Guest Star: Moet – My life. My Story!

Hi everyone,

Today’s guest post comes from Moet the amazing blind survivor:

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I was brought into a country called Oman from my birthplace, but I’m not sure where that was. I was taken to this place called the ‘pet shop’ and all the other fluffy kittens there said it was horrible but I’d soon be out of there. One by one my companions left, but one of them had given me cat flu and I wasn’t well so nobody really wanted me. The mean people at the pet shop didn’t care; I was left often without food and water, a dirty cage, no bed to lie on, no toys. Nothing. I was so miserable and then I just got sicker and sicker. Eventually the bright colours and things I saw started to go fuzzy and one day I woke up and there were only shadows and light. It wasn’t too much after that I could see only darkness. My world was miserable and I just lay down to find eternal sleep.

It was suddenly and abruptly that the cage was opened and a lady’s hand reached in for me. Loud voices, insistence and a lot of scuffling and I was put into a carry-box. I was so weak by this time I didn’t move a muscle. I just lay there thinking that perhaps this was the rainbow bridge that everybody had spoken of.

I felt the cold of a metal table, kind voices, the sting of an injection and then a soft bed. I couldn’t eat, so I slept… waiting and waiting for the kindness to take me to the bridge. But it didn’t come and instead after one more slight sting, I drifted off.


When I woke up I knew something was different about my eyes, they didn’t hurt so much any more, but they were sore. The nice voices said I had “stiches” and so I had to wear this horrible plastic collar. But I didn’t mind because oddly, I felt like I could stand up on my own now and just felt a lot better. The kind voices came and went, I was given the most delicious food I had ever eaten and I always had a soft bed to lie on. Maybe I was over the rainbow bridge?? No, this was real! I didn’t much like the daily stings, but the nice voices said they would make me feel better and that one day maybe I would have a home of my own. A home?! Really?? But I also heard the whispers and something about it being difficult to find a ‘good’ home for a blind cat. I wasn’t too sure what that meant, but I was happy and purred loudly at the kind voices and strokes that came my way. In fact, they said I was one of the happiest kitties they’d ever met. I didn’t know why, but that made me even happier.

Six days after my ‘surgery’ this lady appeared from nowhere. She also spoke to me in a very kind voice and stroked my cheek. I rolled over for the next stage – the belly rub. She cooed and ahhh-ed and said “yes, I’ll take her”.

It was 2 days later after they removed my “stiches” and annoying collar that I was again put into a carrier and taken to a new place. I knew there was another cat there because I could smell her, but the lady didn’t let her get me and we had our own separate areas for about 4 days. I loved my new place. I had strokes and cuddles every day, great food, lots of different beds and so many toys I kept forgetting which one was my favourite. I also learned that if I lost a toy, my human would go and retrieve it if I let out the merest squeak (which is all I do by the way, I’m not into shouting loudly).

toy 1

It’s now been one year since I was in my “forever home”. My mum is just the best and loves me lots (I think maybe I’m her favourite, which annoys my two fur-sisters – one of whom came after me – mum rescued her from a tiny birdcage in a horrible local market!). We are a happy family, but sometimes I have to tease Luna to play with me. I like to play a lot. Sometimes mum says I never sit still. But I do, I like sleeping too, because there are so many nice places to curl up – my mum’s bed, 3 cat trees (one of which is like a real tree) and 2 comfy sofas. My mum also has a nice balcony, which she says she made ‘safe’ by enclosing it. We are allowed to go out whenever we like!


I know I’m home. I know I’m loved. I am lucky to have my mum and fur-sisters. I am so happy.


You can follow me on Twitter: @MoetBlindCat
You can also follow me and my rescue sisters (Luna and Lily) on Instagram: @3Muscats

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43 thoughts on “Guest Star: Moet – My life. My Story!

  1. chattykerry says:

    What a wonderful tale and what a lucky pussy cat. Feral cats and those abused will not use their full voices for years. Our Egyptian cats never uttered a sound until years later and now I can’t shut them up no matter how much I shout La! in Arabic. We need more people like you and your family.

  2. sledpress says:

    This makes me cry. Just a few days ago I read about the rescue of cats from a souq where they were exposed for sale in the blazing sun with no water, one of them dyed pink as a “novelty.” I cannot fathom how people can try to make money off selling animals and not even care for them. And here in the US we have so much irresponsible commercial breeding of “fancy” cats while perfectly good cats are in shelters. I am just grateful for the people who intervene and do something. And who take home sweethearts like this one.

  3. reocochran says:

    I think this is so sweet and glad there is a hsppy ending. I also think an owner who goes to get a toy for Moet with the merest mew is a special owner. 🙂 Smiles, Robin

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