Friendships Between Cats and Humans

Cats can be wonderful friends for humans, if there is some level of mutual understanding and acceptance between human and cat. There are two lovely cats in my life who know what to expect from me, and I know some of the things I can expect from them. I noticed how much easier it was to get a cat on my lap if I didn`t force it, I had to make it interesting for the cat.

Being present with a cat is magical, because they don`t have to come to you, they do so because they want to. I guess that goes for many other animals we keep as pets, but there`s something extra special about cats. After all, it`s the only animal which can not be “tamed”.

I think cats can pretend to be tamed, and try to please their owner to get treats for instance, but then do forbidden things when the owner is out. 😉

What are your thoughts and experiences with your own cats?

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2 thoughts on “Friendships Between Cats and Humans

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