Nubia: Delicious Food That is Also Good for us? Find out More!

Hi everyone,

Today it’s me Nubia here and I would like to talk to you about the holistic range from our friends & partners Almo Nature.

As you might know my siblings and I absolutely love all of the Almo Nature food and our humans almost solely feed us their range! But did you know that Almo Nature also has a very important holistic range with various benefits for us felines?

So what makes holistic so different?

Well listen to what Alessandro Gori, Research & Development expert has to say: ”

In order to ensure that your cat’s internal organs stay in great shape, you need to make sure you provide them with a sufficient amount of animal proteins and the required daily nutrients in a highly digestible form.

To ease this task for cat owners, we created the Almo Nature Holistic range – recipes with a balanced selection of ingredients that take every need, of every cat into account.”

Nubia: And us four love it! The holistic range provides the purrfect complete meal with the right balance of fresh meat or fish enriched with vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that are vital for our wellbeing.

Nubia: But that, of course, is not everything. The holistic range also offers a variety of recipes tailored to specific needs. For example, I myself suffer from hairballs so my humans make sure I get plenty of holistic anti hairball to help me with that.

Nubia: There as my brother Oliver gets urinary help as he used to suffer from urinary problems before switching to this and my other sibling the grand gourmand Renegade gets the digestive help to ensure his tummy stays in top performance!

Nubia: And remember it’s important to provide us felines with a healthy mix of wet and dry food. Almo Nature’s nutritional advice for this is 60% wet food and 40% dry food.

Nubia: Wet food is essential for our daily diet, it helps us stay hydrated and it reduces the risk of urologic diseases. Dry food is also important, it’s full of nutrients and it provides us felines with the opportunity to eat several small portions throughout the day.

Don’t mix wet and dry food, though!

Nubia: And if all of this wasn’t good enough already… don’t forget the Fondazione Capellino (Capellino Foundation), 100% of the money your humans spend on Almo Nature’ pet food is used to protect cats, dogs and many other animals around the world through the projects of this foundation. This covers everything from small shelters and local initiatives to large scale biodiversity projects! And Almo Nature is the first pet food company that has ever done such a great project.

Nubia: So if you’d like to recommend to your humans to give this food a try you can head over to Fetch or find a local shop via the Almo Nature website. Almo Nature really is owned by us animals as all profits generated by their products are used to protect cats, dogs and the biodiversity through the projects of Fondazione Capellino

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Signed by,

Her Meowjesty Queen Nubia the Disturber of Peace

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