Pet Ki RompiCatz Classic Rod Review

Our youngest, Luna, is quite the docile kitty, spending most of her days laying in her favourite bed soaking up the sun, only appearing when food is on offer or when Daddy is in a meeting. Not much can tempt her to be active, but should a fly ever wander past her gaze she will pounce into action like a little fluffy Ninja. That’s why this rod and teaser seemed like an obvious choice to buy.

As soon as it arrived, we couldn’t wait to get it out of the packaging and see what she would make of it. First impressions of the rod were good. It’s a fairly thick stem which looks like it should hold up to plenty of play, and the handle is a nice size with a good grip.

The attachment also feels very well made and sturdy. The string is braided which makes it feel strong and durable, definitely a selling point for us since both our kitties love to chew string. The centipede insect at the end is double-jointed which makes for plenty of movement and the bright colours certainly catch the attention of our fluffy kitties.

So far, our kitties have had plenty of fun flying through the air and chasing the centipede along the ground. If you also have a kitty that loves to chase flies around the house, or even just likes to chase anything with bright colours, I would definitely recommend this teaser rod. We’ll definitely be buying more attachments in the future to give the kitties some more options, but for now I suppose I should let them rest and recuperate from their afternoon of “strenuous” exercise and excitement.

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