The Fascinating World of Cats: Ancient Beings with Unparalleled Beauty and Independence

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Cats are gifts from above, conceivably beyond the stars, with the wisdom of Buddha, the transcendence of Allah and the supremeness of Amen Ra.

Their beauty is beyond compare, with kaleidoscope eyes reflecting prisms of color that peer into the darkness and identify shapes that mystify and belie.

Their bodies are anatomical wonders of balance, grace, flexibility and litheness, with the coiled strength  of an athlete, the carriage of a ballerina and the attitude of a diva.

They live on their own terms and unimaginably domesticated themselves. They will not compromise their reality, negotiate their stance, grant concessions, or concede under any circumstance.

They are expert but somewhat subtle communicators. There are many behavior nuances and subtleties interwoven with omnipresent curiosity.

They can be impervious, self-serving, entitled and ineffable. After all, what would would you expect from a species that was worshipped by an ancient civilization and has yet to be toppled from its tree-high pedestal.

Everyday is a pleasure to be in their presence. They are serenely oblivious to wokeness, political correctness, what constitutes acceptable behavior and the zeitgeist of an era.

They are ancient beings that will not blend, assimilate or connect to the current condition. They have traveled through centuries and never betrayed their essence. They have remained the same.

They are Cats.

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