The Adventures of the Katzenworld Cats: Renegade the World Traveller ends up in…

  • Hi everyone,

Those of you that have been following the adventures of our fours for a while are probably familiar with the fun fact that Rennie was born in the US, Texas to be precise, add to that his short coat and he is most certainly not a fan of our cold and drizzly weather here in the UK! Especially not at winter time…

This is how our idea for the below cartoon came about as we’ve always been wondering if he misses his warm home back in Texas!

So here you’ve got it… Rennie is not very good with directions, in fact, he regularly tries to rush into our neighbor’s place and gets totally lost as nothing is in the right place… His siblings (and us) sure have to keep an eye on the little bugger. 😉

On a more serious note! If your cat is an outdoor cat we would highly recommend investing in either securing your garden and only allowing your cat there or of course, invest in a tracker such as Petpointer which works in over 200 globally* in areas that have 2G coverage. Oh and we now have the tracker available in our blog shop with worldwide delivery.

So where will Rennie’s adventures take him next you ask? Well, you shall find out about this in the next cartoon! 😉

More about Petpointer:

*Petpointer requires a monthly subscription plan which is sold separately. It’s roaming subscription will allow it to work in any of those countries, however please ensure that you do have 2G coverage as this is required for the location technology

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9 thoughts on “The Adventures of the Katzenworld Cats: Renegade the World Traveller ends up in…

  1. meowmeowmans says:

    Rennie, good thing you had that Petpointer on. Looks as though you ended up just a wee bit south of your intended destination. 🙂

  2. chrisscatmeow says:

    Gosh I was feeling so sad for Rennie I hope he doesn’t feel home sick but how could he with everyone around him and all those nice toys and surprises that come through the door with boxes included. I guess I let my imagination run away. Maybe he will come to Scotland as long as he has a jacket,hat,scarf and wellies. .x??????

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