True Story of Missing Kitten and K9 Rescuer: Daisy’s Near CATastrophe by Debra Westgate-Silva

Discover the heartwarming tale of Daisy, the clever kitten, and her K9 rescuer in “Daisy’s Near CATastrophe” by Debra Westgate-Silva. A story of enduring friendship and perseverance.

Join the Fun with Tummy Rub Tuesday Week 489 on Katzenworld: Featuring Cute Cat Photos and Stories

Welcome to Tummy Rub Tuesday! Send in your cat photos for a chance to be featured on our blog post. Find out how to participate in this fun weekly event! 😺 #TummyRubTuesday #CatLovers #Katzenworld

Favorite Emojis: Exploring Emoji Diversity and the Beloved Black Cat 🐈‍⬛

Discover the story behind the creation of the black cat emoji and explore the author’s favorite emojis in this fun and relatable article. 🐈‍⬛🧟🧛🎃 #emojis #blackcat #zombies #vampires

Celebrate Volunteers Week with Cats Protection – Learn How You Can Make a Difference

Join Cats Protection in celebrating Volunteers Week and learn how their 9,000 volunteers make a difference in the lives of thousands of cats and owners every year. Find the perfect role for you! #volunteering #animalwelfare #cats

Cat Microchipping Deadline Approaching in the UK: Ensure Your Feline Friend Is Chipped Before June 10

Get your cat microchipped before it’s mandatory in England on June 10! RSPCA urges owners to act now to protect their pets and avoid fines. #catmicrochipping #RSPCA #catwelfare

Firework Safety for Pets: Tips from Leading Vet Charity PDSA

CAT and fireworks

Fireworks can be scary for our pets, not just dogs and cats but also small pets like rabbits, Guinea pigs, hamsters, rats, and mice. PDSA offers firework safety tips for pet owners to keep their pets safe and calm during celebrations.

Terrier And Cat Harmony: 9 Tips For Peaceful, Pet-Friendly Home

Key Takeaways: Introduce your terrier and cat gradually, using scent swapping and controlled meetings to help them adjust without stress. Create safe zones with high perches for the cat and comfortable areas for the terrier to reduce stress and potential conflicts. Use consistent training and positive reinforcement to teach your terrier to stay calm around […]

Stephen Quandt: Certified Feline Training Specialist and Author of Happy Comes Home

Stephen Quandt, a certified feline training specialist in NYC, shares his passion for creating happier worlds for cats and their humans in his children’s book, HAPPY COMES HOME. Discover the heartwarming tale of Happy, Avery, and their journey to find happiness with feline friends.

Top tips for a successful Take Your Cat To Work Day

By Pet Sitters International While you have likely heard of the annual Take Your Dog To Work Day© event that falls on the Friday after Father’s Day, did you know that cats have their own day of office fun as well? Celebrated annually on the Monday after Father’s Day, Take Your Cat To Work Day© […]

When Work or Travel Keeps You from Home, Who Can You Trust with Your Cat?

By Pet Sitters International While cats are often seen as more independent compared to dogs and other pets, experts agree that healthy adult cats should not be left alone for more than 24 hours without human contact. This timeframe shortens significantly for kittens, senior cats, and cats with medical issues. So, if work keeps you […]

Louis Catorze’s Feline Manifesto: A Candidate for Premier Ministre? – Liberté, égalité, chaternité

Get a glimpse into Louis Catorze’s feline manifesto for a potential run as Premier Ministre in the UK. From healthcare to parkour, see his purrfect policies!

New cozy mystery with a paranormal twist—Ghost Cat at the Mystery Hotel packs the punches

Fans of cozy cat mysteries will love Mollie Hunt’s upcoming book in the Tenth Life series, Ghost Cat at the Mystery Hotel, featuring a ghost cat and a murder mystery weekend. Join septuagenarian Camelia Collins and her ghost cat companion Soji in this paranormal twist on cozy mysteries.

Warnings Before Allowing a Pet Sitter into Your Home for Summer Travel

Scottsdale, AZ. – [May 7, 2024] – As summer approaches and travel plans begin, many pet owners turn to pet sitters for their furry friends’ care. While entrusting someone to look after your beloved pets is common, it’s essential to exercise caution and be vigilant when selecting a pet sitter so it doesn’t ruin your […]

How to Reduce Your Cat’s Hunting Habits: Advice from Cats Protection and Songbird Survival

Cats Protection and Songbird Survival offer tips to reduce cat predation on songbirds, emphasizing the importance of play, diet, and keeping cats indoors at night. Protect songbird populations with simple strategies. #CatCare #Songbirds

Discover the 4cats Crazy Collection: Valerian vs Catnip Cat Toys for Endless Feline Fun and Stimulation

Discover the endless joy of the 4cats Crazy Collection, featuring premium cat toys filled with either valerian or catnip for a personalized play experience. Crafted with durable materials and a commitment to animal welfare, these toys will captivate your feline companion and provide hours of entertainment. Treat your furry friend to the ultimate playtime experience with 4cats!

WSAVA 2024 Michael J. Day Scholarship: Veterinary Students Encouraged to Apply

Apply now for the WSAVA 2024 Michael J. Day Scholarship! Veterinary students interested in infectious disease, vaccinology, or immunology can receive financial support for research projects. Full details available on the WSAVA website.

Cat Friendly Solutions for Unowned Cats: Principles of Cat Friendly Homing

Discover the Cat Friendly Solutions for stray and abandoned cats through the Cat Friendly Homing programme by International Cat Care. Learn about the principles and key areas to ensure cats find loving homes.