‘CATASTROPHE’: October Sees a Fifth More Cat Claims

On average, 430 insurance claims for cats are made every day of October Dental treatment is the most common ailment  Pet ownership rose from 41 percent of households to 59 per cent during lockdown It isn’t just Halloween which is frightening for felines as October sees a spike in cat insurance claims compared to the […]

6 Ways to Make Bonfire Night Less Petrifying for Your Pets

With the winter months just around the corner, fireworks will be at the forefront of most outdoor festivities. Although both adults and children alike thoroughly enjoy magical displays this time of year, this often isn’t the case for our furry friends at home. The flashing bangs not only frighten our pets but cause us, as […]

Guest Cat Star: Tamara’s Ghost Story

Hi everyone, Please find below a guest story by Marie about her cat Marty: Tamara was a special cat who lived with me for 10 years. She was very timid and anxious, she would hide for days when there were big changes (moving home). Tamara was not an active cat, preferring to spend most of […]

Does Your Cat Love you as Much as you Love Her? #CatDay

With National Cat Day fast approaching, have you ever wondered if your cat loves you as much as you love her, or him? You will be astonished by what science says! 29 October 2021 is National Cat Day and SCAS wants to take this opportunity to celebrate cats as companion animals. Stereotypes of cats as […]

Hall🎃ween: Seven ways to keep your pets safe this Fright Night!

Top tips to keep your pets safe and calm this All Hallows’ Eve Boo! Halloween is the scariest night of the year as trick or treaters descend on our streets in search of candy and October 31 can also be fright night for our pets. Loud knocks at the door, ghoulish costumes, and screams could […]

Purrsday Poetry: Up To Speed

Hi everyone, Please find below an entry in Purrsday Poetry by Martin H. Samuel: In a race on the savannah fleet of foot is the cheetah at up to 75 mph no animal can beat her and with a top speed of 50 mph lion is the second fastest cat tho’ at 38 mph a […]

Fur-bulous Pets Seek Spook-Tacular Homes This Howl-oween

They may have scary names but these purr-fect pets have lots of love to give These spook-tacular pets are hoping they’ll find eternal homes this Howl-oween. While they may have creepy names, they have lots of love to give to the right family this Adoptober. Can you give one of these fur-bulous furries a forever […]

Lily’s Kitchen asks people to pledge # PeaceForPets and limit pets’ stress this Bonfire Night 

The pet brand is urging the public to only set off fireworks between 7-8pm to help nervous pets Lily’s Kitchen starts petition for fireworks to only take place between 7-8pm on 5th November Resident vet offers tips on how to comfort pets on Bonfire Night This Bonfire Night, Lily’s Kitchen – the award-winning producer of proper food for pets – is […]

Celebrating National Black Cat Day

Today is National Black Cat Day! It’s reported that black cats in homing/rescue centres take longer than cats of other colours to find homes, but there have been some reassuring findings that this is changing. In celebration of black cats, we’re countering some of the negative superstitions associated with them by looking at some of […]

Five Tips to Keep Your Cats Safe This Halloween

Halloween can be very stressful for your cat who may be startled by all of the unfamiliar sights and sounds, and who may also face additional dangers. With this in mind, the team at the Republic of Cats have shared their top tips for keeping your cat safe and happy during the spooky season. The leaves have turned […]

Happy #TRT – Tummy Rub Tuesday (Week 377)

Hello everyone, Welcome to another week of Tummy Rub Tuesday! The easiest way to enter is by sending them in via info@katzenworld.co.uk. Or just leave a comment with a link to the post / photo you’d like us to use on this blog post. “New Jersey has gone from 90 degrees to 50 degrees. Fortunately […]

Oliver & Nubia: Eye (Yawn) of the Panther!

Oliver: While I was happily sleeping when my… …decided to have the biggest yawn attack ever and wake me up!!! @_@ Nubia: Hey now! Not everyone can fall asleep so easily… Oliver: Right and why do you have such big and pointy and SHARP looking teeth? Nubia: Same as you silly… Signed by His Meowjesty […]

RSPCA Rescue Cat Missing for 24 Days who was Found Trapped on 40 Feet High Roof of Sainsbury’s Depot

Millie has been reunited with her grateful owner and is now recovering from her ordeal A cat which had been missing for 24 days and was found trapped on a 40 high roof of Sainsbury’s depot in Blackpool has been reunited with her grateful owner following a rescue operation carried out by the RSPCA. Milly […]

Kitten Found Loving new Home After Needing Emergency Care for Broken Bones and Fractured Ribs

A four month old kitten who needed emergency care after being rushed into Blue Cross with a raft of injuries including a suspected broken leg and head wound has found a loving new home after months of treatment and care by the national pet charity. Vets were unsure the poor kitten would pull through because […]

Taking the Bang out of Bonfire Night for Pets

Preparing pets for one of the loudest nights of the year The last thing a pet owner wants to see is their furry friend upset, but sadly this can happen for many with fear and anxiety around Bonfire Night. Due to their enhanced senses, animals can find the loud bangs, vibrations and flashes from fireworks […]

