Product Review: Mool Deluxe Cat Activity Centre and Scratching Tree

Hello everyone,

The kitties had a big surprise today as we were building this fantastic scratch tree from Amazon for them! 🙂


It arrived neatly packed in a large box – oh how the cats loved the sight of this! 😉


Of course Nubia had to investigate the pieces before I even had a chance to start putting it together. lol


Here are the instructions! Good thing the kitties don’t have to build this themselves haha.

Below you will find the assembly process commentated on by the two resident cats! 🙂


Oliver: What is this… i am sure that is meant to be somewhere else! Human – hurry!!!


Nubia: Hmmmm…. I don’t think I can screw these in myself… go go human!


Nubia: Yes! We are slowly getting there human. 😀


Nubia: Hurry up it is not even half as big as our old tree yet. :O


Nubia: Sure like resting on here tho! 🙂


Nubia: Look! my servant installed another platform. 😀


Nubia: Now where are the sleeping platforms?


Nubia: Nope this is a cave not a sleeping platform…


Nubia: I see…. Human servant hasn’t installed them yet! :O


Oliver: Let me give you a paw! You are too slow. :O


Nubia: Is this where the platform goes? Looks like there will be more than one – just as well with my brother around! 😀


Nubia: Pass me that platform! i’ll install it you slow human. 😛


Nubia: Yes!!! At last it is done. 😀 But hold on a second there are THREE platforms… does that mean we are getting another sibling?!?

Overall verdict:

This is a great tree for your cats especially if you are looking for a large stable tree for your cats but don’t want to spend a large amount of money. The only thing I would say is that the platforms would be a bit small for cats over approx 5kg (Oliver is 4.5 kg and fits perfectly on the platforms!)

The scratch tree is available from Amazon UK and is currently priced at £69.99 and at that price is an bargain for a tree of this size. If you’d like to get one for your kitties you can find the grey one here or the beige one here.

Tip for when your cat doesn’t accept a new cat tree:
If you are struggling to get your cat to accept a new tree or toy have you thought about trying to entice them with some treats? This often works wonder with ours (though not needed for this particular toy haha)


Lily’s Kitchen crunchy Nibbles are actually a complete food and contains 45% fish and NO grain but our two are so hot on it that hiding it in toys will make them hunt it down. 😀 You can find these on Amazon by clicking here for £6.62.



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47 thoughts on “Product Review: Mool Deluxe Cat Activity Centre and Scratching Tree

  1. irenedesign2011 says:

    Nice post Marc and great you mentioned the weight for the cats. I have builded many of these trees and I needed to fasten them to the wall because my cats are much to big for these trees.

  2. carrie4myself says:

    We had one for Muppet but she didn’t really play with it. So when I moved to Belgium, I left the cat tree in the attic.
    She likes climbing on real trees 😀
    Your pictures are great; look like your cats are really enjoying it!!!

  3. billythetimecat says:

    OMC, congrats on catdad to get it together. Mom already freaking out on all the pieces that has to fit together. Most of the time I end up with a wibbly wobbly cat tree that is even worse then my TARDIS. Most of the time moms dad come to help, oh boy the arguments what fits where are worth a movie… so I love the pole. Looking at mom if I would get one… answer clearly no. Now I should invite myself to come and play at your place 🙂

  4. greg1948 says:

    Reminds me of trying to put together childrens toys on Christmas eves years ago, and staying up late into the night, trying to figure out the instructions. At least you do not have to put it together in secret, and have skilled helpers!

  5. Life's Apprentice says:

    That looks like a great cat tree and I might be tempted! Lily’s biscuits (aka crack cocaine for cats) – ours LOVE them – whichever flavour – NOW! PS you can also get them in Waitrose for £3.99 per pack.

  6. michaeldouglasbosc says:

    Its always nice to read about peoples pets especially as we no longer have any. My health made the decision for us as travelling back and forth to the UK was not good for pets and finding someone you could trust to look after them was even harder. Having said that we have ended up with loads of characters Puddytat the wild cat that has adopted us, wild boar and goats who raid my wifes garden, and the birds she has written a book of poetry about are enough to keep us going. My wife is a country girl whereas I am a townie (London) so it is no surprise that after all this time I have come to love the birds and getting up at 6am to fill the water bars says it all. I will subscribe to your news letter.

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