The Missing Cat…

Hi everyone,

Many of us have probably been in similar situations. Our outdoor cat likes to go for a wonder and while your best friend has always made their way home in time for weeks, months or even years one of those evenings he isn’t there!

But what can we do about it? If your cat is used to being an outdoor cat we can’t just start imprisoning them. While in an ideal world all cats would benefit from having access to a large secured outdoor area this just isn’t possible for most of us. Our cats either have access to roam outside as they please or not at all.

Luckily in today’s day and age of digital technology we can often rely on gadgets to help us out. And PetPointer is one of those gadgets that comes in handy when our roaming feline friends are involved!

So what makes Petpointer different to other similar tracking devices?

  • The GPS and LBS localisation technology in the petpointer makes it possible to pinpoint the location of your pet down to a few metres. Location thus determined is continuously sent to your smartphone, tablet or desktop PC via 2G mobile network in over 200 countries (That’s right even if you travel with your pet your subscription plan will cover you without roaming charges).
  • The petpointer was developed as a joint project by the STMZ lost-pet service with positioning specialists at leading Swiss universities and various engineers from the watchmaking industry. Swiss technology, Swiss precision and carefully constructed in Switzerland.
  • The petpointer is the smallest of its kind with its dimension of 2.3 cm x 5.8 cm x 1 cm and can be attached to any pet-collar. This ensures your pet enjoys full freedom of movement.
  • The petpointer can be attached to any pet collar quickly and easily. Your pet does not have to get accustomed to a new collar. The battery can be simply removed from the petpointer for re-charging without removing the collar

Have you lost your cat before and were you able to be re-united with it? Let us know how you dealt with it and what you did to prevent similar situations!



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11 thoughts on “The Missing Cat…

  1. catladyrules says:

    That is a fantastic idea, but has some disadvantages that may or may not have been addressed.

    If the cat’s collar is snug enough to not allow him to shed it, the Petpointer could be useful. Once the cat is trapped by his collar and can’t move, the Petpointer will allow his owners to find him. But if there are predators around, the cat may never see his owners before it is too late. This is especially dangerous for those living in suburban and rural areas. Hungry canines and large birds of prey are not deterred by a cat’s claws, especially when dinner can’t get away.

    Even in urban settings, cats love to explore areas that have small openings. As a result, cats need to have either collars loose enough for them to pull their heads through or elastic on their collars to prevent them from getting hung up in tight areas or in bushes. The elastic allows the cat to escape the collar without being harmed by what ever is trapping them or an upcoming predator. The Petpointer will become ineffective once the collar has been shed.

    SubQ transmitters are also just as inefficient. What is to prevent the transmitter from opening and leaching poison into the pet? Or over-heating and creating a burn under the skin?

    The best solution would be to have a catio where the cat could be outside in a controlled environment and remain safe from predators and hateful people.

    • Marc-André says:

      Thank you so much for your feedback and advice! 🙂

      Probably should have mentioned that petpointer also works with a special cat collar company called cat life which sells a unique weigh adjustable collar. The benefit of these collars over regular snap-away collars is that it can be adjusted to a cats weight / strength to ensure it only comes off when it actually needs to come off rather than many of the cheap ones that tend to come off all the time!

  2. E Stephens says:

    Great idea but what do you do if everyone of your 5 rescue cats hate collars, will do anything to remove them including with one of my boys, Alfie Ralphie, walking round for a day with his front claw hooked on the collar. Best advice after >60 years of cat wrangling, hold your nerve, if they normally come home they will, it may take more than 24 hours, but deep down they love you or rather they want feeding. Either way you’ve got your cat at least until the next time they decide to fall asleep in a bush and give you a sleepless night!

    • Marc-André says:

      True it won’t necessarily work for all felines. Tho what I found with collars is that some cats just can’t bear cheap collars that must not feel right for them. I guess it’s a bit like us wearing a cheap T-shirt that feels horrible versus a nice one. 😉

  3. franhunne4u says:

    Far more important to have your cat chipped. A lot of cats do not wear collars well or lose them frequently. And then there are the dangers of collars with which they can get caught …

    • Marc-André says:

      True on the chipping! As for collars we should probably make a post on good versus bad collars as a lot of the dangers come from the cheap rubbish ones from China.

      As the saying goes. You get what you pay for so if one relies on a collar for their pet make sure you get a good safety collar that will fall off when needed but not fall of all the time.

  4. Léa says:

    Friends in a nearby village have these for their large feline family. It can be fascinating to see what their four pawed family gets up to but has given them such peace of mind. As for the divas here, they neve go out and do not have these precautions. They are, however, chipped.

  5. Léa says:

    I know she is thrilled with it but if you are seeking an endorsement, I would suggest you send a message to her, through me and I would forward it. I do not give out the personal information of others without their permission. 🙂

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