How To Remove Pet Odours From Your Home In Readiness For A New Cat

Preparing to bring a new pet into the home is a big step and there are a few things to consider before doing so. Cats are extremely sensitive to the smells of other cats and dogs, so in order to integrate them as smoothly as possible and make them feel comfortable in a new environment, […]

Guest Star: The Rescued Cat That Rescued her Human

Hi everyone, Please find below a guest story by Bonnie: On mothers day i went to my daughters house on an invite from her and my grandson to have lunch at their fav restaurant. She does animal rescue and had gotten a 3 month kitten the day before. This kitty was found in a bush […]

Minister for Employment Shines a Light on RSPCA Canterbury’s Apprenticeship Scheme

The Minister visited the charity and met with the Kickstart apprentices The Minister for Employment visited RSPCA Canterbury branch charity last week (Thursday 7 October) after the charity and Dame Kelly Holmes Trust successfully recruited six apprentices as part of the government’s back to work scheme. The Kickstart Scheme is a government project which aims […]

Oliver: Even an Oldie Likes Catnip!

Hi everyone, It’s me Oliver here today. And those of you that have been around since the beginning of Katzenworld probably know that by now I am classified as the older grandpa by the young padawan Mactavish the naughty Peterbald! Well, I am at least 11 human years old now which makes me 77 in […]

Purrsday Poetry: Edith and Honey by James Purslow

Hi everyone, Please find below our latest entry in the Purrsday Poetry series by James Purslow. Don’t forget if you have a cat poem you’d like to publish on our Blog do send us an email to info@katzenworld.co.uk. 🙂 Edith and Honey by James Purslow Honey likes children, when they’re quiet as a mouse, Honey […]

Guest Cat Star: Marty’s Story

Hi everyone, Please find below a guest story by Marie about her cat Marty: Marty is our youngest cat, who came to us as a pair of foster kittens with his brother and while his brother was quickly adopted, Marty stayed with us as his affectionate nature was already clear. He was very skinny at […]

Get Me-owt of Here’: Quarry Quandary for Stricken Kitten

Rescue mission to save eight-week-old kitten who fell into quarry A tiny kitten could be heard meowing for help from a 30ft-deep quarry. An RSPCA rescuer was called to a quarry near a caravan park in Leyburn, Yorkshire Dales, on Sunday (10 October) after passersby heard meows coming from the 30ft-deep chasm. Animal rescue officer […]

Keeping Your Cat Safe During Halloween and Bonfire Night Celebrations

The following article first appeared on iCatCare: Keeping your cat safe during Halloween and Bonfire Night celebrations In October and November celebrations for Halloween and Bonfire Night (in the UK) take place, not just on one or two evenings, but over several weeks it seems; indeed similar celebrations now also happen at New Year. Although […]

Experts Reveal how to Have a ‘Conversation’ With Your Cat

The experts at All about Cats have revealed 5 ways to have a conversation with your cat as well as some of the key phrases you need to know in order to speak ‘cat’. 5 ways to have a conversation with your cat. 1 – Narrow your eyes at them –  It is thought that […]

Happy #TRT – Tummy Rub Tuesday (Week 376)

Hello everyone, Welcome to another week of Tummy Rub Tuesday! The easiest way to enter is by sending them in via info@katzenworld.co.uk. Or just leave a comment with a link to the post / photo you’d like us to use on this blog post. These three beauties are Boots, Tiger and Star from My Sweatpainteddreams. […]

4,268 Calls to RSPCA Reporting Deliberate Harm to Animals Since June 1

New figures from the animal welfare charity include calls about more than 3,000 suspected beatings, 421 improper killings and more than 210 suspected mutilations There have been 4,268 reports of intentional harm inflicted on animals during this summer, according to new figures from the RSPCA. black cat photo As part of its Cancel Out Cruelty […]

Revolutionary new ‘Concierge’ Cat Food Arrives – From Republic of Cats

Cat heaven is made in Republic of Cats:  revolutionary new ‘concierge’ cat food arrives There’s a new cat food revolution happening and it’s becoming something of a cult amongst happy felines and their ‘humans’.   Designed by expert animal nutritionists, Republic of Cats offers a new concept in cat food. It works with owners to create bespoke dry and […]

How Your Pet can Save Your Life

MedicAlert’s Pet Tag provides peace of mind to pet owners with pre-existing medical conditions  It’s no secret that pets add to our quality of life, and pet ownership has even been linked to better overall happiness and health. Owning a pet is proven to enhance fitness levels, relieve stress and even improve mental and heart […]

Young Cat and her Kitten Abandoned in Pet Carrier Outside RSPCA Centre in Newport

Both mum and baby are recovering well from their ordeal and are now safe in foster care The RSPCA is appealing for information about a female cat and her kitten, who were cruelly abandoned in a pet carrier outside the charity’s Newport Animal Centre on Saturday night (2 October). A passer-by spotted the carrier in […]

Cat in a Flat: How to Prepare Your Flat for an Indoor Cat

There has been an increase in cat owners across the UK since lockdown began with an estimated 7.5 million cats part of household families across the UK. Many people get a pet to keep them company. For those living in apartments, an indoor cat may seem like a great choice of furry friend – and those warm […]