the elevator.  I raced back down and found that the inside elevator door was banging against a carrier and couldn’t close.  Meanwhile the outside door was locked as the elevator was presumed occupied.  The cats could not rearrange their carriers, smart though they be.

So my friend had to call the Otis elevator repair person on a Sunday.  The dispatcher asked if there was anyone trapped inside the elevator — obviously those cases get first priority.  My friend replied that there were three cats but no people.  “Trois chats, Monsieur?  Vous avez dites trois chats?  Seulement trois chats?  Mais dis donc!  Ça c’est un peu incroyable!”   [“Three cats, sir? You say three cats? Only three cats? But tell me! That’s just amazing!]”The dispatcher was obviously a little incredulous.

deborah's cats 3

Meanwhile, the cats were obviously distressed by the banging door constantly hitting the carriers as evidenced by their cries.  Another tenant in the building who wanted to use the elevator for his suitcases treated me to a refresher course in French swear words.  After a wait of an hour or so, the repairman appeared and quickly solved the problem.  Then he helped me carry the cats up the five flights of stairs.  Chivalry is not dead.  Fortunately he did not ask for payment for the rescue on the spot.

I opened the carriers and out came Charles, André, and Serena, a little the worse for the wear, but basically fine.  What’s for lunch, they asked in unison.  Why paté of course.  Actually the French make a very gourmet wet cat food that has identifiable bits of seafood in a tasty sauce that all three of them loved.

And that was the start of our French adventure.  It actually got much easier after this rather bumpy start: the French allow cats on trains for a mere 5 euros, I found a fantastic rolling carrier with mesh windows that was roomy enough for all three to travel in together, and Charles joined me for lunch at The Brasserie on the Isle Saint Louis several times — cats are welcome in French restaurants! [My emphasis! Doug]

three cats

I purchased this painting in a tiny shop nearby — two black cats and a sable cat at Cluny, the medieval cloister also nearby.  The artist, Pouchelon aka Pouch, was an illustrator for Le Monde.  Most of his paintings feature cats!  He obviously anticipated the arrival of my two black kids and my sable kid.  Even the proportions are perfect: hefty Charles in the lead, wiry André in the middle and dainty Serena bringing up the rear.


Wasn’t that fun?

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We won a competition – Now open this box already!

Hi everyone,

It’s Nubia here. Some of you remember our post a while ago about the latest range of Purina cat food? The cat soup that my brother keeps trying to hide and steal from me…

Well as part of our post our humans also submitted us to a Purina competition and guess who won! US D:

I’m sure it’s all down to pretty little me of course. 😉


Nubia: Who could resist a face like me? 😉

Oliver: A little full of yourself we are today no?


Oliver: But how do we get in here?


Nubia: There is no entrance on the back either… 🙁

Oliver: Humans! We need thumbs. 😀


Oliver: Look at all these goodies! 😀


Oliver: Those toys smell good. But why does it say OLIVER & NUBIA on the bowl???

Nubia: Hint! You are meant to share with me. 😀

Oliver: Not the s word again lol. 🙁

Oliver: Anyhow… Big thank you to Purina and Archie for sending us this prize. 😀

Nubia: Since it was such a large Hamper we even shared it with our little cosines Zelda & Toffee in Germany! Did you know that both of them are part Persian so I guess they are related to Archie?

Oliver: What… well.. I am more royal than them to! 😮

Nubia: Some of you may also remember that Zelda LOVES Gourmet food. So we gave her some of the pate. 🙂

Oliver: You shared my food???

Nubia: Oli… You’ve got a whole cupboard full of stuff and last time we went to the vet he said you need to cut back… 😉

Oliver: Fine fine… Sharing is Caring right? 😮

Nubia: Indeed! And that’s it from us for the day. But don’t forget to sign-up to our Newsletter here. D:

Signed by,

His Meowjesty King Oliver the Maker of Mischief
Her Meowjesty Queen Nubia the Disturber of Peace

Happy #TRT – Tummy Rub Tuesday (Week 153)

Hello everyone,

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This cuddly one is yet another entry from our friend over at 4cats. 🙂

Meet Tristan who was kindly sent in to us by Niodita via email. 🙂

Brutus sure likes tummy rubs but what is that on his belly?!? An entry from our Twitter friends Completely_Cats!

Another great entry from samanthamurdoch. 😀

Don’t we all know this problem? 😉 This cute laptop cat surely could be enticed to move with a tummy rub no? 😀 An entry from Mo Jangda!

This cute little cat is another shot of the new family edition over at the Colonial’s Blog! 🙂

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Two Red Cats 16 – Gatto

Lily has a friend, a rural cat, that we call simply “Cat” (Gatto, in Italian) and who runs away whenever he sees from afar a photo camera. Earlier he escaped even seeing us, then we brought food and so calmly and patiently we calmed him and now he approached. But still I have not even a photograph of him!

Want to see more adventures (and photos!) of the Two Red Cats? Follow them on Facebook! Every day new photos and every week new comic strips! (And we are also on Tapastic!)