Cats Can Save Lives

Cats Can Save Lives

There are numerous accounts of cases where cats have intervened and saved a human’s life. Today from Review Tales, I wish to discuss this matter and hope that you enjoy reading it.

Although cats are not known to be man’s best friend. There are numerous times where they have made a difference.

Tara, the cat, famously fought off a dog that attacked her four-year-old autistic owner as he rode his bicycle in the driveway of the family’s Bakersfield home in May of 2014. The video of this attack was broadcasted everywhere showing how the dog attacked the boy while he was playing outside on his bike.

In 2017, a family of 8 were recused by a cat from a house fire. The cat was insisting on waking them up and notified them that way from what was going on.

A cat named Pretty Pippa saves her owner’s life more than 20 times a day. All she does is wake her 8-year-old owner everytime her sugars are dangerously low.

Many believe that unlike dogs, cats are not that protective of their owner, and generally do not take action in order to save or help humans. Well this thou

Written by Jeyran Main

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1 thoughts on “Cats Can Save Lives

  1. Catsandcoffee says:

    My friend Cin’s cat ‘Miss Kitty’ hits her in the face to wake her up if her Oxygen Mask isn’t working at night. Miss Kitty also knows how to hit the switch on the actual machine though, so there’s good and bad with her.

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