Oliver, Renegade & Freya: Guilt Free Snack Time with Almo Nature Treats

Hi everyone,

It’s me the little snow leopard queen today! My brothers and I got to try out some delicious treats from Almo Nature this time around.

Freya: Sadly of course Rennie had to try and get in first…

Rennie: What! I only wanted to make sure it’s not too rich for you…

Rennie: I really just wanted to dig my teeth straight into the Almo Nature Mini food but of course the humans had to tease me firsr *grumbles*

Rennie: How much do I have to rub myself over a pack of snacks for my servants to finally open it for me!

Rennie: At last!!! They’ve opened it for me! Just as well as I was about to dig my teeth in. ;o

Rennie: See these are pawesome as each individual bag contains a high-quality piece of meat. As with all of the Almo Nature food it only uses high quality ingredients and the meat in these snacks was actually fit for human consumption food.

Freya: Let me have a look… I am still growing so I need these more than you!!!

Rennie: No chance… this is my chicken…. I love chicken.

Freya: *Pushes Rennie out of the way* ME first!!!! 😮

Oliver: Chicken?!? Why wasn’t I invited to this party…

Rennie: Argh! Not you as well. :O

Freya: Excellent while my brothers are busy down there I can have the chicken ALL for myself. 😀

Rennie: Fee fi fo fum… I am back and here to get your treat!

Freya: Nooooooooo!!!!!!

Rennie: At last… after fighting of all my siblings I got one of them. ;o

Freya: Fine… we will make sure we share with you more readily next time… but I am happy as I got 2 treats. 😀

Rennie: So you are wondering what’s so good about these treats? Well first of all the meat is of human quality consumption food and secondly, Almo Nature doesn’t add any nasty chemicals of preservatives so this makes the purrfect little in between filet snack. 😀

Freya: And most importantly all profits of the food Almo Nature sells go towards the work of the Fondazione Capellino, which has a range of animal welfare projects to help stray cats & dogs as well as wild animals all around the world!

Rennie: So why not get some of the snacks on one of the following locations:

Almo Nature Green Label Mini Food (3g per pack) with Tuna Fillet, Chicken Fillet or Salmon Fillet

Signed by,

Prince Renegade also known as the Flash
Princess Queen Freya the Snow Leopard
His Meowjesty King Oliver the Maker of Mischief

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16 thoughts on “Oliver, Renegade & Freya: Guilt Free Snack Time with Almo Nature Treats

  1. blogwriter135 says:

    They’re so gorgeous?! I love how the cats know when it’s treats you have.. like in my house they could be outside and I’d open the treats packet and they’d just run right in the house and patiently wait???

    • Marc-André says:

      She is a straight coat Peterbald hence the slender / long body shape. If you google Peterbald you’ll find that they are normally naked but you call them straight coat when they do have fur. 🙂

    • Marc-André says:

      She decided it was too much effort to compete with the other three so had to give her some treats in the kitchen which didn’t make for the best story photos. ;o

    • Marc-André says:

      These are brilliant. Much prefer feeding them this over dreamies and the like. They have been popular at our cat shows too. 🙂

  2. Nora J Hamilton says:

    My cats don’t like ordinary treats because they are fed all wet food, and thos
    e treats don’t have any appeal. But these treats–well I think they would be a hit!

    • Marc-André says:

      These treats should go down well if they like wet food. We sell a lot boxes of them at cat shows as they are a nice meat treat especially for cats that are on wet food diets. 🙂

      Can post worldwide from our own shop but it may work out a little expensive. Could try and find out if there is a local pet shop near you that stocks them!

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