Happy New Year From All of us!

Hi everyone,

We can’t believe we are at the end of another another year! In a few hours here in the UK it’ll be 2019!


Lots has been happening for us in 2018 and we hope that 2019 will be even more exciting for us and all of you following our cat blog.

2018 in Review:

  • It seems that with each new year our family grows by one! After 2017 so Renegade join us as a new family member, we had Freya join us this year. For those that have not met her she is a straight coat Peterbald, both her parents were naked Peterbald’s there as she has the softest silkiest fur ever. The reason we got her was that Rennie wanted to play and cuddle a lot more than Oliver & Nubia were prepared to give so we fixed the balance by getting little Freya who just LOVES to play chase and cuddle up with Rennie.

  • We once again had a migration… due to problems with the WordPress Business plan limitations we ended up going self hosted on a UK based hosting provider which has been awesome so far! 😀
  • Between our Blog, Apple & Google News apps our Blog now reaches over 130.000 monthly unique visitors reading a massive 490.000 articles a month! Fancy joining us as a contributor? We will link back to your blog to help people find out about you. Email us!
  • We attended many more fabulous cat and pet shows this year to help raise awareness of our Blog, Feline Care and of course the cat toys of our partner 4cats which are of course available in our Blog Shop
  • In fact our Blog Shop now has a much larger selection of cat lover items such as night lights and stationery but also useful gadgets such as the PetPointer GPS tracker reviewed here and fantastic new cat teasers!!!!

Plans for 2019:

  1. We are improving our Sponsor packages for 2019 which will have an even better focus on brand awareness and SEO for the pet businesses supporting us but additionally we will be offering Pet PR Services from next year to distribute your press releases on your behalf to like minded Bloggers and Journalists! Get in touch to sponsor us and we will promote you online and at cat shows that we attend in the UK amongst other things so do get in touch for the full details of the sponsor packages!
  2. There is an amazing line up of cat shows already on our calendar but we are negotiating more stalls to attend at the moment!

So what are your own plans for 2019?!? Let us know in the comments! 😀

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68 thoughts on “Happy New Year From All of us!

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  4. weggieboy says:

    Andy and Dougy the Persian kitty boys and I, their slave, wish both of you and your kitties a very Happy New Year~! I’ve enjoyed your posts a lot this year. I look forward to your posts in 2019.

        • Marc-André says:

          Haha. And I love his fluffy belly. Speaking of which do you recommend any particular brush for Persians? My sister is struggling a bit with one of her Persians coat this year… keeps getting knots and her brush doesn’t seem to be effective at preventing those.

          • weggieboy says:

            The one I use does a decent job, though I removed a mat from behind Andy’s ear the other day. The brush doesn’t have a name molded on it any place, is doub;le-headed, has fine teeth with a bend at one end that works really well in dense Persian hair. I’, e-mailing you photos since there arfen’t enough clues to tell you brand. It has a German patent, was made in Taiwan. It is the brush the kitty boys’ groomer uses, and I bought two of them at the groomer’s shop. She wasn’t too helpful when I tried to get information on it, and they had none in stock. I looked on Amazon, and couldn’t find the exact brush. If I learn anything new, I’ll pass it on to you.

          • weggieboy says:

            I’m sending you photos of the brush. All but one showed up in my email (of course), and I’ll send them to you as soon as the missing photo shows up. It isn’t a flawless answer to Persian fur, but it has fine teeth that have a crook on the end that work well on that tummy fur Andy has, for example – it is really thick and reisitant to some combs and brushes. Of course,. that’s where he usually gets mats if not brushed regularly.

          • weggieboy says:

            If you find anything, let me know. I really like this particular brush, but I know it will wear out at some point. I have two of them, but they both get heavy use.

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