Adventures of the Katzenworld Cats: The “joy” of Waking up at 4am

Hi everyone,

How many of you have had similar problems of being woken up at unholy hours by your feline friends?

Sadly most of us probably have been in similar situations…

While Oliver’s happy chirps may still be too much for little Nubia it certainly stopped him from dancing on us with loud pleading meows early in the morning. 😉

Why do cats wake us up so early for “breakfast”? That’s simple their wild cousins make as many as 100 hunting attempts to catch the 8-13 small prey a day they need to survive. Their bodies are simply not designed to take in a super large meal before bedtime and on top of that cats are naturally active at night!

This is why it’s such a great idea to put out the Doc and Phoebe’s Feeder at night to offer Oliver something to hunt and fill his little tummy with. All without the need to wake us up!

More about the Doc and Phoebe’s Feeder:



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17 thoughts on “Adventures of the Katzenworld Cats: The “joy” of Waking up at 4am

  1. erinthecatprincess says:

    Yup, I know that feeling well….. Trying to wake Mrs H up at 2 or 4 AM is hell! A mouse in the house is an awesome tactic, whether real or filled with treats, I thoroughly recommend it. Small portions are best, for sure!
    Toodle pips
    PS, if they invent a live mouse that gives out treats, that would be worth gettingout ​of bed for, MOL

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  3. meowmeowmans says:

    Great job, mighty hunter Oli! And we are so glad your humans can now get a good night’s rest. (sorry, Nubia). 🙂

  4. BellaDharma's LadyMum says:

    Meow meow what a kewl idea Mistur Marc-Andre!!! Mee has mee kibbel when mee needs a quik an easy snack inn bee-tween meelss. Mee iss purrty quiet…MOL!!
    Guud luck with thee feeder!
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma

  5. simon7banks says:

    Fortunately, Suzy is much too fond of cuddles on top of the bed to want to get me out of it. She has a bowl of crackles in the bedroom which she eats sparingly and goes out in the night through the cat flap. Emma is out at night and generally turns up at the front window soon before I get up. Only problem is that if I get up for the toilet at, say, 6:30 with the alarm clock set for 7:15, I may see Emma at the window, let her in, she demands various foods, Suzy comes down to watch and slightly spook Emma and I end up not getting back to sleep.

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