Mews: Cat Hampurr one of gift boxes. <3

Hello everyone,

As you probably know our two kitties have had the luck of reviewing the Cat Hampurr previously! We were really impressed with their offering and as they now sell them as one of gift boxes thought it would be a good idea to team up with them for these. 😀

If you too would like to make your feline companion happy by ordering one of the surprise boxes filled with fun toys and /or food. (As if the box wasn’t enough 😉 ) Continue to our new Cat Hampurr section on the Katzenworld online shop.

The Cat Hampurr can be shipped within the UK and EU and is available in three different types:

  • Playtime – For those that would like just toys!
  • Kitten – Got a kitten? This is the one you want. 😀
  • Cat – The regular Cat Hampurr with toys and snacks!

For a full review of this  box please check out our previous review here! And of course some cute photos of Nubia with one of her boxes. 🙂


Nubia: My Cat Hampurr has arrived!


Nubia: What to have first…


Oliver: Why wasn’t I invited to this!

Nubia: It’s purple! So must have been for me.

Oliver: I don’t think so…

Nubia: Ok you can have SOME…


Nubia: That looks yummy…


Nubia: Open this for me please. <3

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23 thoughts on “Mews: Cat Hampurr one of gift boxes. <3

      1. Excellent! Once I’m on the road pretty much full-time, it would be nice to give my kitties a little something special to play with, as they (unfortunately) will be cooped up most of the time. As I said before, at least the young boy will be able to go outside on a line or a leash, but the two elders might enjoy some fun time indoors when they aren’t busy sleeping. 🙂

  1. Hope Nubian liked her choice. Kara used to like to chose her tin of food from the cupboard. If I was lucky she’d chose one of the first few tins, sometimes I’d end up emptying the cupboard before she found one she wanted!

    1. Haha. One of my sisters has a dog and I know of at least some readers that have both cats and dogs. 🙂 and there is always a few online dog blogger friends of ours. ^^

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