Renegade & Nubia: The Importance of Keeping our Eyes clean

Hi everyone,

It’s your favourite and most adorable Ginger Oriental here today! : D Yes me Renegade!

Nubia: I am sure you mean most annoying, noisiest and too much in your face Oriental right? : P

Renegade: No way… I am cute and cuddly and none of the above. But anyway… don’t distract me from important messages. ;p

Renegade: Both my sister and eye tend to get dirt and sleeping dust crust around eyes. Now to most this may seem like a minor thing BUT if left to build up could potentially cause blocked tear glands which may lead to the development of eye infections.

Nubia: *Shudders* Yes I had one of those last year… and it was no fun at all… the vet made them put in eyedrops for a week. 🙁

Renegade: And that’s precisely why prevention can be better than having to treat something like that on!

Renegade: So one of the solutions we’ve found for this is the Frontline Petcare Eye Cleaner which can be safely used to remove debris and stains from around our eyes. Our humans obtained this one from Animed Direct.

Renegade: Your humans just need to apply a bit of the solution to a make-up removal pad or similar. As the solution mimics the natural composition of our tears there is no need to worry about it getting a bit of it in our eyes tho your humans should clean simply around the eyes!

Renegade: Waaaaaaah! I didn’t volunteer for this part of the review! Sister help!

Nubia: No chance… I’ll see if you survive it and if you do I may let them do mine. ;p

Renegade: So I did actually survive this ordeal (fine it wasn’t that bad… I just like to complaint about cleaning!) And if I get a chin scratch or two at the end of it… that is 10 times better! <3

Renegade: In fact a great tip to give to your humans is to ensure that any necessary treatment or cleaning comes hand in hand with a little reward at the end so that we associate that annoying task with a nice reward such as a treat or in my case a chin scratch. 😀

Nubia: What! No not me! Let me check you out first to see if it’s worth my time to get it done. 😛

Nubia: Hmmmm…. Well your eyes do look MUCH cleaner now…

Renegade: Well… I told you I am the prettiest cat out there and now my white fur around the eyes is prestine clean. 😀

Renegade: But now… it’s sister’s turn!

Nubia: What! Nooooo my eyes are fine. 😉

Renegade: No escaping it… sorry!

Nubia: I suppose at least it’s not as bad as the eye drops I used to get…

Nubia: Fine fine you are right it feels much cleaner now.

Renegade: Ah see the pad in the humans hand? The slightly darker area is the smudgy stuff that came of my sister!

Nubia: Hmmmm that’s more than I expected there to be for me. o.o

Renegade: Precisely why the humans thought this was an excellent prevent issue to combat possible blocked tear glands and eye infections from bacteria. See my sister won’t admit it  that she struggles a bit in the litter box with her three paws and ends up getting litter dust all over her face… So this cleaning solution is great to quickly get it off her face.

Nubia: Since you gave away my well kept secret don’t forget that they need to use it on you even more as your big eyes quite often produce sleeping dust and gunk around them and the vet said this often happens to Orientals but is nothing to worry about. So you need to use it more than I. ;p

Renegade: Bah siblings! Anyhow… Don’t forget you can get this cleaner from Animed Direct and even better is that you can get free delivery in the UK on any order over £29 so why not combine a regular food order with getting this pet cleaning essential. 😀

Signed by,

Her Meowjesty Queen Nubia the Disturber of Peace
Prince Renegade the Maker of Chaos and Grand Connoiseur

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Dirk’s trip to the vet in the Rotho Foldable Pet Carrier

