Oliver & Nubia: If It Fits, I Sits!

Hello everyone,

It’s Nubia here and look! My latest purrfect box arrived. 😀

Of course I HAVE to fend of my brother… So when it first arrived I thought I might deter him by simply sitting on the box. 😀

If you fancy getting one for your kitties here enter ukbdbf31 at checkout. I managed to get you all this discount! 🙂

But anyhow onto my story!!!


Nubia: I think the pink box goes well against my fur, don’t you agree? 😀

Right well I am getting a bored now… Where is the human to open the box for me!!!

Nubia: How many more pretty faces do I need to make before you’ll open the box for me? 🙁


Nubia: Yes!!!! It’s open!


Nubia: I wonder what’s in there…


Nubia: I am having first dibs today!


Oliver: NO WAY!!!! I was sleeping!

Nubia: Precisely… You ALWAYS sleep. That’s why I go first!


Oliver: But I want this… Pleeeeease

Nubia: No.


Oliver: Pretty please? <3

Nubia: Fine… BUT only that!


Oliver: *with full mouth* This is tasty!


Oliver: Oh….. It makes noises…. Can I..

Nubia: NO! You already chose your toy! Oh what’s this… a fishy?

Oliver: That’s a dolphin not a fish!

Nubia: Oversized fishy?

Oliver: Mammal

Nubia: But they swim and never leave the water…

Oliver: Still!

Nubia: Alright… back to the box!!! Which I claim!


Nubia: It’s a purrfect fit for me!


Nubia: Now let’s just make sure that my brother doesn’t sneak up on me while I tell you all more about the box content… 😀

So the contents of the February box were the following items. We researched these on the internet to check if this box truly is good value:

4Cats Dolphin – Cheapest we found £3.99 Funnily enough on our own Shop. 😀 Looks like they know of our friends 4Cats!
Pet Munchies Natural Cat Treats
 – Cheapest we found £2.20
Mr Cat Cavier (Fish flakes-  
Cheapest we found £2.50
Petbrand Deodorizing Crystals – Cheapest we found £4.50
Cat Brush – Couldn’t find this one! (Similar brushes were priced at £2.50
Feather ball cat toy – Cheapest we found £4.10
Playtime catnip toy– Cheapest we found £3.05


Total value: £22.84

We weren’t able to find all of the items from the same shop so more than likely you would have ended up paying significantly extra for postage from a variety of shops or paid slightly more than the above price to get it from your local pet shop.

So let us look at their general subscription prices:

Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 12.19.52 AM

As you can see even if you choose to pay monthly you would have saved £2.94 versus buying each item separately and that doesn’t even take into consideration that free postage is included! (And far more important a BOX for your cat to PLAY with 😉 ) So for those of you that don’t want the hassle of choosing, get a surprise every month AND save money versus buying the contents separately this is the purrfect choice!

Purrfectbox also allows you to setup a profile for your cat on their page which means that your OWN box will be tailored to your cats profile and if you have more than one cat you can add multiple profiles for your cats to your account.

Entering your cats profile is easy (and cute!) as seen below:


Each box contains a cute Newsletter called Purr Notes – as Nubia pointed out she was featured in the selections of photos this time around. 😀

What’s even better we managed to secure a £5 discount for your! Just enter ukbdbf31 at checkout.

To find out more about the box and to sign up for one please click here.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments! 🙂 And please do sign up for our Newsletter.



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20 thoughts on “Oliver & Nubia: If It Fits, I Sits!

    • Marc-André says:

      Generally any product you see on a Thursday by Angel is available in the US and Canada while most of the ones that Oliver and Nubia demonstrate are UK based. Though many of the U.K. Brands do offer postage internationally it sometimes may not be cost effective. =o

      I’m pretty sure that purrfect box has a US equivalent under a slightly different name as they are a global brand. (Originated in France!) will try and find out for you. ^^

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