Mews: Meow Parlour, NYC’s First Cat Cafe

My husband and I recently had the pleasure of visiting  Meow Parlour, NYC’s first ( and so far only) cat cafe. Cat   have been around in Japan since the 1990’s but are finally catching on in other parts of the World including the USA and Canada.

We live 3 and a half hours from NYC so I just had to get there to check this out. They are connected with the Kitty Kind shelter and all the cats are adoptable. Since it opened in December of 2014, several cats have been adopted and only 2 of the original cats remain. You need to reserve your spot online a couple months ahead of your visit. The cost is $4per half hour per person. Once you are there though, you can stay longer and pay the difference at the end of your stay.


If you want coffee and pastry, you need to walk down the street and around the corner to the bakery section. NY food laws don’t allow food preparation near animals, but you can bring it in with you. The coffee and bakery were nothing special and a little pricey, but they did have cat shaped cookies.


Before you enter the cat area, you will be asked to remove your shoes ( so be sure to wear socks 🙂 ). They also have you wipe your hands with antibacterial gel. After that you are free to grab some toys and interact with the kitties. We went at 3 PM so most were napping.


There were some awake though that wanted attention:


I wanted to adopt this cutie, Franklin.

Meow Parlour is open from noon-8 PM daily except Wednesdays when they are closed. They are located at 46 Hester St., NYC . To reserve a spot, use this link:

Thanks Ellen

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56 thoughts on “Mews: Meow Parlour, NYC’s First Cat Cafe

          1. Oh! You are in the UK. There is another one opening up in Nottingham this year and a third one in Bristol. Either of those closer to you? I live in London btw 🙂

  1. Wow. This is just wonderful and the way it should be EVERYWHERE! Thanks for sharing the story about the best Cat Cafe ever!! Those cats sure look happy, as it should be. I just love the whole story and concept!

  2. This is great. It gave me the idea to Google “cat cafe Seattle” and much to my delight I discovered there is one in the works and you can read about it here:
    Of course my own Diavolo keeps me pretty busy here but I still love to visit with other kitties so will be visiting this one when it opens.

    1. Thanks for the information, I will read about that one, but I don’t travel that far so I will depend on your review.

  3. LOVE!! Thanks so much for sharing about this – how exciting! I had heard of this happening in Japan, it’s so cool it’s in the U.S.! Now, if we could just get one here down in Houston, I’d be super happy. 🙂

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