We all know that time of year: time for your cat’s annual health check & vaccinations.
Rotho 1
Is this my new bed?
Dirk’s cat carrier is always standing below my desk with one of his blankets in there so he can go in there for a nap if he likes. He actually goes inside to take a nap sometimes so he doesn’t “hate” the cat carrier itself. However…. when it’s time to take him to the vet it’s a different story. No doubt he picks up on small changes in my body language or perhaps I’m not quite as calm as I’m trying to be. In any case, he always tries to get away from the cat carrier when I want to get him inside. I manage to get him calmed down and walk inside on his own, but it’s not the best start to any vet visit.
For a while now I’ve been looking for a cat carrier that is easy to carry – I use public transport to get to the vet – and is also easily accessible. I’ve tried the Rotho Foldable Pet Carrier and it truly is the best cat carrier I’ve ever had!
I made sure Dirk’s blanket was inside the new carrier and left it in the living room or bedroom for a few days before taking him to the vet.
I would also recommend practising folding the carrier open & then back together again a few times before using the carrier. Once you get the knack of it it’s really quite simple, but I’m not that dexterous 🙂
Both rectangular panels of this carrier can be opened. This makes it very easy for your cat to walk in there. I put a treat on Dirk’s blanket and he just walked in – no stress at all!
The carrier is very lightweight and easy to carry. You can even attach a strap (not included) to carry it over your shoulder or pull it along as the carrier has wheels too. I imagine that might work quite well with small dogs as they are used to being walked on pavements too. I don’t think many cats would like being pulled along on the pavement, but would be curious to hear if anyone tries this 🙂
The carrier fits perfectly inside the luggage racks on the bus so your cat is safe during your trip to the vet 🙂 Once at the vet I put the carrier on one of the cat friendly shelves so he felt safe and could take a peek at what was going on!
Let’s see what’s going on here….
When we were in the consultation room I opened both sides of the foldable cat carrier. I am not a cat – LOL – but I can imagine it feels a lot less threatening to be approached by the vet in this carrier as opposed to many others (where they can either claw at hands that are trying to grab them or use their legs to resist being lifted in&out)
Rotho 6
I’m ready to go now!!
The vet was also really impressed with how it folds open. Dirk doesn’t mind being at the vet’s and he loves the vets and vet nurses, but I can really see how this carrier would benefit vets and cats who get quite scared at the vet’s.
Rotho 7
I still think it’s a new bed 🙂

To purchase one of these check out the Katzenworld Shop:

Rotho Foldable Cat and Small Animal Carrier

This is me with my lovely cat Dirk! Let me tell you something about both of us.
I work as a cat sitter for Cat Care London and am basically surrounded by cats 24/7! I also occassionally walk dogs or board hamsters or rabbits, which Dirk doesn’t seem to care about at all!
Dirk is roughly 8 years old. I got him 6 years ago from a shelter. Dirk is truly the most loving and lovable cat I know. He is very interested in people and loves being cuddled a lot. Dirk spends most of his time relaxing with me or anywhere around the house really. He is also quite playful and loves the games that involve interaction the most.

Daisy Mae And The Bendi Brush By Crystal Stewart

Daisy Mae And The Bendi Brush By Crystal Stewart

I follow Katzenworld the one place on the internet that’s all about cats. One Morning I was reading a post from here and I noticed an interesting giveaway. It was for the BendiBrush. I liked what I read about this product plus I thought that would be great if I won this for my cat Daisy Mae. I entered the giveaway and much to my surprise, I actually won.

When I used the Bendi Brush for the first time on Daisy Mae, she sniffed it and then layed down beside it. She eventually let me brush her with the Bendi Brush. This Brush is great.

The Benefits Of The Bendi Brush?

1. Use the Bendi Brush flash to remove shedding.

2. Bend the Bendi Brush to detangle.

Daisy Mae likes the Bendi Brush flat the best. She likes it because it makes her look even more beautiful and it’s like getting a massage. I like it because it removes shedding and makes her happy. Dog lovers, I haven’t forgotten about you. In fact, the Bendi Brush is not just for cats but for dogs too. You love your dog but hate the shedding? Then the Bendi Brush is for you.

What does Daisy Mae and I think of the Bendi Brush? It’s Great.

I have included links for the Bendi Brush in the UK and US. See below.

US: AniPure Pets or QVC

UK: Cider House Pet Supplies

I even have pictures of Daisy Mae getting brushed and Daisy Mae with the Bendi Brush.

Daisy Mae Laying By The Bendi Brush.

Daisy Mae Getting Brushed With The Bendi Brush.

Daisy Mae Being Impatient Right After I Gave Her A Brushing With The Bendi Brush.

Daisy Mae Showing Off After A Brushing With The Bendi Brush.

See how her fur is smooth and she looks like she’s basking in the glow?

She is just loving her brushing with the Bendi Brush.

Daisy Mae And I Really Like The Bendi Brush.

We regularly write about all things relating to cats on our Blog Katzenworld!

My partner and I are owned by three cheeky cats that get up to all kind of mischief that of course you’ll also be able to find out more about on our Blog

If you are interested in joining us by becoming a regular contributor / guest author do drop me a message.