SUREFEED MICROCHIP PET FEEDER from Sure Petcare -A Different Sort of Review

The SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder saved my cat’s life.

Jaimz, a little gray kitty boy, had been abandoned by his people and left on the street to fend for himself. The doctors at the Oregon Humane Society estimated he must have been on his own for up to a year before a kind soul brought him in. Malnourished and flea-bitten, with hyperthyroidism and chronic kidney disease, he was in bad shape. The docs did what they could and then sent Jaimz into foster care. That’s when he came to me.

I cared for Jaimz for several weeks, regulating his thyroid meds and plying him with whatever foods he would eat. He went for regular exams during that time, and it seemed like he was getting better. But after one of the exams, I got a call from the doctor. Jaimz was losing weight. The vet called it “failure to thrive” and even recommended euthanasia.

I was shocked! I didn’t see it. In all other ways, Jaimz seemed to be improving. He was happy, active, and curious. He didn’t display any of the lethargy and depression that went along with that dire diagnosis.

I’d noticed that Jaimz only ate sparingly during his twice daily feedings, no matter what food I tired. Then our other cat Tyler would swoop in and scarf the remainder. If Jaimz did manage to eat more than a bit, he would vomit. I realized he needed to eat slowly and have access to food on his schedule instead of mine. The microchip pet feeder was the answer. When I started him eating from the feeder where he was able to “graze” whenever he chose, he began to gain weight.

Jaimz isn’t the first cat in our family who’s benefitted from the microchip feeder. We originally got the feeder for our cat Little who was a dainty eater and couldn’t compete with the other three of our feline family. We’ve also used it for foster cats on a special diet, as well as the cat that likes to get up at four in the morning and yowl until he gets his breakfast—you know the one.

For us, the SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder was an investment in cat care that’s paid off over and over. We’ve had ours now for several years and it works just like new. A year and a half later, Jaimz is holding his own and doing well. (Yes, I ended up adopting Jaimz myself!) Thank you, Sure Petcare!

Image from Sure Petcare
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