True Story of Missing Kitten and K9 Rescuer: Daisy’s Near CATastrophe by Debra Westgate-Silva

True Story of Missing Kitten and Her K9 Rescuer an Empowering Tale of Enduring Friendship

BRISTOL, Rhode Island — Inspired by the true story of a clever kitten and the K9 who came to her rescue, Daisy’s Near CATastrophe from Debra Westgate-Silva is a heartwarming and empowering tale of perseverance, friendship and the unbreakable bonds that can form between pets.

Daisy is a remarkable kitten who can open doors. When her family goes on vacation, she is sent to a cat kennel. But this feisty kitten doesn’t want to stay there — not without her dog-sibling Bear! Daisy uses her special talent to escape and sets out to find Bear, but she finds trouble instead.

While the story follows Daisy’s adventures and mishaps, the illustrations reveal another part of the story that Daisy is unaware of — a pet-detective dog is searching for her.

Just when things are at their darkest, Daisy remembers who she is: a kitten who can open doors is also a kitten who doesn’t give up. Daisy’s special talent may have gotten her into trouble, but it may also be the way to find her way back to Bear and their family.

While written for children ages 4-9, readers of all ages will enjoy learning about the real-life K9 tracker’s search process.

To help reinforce the underlying messages of friendship and perseverance, the author, a former educator, created a full curriculum guide aligned to Common Core State Standards. The guide is available on the author’s website at

“The story offers many teachable opportunities,” said Westgate-Silva. “The curriculum includes social emotional activities about friendship and assertiveness as well as literacy skill-based lessons on making connections between illustrations and text, distinguishing fact from fiction and experimenting with point of view.”

To hear Westgate-Silva speak about the book and Daisy’s real-life story, watch this YouTube video.

About the Author

Debra Westgate-Silva worked in public education for many years and now writes grants to support nonprofit organizations focused on literacy, education and trauma-impacted youth. She is active in her community, serving on the boards of organizations dedicated to promoting childhood literacy and recently delving into citizen science with frog watches and terrapin conservation projects.

A portion of the proceeds from her new children’s book, Daisy’s Near CATastrophe, will be donated to organizations that train and provide therapy dogs.

Daisy’s Near CATastrophe is her second children’s book. Her first book, Bethlehem Barn, is a light-hearted retelling of the Christmas nativity story from the animals’ perspective. Other works have been published in Highlights for Children, Teaching Tolerance (now Learning for Justice) and Intrepid Times. Learn more at

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Daisy’s Near CATastrophe

Publisher: Luminohr Books

Release Date: May 7, 2024

ISBN-13: 979-8988185444

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