Adventure Cat, the Next Instalment in the Award-Winning Crazy Cat Lady Cozy Mystery Series

Mollie Hunt launches Adventure Cat, the 8th Crazy Cat Lady Cozy Mystery

I love writing the Crazy Cat Lady Cozy Mystery Series! My hero, a sixty-something cat shelter volunteer, never means to get herself in trouble, but that cat-like curiosity of hers has a different plan. Adventure Cat takes up five years after my Cat’s Cradle short story where Lynley saves a kitten stuck in a gym bag and ends up running for her life. The bag is later revealed to hold more than a kitten. What happened to the bag? What happened to the kitten? The story is just beginning.

From the back cover: 

An elfin recluse, a handsome feline archaeologist, a stolen artifact, and one very special cat…

 Five years ago, cat shelter volunteer Lynley Cannon discovered a gym bag in a warehouse. Inside the bag were a kitten, a cat toy, and ten thousand dollars. Then shots began to fly. Now, half a decade later, Lynley is thrown back with the very people from whom she’d been running.

Adventure cats, those fantastic felines who go boating, hiking, and traveling into the wilds! When Friends of Felines cat shelter starts their own adventure cat group, taking cats for strolls in the quiet parks of Portland, Lynley can’t wait to join up.

Then disaster happens! Dirty Harry slips out of his harness and runs up the Mt. Tabor hillside, leading Lynley on a merry chase. Finally she finds him resting in the arms of an enigmatic stranger named Carry.

Carry lives a solitary life in a bungalow at the top of the hill, surrounded by an amazing red-foliaged garden. Carry has a cat of her own, the very kitten Lynley rescued five years previous and been shot at for the effort! Suddenly Lynley finds herself embroiled in the caper that precipitated that long-ago encounter. She survived the first round, but can her luck continue to hold?

Adventure Cat and Cat’s Cradle are available from Amazon in both ebook and paperback form. You can also find Cat’s Cradle in the 9 Deadly Lives Anthology published by Fire Star Press

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Twitter: @MollieHuntCats



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