Contest: Caption this by Kool Kitty Week 7 Winner announced

Hi everyone,

Our friends over at Kool Kitty Toys have just announced the winner for the week 7 caption contest that we posted about previously.

The Winner of last week is Keith P from D.C.! 🙂 Kool Kitty toys will be sending him these AWESOME Kool Kitty Toys items:

* 2 Kool Kitty Toys Stylus Pens
* 1 Kool Kitty Toys Magnet
* 1 Framed Autographed Copy of the Winning Caption
* 1 Kool Kitty Toys Shirt with Winning Caption Image / Picture

Please congratulate the winner. And don’t forget if you haven’t yet, do enter the week 8 contest you can enter here by the end of today. So be quick and get these captions in!! 😉


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12 thoughts on “Contest: Caption this by Kool Kitty Week 7 Winner announced

  1. I got my parcel from Kook Kitty this week (shocking how expensive the postage is when it comes to parcels!)
    I just love all the items! A frame with my winning entry, two great pens, postcards, stickers, a fridge magnet and last but not least: an awesome mini-flashlight! I wrote to Koo Kitty’s email-address to say thank you. But I have to say thanks to you, too, as you gave me the chance to enter this contest.

    1. Awwww thank you ^^ and glad you enjoyed their items :). And yes tell me about postage… My keyring merchandise is being slowed down by overpriced postage LOL. I sent one to my sister – 50 gram weight cost me 2.80£ with a 30 days delivery aim… Might as well fly over 🙁

        1. Haha that is a good idea! Now if only she wasn’t so lazy half the time – delivery times may be delayed by a month if she posts them 😉 (if she sees this I’m dead!)

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