“AdoptMe” – I’m Real: Fondazione Capellino Launches a Poetic Advertising Campaign for a World Where no cat or dog has to Live in a Shelter

“AdoptMe” – I’m real

Fondazione Capellino launches a poetic advertising campaign

for a world where no cat or dog has to live in a shelter 




Genoa, 2 October, 2020

There is a time to listen and a time to speak, a time to reflect and a time to act.

The economic crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic has widened the social divide, exposing the most vulnerable to further risks. With over 3.4 million meals donated to cats and dogs and more than 13,800 adoptions supported, Fondazione Capellino has actively helped not only those who love animals but also those who care for cats and dogs in need, thus helping to reduce the risk of abandonment in these difficult times.

No cat or dog should live in a shelter. Their nature is to be free. With the launch of this new campaign, the foundation wishes to raise public awareness of this subject by choosing a new and unconventional approach: it is the dogs and cats, themselves, who communicate the strong and poetic message, which captures the essence of their feelings through emotional imagery and mesmerising music written by French singer-songwriter Loane. The Europe-wide campaign aims to inspire new thinking and remind us how important it is to forge connections not only with dogs and cats, but with all living creatures—with all of Nature.

Fondazione Capellino is a non-profit philanthropic organisation aimed at contributing to the protection of biodiversity from three perspectives: nature and its habitats, the human spirit and culture. The foundation’s AdoptMe campaign intends to reach those who share this innovative and different vision and support those who have chosen to forge a new, lifelong bond with a cat or dog through adoption, by offering them a month of free Almo Nature food and donating the same amount to an animal waiting to find a new home. Unfortunately, this part of the campaign isn’t possible in the UK as of yet but British consumers do contribute to this cause by buying Almo Nature products for their cats and dogs.

The foundation, funded by profits from the sale of Almo Nature products, independently finances AdoptMe and other projects that further its mission. Almo Nature is actively investing in becoming a company with zero impact on biodiversity by 2030.

Ultimately, it is dogs and cats who, with the help of their human companions, choose Almo Nature food, ensuring that profits do not accumulate in private accounts but instead go to fund projects for general interest. For the benefit of future generations. For the benefit of all living species.

IG: @almonatureofficial

FB: @AlmoNatureUK

Webpage: https://pages.almonature.com/en/connectwithme/cat_dog


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