Daisy Mae And The Bendi Brush By Crystal Stewart

Daisy Mae And The Bendi Brush By Crystal Stewart

I follow Katzenworld the one place on the internet that’s all about cats. One Morning I was reading a post from here and I noticed an interesting giveaway. It was for the BendiBrush. I liked what I read about this product plus I thought that would be great if I won this for my cat Daisy Mae. I entered the giveaway and much to my surprise, I actually won.

When I used the Bendi Brush for the first time on Daisy Mae, she sniffed it and then layed down beside it. She eventually let me brush her with the Bendi Brush. This Brush is great.

The Benefits Of The Bendi Brush?

1. Use the Bendi Brush flash to remove shedding.

2. Bend the Bendi Brush to detangle.

Daisy Mae likes the Bendi Brush flat the best. She likes it because it makes her look even more beautiful and it’s like getting a massage. I like it because it removes shedding and makes her happy. Dog lovers, I haven’t forgotten about you. In fact, the Bendi Brush is not just for cats but for dogs too. You love your dog but hate the shedding? Then the Bendi Brush is for you.

What does Daisy Mae and I think of the Bendi Brush? It’s Great.

I have included links for the Bendi Brush in the UK and US. See below.

US: AniPure Pets or QVC

UK: Cider House Pet Supplies

I even have pictures of Daisy Mae getting brushed and Daisy Mae with the Bendi Brush.

Daisy Mae Laying By The Bendi Brush.

Daisy Mae Getting Brushed With The Bendi Brush.

Daisy Mae Being Impatient Right After I Gave Her A Brushing With The Bendi Brush.

Daisy Mae Showing Off After A Brushing With The Bendi Brush.

See how her fur is smooth and she looks like she’s basking in the glow?

She is just loving her brushing with the Bendi Brush.

Daisy Mae And I Really Like The Bendi Brush.

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