Oliver & Nubia: Scratch tree Exploration!

Hello everyone,

You may remember our previous review of the Mool Deluxe Cat Activity Scratch tree here. Well today the cats are properly exploring it. 😀

I think they are liking it. 🙂 But let us see what they have to say!


Nubia: Oh my! Many platforms! So tall… this is perfect. 🙂


Nubia: *Sniff sniff* It is a mousey!!!! 😀


Nubia: Right this shall be my space!


Oliver: Nope! I want it. 😮


Oliver: Woohoooo it is a mouse to play with. 😀


Oliver: Come here little pesky thingy…


Oliver: Gosh a lot of climbing on this one… 😀


Oliver: Ugh… ALMOST… Just a little stretch o.o


Nubia: Fine. While you are up there I will sleep in here. <3


Nubia: My kingdom!

Oliver: You wish…


Oliver: This is going to be my new favourite comfy place.


Oliver: Hi humans! 🙂 Welcome to my kingdom.

Fancy getting one of these for your cats? Check out this review!



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45 thoughts on “Oliver & Nubia: Scratch tree Exploration!

          1. Lol! …we’re looking at kittens again bybtge way… No promises, but there could be a new tummy to rub soon!!!! 😊

          2. They ate moggies, like our Sonu Singh… A friend’s cat just had a litter, and there are 5 babies that need homes… Its,still in thinking stage, they are literally a week old tomorrow!! 😻

          3. She’s in kent, with me… And there is 2 black n white, and 3 gorgeous tabbies with beautiful markings…the pics aren’t so clear yet, but when she gets some, I’ll mail you! 😸

          4. Not too far away from me when 😉 We are on the Kent side of London. May have to convince my partner and the two kitties that we need to adopt a tabby kitten ;D

  1. Do they have a mailbox at this complex? Do they have a unit or two for rent? Is this the beginning of a new community? Can your readers vote on the name of the town? Will there be a cat park, sand box (no ocean required), snack shack?

    I’m sorry, Marc, my three cats are nosy. They want so much information! I told them to sign up for the newsletter.

    1. LOL! There is certainly a unit or two that my two could rent out haha. I like the idea of voting for a cat town name 😀 because the kitties do have a whole forest of scratch trees scattered across the house XD there are plenty of snacks too 😉

  2. I love a good cat tree! I always shop for solid wood construction and household grade carpet — I have two made that way that have lasted 20 years. You get what you pay for. And I always tell visitors to my house — “I get lots of different chairs and sofas! So do the cats!”

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