Vax Air Stretch Pet Upright Vacuum Cleaner

I always considered myself lucky, my cat Dexter is so chilled that I can brush his coat and clean his teeth each week and accumulation of cat hair was at a minimum in my house. No fuss! My parents have a menagerie of pets and always have done over the years. With two cats and two dogs pet hair can be a real problem, one that I was so smug as I didn’t have. That was, of course, until I got my second cat Floki. He may be a tiny wee kitten, but he molts like mad – and with the two of them dashing about like mad men while playing flying fur has become more of a common occurrence – and my old vacuum simply was not up to the challenge!

img_20160530_210149Vax offered to send me a Vax Air Stretch Pet Upright Vacuum Cleaner to try out. With its sleek design and extra long attachments (17 meter cord and hose!) I was quickly impressed!


The Air Stretch Pet means that I can even vacuum the bottom of the bed where the cats sleep, and the easy empty canister makes this a better choice for flea control. Even with the vet approved flea prevention drops, having two cats does mean twice the opportunity for them to bring in a stray flea. It is little well known that the most effective weapon against fleas is vacuuming regularly – this breaks the cycle by simply sucking away the eggs and larvae from your home. The heat and rumble of the vacuum can also however awaken dormant eggs, and with bagged hoovers the fleas can hop right back out! A bagless model means the ultimate in hygiene as you can empty each time with a flick of a clasp.

Death to all fleas!
Death to all fleas!

As you can see from the pictures the cats were very intrigued by its tall slim design – not so much when it was turned on however!


I’ve had vacuums in the past that drag my carpet and are hard to move around, I liked with this model that while the dirt was effectively pulled up, it didn’t hurt my back by sticking to the flooring. One really gross reality is now that I can actually see the hair this vacuum brings up, I realise my black cat Dexter molts more than I thought – and was just camouflaged!

My only criticism would be that I wished the fab additional pet attachment for upholstery had something to clip it to the machine while storing in between uses. In my mad house it is likely to become lost!


All in all a great gadget for pet owners, that I would thoroughly recommend, and even better this model is currently in the sale at half price for £129.99! Available online at and in high street retailers. For further vacuum cleaner comparisons click here.

Verdict: 9 / 10

*Note: this product was sent to me in exchange for a review by the retailer. However this northern lass is quite opinionated, and all views are my own. Honestly, if I hate something I will tell you and if I love it I will rave about it!

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10 thoughts on “Vax Air Stretch Pet Upright Vacuum Cleaner

  1. IreneDesign2011 says:

    This machine sounds interesting even I do have a good vacuum cleaner. I have 2 cats and 1big dog and they do also get the needed treatments against fleas etc. We have several dangers for them here in Spain.
    You were lucky to get yours 🙂
    That is good service.

  2. Sheila Moss says:

    Anything that picks up cat hair is great. I have fur balls rolling around my living room like tumble weeds. LOL I had to get rid of carpeting and go to wood floors due to allergies. Thanks for a full disclosure on paid promotion.

  3. Chris Lynn says:

    I had an allergy problem. The doctor suggested me to urgent manage this vacuum. Luckily I could manage this excellent vac. One of the most positive site of this vacuum can set up easily. The overall performance of this vacuum is effortless.

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