Review & Discount for Canada / US / UK: Meowbox now available in the UK!

Hello everyone,

Today we have another fantastic subscription box for you! This time the box comes from

What is even better if you fancy giving it a try you can get 10% off the subcription plan you choose with our special code KATZEN10.

Now let us have a look at the box itself and how it compares to others.

Surprisingly this time it was Nubia who was super guarding the box. As you may remember it usually is Oliver who goes mad over our box deliveries! The reason being she sniffed out her favourite type of toys (no not catnip) things made of wool. 😀


Nubia: *stern look* This is MY box… none shall pass! 😀

Nubia straight wanted to get in there and you can see a video of her attempts to headbutt her way into the box below:

There was also a super cute surprise in our box and I think Nubia was very pleased with this!


Nubia: I ❤ Meowbox! They even got our names on the box woohoo. ❤

Both kitties were really happy with the toys and other things inside the box as you can see below they both chose their favourite right away! LOL


Nubia: Wool toy! MINE


Oliver: That’s okay I shall have the catnip prawn. 😀

Oliver really loves this new prawn as you can see on the below video:

Unlike other boxes we have tested their boxes are full of organic and handmade high quality items which in our opinion is worth paying the for. 🙂

You also get introduced to new brands that you may otherwise not have heard about. Like Oliver’s catnip prawn is from an independent retailer that has an Etsy shop and what’s even better as part of the box you got a 25% discount code to order more prawns! (I can hear Oli making happy purrs about that while my wallet makes a sigh. 😉 )

So the content of the September box were the following 5 items. We researched these on the internet to check if this box truly is good value:

Crazy About Catnip: Shrimp Toy – $4.50 on their official Etsy shop
Nutrience: Turkey, Chicken & Herring
 – Couldn’t find the 200gram pack online but that could be because its a trial size bag to see if your cat likes it. We found a larger bag that would prize this one at about 12$
Beco Things: Cat bowl –  
Cheapest we found $5.70
Smart n’Tasty: Feline Dental Treats Chicken flavour – Cheapest we found $8.94
Snow Leopard Trust: Snow Leopard Toy – $5.00 on their official store
Snow Leopard Trust: Toy Mouse Mini – $5.00 on their official store

Total value: $42.14

You certainly wouldn’t have been able to find all of these items from the same shop which therefore would have cost you a lot more in postage! So over-all this is great value for money. 😀

So let us look at their general subscription prices:


As you can see even if you choose to pay monthly you would have saved $9.19 versus buying each item separately and remember you would have had to pay even MORE for postage. The real value for these boxes is if you are happy to pay for months in advance. For example if you prepay for 6 months you save an extra $10 per month so giving you a saving of $19.19 per box.

Our over-all verdict?

We really love this box! Not just has it introduced us to loads of new companies we didn’t even know about but it’s also organic and grain free, therefore making these treats much healthier for your cat. Additionally we really liked the fact that they included items from charities – this month included items from the snow leopard trust who helps to save the endangered snow leopard!

Now if you would like to order your own box as a trial please click here and don’t forget to use your discount code KATZEN10 for an extra 10% off.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments! 🙂




14 thoughts on “Review & Discount for Canada / US / UK: Meowbox now available in the UK!

  1. I subscribe to KitNip Box…it’s the same exact concept. Was wondering if you’d looked into KitNip Box, and if so, do you prefer MeowBox over KitNip Box? I was a little disappointed in my last KitNip Box and am thinking about switching. Thanks! 🐱


  2. Just wanted to give a follow up on my Meow Box : I am happy to tell you that it’s great! I did a 6 month order and the products/toys are all of very good quality, and the selection is very original., and there is always enough stuff for my five little bandits… Every month is a surprise! Do give it a try!

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