Product Review: Cat Hampurr including Discount Code

Hello everyone,

Today we have another fantastic subscription box for you! This time the box comes from Cat Hampurr.

This subscription box is from a local UK based company and that offers a monthly subscription plan or a one of gift box. Each of the products is carefully chosen and to get a good idea of what products have been included in the past please click here.


We hadn’t even opened the box properly when little Nubia wanted to get right into the fun!


Here you can see the content of our box (plus Nubsey getting comfy in the background LOL)

Our box included:

  • Thrive freeze dried meet
  • Calming Pet Remedy
  • Senstivie crunchies
  • 2 packs of Fish Mousse in sachets
  • Catnip tea
  • Catnip plague rat (Missing on the photo above because SOMEONE run off with it… As you can see in a moment! LOL)


Catnip plague rat has been found!


And Mr Oli was having loads of fun with it. 🙂

So what is our overall verdict?

We loved the box! It contained a good variety of different high quality products and would have most certainly cost more to purchase individually. As with all cat subscription boxes this is great to try out different brand products and get a fun surprise every month for your “little” family members. 🙂

Also for those with smaller budget there is a bi-monthly option (you receive a box every 2 weeks) available which starts at just £6 a month

If you’d like to purchase your own head over to Cat Hampurr by clicking here our link gives you a special discount code of £5 off your first box for the monthly subscription option.

Should the link not work please enter katzen as discount code during check-out.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments! 🙂

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16 thoughts on “Product Review: Cat Hampurr including Discount Code

  1. If I buy the catnip Plague rat for my brother Steve is there any risk to the rest of us in the household? I thought I learned that The Plague is kind of contagious.

  2. Cat Hampurr is a fantastic product, we have ordered several times and they are really nice people too!

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