The Cat that Wanted to be Adopted!

Hi everyone,

Today we’ve got a cute cartoon on a scenario that is just to well known around the world. Some of us have probably been through similar situations with our own little furbabies!

We find the purrfect cat at a shelter and fall in love with them… And before you know it there is the big date of your feline (or canine?) friend moving in with you. 🙂

No matter if you are introducing a new furbaby into a single household or a multi-pet household there are many things one has to remember to make the new family member feel at home. While we’ve previously covered the basics needs of your first cat, we are today looking at extra aids to make the introductions smoother.

Calming aids such as Pet Remedy products can be a great way to help settle a new cat into your home and that applies to your first cat as much as introducing a cat to an existing animal household. 🙂

Thanks to the naturally calming properties of the oils used in Pet Remedy this aid will work almost instantly to relax your new furbaby and help them settle into the new strange world that they’ve come to.

We’ve personally used it for each of our new cat introductions and it’s certainly made things go a lot smoother and easier for us and our cats. Yes, there will still be some hissing and spitting for a multi-cat household introduction as it’s natural for cats to do so if a new feline arrives in their territory but Pet Remedy will help calm nerves and as long as you follow the general best practices for introducing cats it’ll be a much much easier process.

Pet Remedy is available in a variety of delivery methods such as plugin diffusers, battery operated atomisers, spray bottles and calming wipes.

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3 thoughts on “The Cat that Wanted to be Adopted!

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  2. meowmeowmans says:

    Is Pet Remedy like Feliway? That’s what we use here, and it’s always helped with introductions and keeping the kitties calm and happy.

    • Marc-André says:

      Pet remedy uses natural herbal remedy where as feliway uses pheromones. You could use both in conjunction with each other as pet remedy is more about reducing stress and feliway more about using synthetic hormones that cats produce when they have kittens to keep colonies from infighting.

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