Purrsday Poetry: This Dream Proclaims

“Oh this is who they are!” this dream proclaims:

     Though kitten, she’s a maiden, all in all!

     A graceful dream against a garden wall

Whose charm and dignity a human tames.

The fairest of the fair, a queen of dames,

     A queen indeed, though not gowned for the ball,

     Whose sweetest words are such a dulcet call

They humble all of us to quit our claims.


Who does she own, this beauty? Could it be

     That she’s the queen of gentle Cinderella,

          Who shares her meager crumbs, and wraps her arms

Around her, bathing her with a sweet sea

     Of tears? Who is her prince? Which honored fella?

          Lord Puss in Boots will guard her from all harms!


Written July 31, 2019, © Anissa Nedzel Gage, All rights reserved.

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