Renegade & Freya: Be Safe, Be Found!

Hi everyone,

It’s me Rennie here today! 😀

As you might remember from last month we introduced the PetPointer Tracker to you all! Well this month we are back with a hands-on trial. 🙂

Rennie: The humans got both the cat-life weight adjustable collars (which come in up to 4kg and above 4kg) and a petpointer GPS tracker kit for us to try out.

Freya: What’s going on here! And why am I not part of the party?

Rennie: Oi! The humans are trying to set this up and I am already giving them a paw or two…

Rennie: So the humans used the up to 4kg collar for my setup in the end as I am light and slender! 😀

Rennie: Tada! I am all setup and ready to explore the world while the humans can keep an eye on my whereabours with the petpointer app on their phone.

Freya: But Rennie… when do you go outside?

Rennie: I go outside all the time! It might only be up and down the block of flats and with the humans but you never know if I manage to get out of my harness the humans can track me. ;o

Rennie: And off I go for a wonder!

Freya: How does it feel around your neck? Are you able to do everything you’d normally do?

Rennie: Of course! The petpointer after all is the smallest and lightest GPS pet tracker on the market.

Freya: So how does the app and tracking work?

Renegade: That’s simple. The humans have to simply go to the Registration page and enter the unique serial number of the device to setup the initial account and once that’s done their pet can be tracked with various interval settings. If set to check once an hour the charge in the battery lasts between 2- 4 days!

Renegade: Either on the app or the website you can see the whereabouts of your pet on the map. The picture above shows it’s journey from Switzerland to our house which in itself is already pretty pawesome! 😀

Renegade: Now because I am not allowed outside on my own I gave my pet pointer to one of the humans to walk around outside while watching him on his my phone. As you can see the blue dot is my location and the paw print indiciates where he is before returning back home!

Renegade: Over the next few months we have asked a number of our cat expert friends to trial the pet pointer so stay tuned what they have to say about it! Meanwhile you can find out more about the tracker on the pet pointer website.

Prince Renegade also known as the Flash
Princess Queen Freya the Snow Leopard

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14 thoughts on “Renegade & Freya: Be Safe, Be Found!

  1. toutparmoi says:

    Sounds like a great app, Rennie! (If I may so address Your Royal Highness.) But you gave me a bad moment when I first read your headline. I thought you and Your Illustrious Friend Queen Freya had been catnapped! So glad to hear you are both safe and well, and fully engaged in promoting the safety of others.

    • Marc-André says:

      ? I didn’t think of the headline possibly misleading people. But we are glad you liked his highnesses post and you most certainly may call him Rennie. 🙂

  2. Léa says:

    A friend swears by it. They live in the country with a feline family of seven. It all began when one of the boys went missing for several days. We had flyers in all the surrounding villages and several patrols out searching and he was finally found in an old shed which had been open when he entered but someone came along and closed it not knowing he was there. If your felines are outdoors, you can’t be too careful.

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