10 Signs Lockdown Has Made Us More Cat…..

With more of us spending time at home in local or national lockdowns, have we become more cat like? Many times while observing my cat Mr Ringo, it did make me wonder, who was watching who? It also made me smile when I realised that back in March, he had a more interesting life than mine. He went out more than me and saw more people, could go hunting and socialise with whoever he wished, makes you appreciate normal life doesn’t it?

So have the lockdowns made us more cat? Can you relate to these following things?

  • We have become meticulous in keeping our paws, sorry hands clean….
  • Have you become more territorial over things? Your home, garden and parking space?
  • Suddenly the view of your road from your window, is SO much more interesting, people watching is SO cool and don’t even start me on how exciting bird watching is!
  • Sleeping or napping in the day is normal now, not a guilty pleasure….
  • We’ve become obsessed with food and regular treats! Do your ears prick up when your partner or housemate opens the fridge or cupboard? Do you hunt for food in the house?
  • Do you get excited when a new cardboard box is delivered to the door?
  • You have suddenly decided to take up meditation and yoga? Cats have done this for ever…..
  • To ensure your sanity, have you begun to run madly around the house for no reason other than exercise (hopefully not at 3am or after using the bathroom?)
  • Have you been startled by the the door bell or the landline ringing? “who’s that?” I hear you cry!
  • Finally when did you last go to the beautician? Are those whiskers I see growing?

Stay well and safe everyone and thanks for reading.

Love and Purrs Rachel From Portsmouth Cat Sitting xx

Rachel is an established cat sitter in Portsmouth UK, when she’s not busy cat sitting she studies feline behaviour, writes cat blogs and reads about cats 🙂


Instagram: @portsmouthcatsitting

Facebook: @portsmouthcatsitting.uk

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